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Give me just $47, and I'll give you
the secret to near unlimited business funding.. 

Secret Funding For Business

Learn Insider Funding Secrets
For Business Start-ups or Expansions

Over 450 Pages
6 Little Known Methods Of Funding
  Over 900 Specific Contacts (No Banks)
Who WANT To Finance Start-Ups and Expansions

From The Desk Of Ron Barker 
Dear Fellow Business Owner,

John Smith had what he thought was a great business and wanted to expand.

He spent 3 whole months researching and compiling his market segment into a hard hitting business plan he expected to present to business funders to finance his business.

He spent another six months trying to make presentations; trying to get business loans from banks, friends, increasing his lines of credit and credit card increases. He tried to interest other big money institutions, but no one would show any interest.  No takers. 

Or have you tried to start or expand a business using the methods traditionally written about in business books - loans from friends and family, using credit cards, lines of credit, remortgaging your home, factoring, getting suppliers to allow you a longer repayment schedule; selling company assets and leasing back.  
These and other techniques used to work in a limited fashion. Business (and personal) financing has shifted from a handshake and your word to loans backed by assets to....  Well now companies big and small, start-ups and well established, are not receiving business funding through their traditional contacts - banks and other financial institutions.  
BUT... there are ways to finance your business.  There are large (and small) companies that WANT to invest in businesses that have growth potential.  
  Hi...My name is Ron Barker and my background is financial - tax planning, mortgage broker, small business consultant, business owner.

I've researched, started and financed a perfume company, environmental waste reduction systems, Asian imports, medical tourism company, charity used clothing system, safety flooring and more.

I've counseled individuals and companies on financing, cash flow, tax planning, marketing, administration and sales techniques.

 Have You Ever Wondered Why One Business
Can Get Startup Or Business Funding
While Another Can't?

 It's not always the business plan presentation...

Every day, entrepreneurs start successful businesses.  How do they get the money?  
Simply put, they go where the money is.  People WANT to give you money – it’s how they grow their investments.  If you have the qualities of a successful business owner, people WANT to meet you and invest in your future.  
And may I be blunt?

Most of the business finance books I see don't
stand a snowball's chance in hell of delivering
the results their authors write about! 

I'm talking about business finance ideas that are fundamentally outdated. There is a new economy out there, and what worked before the economic collapse  (uh... sorry - I mean "temporary" downturn) doesn't anymore. 

Make no mistake -- the overwhelming factor that determines your success or failure receiving business financing is knowing the difference between Financing methods and detailed contacts that can provide the lifestyle and financial security you desire... and the duds that flush your valuable resources down the drain. 

You see, we all have a lot of "idea pride". That's actually a really good thing. It's absolutely essential to our success. But we also need a way to avoid burrowing down unproductive rabbit holes. And we need proven strategies for turning a start-up or successful business into blockbuster successes. 

That's why I created  Secret Funding For Business;  to save you the ego crushing false starts, dead ends, and disappointing failures that inevitably result when you try to stuff a square peg into a round hole. And to give you proven methods for discovering your business funding sources.

Sound good? 

So What exactly will you discover in this concise, 
straight-to-the-point, Business Financing e-guide? 

Secret Funding For Business is  over 450 pages, each describing a specific method to get financing or over 900 specific business funding contacts who WANT to give you money so you have a solid chance at success. 

Here's just a small sampling of what's covered:

  How To Find Funders

  Where To Find Funders

  7 Crucial Questions Funders Will Ask And How You Can Preempt The Questions 

  What Is Due Diligence (Checklist Included) 

  How And WhyYou Can REFUSE Funding

  What Is A Term Sheet;  Reading This Information Can Save You Massive Money

  Little Known, Insider Secret Methods Of Recieving Funding For Your Business

  How To Go Public With Minimal Cost 

  Over 900 Specific Funders Who WANT To Finance A Businesses 

  Business Financing Is International. Discover International Contacts Who Want

  Almost 100 Pages Of Sample Forms And Contracts That You Need For Funding


I've packed a tremendous amount of uncommon wisdom into these pages, because knowing what Funders want and HOW to contact them is by far THE MOST IMPORTANT HURDLE you face on your road to success in financing your small business.

It's been said that ANYTHING
is easy once you know how to do it ... 

... And this is especially true of learning how to find and receive small business funding... because successful business financing is about knowing how to spot certain patterns... and knowing how to take advantage of them.

Once you know how to recognize and read these patterns, you'll be able to find profit opportunities no matter what the economic climate. When you possess this understanding, opportunity doesn't just knock once or twice -- it knocks over and over again!

That's why the rich just seem to get richer and richer... while those ignorant of the simple strategies I'm about to make available to you continue struggling to gain the wealth, recognition and lifestyle you deserve.

But Please Don't Buy This
If You're a Wild-Eyed Lookie Loo ... 

I realize this isn't the pie-in-the-sky, get-rich-in-your-underwear kind of thing that's so common online these days. The people who fall for that crap simply refuse to let facts cloud their judgment about things. And if you're one of them, then clearly, Secret Funding For Business  isn't for you. 
On the other hand, if you're sick and tired of the lies and over simplifications that have so far prevented you from realizing your dreams of becoming financially free... doing something you love... providing real value to people along the way. And if you're ready to hold your ideas up to the harsh light of reality, then this could very well represent a crucial turning point for you.

You must be totally impressed with your ability to find business financing, and profit from Secret Funding For Business-- or don't pay a red cent. 

We give you a full 60 days to use the money finding and funding methods in this detailed ebook. If you don't think this is one of the most worthwhile investments you've ever made for growing your business, we'll cheerfully refund your money.  


My 100% Iron Clad Money-Back Guarantee

If between now and and the next 60 days, you can honestly say this wasn't the most informative marketing information you have ever read, simply email me for a refund on the spot. You have nothing to lose.

It's easy. Either it works for you or your money back!  Again, all of the risk is on me. I allow you to read all of the information and if you don't like it, you get 100% of your money and the product and bonuses to keep.  No hard feelings. 

No matter what you do with this information

Let me be straight with you...

I know this information will make you money.

It's simply a matter of putting it to work for you.

YES Ron!  

"If for any reason at all I'm not 
amazed by what happens.

If I'm not blown away by
the oncoming money flood.
I get 60 days to see Secret Funding For Business  in action."

I'm ready to test my mettle in finding finance for my business using the over 900 specific contacts in the book. Help me get to the blunt truth and capitalize on the hidden opportunities it reveals.


... if you want, at any point in the next 60 days,
you can get all of your money back.

For just $47-- and money back guaranteed for a full 60 days--

 I'm ready to share your hard
won secrets of success
in this exciting new guide. 

What could be fairer? 

"Share the details I need. I’m all over this like a fat kid on cake!"




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