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Speed Reading Programs & Learning Tools
from SpeedRead.org

Learn speed reading, be a speed reader, and improve your reading skills. Improve your perspective and achieve your life goals through the courses, books, videos, audios, software on speed reading and self help, by world renown authority Dr. Jay Polmar, helping students and adults worldwide for 33 years.

All online purchases are made through Paypal using USD currency, you can use any credit or debit cards or your checking account with Paypal. Paypal also automatically converts between major currencies, such as Pounds and U.S. Dollars. If you want to purchase using other payment options please fax us at 206-666-5939.

Even if you want to learn speed reading for pleasure reading, you can read an entire book in under an hour. Anyone can double their reading speed with very little effort. Others can increase far beyond that! [We Guarantee It!](guarantee.php)
Attention: Special Offer - Buy two of our downloadable products/courses and receive one of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Simply purchase your two download items and send us an email requesting the one of lesser or equal value you want free. We'll send you an email with a free download link for that product. Your gift from [www.speedread.org](http://www.speedread.org)

Online Catalog -
Best Selling Speed Reading Courses
[ ] [](speed-read-complete.php)

[The Complete Family Version of the Speed Reading Program](speed-read-complete.php)
The Complete Speed Reading Program. The best course available online. Speed reading for college students, adults, teens, and children. Includes 4 courses by Speedread America, plus 12 audio programs, and software.
[Learn More](speed-read-complete.php) [](speed-read-corp-complete.php)

[The Complete Speed Reading
Program (Corporate Version)](speed-read-corp-complete.php)
The Complete Speed Reading Program -Corporate Version-. The best course available online. Speed reading for college students, adults, teens, and children. Includes 4 courses by Speedread America, plus 12 audio programs, and software.
[Learn More](speed-read-corp-complete.php) [](beDynamic.html)

[College Version: Be Dynamic Through Speed Reading](beDynamic.html)
Program for College Bound, College and University Students. Be Dynamic Through Speed Reading is the self-taught 7.5 hour college/university course that Dr. Polmar taught from 1980-1993 as a traveling speed reading instructor at colleges from Florida to Hawaii.
[Learn More](beDynamic.html) [](optimize-your-brain.html)

[Business Speed Reading Success Plus The Course on Money:](optimize-your-brain.html)
Business and Corporate-oriented Speed Reading Program plus Wealth Building.
How do you go about creating the financial and personal successes that you’ve desired for much of life, you ask yourself that often, don't you? The Course on Money carries the secrets to this success. Teaching mental attitude, goal planning, and time management. All these secrets are ready for you to use in these lessons. Why not start now?
[Learn More](optimize-your-brain.html) [](speed-read-one-hour.php)

[Speed Read in Only One Hour:](speed-read-one-hour.php)
A method by which you can double or triple your reading speed. The program includes evaluations, exercises and techniques by America's leading speed reading research team.
[Learn More](speed-read-one-hour.php) [](speed-read-business.php)

[Business Speed Reading Success](speed-read-business.php)
Business Success Speed Reading is a self-taught college/university program that Dr. Polmar taught from 1980-1993 in colleges in New Mexico and Hawaii.
[Learn More](speed-read-business.php) [](http://www.speedread.org/clickbank/11minEn)

[The 11-Minute Productivity Package](http://www.speedread.org/clickbank/11minEn)
Double or Triple Your Reading Speed In Just 11 Minutes - 100% Guaranteed
Your study time will be slashed to less than 50% of what it used to be. That means more free time, and still you can get straight "A"s.
[Learn More](http://www.speedread.org/clickbank/11minEn) [](speed-read-children.php)

[Speed Read for Children: If You Can Read This You Can Read Faster](speed-read-children.php)
A child's reading program that make kids spend less time studying and also finish their homework in faster. Read 3 or 4 magazines instead of 1 or 2. Overcome dyslexia and attention deficient disorder. Go on to become the head of the class. Great for English as a Second Language (ESL)
[Learn More](speed-read-children.php) [](speed-read-28-minutes.php)

[The 28 Minutes to Faster Reading Program](speed-read-28-minutes.php)
In one of the best speed reading programs, 28 MINUTES TO FASTER READING, you can double or even triple your reading speed in 28 minutes.
[Learn More](speed-read-28-minutes.php) [](speed-read-study-skills.php)

[Speed Reading & Study Skills Combo Package](speed-read-study-skills.php)
Complete Academic Improvement Tool - Empower your Education.
[Learn More](speed-read-study-skills.php)

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[Lectura Veloz para estudiantes Español / Inglés: Biling](speed-read-students-spanish-english.php)

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