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Attention All Aspiring Manga Artists!

Impress your friends and draw incredible manga and anime characters that look completely authentic. No more "beginners mistakes" and no more trial and error! This is a fast, easy way to learn how to do it right!

RE: Your Awesome Anime Drawings

From: Paola B. of MangaExpert.com





Dear Future Manga Artist,

Manga and anime-style drawing are among the most popular styles among artists today.

Characters from television shows, movies, and of course manga are all extremely popular. Plus the style itself is incredible.

There's no other style of art that is this popular with so many people right now.

Unfortunately, it's also one of the trickiest styles to master...

Despite looking simple, actually drawing manga properly can be difficult, and most new artists give up before they've ever really started. 

Whether it's problems with perspective, getting the lines right, or just the overall composition of the piece, mango-style drawings take a certain level of skill and know-how to perfect.

Just "copying" doesn't work out so well either...

You might learn how to draw one or two characters really well, but you won't be able to have a range of drawings and you'll probably only be able to get one or two poses right at best.

You might think that expensive computer software is the answer, but it isn't.

Even if you get one of those "specialty" programs specifically designed for manga style drawings, you still may have difficulty getting it to work.

And suppose you master the program, but one of your friends wants you to draw them an anime character on a piece of paper?

If you don't learn how to do it yourself, you're sunk.

Not to mention the fact that a lot of computer software can easily cost hundreds of dollars if not more.

The best way to learn any new art style is to practice various aspects of it until you protect them.

But our classes can be just as expensive if not more expensive than software. So what you do?

Professional Manga artists learn their craft over several years, and I can guarantee you that all of them know how to draw their characters by hand.

What does that mean for you? Well if the most popular manga artists can draw their characters by hand, using nothing more than a regular pencil and paper, then you can too! That means:

No expensive software
No need for the computer "pen and tablet"

You'll be free to draw whatever you like, wherever you like, WITHOUT being tied to a computer!

What's even better is the fact that you'll be able to draw whatever style of anime character or manga character you want.

You won't be tied to drawing the same old popular characters.

And you won't have to rely on copies of pictures that you see in magazines, books, or on television...

You'll be able to develop your own style, try your own characters, and put up your own artwork for everyone to admire.

Imagine how popular you'll be with your friends when you show them that you can draw ANY character in anime style!

Once you've mastered the technique, the possibilities are endless.

That means you could make posters, design screen prints for T-shirts, or scan your images onto the computer to make a desktop wallpaper or background.

The possibilities are endless once you master how to draw in the manga style.

I've been drawing manga for almost 7 years, and I'm really excited to get to be a part of the MangaExpert.com Team as their anime and manga drawing expert.

Over the years, I've perfected my technique, and gone from being a beginning artist to one that has won several contests in the past for anime and manga-style drawings.

Currently, I work on several manga collaborations with other artists, and I also teach others how to draw manga and anime and improve their techniques.

Manga drawing can be very complex, but once you master the basic techniques, you'll find that you get better with practice. 

And there's nothing like that feeling of accomplishment when you finally "get it right" and your character looks just the way you want it to.

In my early years when I was learning how to draw manga myself, I was frustrated by a lot of the guides out there for "newbies" because they were anything but easy to follow.

There were a lot of drills, a lot of practices that just didn't make sense, and a lot of really complicated explanations that didn't help me become a better artist.

That's why, when I made this guide as part of the MangaExpert.com Team, I really wanted to focus on making it as easy as possible for any beginner to learn how to draw manga and anime.

I set it up so that the lessons are very simple, and straightforward. Plus I've included tons of my own artwork so that you can see exactly how it's done.

I also deliberately focused this guide on drawing by hand, NOT with a computer program...

While programs can be great once you've already mastered the techniques, for a beginner it just needs more frustration as you try to learn how to use both the program and how to draw correctly. No one needs that, especially not someone who's just starting out.

Like all our guides, this one is easy to follow.

You can go at your own pace, which makes it easy to transition from the basics into more complicated drawing techniques and concepts.

You'll be amazed at how quickly you'll pick up the art of drawing manga and anime with our guide...

"Manga Expert" Course - Your Step by Step Guide to Drawing Manga and Anime Style Characters

This is the best way for artists of all skill levels to begin learning how to draw anime and manga style characters.

With the simple techniques in this guide, you'll learn everything you need to know to perfect this highly popular drawing style.


This self-paced course is easy to follow and get you everything you need to know including:


Perspective -- how to make sure the point of view looks realistic on the page

Scale -- making your characters fit within their surroundings properly

Proper Sketching techniques -- don't commit to the lines until you have them just right!

Poses -- how to make your characters look dynamic and active on the page

Proportions -- face and body proportions are very different in the anime style versus realistic style, once you master the proportions, your anime characters will look very authentic

And much, much more!

You also get to see all of my hand-drawn illustrations, as-is. That means no


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