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A sober look at the facts reveals all the arguing, strutting, and
posturing from both political parties has accomplished nothing. The
march toward economic disaster continues...

We have a broken political and economic system. A turbulent economic
collapse is around the corner so,

You intrinsically know that there are difficult times ahead. Whether
they last 10 months or 10 years is beside the point.

You are an intelligent person and are aware of the upcoming economic
hard times. You wouldn't have opened this page unless you are
concerned about your future, and your family's future, so I'm going to
get to the point.

* Can you feed your family with a reduced or no income? - I will show
you how.

* Can't afford $7.00 gas? - I will show you how to get around cheaply
(no, not public transportation).

* Know how to cope if there are blackouts, lack of water, empty store
shelves? - I'll show you how.

* Concerned about safety? - I discuss that as well.

* Can you become self-sufficient? Of course you can!

The Common Sense suggestions presented in this are sound, proven,
inexpensive and easily doable by anyone. Don't get snookered into
purchasing expensive survival kits, an arsenal of weapons or moving to
a desolate part of the country.

The shows the common sense solutions to major concerns. This is a
survival plan that lets you stay in place; lets you stay in your own

The biggest concern today, in addition to what to do, is the lack of
time to do it in.

The political and economic chaos has already begun, and it will hit a
crescendo this year or next. In reality, it's just around the corner.
You have no time to waste.

This is a no nonsense, COMMON SENSE approach to surviving any
economic collapse caused by any and all of the following:

* High inflation,

* No job growth,

* Higher unemployment,

* A bankrupt Government,

* Social unrest,

* Chaos.

Social unrest and eventually chaos begins when people can't feed
their families.

It has already started. The media doesn't cover the chaos and
revolution that has been happening in other parts of the world unless
it relates to oil. The people are revolting because of lack of food,
work and their uncertain futures. We're involved because we want their

Regardless, oil will increase in price, because it is finite. Higher
oil prices lead to higher transportation costs, food costs, in fact
increased costs for everything we do and consume because so much
depends on a decreasing supply of oil.

Do you think people will sit by idly as their families go hungry?

* What will happen when our federal government curtails Social
Security and Medicare because of a lack of funds, due to inability to
make the hard, painful to all, decisions to curtail spending?

* What happens when the government can't pay the interest on the debt
it is creating? No one will care about the government; they will only
care about surviving. That could get ugly.

* What happens when our government defaults on that debt and
therefore the dollar losses its value? First inflation and unless
drastic steps are taken, social chaos!

regardless of the lies perpetuated by the government. Gas is up, food
prices are up, heating oil is up, and even postal rates are up again.
These are things we purchase every day. But, paychecks are not
increasing and neither is Social Security.

Don't you think this will soon begin to lead to chaos and civil
unrest in most, if not all parts of the country? People will not be
able to cope if they are only working part time, have lost their jobs,
being paid minimum wage and the price of everything they need to
purchase to survive goes up in price.

No? Then act now. Learn how to prepare yourself for ANY eventuality.
Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones that depend on you.
Learn to become more self-sufficient.

In truth, you are not prepared even if you think you are because you
have some food stockpile in the garage. You are concerned, maybe you
are scared, but you're intelligent enough to realize that we are
headed down a slippery slope that will last a long time. That is why
you are searching and that is why you need to read this book.

This will help you get control over your concerns, give you a guide
line for action, provide tips for preparedness, where to get help,
water, supplies, food, transportation, energy - and the list goes on.

You will find answers, suggestions, and solutions in this . You will
learn enough to be able to prepare yourself and your family so that
you can survive the hardships that will be facing all of us.

It is too late to plan after the emergency happens. It's too late to
plan when the store shelves are empty or the prices of what you need
are out of reach, or when you can no longer afford to go anywhere.

The first step is to plan and prepare. If you don't plan ahead, plan
to panic. The guidelines for systematic planning and action are
outlined in the book, as you saw in the

Surviving is important, but thriving is better.

There are many books on survival, some for wilderness survival,
natural disaster survival, financial survival, industrial collapse,
economic collapse, terrorism and all suggest you have a bug out bag in
your car when you flee; flee to where?

This is about continuing to live and survive in your own home and in
your own bed. If you take action now, you will be able to remove
yourself from most of the hardships and chaos quickly approaching.

Possibly you should have some survival items in your car so that
when you flee to wherever you're going to flee to you will have some
survival food and water, but what about when you get to wherever
you're going?

In short whether you prepare to stay home, or go elsewhere, you still
need to be prepared wherever you going to be. Time is shorter than you
think. Act now and order this problem solving survival guide. BUY IT

Have the peace of mind that you are prepared and will know what to do
when the

First, the book - a book that will help prepare you for the future, a
future that will include turbulent times and hardships.

Full of suggestions, options and action points but then you've seen

In addition, there are two FREE bonus books to help you get a better
handle and understanding of the entire process of survival.

The first free bonus ebook is the.

This is the perfect companion to the survival guide book because so
many of you live in cities and apartments and may not have enough room
to plant a garden or may not have thought of creating and sharing a
roof top garden with others.

The second free bonus ebook, , discusses in detail how to build
various solar ovens, how to use them and how to create meals in them.
Invaluable information.

If you find that this book and the 2 Bonus books do not answer your
questions and prompt you to act to prepare your family for survival,
than you can get a no questions asked refund!

The price? The price is only $27.00, a small amount that will provide
you with security, knowledge, ease of mind and confidence while others
are in a state of panic.




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