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By Dr. Harry Freedman

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The UK job market is weak with nearly 3 million people unemployed. If you are one of the many thousands of job seekers affected by redundancy, or fearing the worst, what are you going to do?

This e-book, written by one of the UK's leading career experts will help you get back to work, quickly
When you are hit by redundancy in a recession you can't leave your job search to chance. It is essential to try to get ahead of the game. That is what this book is about. Helping you to look for jobs more successfully than everyone else. So that you discover more vacancies that are right for you. And submit applications that present you well and have an impact.

Because although the number of jobs are falling, there are still plenty of new opportunities coming onto the market. People are getting jobs every day. So, even if there are fewer jobs in your particular industry, the chances of you getting back to work quickly in another field are still high. And this book will show you how.

When you buy this book the author will give you one month's FREE support by e-mail to answer any questions you may have about your caeer, and how to get your next job.

You can buy How To Get A Job In A Recession a PDF download. Just click on the Buy Now link below.


Only £6.99 including 1 months follow up support


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