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Who Else Wants A Calmer, Happier, More Cooperative Child...

WITHOUT The Hassle, Stress And Drama of Tantrums, Whining, Back-chatting, Arguing and Fighting?

If YOUR child always listens to you and cooperates with you easily, and…
Is always calm and never throws temper tantrums Never whines, back-chats or argues Follows your directions promptly without objecting or complaining Never breaks any of your household rules Always treats YOU and others with respect And never surprises you with unexpected inappropriate behavior…


But for the other 99% of parents who’s children challenge them from time to time (be it occasionally, or to the point that you’re ready to say: “I’m going out to get milk” and then never return home!), breathe a sigh of relief now…

Because you’re about to discover 150+ simple discipline techniques you can use to instantly dissolve your child’s misbehavior… and make YOUR life MUCH EASIER!


Dear Fellow Parent,

My name is Cecilia Biemann and this is a picture of me and my 8 year-old daughter, Juliet. She looks like a happy child who would be a pleasure to be around, right?

Well, she is most of the time… But as we parents know, it’s only a matter of time (weeks, days, hours, or even minutes!) until our kids surprise us with the unexpected…


Then all of a sudden… BAM! Our precious little angel releases a shocking burst of their inner “little devil” and it’s our job to put out the fire fast and set them straight with a healthy dose of discipline.

But the problem is that when we finally find a discipline strategy that works, for one reason or another, sooner or later it becomes ineffective…

When we finally manage to conquer one undesirable behavior, another one soon rears its ugly head…

And when it’s multiple “bad” behaviors you are battling all at once… threatening to overwhelm you and steal your sanity… the job of parenting can quickly become your worst nightmare!

No doubt you’ve tried everything you can think of to get your child to behave, but nothing seems to get through to them.

And just like the rest of us frustrated, exhausted and worn down parents, you’ve probably “thrown in the towel” on discipline a few times… but you know that proper discipline averts long-range disaster! You know that your child’s future heavily depends on you setting them on the right track NOW!

Like many parents struggling to handle a difficult-to-manage child, you’ve probably already let your parenting problems sit in the “too hard basket” for far too long…

But now it’s  CRUNCH TIME! You just can’t take the annoying whining, the frustrating defiance, the draining arguments, the endless battles and the constant stress of the bad behavior anymore!

And you’re determined to find a way to improve your child’s behavior so that you, your child and your entire family can all enjoy a smoother, more relaxed, happier life.

So where do you turn for ideas on how to discipline your child effectively to STOP the misbehavior?

First you might look to other parents around you… You try and model some of the techniques they use with their children to nip bad behavior in the bud. But alas, none of those techniques work with your child.

And that’s completely understandable because children have different personalities, natures and temperaments, so what works well with other children simply may not work with yours.

Next you search the internet… Only to find a whole bunch of long-winded theories and the same handful of tips regurgitated over and over…

Most of which you’ve already tried and they’re not working with your child – or they worked for a little while and now they’re not.

Time-outs… taking away privileges… rewards charts… positive reinforcement… blah, blah, blah… SAME OLD!

You’re keen to mix it up… You want to try something completely opposite… Try something outside the square… Try a combination of fresh new discipline techniques…

So now you turn your attention to parenting books… There’s a wide range of parenting books and discipline guides out there for you to choose from. But the problem is that most parenting books focus on one specific parenting style or discipline strategy which may not work with your child, even though it may work wonders for other parents.[](http://acechilddisciplineguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/discipline-eggs-in-basket.jpg)

Perhaps you’ve already purchased one of those books in the past and discovered that you can’t put all your eggs in that basket…

So you set that book aside and with a few clicks of your mouse, you order another – praying that THIS book will be the solution to your parenting problems.


This time the whole philosophy doesn’t fit your parenting style – perhaps it focuses on discipline without punishment and rewards, labeling them as “methods of control and manipulation”, which you strongly disagree with because you feel that punishment and rewards are  an essential part of teaching your child how to behave appropriately…

Meanwhile, your child’s bad behavior has gone from bad to WORSE!

You’re sick to death of the defiant behavior and you’re sick to death of hearing yourself nag and shout and being completely ignored. But you’re determined to find a way to bring peace to your household…

So you set that one aside too and go for third time lucky!

This heavy hardback 500 page monster centers around theories of managing your child’s brain chemistry, which you find way too complex to understand – let alone apply!

Read: Most parents would need to put in 4 years at Harvard University to be able to understand this propeller head’s theories on child discipline! Is he actually a parent, or is his interaction with children limited to silently observing them through thick glass?!

Now your child’s bad behavior has horrifyingly elevated from defiant to aggressive… you’re beginning to feel like you’re living in a volatile war zone that you can’t escape from… but you won’t tolerate your child hurting you or others…

So again, you set that book aside and you go in search of something “simpler.”


This time the book you purchased is simply a rehash of all the most “popular” parenting methods that you’ve already tried, and they simply don’t work with your child.

Another complete waste of your time and money… and your child is now bordering on being totally OUT OF CONTROL!

[ ](http://acechilddisciplineguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/istockphoto_12102409-scream.jpg)[](http://acechilddisciplineguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/mom-parenting-problems.jpg)


Now you’re almost ready

to tear your hair out!! [ ](http://acechilddisciplineguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/istockphoto_12102409-scream.jpg)


So what do you do now?

All you want is an easy-to-understand guide to child discipline that offers simple, doable, proven effective discipline techniques that can help you handle real-world parenting challenges and put an end to the misbehavior once and for all.

No complex theories… no boring repetition… just a range of straight-forward discipline techniques that you can start implementing right away to get results fast!

Not too much to ask is it?

Well, just like you, I went online in search of a parenting book that would give me tips on specific discipline techniques I could try for tackling various “bad” behaviors, and tips on how to prevent misbehavior altogether.

I didn’t want to completely overhaul my parenting style, I just wanted straight-to-the-point, practical, real-world tips that I could start trying right away.

Yet I was SHOCKED to find that there was absolutely NOTHING like this available!

All I found was dozens of those long-winded books offering various parenting philosophies – with debates between parents arguing about why they disagreed with the theories promoted in “X book”, and favored the theories promoted in “Y book”, only to be shot down by the next passionate mom or dad outlining why he or she believed the total opposite!

It always seemed to go a little something like this…

Scenario 1

Parent A: I believe in punishing my children because… (reasons)

Parent B: I prefer to let my children face natural consequences rather than punishing them because… (reasons)

Scenario 2

Parent A: A parent need to be the authority in the family.

Parent B: I don’t want to “control” my children and have them fear me.

Parent C: I prefer to have a friendship-based relationship with my children

Scenario 3

Parent A: I use a rewards system with my kids because… (reasons)

Parent B: I think using a rewards system is dangerous practice because… (reasons) [](http://acechilddisciplineguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/discipline-thumbs-up.jpg)


But the one thing everybody actually AGREED on…


The message that struck me time and time again was that all children have different natures, personalities and temperaments, therefore, no single discipline strategy works for all children.

What works wonders with your sister’s children or your best friend’s child simply may not work with yours.

So why then should we fork out $30 or $40 to buy a book that focuses on one specific parenting style alone that’s certainly not going to work for everybody – with just a slim chance that it may work for you?

Why isn’t there a book available that doesn’t try and coax you to use “their method,” but rather lays out a wide variety of discipline strategies from which YOU can decide what has the highest likelihood of working with your individual child?

Seems simple enough to me…

Lay out 100+ discipline strategies and let YOU choose which ones you want to try with your unique child.

Let’s face it, you’ve got 100 times better chance of finding a discipline technique that will work with your individual child in a book like that than you do when you purchase a book that only covers 1 single parenting method, right?

Well that’s exactly what the Ace Child Discipline Guide delivers!

I wrote the Ace Child Discipline Guide to give you exactly what you need to conquer your child’s bad behavior…




A BIG bag FULL of “discipline tricks” that you can start dipping into TODAY to dissolve misbehavior FAST!





The Ace Child Discipline Guide offers a treasure trove of simple and creative solutions for parents who are out of ideas and desperate to discover new, proven effective approaches to child discipline.

So that when your child is triggering you, testing you and driving you nuts, you can pull out one of these tools and instantly give your child a response that dissolves the misbehavior FAST!

At Last: Effective Child Discipline Made Incredibly SIMPLE!

If you’ve ever said something like this in the past:

“I have tried everything I can think of to get my child to listen to me and behave… but NOTHING WORKS!”

The good news is that once you’ve read the Ace Child Discipline Guide and tried some of the simple discipline techniques inside, instead you’ll be saying:

“When A and B Discipline Strategies Failed With My Child, I Tried C, and it Worked!”


“The Ace Child Discipline Guide has the greatest gold-mine of simple ‘discipline techniques’ ever crammed into one big book. Now I know how to encourage good behavior from my children and I’m never short of ideas on how to put a quick end to all kinds of misbehavior.”
Julie Allen, Mom to Sophie, 9 and Jack, 7.


Which Of These UNDESIRABLE BEHAVIORS Would You Like To Correct Right Away?
Temper Tantrums[](http://acechilddisciplineguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/bad-behavior-list.jpg) Whining Back-chatting Disrespect Arguing Sibling Rivalry Defiant Behavior Bossiness Uncooperativeness Lying Aggressive Behavior

Parents who have implemented just some of the proven effective discipline techniques revealed in the Ace Child Discipline Guide to conquer their child’s misbehavior are now finding their lives far LESS STRESSFUL and are MUCH HAPPIER!

To have calm, cooperative children who are considerate, kind and helpful makes life a breeze compared to dealing with kids who are bad-tempered, defiant, rude, disrespectful, aggressive or even violent.

Imagine how much more pleasant trips to the grocery store would be if you no longer had to hear that intensely irritating whining and begging… and you never had to deal with another loud, humiliating mid-aisle temper tantrum or public outburst again! Imagine how much more enjoyable play dates and parties would be if you no longer had to be worried and constantly on the lookout to prevent your child from pushing, hitting, kicking, biting, or rudely snatching a toy from another child’s hands. Imagine how much more peaceful your household would be without the bickering, yelling, screaming and fights. Imagine how much more calm, relaxed and in control you would feel without the stress of having to deal with the same old daily arguments, power struggles and constant battles over and over and over again. Imagine how much better your relationship with your child would be if you found an effective way to gently discipline them that doesn’t make them angry with you – simple discipline techniques that actually make them WANT to do the right thing, make good choices and behave appropriately.

If you would like all of this to be a REALITY in YOUR life… the Ace Child Discipline Guide is the answer to making it actually HAPPEN…

[CLICK Here To Download Your Copy of the Ace Child Discipline Guide Now](http://acechilddisciplineguide.com/dlg/sell.php?prodData=cb%2C1)

“Finally! A straight-forward parenting guide that offers simple, real-world discipline techniques instead of just theories and impractical advice. I started using just a handful of the techniques covered in the Ace Child Discipline Guide and within days my daughter’s embarrassing bad behavior improved. The discipline techniques in this Godsend of a book truly are sanity-savers!”
Alison Schultz, Mom to Emily, 5 .

We Parents Need to Prepare Ourselves For What Tomorrow May HURL At Us…

The effectiveness of discipline methods change over time, but in all honesty, I had a fairly good run with my daughter by consistently using just one single discipline technique (which is covered in the Ace Child Discipline Guide) right up until she turned 8…

Then BANG! Her attitude changed. She became aware that she actually had a mind of her own. She slowly realized that she doesn’t really have to do everything I say, and decided that she wasn’t going to do as I instructed in every situation.

Along came the back-chatting, rolling her eyes disrespectfully, hints of deceit, the occasional lie, storming off, slamming doors behind her, saying “I hate you” and even purposely breaking her belongings in anger.

I soon realized that I was losing the battle. And unless I got a hold of things fast, the years ahead were going to be challenging beyond measure!

Suddenly, I was asking myself how to control a child who sometimes is just out of control!

My “foolproof” discipline method still worked much of the time, and still does to this day, but I found myself needing other strategies to deal with her challenging new behaviors.

So I set out to find them. And I did… an abundance of them! For children of all ages – toddlers to teens. All of which I have included in the Ace Child Discipline Guide.

Knowing that many other parents would find it extremely helpful to have genuinely useful “no-fluff” information on specific, workable discipline techniques at their fingertips, I spent many hundreds of hours researching, reading, filtering, questioning and communicating with parents from all over the world to unearth a wealth of doable ‘real-world’ discipline techniques that really work.

I put in all the hard work so that YOU don’t have to!

You can gain instant access to all 150 of the simple, practical discipline techniques I worked so hard to find – with just a single click of your mouse…

The Ace Child Discipline Guide offers the most comprehensive collection of specific discipline techniques for children of all ages available in a single book. I guarantee you won’t find anything else like it anywhere!

You may have come across other parenting books that are focused on what one parent does with his or her children, with an entire contents that reads: “I believe”, “I did”, “I said”, “I tried”, etc.

This is NOT one of those books.

This book is NOT about me and what I do as a parent…

It’s about providing YOU with as much valuable information as possible from a wide variety of sources to help you successfully discipline your child and get the results you want.

And most importantly, it’s about providing you with as many simple, practical discipline strategies as possible that you can start using RIGHT NOW to immediately put an end to tantrums, whining, uncooperativeness, and a range of other disrespectful and inappropriate behaviors.

The Ace Child Discipline Guide delivers a mixture of quick-fixes to rapidly solve your most pressing problems now, and long-term strategies for you to consider implementing with your child for lasting positive behavioral change.

[CLICK Here To Download Your Copy of the Ace Child Discipline Guide Now](http://acechilddisciplineguide.com/dlg/sell.php?prodData=cb%2C1)


Have you ever read a 200+ page parenting book and by the end felt like the whole book could have been boiled down to 2 or 3 pages?

Lots of time-wasting repetition… dozens of long, boring examples explaining the same point over and over… when just 2 or 3 brief examples would have been enough.

Rest assured, this is NOT one of those books!

As a Journalist, my job is to extensively research a topic, filter out the rubbish, arrange the most valuable information into a logical order, and then weave everything into a concise, easy-to-understand, engaging piece of writing.

And that’s precisely the approach I took when creating the Ace Child Discipline Guide.

The Ace Child Discipline Guide is absolutely jam-packed with over 100 pages of specific discipline techniques covering gentle approaches to creative tough love strategies, and everything in between.

It includes a wide range of age-appropriate discipline strategies ideal for using with toddlers to teens, and all the years in between.


Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside The Ace Child Discipline Guide:

Section 1 – Key Discipline Strategies

Three essential keys to effective child discipline are:
Building a solid disciplinary foundation Consistency Maintaining an awareness of how your words and actions affect your child
With a focus on effective discipline through effective communication, this section covers over 35 key foundational discipline strategies for you to consider using consistently with your child; some of which should be implemented from the outset, and some of which should be kept in mind when you are using the specific discipline “tactics” covered later in this book in isolation.

This section guides you on considering the underlying reasons for your child’s misbehavior, finding out the motive behind your child’s inappropriate behavior, and to taking into account situational factors when responding to your child’s behavior.

Section 2 – Conventional Discipline Techniques

It’s much easier to make decisions about which discipline strategies to try with your child when it’s clear how they all work and what techniques work best in various circumstances. With that in mind, this section introduces you to a range of conventional discipline methods, promoted by a variety of parenting experts, that you may decide to adopt or explore further. Along with a host of discipline strategies that many parents have experienced great real-world success with. The key is simply finding which of these discipline techniques get your unique child’s attention.

It boils down a range of contemporary parenting philosophies into a few succinct paragraphs, with 1 or 2 brief examples to clearly and concisely illustrate how to use these discipline strategies effectively with your child.

Over 40 specific discipline techniques are covered here that you can use regularly with your child in a wide range of situations, to conquer a wide range of undesirable behaviors.

Section 3 – Toddler Specific Discipline Techniques

This section is jam-packed with over 40 ideas for getting your child to comply and behave appropriately at dinner time, bedtime, packing up time, teeth-brushing time, during car trips, grocery store visits, and more. And YES, this section covers dealing with those dreaded temper tantrums too!

Section 4 – Sibling Specific Discipline Techniques

This section offers 12 unique discipline techniques ideal if you are keen to discover new and quirky ways to put and end to the constant bickering, arguing and fighting between your children. PEACE in your household may be just one of these sibling-specific discipline techniques away!

Section 5 – Creative Discipline Techniques

A hands down favorite with parents who have read the book, this section covers over 65 “outside the square” discipline tactics designed to help you get the message through to your child loud and clear, and INSTANTLY dissolve misbehavior. Tap into these treasures whenever desperate times call for desperate measures!

Your departure from “ordinary” discipline strategies is sure to keep your children on their toes, wondering what in the world you’ll pull out of your “bag of tricks” next. The road is long, but it doesn’t have to be dull!

To sum up these discipline strategies in 3 words – Quick, Easy… Effective!

Section 6 – Dealing With Lying

Given that lying is a problem behavior that many parents find very difficult to deal with, this dedicated section has been included to help you dig deep into the root causes of lying to deal with any deeper underlying problems. It also covers what to do and say if you catch your child lying, and provides tips on how to prevent lying.

Additional Resources

But wait… there’s more…
Popular Parenting Book Reviews – This section includes reviews of 4 widely popular parenting books that cover in detail  points lightly touched on in this guide that you may wish to explore further. Each review includes brutally honest pros and cons of each from parents who have read, and either LOVED or LOATHED these books. Special advice for parents with children who have ADHD/ODD or whose children seem overly emotional, sad or angry.  A more wholistic approach to managing your child’s needs may be in order – covering diet, exercise, sleep, and advanced communication strategies. Meltdown Avoidance Tips – When you’ve just about reached the end of your tether and you can feel a mommy or daddy meltdown coming on… flip to this section for tips on 77 things you can do INSTEAD of having a meltdown. Poetic Parenting Inspiration – When you need a little encouragement, affirmation, or to get back on track with your parenting goals, flip to this section for some parenting inspiration.

Phew! That’s a LOT of incredibly valuable parenting advice packed into one single book…

All designed to help YOU avoid the child discipline mistakes that so many parents make… and go on making… which sadly prevents them from enjoying an easier, less stressful and more  peaceful relationship with the calm, cooperative, well-behaved child they desperately want.

YOU don’t have to be one of those parents…

[CLICK Here To Download Your Copy of the Ace Child Discipline Guide Now](http://acechilddisciplineguide.com/dlg/sell.php?prodData=cb%2C1)


“Thank you so much for writing this gem of a book. It was exactly what I needed to help me get a better a handle on my sometimes feisty daughter’s behavior. The creative discipline techniques are my favorite. I’ve tried about 10 of them so far and they work a treat!”
Yolanda Perry, Mom to Aiesha, 6.

Still not sure if the Ace Child Discipline Guide is right for you? Then ask yourself…

Do you feel like everything is a battle with your child? Do you find it frustrating that your child doesn’t listen to you? Is your child unyielding when you say no? Do you find yourself giving in because it’s easier than constantly arguing? Do you find the constant whining, tears and temper tantrums overwhelming? Do you feel embarrassed by your child’s misbehavior in public? Do you feel like you are failing as a parent?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, don’t worry… you can make it STOP!

The Ace Child Discipline Guide has the answers you need!

And the sooner you get your hands on this valuable information that can help you ELIMINATE your child’s misbehavior, the sooner you can start implementing it, and the sooner you will start seeing REAL RESULTS!

So what’s a fair price to pay to start immediately putting an end to your child’s misbehavior, eliminating the drama and stress, and bringing sanity and peace back into your life?

For the amount of hard work that was invested to make this a high-quality product that provides a wealth of valuable tips and advice that can make MASSIVELY IMPROVE your child’s behavior and make YOUR life FAR LESS STRESSFUL and MUCH HAPPIER…

I know that I could easily charge $49.95 or more, especially since it’s the only book of this form and content available. However, I realize that at that price it would be out of reach for many parents who desperately need this sanity-saving, life-changing guidance on how to effectively discipline their difficult-to-manage child. So I have made it available at the super low price of just $37 $27).

You’ll get over 150 SANITY-SAVING DISCIPLINE SECRETS for ONLY $37.00 $27.00!

That’s less than the cost of a family trip to the movies!

More importantly, it’s just a fraction of the cost of what you’d have to pay for therapy if your child’s ongoing bad behavior eventually drives you over the edge!

Best of all, because it’s available as a reader-friendly ebook that can be downloaded instantly (no shipping, no waiting), you can have the book in your hands just moments from now and start using these unique discipline techniques as early as tonight…


Right now, you can instantly download the Ace Child Discipline Guide ebook to your computer for just $27 and start using these powerful discipline strategies as early as tonight!
[ CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR COPY NOW](http://acechilddisciplineguide.com/dlg/sell.php?prodData=cb%2C1)

THE BOTTOM LINE is that you’ll receive a full bag of simple “discipline tricks” that you can draw on to INSTANTLY DISSOLVE and PERMANENTLY CONQUER almost any undesirable behavior your child challenges you with…

Thousands of parents worldwide have successfully transformed their difficult-to-manage children into calmer, happier, better-behaved kids simply by following the proven effective discipline techniques revealed inside this unique parenting guide – and YOU can too!

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

“Don’t Decide Right Now – TEST-DRIVE The Ace Child Discipline Guide for 60 DAYS Entirely At My Risk… THEN decide if you want to keep it…”

I know how effective these discipline techniques truly are and how much easier your life will be as a result of using them with your child.  Both you and your child will become calmer, more positive and genuinely happier. I want to give you that special gift, and I know that once your see the amazing positive change these simple discipline techniques can bring to your child’s behavior – you will definitely want to keep it.

So here’s what I want you to do:

Simply [get your copy TODAY](http://acechilddisciplineguide.com/dlg/sell.php?prodData=cb%2C1), pick any one of the parent-tested, proven effective discipline techniques in the book and try it out, then try another one, and another one, and as many more as you like for the next 30 FULL DAYS.

…and if you’re not 100% satisfied…

Simply send me an email and you will receive a complete refund. No questions asked! No Hard Feelings!

There is absolutely NO RISK for you to order the Ace Child Discipline Guide today, so why not give this offer a shot and in the rare instance you’re not 100% happy – YOU ARE COVERED 100%!

You can order TODAY with complete peace of mind – knowing that you simply can’t go wrong. So what are you waiting for?

Just [click here](http://acechilddisciplineguide.com/dlg/sell.php?prodData=cb%2C1) to get your personal copy RIGHT NOW – you have NOTHING to lose!

If you are feeling frustrated, exhausted, stressed or upset because of your child’s obnoxious, defiant, disrespectful, aggressive or out-of-control behavior…

If you are feeling worn down or exasperated because absolutely nothing you do makes a scrap of difference to your child’s misbehavior…

If you are feeling like you are at your wits end, and you want a solution to your parenting problems that has proven effective for thousands of parents, with specific discipline techniques that work to resolve a wide range of behavior problems and will finally bring peace to your “war-zone” of a home…

The Ace Child Discipline Guide is for you…


“Practical, down-to-earth and straightforward. These positive discipline techniques will make a big impact on your children’s behavior – they did on ours!”
Nathan Clarke, Dad to Michael, 2 and Olivia, 4.

Don’t put it off any longer… Start winning the battle against your child’s bad behavior TODAY…

Experience YOUR life filled with peace and calm and start enjoying an easier, more cooperative and loving relationship with your child…

The Ace Child Discipline Guide will show you how to achieve this with ease![](http://acechilddisciplineguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/toddler-tantrum.jpg)

You will finally be able to get your child to behave and stop whining, complaining or throwing tantrums without having to argue, yell, or get upset yourself…

You will learn how to get your child to stay calm, listen and cooperate with you without a big angry battle every time…

You will no longer have to constantly struggle with your child!

This is your window of opportunity to finally get the calm, happy, cooperative, well-behaved child you’ve long wished for…

Open It…

[Order Now](http://acechilddisciplineguide.com/dlg/sell.php?prodData=cb%2C1) I guarantee you’ll find these proven effective discipline techniques to be as incredibly helpful as thousands of other parents and I have!

Cecilia Biemann

Ace Child Discipline | E-mail: info@acechilddisciplineguide.com | Website: http://www.acechilddisciplineguide.com

PS: One of the greatest fears of a parent is having ‘THAT kid’ – the one all the other parents talk about and cringe. Don’t be that parent! [Click here](http://acechilddisciplineguide.com/dlg/sell.php?prodData=cb%2C1) to order your copy of the Ace Child Discipline Guide now and be the proud parent of a child who is an absolute PLEASURE to be around.

PPS: Remember, the Ace Child Discipline Guide reveals over 150 simple discipline techniques that you can use to finally get your child to behave, AND it’s covered by a 60 day 100% money back guarantee – so you have absolutely nothing to lose! [Click here to order your personal copy now](http://acechilddisciplineguide.com/dlg/sell.php?prodData=cb%2C1).

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