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If you or your loved one has or suspect you have sleep apnea, then you must read this special report:

Discover 7 Groundbreaking
New Treatments That Can
Cure Sleep Apnea

Medically proven to work in clinical trials, they are easy to use and non invasive, and are helping people all over the world throw away their dreaded CPAP machines


Dear Reader,

Do you, or your husband or wife have sleep apnea?

In this letter, I’m going to explain how the accidental discoveries of an Australian of the year nominee, Ukrainian doctor and an Australian outback tradition have cured many people all over the world from their sleep apnea – and can do the same for you

A bold claim? Maybe…

After Using Treatment #3 My Sleep Apnea Is Cured


This advice really helped me. 

Thanks Kat.

John Smith
Brisbane, Australia


You may be wondering how these accidental discoveries are the key to curing sleep apnea… And I’m glad you’re here, because you and your husband or wife have already been through quite a journey with the dreaded sleep apnea affliction and you need to know this information.

And I’m going to assume it’s your deep concern and love for your husband or wife that has brought you here.
It probably started for you with your husband or wife snoring so loud that you couldn’t sleep, like many people you may have had to even move into a different room to sleep.

But then they started waking up gasping for air in their sleep – which was extremely scary for both of you – and you were worried that you wouldn’t be there to wake them up when they stopped breathing.

And that is a valid concern, because people do die from sleep apnea. Some immediately, some more slowly from the various afflictions it causes. Sleep apnea is so common, but often undiagnosed, so that’s it’s possible that

If you suspect you have sleep apnea then you probably do.

It has been estimated that up to a quarter of men and 1/10 of women have it

A leading sleep apnea expert calls it the “number 1 reason why so many of us are sick and tired” and says that not only is sleep apnea the cause of your chronic tiredness every day, but quite possibly (and recent scientific studies back this up)

Sleep Apnea Is The Cause Of Serious Health Conditions Including High Blood Pressure, Heart Attacks, Weight Issues, Diabetes, Brain Damage And More

In fact it has been found that often after people’s sleep apnea is cured with these groundbreaking new treatments, these life-shortening health conditions can be reversed – including losing the weight at last!

The related health conditions are not the only effect sleep apnea has had on your lives – when your partner gets home for work, they are so tired that they just collapse into their seat where they will soon fall asleep.

What a relationship! Sleeping in different rooms like you weren’t married and him being too tired to talk!

You worry about him falling asleep at the wheel of the car, or at work and losing their job. You also worry about their health. Drinking coffee to stay awake doesn’t help the high blood pressure, heart problems and maybe the extra weight.

Now you’re probably wondering why your doctor didn’t tell you about these cutting-edge medically proven treatments – and I’m going to explain that.

Most likely if you or your loved one were diagnosed with sleep apnea it was a relief to know what the problem was and that is could be treated so they wouldn’t suffer from the disease.

But then the next problem began

CPAP Machines Aren’t Effective Or Suitable For Everyone 

For some they don’t help at all. For others they help get a good nights sleep but the many side effects of the machine make it unbearable. It is estimated that up to 50% of people prescribed with a CPAP do not use it.

So you are not alone in finding the machine unbearable

There is the mask – looking like “Darth Vader” – making so much noise – the snoring stops and you think you can move back to the same room – but then the noise of the machine (especially if you are a light sleeper) puts you back in the spare room.

So if you’ve had a sleep test, the doctor and the CPAP machine, they were a help – but surely with the medical advances these days you would think that there was a drug or treatment that could cure the disease?

One that didn’t involve an intrusive machine in your bedroom, your partner or yourself hooking up to a mask and hose like a life support machine. Every night it puts an end to all conversation – and intimacy – forget about it!

They have to sleep on their back, fixed in one place in the bed, if they roll over they wake up gasping for air with the hose wrapped around their neck.

When they wake up in the morning they complain of mucous in their mouth and nose, feel dehydrated and like they’ve been blow-dryed out with a hair dryer. Maybe their ears hurt and they have a headache from the air pressure.

And their face – every morning they have the mask imprint there where it has been squashing their face.

You Wish For A Better Solution

You spent time searching for other solutions… you went back to the doctor for advice. They were probably some help but you may have felt like your doctor didn’t take the time with you to run through all the treatment options.

But don’t get angry with the doctor – see the problem is as far as they are concerned your sleep apnea is “fixed”. Your life threatening condition for them was “fixed” with the crude and noisy CPAP machine.

See doctors have so many patients, some doctors have well over 1600 patients to manage, every week they see up to 150 patients and some will only dedicate a measly 6 minutes to their patients

They just don’t have time to spend with their patients, which, unfortunately includes you.

Nor do they have time to keep up with the latest research.

In fact one study found that doctors get 19.85 kgs of mail and research across their desk every 7 months! This mountain of paperwork means they just don’t keep up with the latest medical research for all conditions such as sleep apnea.

But ..

Better Sleep Apnea Solutions Do Exist

This may come as a shock to you.

Because you know that the answers you seek and the treatment you wish for is not easy to find. You probably found this out yourself when you have been searching online.

You would have discovered that the only sleep apnea treatments talked about online are mostly CPAP machines. In fact this is because a lot of these websites are run by people that either sell the machines or receive a commission for selling them.

It is just too expensive for people to advertise alternative treatments when the CPAP manufacturers’ websites are making $1500 or more for every CPAP machine they sell.

If you did manage to sort beneath the CPAP manufacturer websites you might have found some questionable home remedies or unrealistic “lifestyle change” treatments for sleep apnea.

Like losing weight, avoiding alcohol, sleeping on your side or stuffing tennis balls down the back of your shirt …

The problem is with these remedies they are based on myths not real medical research (remember how sleep apnea can cause

weight gain – not the other way around – that’s why skinny people get sleep apnea as well). So…

How Do You Know Which Alternative Treatments
Are Based On Real Medical Research And Which
Ones Are Scams?

It can be hard.

I should know – my mother couldn’t tell the difference. The typical sleep apnea story of my father is similar to what you and your husband have gone through.

When my mother went looking for alternative treatments she found it very hard. She didn’t know where to find the sleep apnea help they needed and when she did, after spending hours and hours blurry-eyed in front of the computer screen in desperation, she didn’t know what to believe.

Luckily I was perfectly qualified to help her out with this.

With my many years experience as a health professional working with patients of my own, as a speaker at national health seminars and author of my own research reports I also knew how to find the latest research that was only just released in medical journals. So

I Am Perfectly Qualified And Did All
The Hard Work For You

Some of the places I went looking for information you have to be a certified health professional and a member of a professional association just to be allowed a subscription to many of these.

I even searched for promising new treatments that studies were still being done on – yet had shown promising results already and could help thousands.

I found a lot. But I knew although many of these at first glance could promise a cure, not every treatment would be able to deliver this for many people.

I had to sort the rubbish from the trustworthy reliable treatments.

But I did know exactly what to look for when evaluating the medical proof behind new treatments. I was required to do exactly the same for my patients so I could provide them the most up to date treatments and care.

I knew for instance to look for who had funded the study, how many people had taken part, what was the statistical variation allowed for, what research centre was it done at, who was the paper peer reviewed by, was it a double blind study, did they use a control group….

When I started checking out which treatments were trustworthy and proven, I was not hopeful that I would find many. In fact if I found one that was credible I thought I would be lucky.

But this presented a problem…

Because with my experience treating patients of my own, I knew that patients with diseases like sleep apnea could be hard to treat. And everyone’s disease and condition is slightly different.

Different people respond differently to different treatments (some people can tolerate the CPAP machine for instance).

That’s why in my practice I had a whole bag of tricks and treatments ready to pull out – that way my patient could get the right treatment for them.

I knew that if you want a permanent cure for sleep apnea then you need to be able to find the treatment that works for you.

This is where I got a huge surprise that
is going to change your life

Sorting through this mixed bag of treatments and analyzing them I found more than 1 credible treatment.

I discovered

7 medically proven groundbreaking new
sleep apnea treatments that have
successfully cured people all over the world

The story of how these treatments were discovered is fascinating and it involves the Australian of the Year Nominee, a Ukrainian

Doctor and an Australian Outback Tradition.

They were all accidentally discovered when looking for treatments to other conditions than sleep apnea.

This is why they are not known about by many sleep apnea sufferers like you. Because they were not originally meant for sleep apnea.

Add this to the fact that some of them I found are only very recently discovered.

That is why so few people know about them.

And no one has spent any money to publish them online so they are available for sleep apnea sufferers to know about (remember I was talking about the big budgets of the CPAP manufacturers?). Until now.

But can these treatments help you and your husband or wife? I think they definitely can and I’m going to explain why. Of the 7 life changing treatments right now I’m going to tell you about how 3 of these were discovered and how they can help you.

The first treatment was discovered by accident by a young man named Alex from Zurich. He took up a new hobby and noticed his daytime sleepiness – a classic sign of sleep apnea – disappeared. He didn’t think much of it until they taught this hobby to his friends and their sleepiness also disappeared!

Now again Alex thought this was strange but didn’t see the potential impact this accidental discovery could have on sleep apnea sufferers all over the world…

Until he said something to his friend Otto from Zurich’s Horten Centre of Evidence Based Medicine…

Otto at once knew that there had to be a trial done on this treatment to investigate how successfully it treated sleep apnea. Otto knew if people like you could

Do Something Fun And At The Same Time
Cure Your Sleep Apnea

This would be the less-invasive treatment that you and others cursed with sleep apnea have wished for.

So they conducted a study at the Hospital University of Zurich in Switzerland.

The British Medical Journal were so impressed with the results they published the study’s findings so that others could discover the benefits.

In one case the AHI index reduced even more than with a CPAP machine – so

Treatment #1 was better than a CPAP!

Overall during the period of the study it was found on average the apnoea-hypopnoea index dropped to almost half from 22.3 to 11.6!

On average daytime sleepiness on the Epworth Scale reduced a whole 3 units

And The Sleep Apnea Sufferers’
Partners Reported 58% Less Sleep Disturbance!

Since that study Alex has refined their treatment even more and he says he now gets 70-100% better results! In fact the therapy is so trusted for its undeniable results it is even paid for by the largest health insurance company in Switzerland.

And those results are just a small ‘taste’ of what can be possible for you…

After Using Treatment #3 My Sleep Apnea Is Cured


This advice really helped me. 

Thanks Kat.

John Smith
Brisbane, Australia

A Medical Doctor living in Scotland discovered the 2nd treatment by accident when treating snoring with a new method she had developed – but imagine her surprise when her patients’ sleep apnea disappeared!

Her treatment is currently undergoing a study at the Royal Devon hospital. Even though there was a great deal of anecdotal evidence to support the treatment, initially I thought this treatment may not be ready for sleep apnea sufferers to use due to the lack of completed research on it. But then I found a very important piece of information that made me confident of this method.

In 2009 the results of a Brazilian study were published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Clinical Care Medicine. The Brazilian study was looking at a particular solution to sleep apnea that works the same way as the Scottish Doctor’s treatment.

The studies researchers found that “after three months of this treatment, the patients had 

Reduced Their Obstructive Sleep Apnea Severity 
By Thirty-Nine Percent

They also reported that they were snoring less, sleeping better and experienced less sleepiness during the daytime.

I didn’t bother finding out the full story behind Treatment #3’s results because I was so blown away by the extraordinary life-changing results I stopped there…

Because when treating sleep apnea patients, for 61% of patients

Treatment #3 Was Found To Result In
A Sleep Apnea Event Score “Reduction Of
At Least 50% From The Baseline”

But there are more great results like this you need to know about…

The 4th sleep apnea treatment I found was accidentally discovered by a Ukrainian Doctor looking to cure asthma, it not only helps people with their sleep apnea but many people also report that it treats a wide range of other diseases due to the reversal of the hypocapnea.

The 5th was developed by a twice nominated Australian of the Year and bestselling author who first set out to cure childhood behavioral problems, but found people kept telling her that their child’s sleep apnea was cured. It is easy to integrate into daily life.
As well as these 5 I have discussed, the 6th and 7th treatments are also helping people all over the world to throw away their CPAPs!

All Over The World These Treatments Are Helping
Thousands Of People Cure Their Sleep Apnea!

I knew at this point I needed to let everyone know about these treatments.

But I couldn’t afford to write a book about them. And I couldn’t just publish them in a medical journal or pamphlet – because the people like you that needed to know about them would never read them!

So I had to get the information out in some sort of book that is easy for people to read and get the benefits from.

A friend of mine suggested I put it all together in an online book that people could read on their computer – called an ebook.

I wasn’t convinced – I didn’t think anyone would read ebooks, but my friend told me otherwise. Amazon (the largest mail order book store) sell more ebooks than printed books!

But I wasn’t very good with computers – I had certainly never put up a website before.

But even that wasn’t as hard as I thought.

And for most computers they come installed with a program so you can read these ebooks called acrobat reader. (even older computers can read this format)

So that you can view it easily and quickly – even for people not good with computers – or with slow internet connections (even dial-up).

I thought, great – people like you can benefit from this information straight away. And as I get more updated information from the medical trials I can easily modify the book so everyone gets the latest information they need – you can’t do that with a hard copy book!

Here You Can Get Access To This Information
That Will Change Your Life

So this is how I put it all together.

I’ve compiled every single bit of relevant information I could find on these 7 treatments so you have it all at your fingertips.

If you want to sleep in the same room as your partner again…

If you want to wake up refreshed and feeling good again…

Then the crucial bits of information in this treatment manual for sleep apnea alternative treatments is what you need.

Inside You’ll Discover:
The 7 Groundbreaking Sleep Apnea Treatments that are curing people all over the world of their sleep apnea so they can throw away their dreaded CPAP machines The Exact Steps You take to get your sleep apnea fixed fast All the relevant information you need at your fingertips to make curing your sleep apnea as easily as possible How to use the treatment to get the most benefit and the common mistakes to avoid that slow people’s recovery down What to do for extra help if you have a particularly severe condition or want to fast track the healing process. All this laid out in an easy to read format with no medical jargon

Two More Bits Of Information To Really Make Sure You
Can Get Rid Of Your Sleep Apnea For Good

But as a health provider myself, I know that sometime, it can be hard to get started with so much information. I knew that it needs to be easy to digest, especially if your husband has a low attention span!

So I’ve put together A quick start guide – easy to read – easy to get started on. You can check off the steps as you go. Step by step it’s laid out
Also in order to ensure success I also put together on this website a guide for you to select which treatment is right for you or your partner. Picking the one best for your particular condition is crucial. So this is explained in an easy format.

So then I put the information together and put it online, but no one read it.


Apparently – I had to advertise it!

But how could I do that if I was giving the book away? This unfortunately wasn’t going to be cost-effective for me.

The CPAP websites had so much money to spend on advertising – just one of their machines sold for $1500 – I did not have that much money so I thought that I would have to charge for the book.

But I know also that if you’re anything like me you don’t like buying stuff online. But I did a lot of research to find the most secure way you can safely buy books online.

It’s a company called Clickbank and they are the second largest seller of ebooks in the world (behind Amazon). They also have advanced security systems – they use sophisticated international fraud control to screen all purchases. For maximum card security, all orders are sent directly to the banking network for immediate authorization. They do not store any credit card or bank account numbers.

I have used Clickbank’s secure server for you to pay for and download the system, so noone ever sees your credit card details. They also have a trustworthy system for processing refunds quickly and securely.

Now I know you want to get your hands on this information that will change your life… but you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it like having to buy a CPAP machine.

But the good news is I found a way to reduce advertising costs so that I could sell these books for a lot less than $1500 – instead at a price that people could afford. This price is far less than just a part of the monthly and yearly continued maintenance such as replacing masks, hoses, filters, and nasals cushions that CPAPs require.

But that is not all I’ve managed to do for you…

I’ve also created something called my “it don’t work => you don’t pay” promise. This allows you to

Try This Life Changing Product Completely Risk Free

In fact in the unlikely event that the life changing treatments I’ve put together do not cure your sleep apnea like it has for so many other people, you just send me an email saying “it don’t work, refund please Kat” and you’ll get a prompt and courteous refund, no questions asked.

Because I’m so confident from all the great feedback I get from people I can confidently say “it don’t work then you don’t pay”. That’s my promise to you.

So you can try this system and I’ll shoulder all the risk – Today for you I can offer the book and the 2 self help manuals for only $47

Now I’m about to explain step by step how to get hold of this guide now if you’ve never ordered anything online before and are still a little unsure.

But first let me tell you about another cool feature of publishing books online…

I can give you so much more great information to help you and it doesn’t cost me any more – so

I’ve Thrown These Extra 5 Things In To Help Your
Post Sleep Apnea Recovery To Your Fittest Self

(I never could have done this in a book store!)

To help get rid of the pounds quickly once the sleep apnea is gone I’m giving you a easy weight loss system designed especially for people in the process of curing their sleep apnea, or losing weight post sleep apnea.

I wrote this myself based on my many years of experience as a dietician and I included all the things you can do to easily to lose weight – without diet pills – disgusting shakes – or starving yourself. I know what is easy for people to follow and what works the best.
And also I’ve managed to get permission to offer an awesome book to make sure once you get your sleep apnea sorted you can really get any other nagging health conditions sorted. It’s called “lessons from miracle doctors” and its written by a man called Jon Barron who is an expert in health treatments of degenerative and lifestyle diseases. The information on page 37 changed my life forever!

I’ve also tracked down and talked to 2 amazing people and recorded their words of wisdom to share with you. They share so many valuable gold nuggets of information that you cannot afford to miss (don’t worry when you get this I’ll explain how to easily play this on your computer, car, or music player).


The creator of Treatment Number 5, is an Australian of the Year Nominee (Twice) and Best Selling author.

She reveals the background story behind this incredible sleep apnea treatment, how it was discovered and what people are saying about how it changes their life.
The perfect person to answer any of your questions about how sleep apnea is related to other diseases, and what diseases it causes is the ENT surgeon who has wrote a best-selling book on it.

Revealed in this interview is the shocking information about how many diseases and conditions that were thought to be unrelated to sleep apnea may actually be caused by sleep apnea.

If you are buying this system for a loved one, like many, many other people have, one thing people always ask me about is how to get your stubborn husband to listen to you and “take his medicine”.

This book is crucial if you are in that situation, it explains how to easily have difficult conversations and convince your husband to treat his sleep apnea without having an argument. 

Now the thing is I can only offer these for you today only as I have limited publishing permission from the people that have helped me out with 2 of them. 


I Can Send Them All To You To Try If You Decide
To Get Your Copy NOW

And I’ll make these awesome bonuses available to you as well to help you cure your sleep apnea and change your life.

So to summarize what you get if you order today:


Everything you will receive

Real Value

Your Price

7 Sleep Apnea Cures Revealed Manual



Quick Start Guide



Treatment Selection Guide



Post-Sleep Apnea Weight Loss



Lessons from Miracle Doctors



Treatment #5 background Information



Sleep Apnea and Disease Explained



Having Difficult Conversations With Ease






Only $47.00





Get your copy for a special price of $47

To order this now these are the exact steps to take

Now if you have any problems with these steps then send me an email and I’ll help you to sort it out.

Even once you purchase the system I’ll be on hand to help you with any questions or technical support you need (I’ve included detailed instructions with every part of the system but I know sometimes it can be easier and faster just to talk to someone).


Get your copy for a special price of $47

So thanks for letting me share this valuable information with you.

I hope you can soon wake up feeling refreshed after a goodnight’s sleep and you can sleep in the same room as your partner and get your life back!

These treatments you can get your hands on are the simple treatments you have been wishing for other than that noisy machine.

I’ve included below some of the grateful comments from the happy people that have already bought this system – I would appreciate it when your sleep apnea is cured if you can send me your story to share as well!


After Using Treatment #3 My Sleep Apnea Is Cured



This advice really helped me. 

Thanks Kat.

John Smith
Brisbane, Australia


I hope that today you buy this system and try a new and medically proven treatment for your sleep apnea. You have years of life left that you deserve to be able to enjoy without being weighted down by this debilitating disease.

Just try it and experience the great results.

Kat Carey BHsc (Dietetics & Nutrition)

P.S. if you have been wishing for other options to cure your sleep apnea other than the intrusive CPAP machine then this system is everything you hoped for (7 treatments in total – read about them above)

[Click Here For 7 Breakthrough Sleep Apnea Treatments](http://1.careysa1.pay.clickbank.net/)

P.P.S. These systems are medically proven – and fully guaranteed by my “it don’t work, you don’t pay” promise. Read the details above on the medical study results that back them up

[Click Here To Try Risk Free](http://1.careysa1.pay.clickbank.net/)

P.P.P.S. if you have never bought anything online before then just follow the steps above and be confident your details are secure.

[Click Here To Securely Get Access](http://1.careysa1.pay.clickbank.net/)

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