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We have been in business for the last 10 years, proudly serving the community. Our unparalleled service, competitive prices, and overall value are why our customers keep returning. We look forward to your patronage.


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Finally a Breakthrough Book That Shows Christians How To Make More Money And Achieve All-Round Success Easily and Permanently!

As recently as 10 years ago, I was tired, drained, burnt out and dead broke. Of course I had a well-paid job and things seemed to go well for me. But I was dying inside. I knew there was more to life than leaving my house everyday to go and work to make someone else rich. I was a regular Christian, paid my tithes, served my pastor and his wife and attended every church crusade, seminar and prayer meeting. Yet nothing seemed to change. Debts mounted, creditors were up in arms. One of my creditors was known to bite off his debtors' fingers each time they failed to make good their debt. One day he came to look for me and banged on the door so hard I had to scale the wall and escape through the back of my house.

The more I fasted and prayed, the more difficult things seemed to become. Finally, I decided to set up a business. Within months, it floundered and my debts increased to nearly $6,000...I looked prosperous on the outside, but my life was a shipwreck. I carried a fat Bible but prosperity was far away from me. I was a disgrace to my family and the Kingdom of God, carrying the disease of poverty for several years.

I stayed in this situation for nearly a decade before I decided to investigate for myself why my life was turpsy-turvy even though I was a faithful tither and I had been taught that if we honour God with our tithes, he would open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing that there would not be room enough to contain it. I decided to stop paying tithes for 2 years and started on a long journey of discovery. Armed with 4 different versions of the Bible and about 230 books, I locked myself at home for 2 years and prayed and read and planned and asked God to show me the right way.

When the answer came, it was so sudden I was not ready for it. My whole life changed overnight!

If you are a Christian and you identify with my story in any way, I want you to read the next few lines carefully because they will change your life forever. If you go to a church regularly, pay tithes and offerings, give sacrificial offerings, first fruits, prophetic, project, special and all the offerings you can name and yet poverty seems to have marked you for its own, then read attentively.

What is your current situation? Are you rich enough to "abound in every good work" as the Bible says? If you are, then congratulations. If, however, you are facing a hard time making ends meet; if bills are stacking up and there seems to be no way out; if creditors are dragging you to court; if your house is about to be foreclosed or has already been taken; if you are sick of working long, hard hours in the factory or board room; if you are highly qualified but have settled for a menial position in a dead end job ; if it seems as though Christianity has failed you or it appears you have waited too long for God to make a change in your life; if you have fasted, prayed, spoken in tongues, attended crusades, used the annointing oil, got annointed men of God to lay hands on you, taken long retreats, gone for deliverance; and nothing seems to change; then I have good news for you. You do not have to take poverty and failure for another day! Enough is enough!

I have made an important discovery and received an important revelation that I would like to share with you in my new book titled Christian Millionaire Secrets. If you are really serious about changing your life for good and making enough money to enable you to live out your dreams, then the wait is over. But do not take my word for it, hear what early readers of the book have got to say about it:

"In the mouth of two or three witnesses

shall every word be established."

2 Corinthians 13:1

The secrets I share in this book are not just theories plucked out of thin air. They are time-tested principles and methods that have lifted me from the dunghill of povery and beggarliness to a kingly life in a few short years. Just in case you are wondering how that is possible, think of Susan Boyle for a minute. Who was she before she became a global icon in a matter of weeks selling 20 million albums in 2 years? Who was Simon Cowell before he took the entertainment industry by the scruff of the neck positioning himself as the most popular male in the US after Barrack Obama and one of the richest men in the world? Or Danny Johnson when she rose from homelessness to becoming a millionaire within 2 years?

In Christian Millionaire Secrets I:

               Prove that there is a millionaire in every person including YOU and show you how to manifest it.

              Show you that you are more likely to  fail if you do not have WRITTEN goals. Remember Habakkuk? "Write the vision and 

              make it plain..." I hold you by the hand and teach you to plan your life with precision and be, do or have anything you want.

              Explain why paying 1/10 of your income as tithes is the reason you are poor. This will surprise you!

              Show you why your consumption habit must be replaced by an investment habit. That hire purchase is a financial cesspit!

              Why take a mortgage and pay for 25 years when you can open a McDonalds and buy a house in cash in 3-5 years?

              Teach you why you may be failing over and over again in many areas - finances especially - and why

              fasting and praying repeatedly about a problem can make it worse!

              Prove to you that prayer is not hit and miss. I thought so before. You can pray and get quick answers 100% of the time.

              Take you into new territory and show you how your mind works and how you can program it to bring you ANYTHING you     

              desire to manifest into your life. Remember the verse "Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind"? You have been leaving                money on the table!

It gets even better! I have not just written a book that tells you WHAT you can do and then left you to figure it out as so many books hurriedly put out there do. I also show you HOW to move from where you are to where you want to be. Some of the solutions I put forward in the book are so simple that one reader recently asked me "Gordon how did I miss that"?

I know by now you are itching to click the order button but I am not done with you yet!

I have teamed up with some of the foremost authorities in the world to bring you first class material for your personal development. And they are all free with your order today!

Here are some of the bonuses you get today after you purchase and download your eBook:

What value would you put on all this amazing stuff? You have my book, then you have all these bonuses! You are truly blessed!

Now here is the deal. I have had a lot of positive feedback suggesting given the high value content of the book, I should sell it for $59. I have given it some thought and I would like to make you an offer you cannot refuse. What if I told you you could get all these goodies including my bestseller for $47? Sounds fair? Afterall how much do you spend for shopping every week on things that do not change your life? Now imagine laying your hands on something that is guaranteed to change your life forever!

As you have stayed with me so far, I would like to make you SPECIAL OFFER for TODAY only. If you click below and order right now, you will only pay a one-time cost of $27. But you must order within the next 24 hours before the price reverts to $47 tomorrow. Also please note that the links for the free eBooks will expire after 48 hours. Click below to order straightaway.

So to recap, here is what you will get today:

                             An immediate download of my bestselling eBook once you complete checkout. A download link                                        will be automatically emailed to you. Please download and save the eBook on your computer.

                            6 bonus eBooks which will also be sent to you immediately following your purchase.

All our products come with a 60-day money back guarantee, which means that if you decide after purchasing our eBoook, reading it and putting what it says into practice and you are not 100% satisfied, you can ask for your money back, no questions asked. We are that confident about our eBook. Congratulations on your purchase!



The Science of Getting Rich

This great classic reveals some shocking truths about money and business. It is a must read for any Christian seeking great wealth to abound in good works.


Think and Grow Rich

One of my favourite books of all time. This book is said to have created more millionaires than any book in the business. The great Bob Proctor says he has read it for 40 years!


7 Goal Setting Tricks

Goal setting is one of the corner stones of success; I would even say the main foundation. Get this eBook and put into practice what it says. Your life will never be the same again.


5 Laws of Success

Did you know that success is not the result of luck, happenstance or conjecture? Success can be carefully planned and executed following certain immutable laws.


I Can, Therefore I Will

There is a difference bewteen knowing what you are capable of doing, having or becoming and actually going out there to take steps to accomplish it. This eBook bridges the gap between intention and action.


Developing The Success Mindset

You can develop and program your mind to succeed automatically. If you do not, you may be an automatic failure and everything you do may fail at the last minute.

PS: I would really love for you to seize this golden opportunity and get my book for the special launch day price. A simple decision such as purchasing this eBook could change your life forever. If I was preaching and told you that I had received a revelation that you sould give me $1,000, you would probably give it. Imagine the large amounts of money you have spent trying to come out of your current situation.

DO NOT let this opportunity pass you by!

Take a step of faith today and purchase the eBook. Read it over many times. Study it diligently. And then see what God will use it to accomplish in your life. If you are hesitating to click and purchase, it could be the habit of procrastination or failure that is coming back to tell you not to do it so that you will keep failing.

Break that pattern today!

Click on the download button below, get your book in a couple of minutes and see for yourself what I have put together to change your life forever. Go on, click it now!


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