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Short Swing Trading by David Graeme-Smith

short swing trading short swing trading short swing trading short swing trading short swing trading short swing trading short swing trading short swing trading short swing trading short swing trading short swing trading short swing trading short swing trading short swing trading short swing trading short

Traders, Spread Betters & Investors....
my trading strategy
and you could be making

consistent profits
……… month in, month out!

the market is going UP or DOWN
of research, testing and trading finally paid off!
And it's all in my book "Short
Swing Trading" ........

for you

Whether you are:

to trading
an experienced trader

will learn to use my comprehensive and
complete trading strategy to get returns like this...

Airways Corp (JBLU)
- US Stock

Profit $10,122

Over 16 trades
81% winning trades
Ave win was 2.5 x ave loss

Sports (JJB)
- UK Stock

Profit £13,783
Profit graph

Over 25 trades
60 % winning trades
Ave win was 3.2 x ave loss

full example of a typical trading month is in the book showing
every trade made during the month and how I applied the
Short Swing Trading Strategy.
More examples like the ones above can be seen towards the

bottom of this page.
Swing Trading has
now sold in over 49 countries around the world and the strategy
has a proven record in many markets including Australia
and Canada as well as the US and the UK markets. You will
be provided with a suggested watch list of US, Can, Aus and
UK stocks that trade just as well as JBLU and JJB above
using the strategy.
the Indices

Short Swing Trading was designed to trade
stocks (shares) but with a slight variation on the basic strategy
which is described on the Member's Website you can trade
swings on the Dow Jones, S&P 500, FTSE 100, (Australian)
ASX 200, (German) Dax and more using End of Day charts. Three examples
are shown below.

Jones Index (Profit

25 trades over 16 month period
60 % winning trades
Ave win was 3.2 x ave loss

200 Index (Profit

12 trades over
18 month period
66.7% winning trades
ave win was 2.72 x ave loss.

FTSE 100 Index (Profit graph opposite)
39 trades over 18 months
59% winning trades
ave win was 2.1 x ave loss

does all this add up to?

Well, if over the last 18 months you had traded a selection of the stocks from the published watch
list plus an Index or two if you wish, then using the Short Swing Trading strategy,
you could have made a VERY healthy profit...
there are over 60 US stocks listed in my watch list as well as watch lists for the UK, Canada and Australia. You can also compile your own watch list for any other market based on information provided in the book as well as add to the ones on the website.
- The strategy will trade GBP/USD and EUR/USD profitably
on an End of Day Basis (daily chart only) but with different
settings to the
basic SST strategy. These settings are posted on the SST Members'
Website. (Please note that this is designed as an end of day trading strategy)
Commodities, metals, futures and oiptions can also be traded using the strategy published in the book.

"Wow! What a nice job. I downloaded your book last night and couldn't stop reading till I finished the first 14 chapters. I saved the exercises, along with the last couple of chapters, for this morning. I appreciated the logical flow of the material, the lucidity of the exposition, and found the exercises to be an excellent test of my comprehension of your Short Swing Trading strategy ."

Kenneth Read Sr, MD, USA.

"It was very refreshing
to read your book, I must say that of all the books I
have read in the last 6 years, this is probably the most
complete, informative, practical and no nonsense approach,
to trading I have seen.

It's a pity I did not have this 6 years ago, it would
have saved me a lot of money and even more time."

Mr Paul Manley, UK.

Short Swing Trading Strategy
is based on JUST 6 TRADING RULES
that are easy to use and give you a complete "painting
by numbers" approach to remove all emotional decisions
and allow you to sleep at night knowing you are using a LOW
RISK strategy.
losses ensure that the risk is always kept to a minimum and
unlike most published strategies, you are told EXACTLY
where to place your stops to control the initial risk and
then lock in early profits.

"Thank you very much
for sharing your precious knowledge in your excellent
and informative book,'Short Swing Trading'. At last a
book that puts together all the important aspects of trading
into a simple and concise manner, (i.e.the contents of
the six rules together with the''personality''of the share

Heidel Mahomed, UK.

Short Swing Trading strategy


entry point.

the exact risk for each trade before
you enter.

A method
of locking in early profits.

An exact
exit point.

Listen to a personal message
from the author,
David Graeme-Smith

I am David Graeme-Smith.
many traders, I spent three years struggling to find a strategy
that really works. I read dozens of books, tried numerous
indicators and chart patterns and would always watch a profitable
few weeks be wiped out over the following few days or weeks
and end in a net loss for the month.
I knew that there
was a winning formula in there somewhere to produce consistent
profits in all market conditions. I just had to keep researching
and testing.
Eventually, after
three years, I FOUND IT,
and like all things that work, it really is simple to use.
But there was one secret ingredient that was the key to success.

secret …..
It sounds pretty
obvious doesn't it, but like all things, it is only obvious
once you know it and know exactly how to do it! Imagine a
Rolls Royce with a set of Toyota pistons. One component wrong
and the whole thing is useless.
None of the books
I bought, magazines or articles I read, gave me ALL
the ingredients for success. So I decided to write a book
containing ALL the ingredients for
success and how they should fit together.
My objective is
to save you the pain and expense that I (and most traders)
go through in order to find something that
actually works!"

The result is "Short Swing Trading"
An eBook - not available in hard copy

A good
trading system is much more about consistent results than
a big profit followed by a big loss. It's about making money
in various market conditions.
The Short
Swing Trading Strategy
is designed to react quickly to a changing market.

The strategy
does not rely on a strongly trending market but capitalises
on short profitable movements in a share's price. To give
you some idea, trades will last a few days to a few weeks.
My average trade lasts around 8 working days.
Spread Betting:

Although the strategy can be traded by buying and selling
shares or using some other financial instrument, if you are
based in the UK, Europe or Australia and interested in financial
spread betting, the
Short Swing Trading
is also perfect for you. (Also
see note below)
your FREE OFFER at the bottom of this page.
best conceived and most complete strategy
trading that I have read."
just take my word for it. Here are just some of the genuine
comments from traders who have read Short
Swing Trading:

"I recently purchased
Short Swing Trading. I read the entire manual the very first
day, and I can honestly say, it was exactly what I desperately
needed at the time.
I have back tested the strategy on some of your watch list
shares. I am thrilled with the outcome, my results are broadly
in line with your expectations of the SST strategy. This
is probably the first major 'success' for me since I started
my journey 2 1/2 years ago. Thank you very much for making
the strategy available for sale! Besides the strategy itself
I found the concepts; 'different shares have different personalities'
and trading as a business, 'your trading business plan'
and ,understanding your trading personality' absolutely
invaluable. I did not master these concepts until now and
it certainly goes a long way to explain the paucity of success.
I also truly hope to contribute to your excellent web site
in the near future."

Deca Hildebrand , USA


"Having Traded
for only six months in a hit and miss way, I have just
earned £7,500 in one day (Wednesday 23/6/04) after
my second reading of Short Swing Trading by implementing
your strategy - it really DOES WORK - oh joy! - It has
earned me the cost of your book 166 times over. Thank
you so much.

I found your writing blessedly jargon-free, lucid and
direct. I really felt I could do it. You have succeeded
in condensing some complex concepts into your 6 clear
and simple rules. I particularly learned from your clear
Having benefited from your one month free support,
I can only say you have more than delivered!"

Merylin, Buckinghamshire, UK.

To What Alan Has To Say
Click Here Now!


"Hi, My name is Alan from Telford
in Shropshire, England. "Short
Swing Trading" by David Graeme-Smith
is the best conceived and complete strategy on
trading that I have read. David must be congratulated
on his structured approach to all aspects of trading.
Followed correctly,
am sure you can't fail to make a success of your
What stands out for
me are his six rules and the low risk portfolio
of stocks to trade that he has put together. David's
decision to publish these particular trades and
companies shows the depth of his confidence in
his strategy.
I am delighted to have
David's book that now has a permanent space on
my desk for that daily reference whilst trading.
I cannot recommend the book as highly as possible
to new traders or experienced traders who need
a fresh perspective. It is a fantastic book. Thank
Alan from Shropshire,


"David, I have now
completely read the book and I think it is really excellent!
I think your method of identifying a good trade is very
astute. Apart from that your book deals with all the other
essentials for successful stock trading. It is extremely
well written, comprehensive, lucid and so well thought
out. If fact you ought to win a prize for exposition!
I am not surprised you used to be a trainer.
Neville Young (trader for 20 yrs)


"It's a complete step
by step user manual that explains everything you need to
know. I have paid far more for things that are nowhere near
as comprehensive as this."

Mr R Ducker, UK.


finished reading your lucid explanation of SST. I am
convinced that your system gives the average trader
a unique opportunity to avoid the losses lurking in
many systems because of their complexity. Believe me,
I have tried half a dozen - and none of them was so
convincingly simple. The following quotations from Emerson's
"Conduct of Life" best express my admiration:
"We ascribe beauty
to that which is simple; which has no superfluous parts;
which exactly answers the needs." "Nothing
is more simple than greatness; indeed, to be simple
is to be great."
Thanks again! Kind regards,
Raymond Shah, Switzerland


"I sat down and read through it in one sitting. I am lost for words. Short Swing Trading blew me away with its simplicity. I have spent lots of money over the years on trading books and systems and not only is this the best, but simply the only one that anyone interested in short term, simple, stress free trading should have. There is no question about this system. You are told what to trade, how to trade it, when to get in, when to get out. Plus you provide a web site to all who purchase the system, which helps to expand and improve the trading opportunities already given within the publication, not to mention free
support if needed.
I wish I had come across your publication years ago. I know that my goal of trading for a living is now in sight and can become a reality at last. Thank you so much once again, and please feel free to use any of these comments to promote Short Swing Trading. No words can describe the opportunity of financial freedom that now lies before me, thanks to Short Swing Trading.
With much appreciation and gratitude."
Paul Prevel, England

Once you have read Short Swing Trading, if you would like to
send me a testimonial please click here


Swing Trading Members'
Web site.

This is FREE to all Short Swing
Trading members (who have bought
the book),
It means you get continual trading support as it contains:

watch list of the best shares I trade

watch list of the best shares that are traded by traders
in the US, UK and other countries.

test results.

Strategy Trading tips and Frequently Asked Questions

to trade the Indices

on trading software
and much, much more!

Now at the bottom of the page!
Swing Trading gives you everything
you need to successfully trade my strategy. Not
only does it detail the 6 trading rules that give you:

When to enter
The maximum
risk per trade
How to lock
in early profits
When to exit

But it ALSO
ensures that your trading:

Fits comfortably
with you own attitude to risk
Fits with
the individual shares you trade

To give you
every component you need for
consistent results:

the market is going up or down.

Traders (financial spread betting)

The Short
Swing Trading Strategy
can be traded by buying and selling shares, CFD's or any other
method of placing your trade in the market.
Is is also very effective
for financial spread betting.
Which is in fact, the way I trade myself.
A full and complete explanation of how Financial Spread Betting
works together with the advantages, hints, tips and things
to look out for is
now available in my other book:

"All You Need to Know About Financial
Spread Betting"

To find out more, please visit The
Trader's Shop
- address at the bottom of this page

you buy and hold stocks you may feel as though you would like
more control, at least over a
part of your portfolio. Make your money work harder for you
by capitalising on the profitable short swings in share prices.
Make money in Bear markets as well as Bull markets.
a more active role in managing some or all of your money.

The Short
Swing Trading strategy
can also be used to hedge
a buy and hold portfolio.


Please note that this is an ebook and not
available in hard copy

A complete
trading strategy to profit
from short swings in a share's price

low risk trading system

Just 6
rules that give you entry point, potential risk level and exit

My no quibble 56 day money back guarantee.

remember that you will have a no quibble 56 day (8 week) money back
guarantee. I am confident that you will find the book worth
every penny or cent so why not buy it, read it, even test
it and if after that, you really feel it will not produce
a profit for you - to pay for itself over and over again -
I will refund the full purchase price with pleasure.
I can't be fairer
than that!"
To view a copy of the book contents click here
your copy now and start trading profitably tomorrow.
This eBook is in PDF format and instantly downloadable.
You could be reading this book within 15 minutes from now.
You can also print the book from your own pc.

£53.89 based on $1.80 to £ sterling)
Totally secure payment through ClickBank

could be reading
Short Swing Trading
in just a
few minutes from now and starting your journey to profitable

you are NEW TO TRADING - you
will find the book easy to read, easy to understand and everything
is explained for you to begin your trading within a few days.
Around 80-90% of traders actually lose money -
I was one of them. Use my strategy to make the massive leap
to profitable trading before you run out of capital or just
give up.

Thanks so much for your fantastic book. It's
just what I've been looking for to calculate entry's,
exits, and fine tune my trading skills. I'm finally
understanding how to make a good profit on each trade.
Your writing skills are excellent and make it very easy
for the novice to start right away.

John Sherman, WA, USA.

If you
will find the strategy an invaluable addition to your armory
and it may even give you the catalyst to make your existing
trading methods more profitable.
you are new or experienced,
you will find the cost of this book ….


you will receive these
three bonuses!

# 1
Free Support
1 month free email support direct
with the author to answer any question you may have and to
help you get started together with access to the Members Web

# 2
Introduction To Forex
Specifically written for those
who are interested in the Foreign Exchange market and
would like to know more about how the largest market in
the world works. It will take you step by step through
the mechanics of the forex market and teach you what you
should know before you start trading. Please note that
the Short Swing Trading Strategy was not developed for
the Forex market. If you would like to learn more about
this specialist market please click HERE
to view books I recommend.

# 3
Day Trading Mind

If you have been trading for
more than 5 minutes you will know that a large part of
your success or failure as a trader is psychological.
This great little e-book will give you a greater understanding
of what you should be thinking when trading.

find out more about:

my other books
"The TRUTH about Trading for a Living"
"All you need to know about FINANCIAL SPREAD BETTING"
you decide NOT to buy today:
is a FREE BONUS just for visiting
my web site
and reading through to the end! THANKS.
FREE ****

For: FREE trading books and trading lessons
as well as eSignal Plug-ins and

other great trading books
click here: For FREE BOOKS
for visiting but before you do anything
else ask yourself this:
you are going to risk your money on the markets, how would
you feel about losing $97 (£53)? Then ask yourself whether
you can afford NOT to invest the same money in something that
could transform your trading and make you that money many
times over?"
you think that the trading results shown earlier are isolated
examples, take a look at the following Profit Growth Graphs
obtained by trading with the Short Swing
Trading Strategy. The first three are US stocks, the
second three are UK stocks.

Caribbean Cruises
67% winning trades

62% winning trades

60% winning trades

64% winning trades

78% winning trades

60% winning trades

Buy your copy of Short
Swing Trading now.

ebook and bonuses are in PDF format and
instantly downloadable.
could be reading
Short Swing Trading
in just a
few minutes from now and starting your journey to more profitable
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