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Take All The Academic Mumbo Jumbo ‘Relationship Advice’ You’re Following Now And Throw It Out The Window…It’s All Hopelessly Obsolete!



You’re Only Two Minutes Away From Learning Simple Skills That Will Help You Get Your EX Back In 48 Hours Or Less…Best Of All, You Can Learn These Skills In One Afternoon…Even If You Have Little Or No Previous Experience In Relationships!


"During a break-up, what most people 'think' they know about getting their EX back will result in being alone and driving the love of their life even further away…and yes, this is even true for most relationship 'experts'!


But if you remember what I'm about to tell you, your chances of getting your EX back will be improved by at least 1,000% or more!"



Dear Friend,


Are you sick of people telling you to forget your ex lover and move on?


What if you feel that they are "the one" for you? And worst of all – what if you feel you will never meet anyone else like your ex?


Right now you're in a lot of emotional pain.


Hey, I've been there plenty of times. I used to destroy relationships on a monthly basis!



“I know all about the sleepless nights...how hard it is to concentrate at work...even eating can be a chore at times”



The advice to “move on” isn't helpful at all. And let me be honest with you...there is nothing wrong with wanting to get your ex back.


Heck, every single day there are people who get back together with their ex!


Even if you think that your situation is completely hopeless...you really can recapture the very things that bought you and your ex together in the first place.


Almost any relationship can be repaired. Like I said...it happens every single day.


I know what you're saying...."yea right!"...


Fair enough.


But think about it: men and women will get back together even under the worst of circumstances; Girls get back together with guys who hit them. Men get back together with women who've cheated on them.


True enough, those are some "worst case" scenarios…


But my point is this:



“If couples can rekindle their love even under the worst circumstances then why can’t you?”



The answer is you can!


Don't you think it's possible to wipe the slate totally clean, and recapture what bought you and your ex together in the first place?


Of course it is.


The secret technique is in knowing how to "rewind the clock" in your relationship.


This technique brings you back to the time when your relationship was blooming...when your feelings were at their most powerful. This will allow you to start over in a sense...and totally erase events and discussions that led to the break up.


Don't confuse this technique with things that will only drive a further wedge between you and your ex...and whatever you do, don't make the following mistakes when trying to win your ex back:




“Are You Making Any Of These 8 Mistakes That Guarantee You Won’t Get Your Ex Back?”


Calling your ex all the time trying to fix your relationship

Telling them how much you love them repeatedly

Crying and begging for forgiveness

Promising you’ll change and things will be different

Arguing and blaming them for the break up

Telling them you’ll always be there for them

Trying to resort to logic and ignoring emotion

Giving up in fear of more rejection


Doing any of the above is a sure-fire way to make your ex dislike you even more, and become more defensive.



“You have to have a clear plan and a solid set of techniques to follow if you want to get your ex back and avoid further arguments and hurt feelings”



You weren't taught these techniques while growing up. It's not like there's a high school semester in "how to get your ex back".


I'm sure your parents didn't sit you down and lecture you on how to skillfully repair a relationship that has gone over the edge of disaster.


Most people find such situations uncomfortable, so they just avoid talking about them…


So it's not your fault you don't know the skills and techniques of getting your ex back. If nobody has ever taught you, how would you know?


You didn't know how to swim or ride a bike until someone showed you how, right?


Well, what if someone showed you a simple recipe for getting your ex back? A recipe so easy to learn, that you never forget it…just like riding a bike or swimming!


Introducing: The Idiot's Guide To Getting Your Ex Back


What if you had access to sure-fire techniques to literally turn back time and transform the heartbreak and loneliness into the safety and fun of a loving relationship?

You get instant access to proven ways to fix every mistake you've ever made in your relationship... you’ll discover how to instantly stop yourself from pushing your ex away even further... and increase your chances of getting back together – right away!

You'll know how to get them to pick up their phone every time... how to reignite the passion that pulled you and your ex together to begin with... and ultimately -- how to get them to fall in love with you all over again!

It is possible for you.

You can get your ex back.

All you need to know is... the secrets of how to do it.

That's exactly what this new all-in-one solution is about.

If your relationship is on the rocks...and you are desperate to get your boyfriend or girlfriend back...I can show you how to quickly patch things up and enjoy a healthy relationship moving forward.


Now I obviously can't fly out to see you, or even call you on the phone and help you out. I don't have time to fix the millions of broken relationships scattering the landscape.


But I have put together something even better than a personal phone call or meeting.



“I've managed to encapsulate my decades of experience in relationship repair into a series of simple skills and techniques that anyone can follow to get their ex back!”



And listen, this isn't the same crap you'll hear on radio shows, advice columns, or even your psychologist.


I'm talking about a proven "real world" system that helps good people reunite and form strong lasting relationships.


This is the time-tested proven blueprint to fixing mistakes and rewinding the relationship clock I told you about earlier...


Think your situation is "impossible"?


Think again.


I've personally seen women wait for their man to get out of prison to take him back.


I've seen women even take back men who have cheated on them multiple times...if you don't believe me, simply tune in to any TV talk show.


There are no "impossible" break ups. There are only people who lack the skill to persuade their ex to take them back. And that's exactly the skills you'll learn in this amazing e-book.


You'll discover all the hidden motives and deep psychological triggers that will make your ex want you back and repair your relationship.


 A lot of these human "quirks" are out of plain sight...we don't notice them in our day to day lives...but they lay dormant in every human.



“And once you discover the simple methods of manipulating these deeply hidden psychological "triggers" in your ex, you'll have all the real-world skill you need to quickly get them back into your arms!”



Best of all...not only will you be able to get your ex back...you will also be armed with techniques that will KEEP them with you.



Isn't that amazing?



Here's just some of what you'll discover in

The Idiot's Guide To Getting Your Ex Back:



How to quickly end depression...so you can focus on repairing your relationship

How to recognize hidden motives in your ex that reveal how they truly feel about you

What men REALLY want most...and how to give it to them and make them yours FOREVER (no, it's not sex)

What women CRAVE...and miss from most relationships...give it to her and she'll never leave

Why "rebound" relationships aren't a bad thing and can work to your advantage

How to get your ex to forgive you for anything...even cheating

How to apologize the RIGHT way...99% of people get this totally wrong and it can kill your chances if you don't know the correct way to say "I'm sorry"

How to "rewind the clock" in your relationship and start over with a clean slate

Simple verbal techniques to get your ex to agree to a date...or almost anything else

Use psychological triggers to "bond" your ex to you...making it impossible for them to not have you in their life

How the power of food can alter your emotions and keep you in balance

How to avoid arguments from starting in the first place


And a lot more!


Best of all, The Idiot's Guide To Getting Your Ex Back is an INSTANT download.


You're only two minutes away from discovering techniques, blueprints, and real world advice on how to get your ex back.


And listen, this isn't academic mumbo-jumbo written by someone who's only been in one relationship…


This is a battle-tested skill set that works in real life. The techniques in The Idiot's Guide To Getting Your Ex Back are simple, but powerful.


You will master these skills in an afternoon, but carry them for the rest of your life.


And for a limited time, you can save big on your instant download of The Idiot's Guide To Getting Your Ex Back.


The normal price is $99...but you can get it right now for only $39 under this special offer!



Get INSTANT Access - Even If It's 3AM!!!




Zero “BS” 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!



Order and download The Idiot's Guide To Getting Your Ex Back. If you are not back together with your ex in 60 days or less…or if you just don't like the ebook…You will receive a prompt and courteous refund.


Listen, The Idiot's Guide To Getting Your Ex Back is your own personal roadmap for relationship repair.


Getting your ex back isn't nearly as hard as you think. I'll quickly show you how to end panic, end depression, and get in the right frame of mine so that you can roll up your sleeves and get to work.


Not only will you learn how to get your ex back, you'll also learn valuable skills in how to keep your relationship healthy and alive so that you never have to go through the heartbreak and anguish of a breakup again!



“These skills are simple and easy to remember and put to use. But they aren't taught in schools…”



You get all of the above for the low price of only $39, and your purchase is backed up by my "Zero BS 60 Day Money Back Guarantee" so there really is no risk on your part.


But I urge you to order right now…


Getting your ex back is a time sensitive engagement. The longer you wait, the more you hesitate, the harder you make it to repair your relationship.


Simply click on the order button below and download your copy of The Idiot's Guide To Getting Your Ex Back.


Get INSTANT Access - Even If It's 3AM!!!




You'll learn the skills and techniques in an afternoon, and regain control of your relationship and get the love of your life back into your arms.


Best wishes,


David Parker


PS: The Idiot's Guide To Getting Your Ex Back is a series of simple skills and techniques that anyone can follow to get their ex back. More importantly, this isn't the same crap you'll hear on radio shows, advice columns, or even your psychologist.


This is real world advice and tactics that work to help you get your ex back. Best of all, you can learn these skills in the time it takes you to watch a movie. But you'll carry these techniques with you for the rest of your life.


Not only can you use this amazing information to get your ex back, you can use it to KEEP them in your life forever, as well.


PPS: The normal price for The Idiot's Guide To Getting Your Ex Back is $99...but you can get it in an instant download for only $39 if you order right now.


Your purchase is fully backed by a Zero BS 60 day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.



Get INSTANT Access - Even If It's 3AM!!!










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