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If you're serious about building a great autograph collection then you'll be delighted to hear this...

Before you waste any more time doing it your way...

...You MUST read this entire website before you ask for any more autographs, period!


From: Mike Bountempo

Dear Fellow Autograph Collector,


Are you tired of getting turned down for autographs?

Are you frustrated with how long its taking you to grow your collection?

Do you feel shy or afraid to ask your favorite superstars, athletes, and celebrities for their John Hancock on your memorabilia?

If you've answered yes to any one of these questions, then you're in for a treat!

That's because...

I've discovered a fool proof method to approaching athletes, celebrities, and other famous people, and getting their autographs that works nearly 100% of the time.

But more on that later...

Look, if you're like me then I know you absolutely love to collect autographs.

I don't care if its baseball, football, hockey, actors, or actresses...

As long as they are in the spotlight I want their signature to be part of my ever growing collection.

And right now, I literally have hundreds and hundreds of beautiful examples in my collection.

But it wasn't always easy...

I used to go to games, events, concerts, and shows seeking out these people to get them to sign my stuff.

While there, I would literally be overwhelmed by the amount of people that were doing the same thing as me.

Because right after the event was over, the celebrities and athletes would be overrun with eager fans all clamoring for their signature...

...And it was incredibly hard for me to stand out and get an autograph like this.

I knew it would take me forever and a day to build my collection if I would never get any signatures.

So I did what any other shy and meek autograph collector would do...

I Started Throwing Away Hundreds Of Dollars On Buying Pre-Autographed Items From Online Auction Websites And Shops....

And while it'd be really exciting to get my next piece in the mail, I knew there was no way I could afford to build an entire collection like this.

So then I tried plugging myself into all of the signing events that the athletes and celebrities put on.

But this wasn't as easy either.

While you can get autographs this way, you've got to be prepared to wait in line for hours and hours, and devote your whole day to collecting just two or three signatures.

So I knew that doing it like this was going to take forever to build my collection as well.

At this point, I started getting extremely frustrated and fed up with my lack of progress...

And I Nearly Was Ready To Give It All Up And Get A New Hobby...Until Everything Changed!

One day after a basketball game I saw this kid approaching one of the biggest superstars in the whole league outside in the parking lot.

I was literally blown away when this mega superstar, who was obviously in no mood for signing anything, stopped and turned 360 degrees to face this one kid in the crowd of fans begging for his attention.

He then smiled, laughed, and walked up to this kid and started talking with him, ignoring everyone else.

After a few quick moments, the kid pulled out a cap and one of the greatest basketball players of all time signed it, gave it back, smiled at him again, and walked away...

As everyone else looked on with amazement, the superstar hopped into his Italian hypercar and rocketed away.

The kid started to leave as everyone else was distracted by another teammate who was leaving the arena.

So I ran up to this kid who obviously had some kind of autograph collecting superpowers.

After stopping him, I asked him...


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