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Manage your checking account, your money and your
life better

Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.


* Do you need a budget but just can't seem to get started?
* Do you know how much money is going to be in your checking account
tomorrow? Next week? Next month?
* Does it take you more than a few minutes to reconcile your
checking account with your monthly statement?
* Do you know where all your money went last week? Last month? Last
* Do you tell your money what to do?


* Get started budgeting with a few mouse clicks.
* Forecast you cash flow up to two years in advance.
* Reconcile you checking account with your monthly statement in
* Quickly generate easy-to-understand spending reports.
* Be in charge of your money.

Create your household budget quickly.

Southern Couple's Checkbook lets you create a household budget
quickly. It provides you with guidance and recommendations in each of
the most common spending categories, allowing you to select the
percentage of your total income for each category.  With this system,
you will always know if your spending is on track.

Reconcile your checkbook with your bank statement in minutes.

Reconciling your checking account statement is no longer a dreaded
task!  With the software, simply double-click each cleared
transaction to mark your transactions as cleared and calculate a
running balance that matches your statement exactly.  Find and
correct mistakes in your bookkeeping instantly.

Forecast your cash flow at a glance.

Southern Couple's Checkbook's cash flow graph let's you see your
day-to-day available balance of your checking account based on your
expected income, expenses, and envelope deposits.  You will no longer
be without the information you need to make informed monetary

Generate detailed spending reports with a few mouse clicks.

Southern Couple's Checkbook includes easy-to-understand, detailed
annual budget and spending reports. Analyze your spending by payee or
spending category. Compare your expected spending against your budget
to quickly make sure you're on track.

Use the virtual envelope system to set aside money in your account
for specific purposes.

The virtual envelope system lets you easily divide your money into
spending categories. When you spend money from one of those
categories, the amount is deducted automatically from the envelope,
and once it's gone, that category of your budget is without funds
until the next envelope deposit.  This keeps your budget on track.

Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

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