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Website Flipping for Dummies


How I have turned a $20 investment into thousands per month…

What I am about to show you involves minimum time and effort with maximum returns and something that the newest most freshly faced person to the Internet could do with ease.

Sound Interesting?

It should do. I am not going to go on and on about how this product beats all the rest of the money making products out there. I am simply going to tell you the facts.

2 years ago I finished university with 2:1 honors degree. One of the proudest days of my life. However, coming home I soon began to realise that even with a degree, jobs were becoming increasingly harder to come by.

I got to the point where I was constantly without money and frustrated. My girlfriend at the time had piled the pressure on even more to find a job and start paying my share towards the household bills (which was fair enough).

Between looking for job and having plenty of spare time on my hands I began making a website, I went the hard way about it at first, learning HTML and spending hours upon hours trying to align text and images. My hard work paid off though, I sold my first website for about $600. Although it was hard to part with and I had spent lots of hours working on it, the money was gratefully received.

As time went on I began finding quicker and simpler ways to make websites and establish them online, this only equalled one thing (more money).

Selling my 2nd and 3rd websites and a few domains in between I began gaining enough money to pay half of the rent and also put a deposit down on our new rented accommodation + pay the removal men. My girlfriend started to get off my case and then started to believe and encourage what I was doing – the hard evidence was there.

Moving on a few chapters, I got a full time job and worked on my website building in my spare time. I was able to spare myself 10 hours per week, and by this stage I was creating websites in less than an hour, researching and promoting in a few. I had learnt how to become increasingly efficient with my time, so much so that I was taking home a wage from my permanent job of about $3000, plus an additional $2000 from my 10 hours per week site building.

I have been doing this now for 2 years, at least 1 year of that being at a consistent income, give or take a few hundred dollars. I have learnt all the tricks of the trade and my formula works time and time again. I have easily established myself with a second income and of course my home life is much more comfortable.

Why am I about to share my secrets with you?

Well the simple reason is I am fed up! I am fed up with seeing forums full of people willing to sell themselves for $5 to do just about anything. I value my time very highly, I think you should too.

Besides that I am a money making man, I like to make money, who doesn’t right? And of course with this product I will make money. That does not mean that I am going to rip you off. It simply means that it is time to share what I have been keeping secret for a long time, and as I said I value my time, and therefore unfortunately have to charge for this product. In any case, if everybody knows, then you have more competition. This helps to keep the competition low, which in turn helps you also.

However it is worth the small price I have put on it.

What you need to make this a success:
A copy of the “Website Flipping for Dummies” eBook A computer An Internet connection A $20 investment (this is for the services you are going to need to help you succeed)
Money back guarantee

Ok so you are having 2nd thoughts. You’ve got the cash in your account but have been ripped off before. Fair enough, I understand, we have all been there.

However I do offer 100% no questions asked money back guarantee with the product. If you are not completely happy you can have your money back and keep the eBook as a gift to say sorry.

You are also ordering this product and paying through a well known vendor called clickbank. Perfectly secure and refund any transaction at the customers request, no questions asked.

Feel safe in the knowledge that this isn’t a scam and knowledge is power. You can order your knowledge below.

Instant Download now for just



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