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"Discover EXACTLY How To Pull Your Biggest Deadlift Ever, (In As Little As 30 Days)... Using The Same Proven Techniques That I Used To Pull History's First 1000lbs Deadlift"
Eliminate Your Weaknesses, Master Your Technique And Reduce Your Injury-Risk...

Learn How To:
Master your Deadlift Technique... you'll pull more weight (faster than ever before)
Conventional vs. Sumo - how to make the right choice, so that you pull the most you can (as safely as you can)
A simple Kettlebell drill - use this to create a VIOLENT hip drive and monstrous lockout power
Troubleshooting - understand which exercises will solve your unique weaknesses (this will save you a lot of wasted energy and add pounds your pull)
Destroy your competition on meet day with powerful mind-set secrets
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Personal Message From Andy Bolton

I have often been called the King of the Deadlift. Only 13 men in the history of strength sports have Deadlifted 900lbs or more in a Powerlifting competition. I've pulled 900lbs over 30 times. What's more... I was the first man EVER to pull 1000lbs.

In my book, "Explode Your Deadlift" I'm going to share with you the EXACT techniques that you can use to instantly increase your Deadlift. In fact, when you apply what you're going to learn here... you may very well turn into a Deadlift machine!

Here's a more detailed look at just some of what you'll discover:
How to build a freakishly strong Deadlift (and minimise injury-risk)
Which muscle groups are most important for a big pull (understanding this will let you identify your weaknesses and make those areas stronger - it's only when you do this that you'll start making really fast gains)
2 exercises to get your Hamstrings really strong... with stronger 'Hammies' you'll pull better, squat bigger and sprint faster
The single most important thing to focus on if you want a MASSIVE Deadlift (this applies to both beginners and advanced lifters/athletes)
The advantage that the Deadlift has over other classic exercises - and why this is of interest to you if you are not a competitive lifter
2 Deadlift variations that you must practise in order to be able to effectively use ANY Deadlift variation in your training
355kg at 82.5kg bodyweight, as a junior... you better believe it. This will inspire you to train harder than ever before
How to add up to 35 pounds to your pull, just by changing what you wear on your feet
The way you must use your power belt in order to Add Pounds to the bar
Conventional vs. Sumo... you decide (the pros and cons of both methods - if you want to Deadlift to your true strength potential and ensure injury-risk is kept as low as possible; you need to know this)
Why the Conventional Deadlift is probably better than the Sumo Deadlift if you are not a competitive Powerlifter
How to reduce your range of motion by up to 12 inches (in just 20 seconds)... this is so easy to do, it's almost unbelievable
To round the upper back or not to round the upper back? You'll find out here (then you can really make a sensible decision about how you should pull for MAXIMUM strength)
An unusual Deadlift style that will bring up weak glutes and hamstrings
The correct set-up for the Conventional Deadlift - Get this right and you set yourself up for maximum strength and progress (get it wrong and a weak pull and injury await you)
The Hook Grip - Explained (you'll soon realise if you should use it or not)
3 things to avoid wearing when Deadlifting if you want the fastest, safest gains possible
How to avoid Bicep tears... this is quick and easy to do (and could save you from having to take months off due to injury)
Exactly how to breath for maximum strength and PROTECTION for the lower back
What you must do before you break the bar from the floor (very few people know about this)
3 powerful drills to 'awaken' sleepy glutes and increase your lockout power
How to Deadlift for reps the right way (this will save you a ton of wasted time and effort)
The Law of Compensatory Acceleration and how you can use it to skyrocket your strength - not only on your Deadlift, but all your lifts
Correct percentages to use for speed work
Why you musn't lift light weights explosively if you value your Joint health (and what percentage you must have on the bar before you lift as fast as possible)
The Sumo set-up explained in detail - get this right and it could be the lift for you (get it wrong and the bar won't leave the floor). Period.
What you must do when the bar gets to knee height... this will make your lockout strong
Secret exercises to bring up weak Hamstrings and Glutes... these will make your Deadlift and Squat go up (and you'll run faster, jump higher and throw further too)
3 methods for developing brutal starting strength (you need this to get the bar off the floor when you are Deadlifting)
A little known technique for developing explosive power and lockout strength
Why the Sumo Deadlift can 'beat-up' your hips and how to solve this problem once and for all
6 exercises for building a big bad back and more lockout power
The Kettlebell Swing: when to use it and how it's done... this is a killer drill for getting your posterior chain seriously strong
1 thing you must do BEFORE you turn up at your competition (this will eliminate missed lifts caused by silly mistakes)
How I have my Deadlift SUIT customised to give me maximum carry-over... I thought I'd always keep this a SECRET, but here you go; the inside story on my suit (use this advice to get yourself an awesome Deadlift suit)
The truth about Deadlift technique when you're lifting a near max - this will give you a new perspective and let you see things as they really are
How to develop a bullet-proof mind-set for a monster pull (and what can happen if your mind is weak)
And much more than I can list here

If you act now, you can get the "Explode Your Deadlift" e-book for 50% off the normal price...

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That's it. No catch ;)

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And if the 50% saving isn't enough cause to celebrate, I'm also throwing in an awesome...

Spartan Strength Secrets, Volume 1 (Value: $17)

Jack Lovett is one of the UK's best Strength Coaches. In his book, 'Spartan Strength Secrets', you'll Disover:
5 Deadlift variations (that are quick and easy to learn)... that you can instantly use to build extreme strength, all the Deadlifting muscles and get yourself a bigger pull
A Deadlift variation that's easier on your Back than Conventional pulls... a perfect variation if you are trying to work around an injury or if you are a beginner
The Correct way to perform Tire Flips, Atlas Stones and Farmer's Walks - if you don't want to tear your Biceps AND you want to build brutal strength... you need to know these simple, proven techniques

There you have it. Not only am I offering you my exclusive 'Explode Your Deadlift' e-book for half-off, I'm also giving you a great BONUS that will skyrocket your results!

If your goal is to get a bigger Deadlift and become stronger, faster and more powerful... then this is what you need. Period.

Talk soon and train hard,

Andy Bolton
World Champion Powerlifter, Strength Coach, Author and Public Speaker

P.S This is my very best stuff... the stuff you need to pull a BIG Deadlift. If you truly want to reach your potential, you need the tips and strategies that are in 'Explode Your Deadlift'

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P.P.S I am 100% certain that when you take the advice that I give you in "Explode Your Deadlift" and apply it to your pull... you will get STRONGER. For this reason, I am offering you a 30 day, 100% money-back Guarantee. So this is truly a risk-free purchase. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, just drop me an email at andy@andyboltonstrength.com and I'll refund you in full. No question asked. However, once you start seeing your Deadlift numbers skyrocket... I doubt you'll want to turn back

P.P.P.S Here's what my good friend Donnie Thompson said when he read the book. (For those of you who don't know... Donnie is the current Squat World Record Holder and the current all-time Total World Record Holder)
“"Hey Andy, I really enjoyed reading your book, "Explode Your Deadlift"... I learned a lot. I always said that you had the advantage over me on the pull, because you have long arms. I now realise that that is a poor excuse. I learned from reading your book that I do not spend enough time on my set-up. I also do not get the proper mental state of mind with deadlifts when I train or in a meet. I dread them. So with your added advice for lengthening the arms and the truth about where the feet and hands go in relation to the bar position, I should see a PR in the near future. Thank you for helping me with my worst lift. Good things are yet to come! Cheers mate"

–Donnie Thompson, Powerlifting Legend

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