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How a Busy Mom Can Win the Grocery Budget Battle

"Let me show you how you can balance the work of coupon shopping with the demands of your busy lifestyle." - Beth Cranford

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Learn simple strategies for cutting 40-60% off your food expenses, even in the first week. Discover how little changes add up to fast savings!

Learn how you'll once and for all say goodbye to that expensive 5:00PM “Yikes: What’s For Dinner?!?!” panic and hello to more control over the menu!


With your purchase, receive 12 planning pages and worksheets that will guide you in successful budgeting, shopping and meal planning!

Another Couponing Book?

A good number of books have been penned on the fine art of couponing. They've all brought value to the art and science of attaining meaningful savings and extending the grocery budget.

But how much couponing is enough? Is any of it worth the time and effort? After all, it can take a lot of time, effort and energy and may leave you wondering if it's worth it.

In this book you'll learn strategies and secrets to making couponing fit your lifestyle. Instead of throwing up your hands and giving up, you can enjoy the satisfaction of successful couponing without throwing your personal priorities and routines out of whack.

It's not just your checkbook that needs to be balanced. This book offers you insights on how to save money without losing your cool!

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About the Author

Beth Cranford

Beth is a full-time mom and homemaker. She lives in middle Tennessee with her husband and two children. She enjoys creating a home for her family and home schooling her children. Learn more about her at her [website](http://www.bethcranford.com).

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This is a must-read for anyone who wants to take control of their budgets and meal times! A very easy read, packed with great information that will make your daily life less stressful and give you a great sense of accomplishment. I can relate to this book on so many levels, and am now ready to go take charge in the kitchen again. Well done!
Jenny in Mt. Juliet, TN

This was a HUGE help! Your book is an enjoyable easy read and it answered ALL of my questions. Thank you so much for writing it and sharing your insights. It is going to save me so much time and trouble! I thoroughly enjoyed it and am excited about getting started!
Stephanie in Mt. Juliet, TN
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I finished your book. It was very good! I really enjoyed reading it, which surprised me because I am not much of a grocery shopper to begin with! Your book was full of great ideas and witty comments. I found myself laughing while I was learning!
Colene in Smyrna, TN
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I really like this book! It made a lot of sense, was very readable, funny, and didn't talk down - but made it easy to understand!
Amy in Smyrna, TN
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Are you Ready to Save Big?

Are you making mistakes that are costing you time and money? Do you wish there was a better way to coupon without cutting time away from family and friends? You can find the answers to these and many more questions TODAY: [Buy It's Me or the Coupons now!](http://www.itsmeorthecoupons.com/buy/)Only $10.00 - and includes 12 bonus planning pages to improve your shopping and saving experience!

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