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Are you in pain?

Do you often feel alone and think your partner isn't involved enough
in the pregnancy?

Or do you feel upset that you're not experiencing the absolute joys of

Your pregnancy is the most important time of your life, but if this is
your first time, what you may not realize is that much like the finest
roses, pregnancy has its thorns - which aren't always apparent. More
often than not, pregnancy is a painful and challenging stage, so you
should always be prepared.

Bearing a child is an experience that will redefine your life for
the best. It will make you progress from woman to mother, and that
will be the source of much happiness.

Mothering a baby is an ecstatic feeling but gestating and
delivering the baby usually involves withstanding quite a good deal of
discomforts and pains.

Carrying around that little bundle of joy inside your belly can be
rather exerting; which you have probably realized by now, even if this
is your first pregnancy.


The day when you'll actually be pain-free and truly happy with your

You're not alone.


You can be just like Jennie. You really can.

But first, I need you to recall something for me.

A feeling, one I'm sure you've felt before.

It's the feeling of disappointment and pain when you know the aches
are coming and you think "Here we go again" and there is no one who
can help you with it.

Because I'm going to introduce you to the one proven pregnancy system
designed for real life mothers in real life scenarios.

It's a step-by-step system that's backed by the latest scientific
research, which shows that pregnancy massages are proven to reduce or
can completely overcome the common pregnancy discomforts and ailments.

As many as 92% of all women who practiced these techniques regularly
reported increased well-being and felt as though it helped the baby
relax inside the womb.

Pregnancy massage can be self-applied by the mother anytime, and it
can be learned by the birth partner: it's a great way to provide
support and bond with the baby.

No, this isn't a guide for a pill-popping, self-acupuncture, "magical"

This won't involve taking herbal supplements or doing anything awkward
or esoteric. I wouldn't dare to even suggest such things because...

They're a waste of time and money... and frankly...

A lot of these methods are unrealistic, unproven and downright
DANGEROUS. You don't want to be any part of that.


It doesn't have to be that way.

Because there's something that's increasingly popular these days.
Something with a scientific basis and a remarkable success rate in
managing many of the discomforts of pregnancy.

Something that even your OB-GYN will recommend if you ask them.

I know this because I've designed a simple step-by-step system that is
guaranteed to make all your pregnancy worries, all the aches and pain,
all the feeling of neglect by your partner... disappear, safely!

And this'll make your pregnancy into the most wonderful experience
you'll ever have.

I'm not kidding!

This is a course unlike any other you've ever seen.

But there are literally hundreds of these products in the marketplace.
Why choose Alicia Pennington's Home Pregnancy Massage?

Well, hi there, I'm Alicia.

First of all congratulations on your pregnancy. I know you must be
very excited, and also a little scared. It's only natural!

But before I continue, allow me to share a little about myself. I have
been a midwife for 12 years and during this time, I have had the
opportunity to work with many pregnant women (several hundred in
fact!) until after the birth of their child.

My career as a midwife had been fulfilling as I was able to lend
support and share the joy of each couple until the birth of their

In my many years, I have come across many mothers who could not
wholeheartedly enjoy their pregnancy. Their pregancy became a chore,
the pain and aches began to take their toll, they did not feel in
touch with their baby nor did they find their partner helpful or

I would find them sobbing for no apparant reason, changes in eating
habit, getting very irritable... some even started showing signs of
pre-natal depression. There is nothing more heartbreaking in my line
of work to see someone you care for have to go through all that. It
had affected me emotionally, and that was the turning point of my

I didn't want this to happen to any mothers in future and this
motivated me to find out about perfecting a method in which mothers
would be able to enjoy their pregnancy to the fullest, whilst having
their pains and aches greatly reduced.

I found out that there were several ways to minimize the discomforts
associated with pregnancy, the most effective and rewaeding was
pregnancy massage. Hence, I spent the past decade learning everything
there was to know about pre-natal massages.

I've since then helped thousands of pregnant women achieve increased
well-being during pregnancy.

And now, I've decided it was time to create a guide compiling all my
experience and knowledge about pregnancy massage. Because I know that
every pregnant woman can benefit greatly from learning these

How easily you can achieve all that will blow your mind...

Imagine how much easier your pregnancy will be when you employ just a
fraction of these secrets.

That's not a casual, off-handish statement for me to say. I sincerely
want you to imagine your new life...

No more suffering from the pain and aches and wishing that it would
just miraculously stop.

No more feeling emotionally hurt and tormented by thinking your
partner doesn't care enough or just isn't getting involved.

Home Pregnancy Massage is the key to all your problems. What's more...

I'll show you exactly how to do it right, every single time.

But they aren't the only ones who've benefited...

Yes, with my easy step-by-step program, I'll take you through real
world scenarios and symptoms to ensure you make the right moves and
massages every time. The joy it will bring is something so wonderful,
you can't imagine it until you've done it.

Only if you don't have the eyes to see, ears to hear and hands to

Because my course is made so easy, it's a total idiot-proof guide to
ensure that you can and will carry out these massages easily and

I certainly can see how you'd think that. After all, this course is
your dream to making your pregnancy all that it's hyped out to be, the
experience of a lifetime, the magic of having a baby grow inside of

Just a straightforward, step-by-step, no holds barred course to ensure
that you can...

How much would that cost?

I think we both agree that something so amazing and powerful would be


I'll tell you how much in a second. But before that, let me tell you
how much this won't cost...

Imagine this. A single hour session with a massage therapist would SET

Having a routine session a week for an entire pregnancy duration would
set you back a whopping $2,970. And unless you're flushed with cash,
not many people can afford seeing a massage therapist on such a
regular basis. Plus travel and parking costs, pregnancy massages will
cost over $3,000!

Well, don't worry, because I wouldn't think of asking you for anything
close to $3,000 for my Home Pregnancy Massage course.

The reason is because I believe that expectant mothers or partner
should learn these techniques, for once they have learned the proper
massage techniques, they can actually be more efficient than seeing a
certified therapist.


Now... you could take a zero off that 3K price and you'd have to admit
that's a great deal, right?

We both agree $300 in exchange for a wonderful and magical
pregnancy... pain and ache free... bonding with your loved ones... is
really a deal and a half.

But Home Pregnancy Massage will not cost you anything close to that
price either.

Hey... how about this?

How about I take a whopping 50% off that price?

A hundred and fifty bucks for the most amazing course you'll ever come
across... how great is that? I see your eyes lighting up right now.
Less than the cost of two hours of massages.


Act now... and only on this page... you get the entire HOME PREGNANCY
MASSAGE course for one single payment of just $57.

And... even though the price is this crazy-low, you need to know deep
down that your investment is safe...

That's why your purchase is fully backed by my unprecedented,
risk-free two month guarantee...

That Guarantee Blows Me Away.
I Really Have Nothing To Lose. Sign Me Up.

You WILL be elated once you sign up for my HOME PREGNANCY MASSAGE


Also, YOUR BABY PREFERS YOU over a professional massage therapist!

There's a secret ingredient to these massages that only the mother and
her partner can provide. Even the best pregnancy massage therapist in
the world can only go so far.

Sure, we know the pregnant body and how to work it. We surely can help
the mother overcome physical discomfort. But when it comes to the
baby, there are UNIQUE BENEFITS of receiving massage from someone
whose touch truly and genuinely conveys affection.

Without this ingredient, you're just rubbing your belly and that will
actually help with your pregnancy discomforts. But when the massages
are applied by a person whose touch expresses REAL AFFECTION - such as
the mother or birth partner - the baby will certainly pick on up that.

Don't get me wrong, though: I love my customers and their babies. I
love my work and my life. But let's face it does that compare to the
capital "Love" nurtured by a parent towards their children? It most
certainly doesn't.

And that was one of my MAIN MOTIVATIONS when writing this guide:
teaching expecting parents all the secrets of pregnancy massage, so
they can BENEFIT from this technique in the comfort of their own

Kyle Cuthbert Knows this...

But... in order for it to work for you, there's one thing you must do.

You must sign up right now by choosing a package below.

But there's a downside to this offer. I'm only able to offer this
crazy-low special price for a very limited time.

So... if you come to this page in a few weeks and the Ultimate
Edition is back up to $121, you'll know the special is gone forever.

Please don't write me asking for an exception. I won't be able to do
that. I have a deal in place with my affiliates and can not go back on

So please .

I can't help you if you don't get the ball rolling first, unless you

It's like you're staring at two roads ahead...

One road leads you back to the same life you're living right now. Pain
filled days... emotional detachment from your baby and partner.

Then there's that other road. The one that leads you to a pain free
pregnancy... sharing wonderful moments with your partner...
experiencing the wonders of pregnancy as it should be.

Which way you turn will effect the rest of your life. So what's it
going to be?

The bumpy, pothole-filled road to the same old, same old... Or... the
newly paved road to your brand new life?

Deep down, you already know the answer.

So... .

Best wishes on your pregnancy,

Alicia Pennington

P.S. Remember... it doesn't matter how old you are, how many kids
you've had, or how far you are into your pregnancy. Home Pregnancy
Massage WILL WORK for you, regardless. This isn't just a promise...
It's guaranteed in writing!

P.P.S. Since I mentioned the guarantee, let me clarify... I don't want
you to think there's a certain scenario that must take place in order
for you to ask for your money back. Let me state as directly and
clearly as I can...

If you sign up and are unhappy for any reason at all, just write me
for a refund and you'll have every last penny of your money back in
your hands within 72 hours. It's that easy!

Okay...I Don't Want To Wait A Minute Longer.
I Don't Want To Miss Out On The Special Package Price.
Sign Me Up, Alicia!

P.P.P.S.This is the last time I'll remind you. The low $57 price for
the Ultimate Edition will go away very soon. If you click away now,
you may never see it again.

Isn't it time you be pain free? Isn't it time you enjoy your
pregnancy? Isn't it time you sign up for HOME PREGNANCY MASSAGE

It's Time, Alicia... My Time To Finally Get With The Program.
Time For Me To Control My Own Pregnancy Destiny.
I'm Signing Up Now!

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