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“No more sleepless nights!”

Because you’re about to learn not only how to save your Long Distance Relationship but how to make it better than you ever thought possible!

I really hope you enjoyed the video.

I created ‘Saving a Long Distance Relationship’ because I know exactly what it’s like to go through the agonies of a Long Distance Relationship and want to help couples like you avoid going through the miseries that my husband and I went through.

So often the love between long distance lovers really is still there underneath all of the problems and hopefully ‘Saving a Long Distance Relationship’ will help you remember what it was that made you fall in love with each other in the beginning

I Want All Couples Who Are Struggling in a Long Distance Relationship to Know That it Really CAN Work

You’ll discover the secrets to saving your long distance relationship in just 12 weeks when you sign up to ‘Saving a Long Distance Relationship’…

Secret 1: How to Stop Regarding Your Separation as Negative
How to start valuing your time apart Feeling good about yourself
Secret 2: How to Avoid Long Distance Arguments
How to avoid the hotspots that lead to arguments How to avoid the ‘blame’ culture and dealing with trust issues
Secret 3: How to Rekindle the Romance
How to communicate in the language of love How to keep the signs of love creative and fresh
Secret 4: How to Stay Positive and Encourage Each Other
Insecurities and doubts Dealing with family concerns and social anxiety
Secret 5: How to Set Aside Time for Intimacy
How to have a hot date when you’re thousands of miles apart How to have sex (with each other) while you’re apart
Secret 6: How to Set Future Ground Rules
How to avoid trying to control each other’s life Expectations and planning for a future
Each of these secrets will be sent to you in 3 different formats:
Video MP3 PDF
So you can start saving your long distance relationship today, no matter where you are

Only $23 monthly for 3 months

Your initial charge will be $23.  You will then be charged $23/month for 2 months after your initial charge has been made


Bonus e-Gifts

To strengthen your relationship even more, when you’ve completed the course you’ll receive3 FREE ebooks:
FREE How to Get the Most Out of the Time You Actually Spend Together FREE Additional Ideas and Sweet Surprises to Help Keep Your Love Creative and Fresh FREE 10 Secrets to Long Distance Lovemaking


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