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Are you expecting your bundle of joy?

You Are About To Discover All The Answers To All Your Maternity Questions Throughout Your Pregnancy Stages.!

A Step By Step Guide From One Of The Leaders In Naturopathic Nutrition For Mothers To Be.

Tuesday, June 7 2011

Dear Mum-To-Be,

Congratulations on your pregnancy!! This is an exciting time for you although sometimes hampered with a tinge of anxiety.

Pregnancy is a time when you begin to ask many questions: “What foods do I need to eat”, “Why do I feel this way”, and “What does this symptom mean?”

During pregnancy you feel on top of the world and every day has something new to experience. You find that changes to your body occur daily. These occurrences can be exciting and scary all at the same time. These changes are amplified by the emotional changes that are also taking place. There are many people who joke about the emotional rollercoaster of a pregnant woman, but what do all these changes mean to you. Who do you turn to for answers these questions.

"Where Do I Find The Real Answers To My Questions?"

“New Mothers Guide To Pregnancy” contains the answers to the most commonly asked questions. These questions are answered by a qualified health professional with over 16 years of clinical experience. As a Naturopath and Biochemist I felt the need to help other first-time mums through their health concerns during this exciting time. Many of the pregnant women who came into my clinic all had the same questions.

Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions by first-time mums set out in a simple to understand format.

In fact there are probably some questions that you haven’t even thought about yet!

The Information Can Be Overwhelming

Here's the thing. When you are a first time mum there is so much information out there that you can get overwhelmed. I know you don't have the time or interest in sorting through the maze of information. Doing this research is equivalent to a full time job! Research is what I love. Ask anyone that knows me. So I decided to share the ideas and techniques that I would normally only reveal in a private consultation. Many of my clients can pay $87 or more for only a portion of this information. I wanted to make it available for everyone.

When I became pregnant with my beautiful daughter Sienna, it became evident to me how many mums-to-be feel during their pregnancy. The emotional highs and lows, questions of “Am I doing the best for my baby?” , “What should I do next?”, and the list seems endless. But it doesn’t have to be.

This is when I felt the desire to put together a book that addressed these typical issues for all pregnant women.

“New Mothers Guide To Pregnancy” reveals the knowledge to help free you from anxiety:
Remedies for Morning Sickness. Prevention of Stretch Marks – I ‘m confident that no woman wants this! The best nutrition for you and your baby. Food to avoid in pregnancy and why Fighting fatigue – you don’t have to be tired during pregnancy Dressing for pregnancy Alcohol and its effect on your baby How much weight should you gain in pregnancy and why How does your daily coffee affect your baby What exercise can you do during pregnancy and how does it help you in labour How much water should you drink and why do you need it The emotional rollercoaster – every mum-to-be gets on this rollercoaster. We give you tips to ensure that you feel in control How to prevent urinary incontinence after pregnancy Dealing with heartburn – remedies to prevent Don’t let constipation take hold How to keep your memory and avoid ‘nappy brain’ And much more...
I cannot rave about her enough.

I have been a client of Teressa’s for the past two years. I cannot rave about her enough. Teressa, who is the naturopath, has been helping me for most of that time. I trust her not just with myself but also that of my family. I often would rather contact Teressa before I would see my local doctor – I know I get better results. They don’t just treat what we see but they look for why it is there in the first place!!!

I constantly recommend her to all my friends and family. She is so amazing! I so look forward to all my treatments and time there. I love they way I feel when I leave and I look forward to every visit. Teressa is always learning and training and keeping up to date with whatever is changing and happening in her industry so I don’t need to waste my time “googling” anymore as I know she will have it covered!!!!!

I am just so pleased I have her on my side and in my area! I wish that everyone could have a piece of what she offers – not too much though as I still want to be able to get appointments!!!!! Congratulations on all that you do and I thank you for looking after me and my family!!!!

Tanya W
Gold Coast, Australia

This information is brought to you out of love and respect for all mums-to-be (and dads-to-be). I want to extend my years of university knowledge and clinical experience to you through this book. I hope that you have a wonderful experience throughout your pregnancy, as I did, and more glorious experiences as your child grows into a wonderful human being.

just $17.99
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(SORRY, but I simply cannot guarantee this price long term, so if you return to this site at a later date, the sale price may no longer be offered...)

The time to start the healthy life of your child is during pregnancy and it continues throughout their life, to give your child the best start for a long, healthy and fun life we must first start at the basics during pregnancy. When we implement good nutrition and an optimistic outlook we can pass this on to our children.

What better place to start!

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"Meditation For Everyone" Book (Value $17)

In this eBook you will discover what meditation is and how you can attain a better life through meditation.

Learn about the benefits of meditation both physically and psychologically. You will also learn some different methods and techniques of meditating.

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Of Course Your Purchase Comes with a Full Money Back Guarantee!

I give this guarantee because this isn’t just a someone writing a book with no experience. This book is written from the more than 16 years of clinical experience. The recommendations and suggestions are formed from scientific research and from hands-on experience in my clinic. That is why I offer a full money back guarantee. If you feel that this information wasn’t helpful to you, return the books with your receipt and you'll receive a full refund.


[Click Here to Buy Now](http://www.healthymumandbubs.com/dlg/sell.php?prodData=cb%2C3)


“The best Birthday gift a mother can give her baby is a good start in life”

Dr Richard Aubry

Lots of love and enjoyment

Teressa Todd

P.S. This information is the same that my clients receive when they have individual consultations with me.

P.P.S. Remember that this is the start of a beautiful relationship between you and your baby. Start with the basics in pregnancy and give your baby the best start of their life

P.P.P.S Have a great big belly laugh!! :)


[Click Here to Buy Now](http://www.healthymumandbubs.com/dlg/sell.php?prodData=cb%2C3)


Your online purchase is Secure and Safe.

Your ‘New Mothers Guide To Pregnancy’ and ‘Meditation For Everyone’ is delivered in a zip file. If you cannot open the zip file after downloading, you can download a free copy of winzip from the internet. The digital PDF format is viewable on any computer. You simply need Abode Reader which is available free on the internet and already on most computers. This is in keeping with our environment conscious mindset and saving plastic and paper.

Providing your book in a digital format means that you don’t need to pay shipping and can download your book for use immediately. This is not only great for the environment but also saves you time and money!

For any queries please [email](mailto:info@healthymumandbubs.com).


Do you find that you still have to work during pregnancy?
Fatigue is common place during pregnancy. So to help avoid fatigue a sensible eating regime is paramount. Choose foods that are healthy and nutritious without being full of sugar. Eat regularly and avoid skipping meals. Wear comfortable clothes and footwear. Dress accordingly as you will tend to feel hotter than pre-pregnancy. Dress with layers that are not too tight. Footwear should be comfortable without putting strain on your feet and back.
Remember above all - enjoy your pregnancy!


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