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Reduce Stress and Anxiety!

Handle your problems from higher levels of Awareness!


• Are you tired of not being in control of your life?
• Are you stressed and too busy?
 • Do you feel anxious? 
• Are you worried?
 • Do you have the feeling that there must be more to life?


Yes of course! How can it be otherwise, if you don't know how to handle stress! A wise man once said that problems has to be solved at a higher level of consciousness, than where they were created! His name was Einstein!

Mindfulness and Meditation is the tool to raise your awareness and make you able to handle the problems that comes your way in a conscious way!

It is very often the same problem that pops up in peoples lives in slightly different disquises. The same problem will often haunt you, over and over untill you solve it consciously and 'get the message'. And when you do, you will have one problem less!

Mindfulness Meditation will help you find more balance. You will be able to recognize and handle stress. You will improve your relationships. You will become much more present! You will not get caught up in pointless argumentation. You will get in contact with yourself and your values! Learn how to relax! Learn how to be aware! Get your energy back! Be more joyful!


This is what you get:

The Free Mindfulness Introduction Manual to get you started – which you might have already:
The big 'Secret' about true meditation. Why you are controlled by your self images What is The Now. Why Honesty is important. Why your Heart is your most valuable guide.


The Advanced Mindfulness Manual to get you even deeper:
The habits of the mind explained. Your Heart as your guide to deeper levels of Awareness. How to do a Walking Meditation. How to do Shadow Meditation. 5 step Easy and yet Advanced Meditation.


The 25 min. Relax.mp3 which takes you on a very deep and relaxing  journey through your body:
You will feel totally relaxed and refreshed after this!!! The music is designed to help you let go of negativity.


The 8 min. ShadowMeditation.mp3 which is a mindblowing tool to help you:
Transform your negative emotions to what they really are. Improve your relationships. Learn what is your emotional responsibility and expression.




This is the most comphrensive and powerful

Mindfulness Instruction Manual you will ever find!



The price on this e-Book in the future will be $20 to $30, but you need healing and the world needs it too, so I want to make it available at this ridiculous low introduction price at only:


 $19.85 !!!


During May and June only!


$19.85 to start your healing process is a bargain!

Download your copy now!


 But before you buy, you should remember you have a:

60 day money back guarantee!

This means…

•   If you don't like the Mindfulness Manual,
• If you can't read,
• If you need the money for your mother's birthday,
• If your refridgerator is near empty,
• If your cat needs medicine,
• If you for no reason at all…   


…want your money back, you are covered!

No questions asked - No excuses.


Let's wrap it up:


If you want to get rid of anxiety and stress…

If you want more control over your life and emotions…

If you want to uncover your hidden potential…

If you want a life with more balance…

If you want better and closer relationships…








The price on this manual is only $19.85

 +local VAT (25% for European countries)

Click Here:



















 Free Mindfulness Training and Mindfulness exercises for stress reduction, improved Life Quality and wellness.


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