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    How to prepare yourself to FULLY enjoy and take part in a relationship. If you're not ready to love or to be loved, no relationship will work!        How to make sure you find the RIGHT person to invest in
All the tools in the world won't help you if you keep picking the wrong person!          KEEPING it successful and beating the odds. Do youwant the relationship that no one seems to have but everybody wants?
I feel for you.  This is what we all want, yet few of us ever seem to be able to find it.  We’re flooded with bad advice, and even worse ,broken relationships we see out in the world, whether they are in:
The media (why does no one seem to have those types of relationships that people have in the movies?) Lives of our friends/family (how many nasty break-ups and divorces have you seen?) Even within our own lives (are you in a truly happy situation where you’re head over heels in love?).

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Just like the wrong relationship can wear you down with unhappiness daily, the RIGHT relationship will give you so much strength and happiness that you’ll never know how you ever lived without this person in the past.  That’s right, finding and keeping the right love in your life will make you feel unstoppable!  Remember how good it feels when you first fall in love with someone?  What if I told you that it IS possible to keep that feeling, despite what you may have heard about love fading (Hint — it’s not real  love if it fades).

Friends, you’re not alone.  I’ve been right there with you, giving so much to someone only to see it thrown away.  You’re meeting person after person who has crazy issues, wondering just what it is about yourself that seems to attract these types of people.  You’re probably even thinking that there must be some hidden secret about yourself that you just haven't been made aware of yet. 

We live in a selfish world, where people are always after their own happiness with little regards to that of another.  We work too much, and we’re too busy to stop and think about our relationships, even though they make such a difference in our lives.  We start holding ourselves back, instead of giving love away freely and without any fear.  We’re accepting casual relationships as the new way of doing things.

Stop right here and read the following sentence three times before we move further:
            The right love CAN help give me the life I’ve always wanted.

Here’s the good news — you know where you’ve come from, you know what you’ve had that worked for you in the past and what didn’t, and you WANT to make a difference in your life instead of just complaining about it.  Have that friend who has been telling you the same sob story about his or her boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife forever, but they’re taking no steps to change it?  We will NOT let you ever end up like that (or end up like that again, if that used to be you).  Feel like you just don’t understand the opposite sex, and all those other books don’t help?  We’ll break it down for you in a simple, easy-to-understand manner.  Frustrated by finding people to date, because it always seems to fall apart?  Let us show you why it did and, more importantly, HOW you can KEEP the love you’ve always wanted. 

Perhaps you finally have the job that you really enjoy.  You may have developed, over the years, a great group of friends that you’re close to.  You may even have a lot of fun hobbies that keep you busy.  However, you probably still feel like something’s missing.  You may even be involved with someone, maybe even married, but you STILL DON’T have the relationship you always wanted. 


Not only for singles, this book is a great resource for COUPLES as well.  If you feel good about the person you’re involved with, but just need some help and all those advice columns and therapy just aren’t cutting it, [TRY THIS BOOK OUT FOR YOURSELF AND SEE IF IT HELPS, RISK-FREE!](https://ssl.clickbank.net/order/orderform.html?time=1305320974&vvvv=6268776562&item=1)

For less than half the cost of an average therapy session, you can have all the knowledge and tools in your hand INSTANTLY, with a ZERO-RISK downloadable E-book saved to the privacy of your computer, and you can read at your own pace and put into action our plans as you take charge of your life.

Here are just SOME of the ways this book can help you:

The Path of Life: How to get to where you want to be, no matter WHAT you want
Athlete or Actor? How to achieve EITHER dream! page 10
Want to be President? Just want to be successful? Need a guide? Look no further! Page 11

How your thoughts affect your actions and how to change them.
How can just thinking positively create a positive life? Is it a hoax or does it work? Page 16

Taking a hard look at the people around you. Are they helping or hurting your mission?
How can just thinking positively create a positive lifWhy the right people WILL bring you up, and the wrongs ones WILL bring you down. Page 19e? Is it a hoax or does it work? Page 16

What compatibility traits MUST you have for a good match?
Here's WHAT to look for next time you wonder if you may have found the one. Page 27
What factor can you never control when it comes to the right match. Page 35

What you need to know about men.
How to know if he really does or does not care about you, and what you can do about it. Page 37
The THREE DEFINING MOMENTS men go through before you can trust them. Page 38

What you need to know about Women.
The REAL differences between the sexes. Page 39
Think what she is saying and doing are two different things? Think again. Page 41

Resentment — the hidden relationship KILLER!
Here's HOW to make your relationship BULLET-PROOF from it. Page 44
The SINGLE most important line you should never cross. Page 46

Taking responsibility for your life.
Why sometimes it IS your fault if someone cheats on you repeatedly. Page 51

HAVING the fairy-tale relationship.
10 MAJOR comparison points between healthy vs. unhealthy couples. Page 55

To Stay or to go..
The ONE simple formula that will give you the answer you have been looking for. Page 58

Why Dating Does Not Exist
Here’s the TRUTH about your situation

Conflict Resolution Tree
Your 1-STOP roadmap to resolving conflict in a HEALTHY manner

Balancing a Healthy Relationship if you have Kids
Steps you can take TODAY to improve your relationship


"You have changed my life, more than anyone else I know, over the past year.  Thank you!”
Chris P.

"Wow, we wish we had bought this book FIRST instead of the others we got that didn’t do much for us besides gather dust.  Thank you for your positive information. Our relationship feels as strong as it did when we first started dating!”

Patti B.

Let’s talk about VALUE.  What is the value of a great, loving relationship?  Think about a life forever changed. Think about the daily strength you get from feeling true love opposed to wondering why you can’t seem to find the happiness you’ve longed for day after day. We live in a world where so few even believe in “happily ever after” anymore.  But you’re different.  You may not even consider yourself a true “romantic,” but you’re still looking.  A piece of you does believe in it still, because you have to.  Good for you!  Giving up will never give you what you’re seeking.  Going after it, and going after it hard, will!

Each individual chapter in this book is presented in lecture form around the country, with each seminar valued at over $100 EACH.  Thus, with the purchase of this book, you’re getting a value of OVER $1,000 worth of seminar-material.  I’m not trying to make a living off this book, and so I am NOT going to charge you thousands, or even hundreds of dollars for this information.  I want to HELP people.  My satisfaction comes from reading letters that come in from you, and some snippets of these are in the testimonials below.  My satisfaction is in seeing how much of an impact we can make together in bringing the divorce rates down.

[Buy this book.](https://ssl.clickbank.net/order/orderform.html?time=1305320974&vvvv=6268776562&item=1)  Keep it for 60 days.  Read it a few times over and have your significant other read it, if you’re already involved with someone.  If this book doesn’t make any difference in your life, return it to me for a FULL REFUND.  There is ZERO RISK to you, and again, know that I’m here to HELP you.

That’s the price of an oil change, every three months, to keep your car healthy.  It’s the price of a week’s worth of lattes, which don’t actually make you healthy, but they keep you happy.   Give me a shot to make you healthier and happier for the same cost.

I wish you the best in life and hope you use all the tools you have access to in order to build it.
Please send me YOUR testimonials after reading the book to testimonials@createlastinglove.com. I really want to know how it made a difference in your life.

Need more?

[Buy the book now and get TWO FREE BONUS E-BOOKS!](https://ssl.clickbank.net/order/orderform.html?time=1305320974&vvvv=6268776562&item=1)

Thank you,

Bio – Who am I?
Dylan[] Thrasher is a writer specializing in the sociology of dating and relationship dynamics, along with general human behavior.  He has extensive experience helping people with insightful knowledge into attracting love and making relationships work. Over the years, he has helped thousands of men and women fix their relationships and learn when it is the right time for some to go their separate ways.  Raising himself from a young age, he quickly learned to “read” people from all walks of life, starting from a pure need for survival.  His focus has always been on why people do the things they do, what the real hidden meaning is behind words that are often carelessly thrown around, and what makes people “tick.”  The first to admit that he is not a licensed psychologist despite what could be a similar reading library, he focuses on real-world
problems and quick solutions, concentrating on actions and consequences rather than relying only on theory.

“You really helped me figure out what went wrong in my prior relationships, and I feel more ready than ever to find the right guy.  Can’t thank you enough!”

Andrea M.

“For any guy that has a hard time reading relationship books, take it from me, I feel stronger in ALL aspects of my life after going through this book twice and have a better relationship than ever before!”
Vince C.

P.S. Remember, you have a full 60 day trial period to read the book and see how you can use it to build the life that YOU want.   With the "no questions asked" total refund guarantee, there's no risk on your part. You have nothing to lose – so click on the[ ‘BUY’](https://ssl.clickbank.net/order/orderform.html?time=1305320974&vvvv=6268776562&item=1) button today to at least try it out!

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