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With Cloud Blogging you can follow in the exact footsteps that these and other A-list bloggers took to reach blogging stardom. We’ve interviewed bloggers with a combined audience of over 600,000 feed subscribers and included our own fundamental blogging rules that saw us build 6 figure blogs in less than one year.

Cloud Blogging is brought to you by Glen Allsopp, and Dirk de Bruin. Best friends, who also happen to be blogging to thousands of people on a daily basis. If you’re going to take our advice on how to build a popular blog, then we don’t blame you for wanting to know whether we’ve done it ourselves.

The truth is, the journey has not been easy. In fact, we’re going to be honest…it’s been tough. But, before we get into that story, we do want to show you that we can walk the walk.

If you know anything about blogging, you’ll know that subscriber counts aren’t everything. People have to actually engage in your content for an audience to be worth having. Thanks to the methods we follow, our subscribers are some of the most engaged on the internet; constantly leaving comments in the hundreds, linking to our posts, and sharing them via the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

Things didn’t always look this good for us though, as you’ll soon discover…

Subject: Our Personal Message to You
To: The Next A-List Blogger In Your Industry (that’s you!)
From: Glen & Diggy

Hey there, Glen and Diggy here.

It’s likely that you’ve stumbled on this page because you’re looking to improve the results you’re getting from your blogging efforts. We’re sure that you’ve come across many pages and products before promising success in the blogosphere, but this isn’t another one to add to that list. The reason? We’ve been EXACTLY where you are right now.

In 2006, I launched what is now one of the most popular marketing blogs in the world. If you look at the site this very second, you’ll see hundreds of comments, thousands of blog subscribers and the look of a highly successful blog. Don’t let that deceive you though. Things didn’t always look this good.

In fact, after an entire year of blogging, I had 3 comments to show for my efforts and a whopping 17 subscribers. If you think the situation you’re in is tough, imagine how it felt to be me. I'm certainly isn’t alone with results like these as you’re probably all too aware.

I and many others – and maybe you as well – faced the harsh reality that a year of consistent effort got me absolutely nowhere. I (Diggy) also spent a year writing what he thought was high quality content for his blog and ended up with a grand total of 31 subscribers. Better than Glen but certainly not enough to make the decent income that all these other marketing products had been promising.

On the topic of those marketing products, isn’t it funny how they just never seem to work? I mean… they have all these great offers and great promises, but even if you implement what they have to tell you, the results you get don’t come close to the dream you bought in to.

And what about the people who didn’t even buy these products? The ones who seem to have success no matter what they do. I have a word that I always referred to these people as… ‘lucky’. What else could they be?

As I looked around the web after a year of blogging with nothing to show for it, all I witnessed were people writing average articles which were somehow getting thousands of hits and receiving hundreds of comments. Every single day there would be a new post in my feed reader that went insanely viral around the web.

I had to take time out to question what I was really doing wrong. Was it me? Was I just destined to just watch other people making a living from their websites? Maybe I should have kept studying, focused on college, and tried to get a real job like everyone else.

After one final push, I decided to try again. “Maybe these people were just lucky OR maybe I was working with the wrong blueprint to blogging success” was the driving thought behind my decision. After all, my articles were good, but that’s where it stopped. Leaving me with minimal traffic, comments and subscribers.

Instead of following a course by some guys who probably hadn’t even built their own successful blogs, I decided to go my own route. Being the annoyingly persistent guy that I am. I had taken a year off blogging to get over my earlier disappointments, and now gave myself one last chance to have success with this platform. What did I have to lose (besides a lot more time)?

After having recently moved to South Africa, where I was learning a lot about myself as a person, I created a personal development blog called PluginID. I was highly interested in personal development at the time so shared the best information I could on the topic, in the form of blog posts. Being naive, I decided to ignore most marketing tactics. I barely commented on blogs, I didn’t do any article marketing and my Twitter account was rarely updated.

I decided instead to focus on writing the best content I could and just one marketing strategy. After just one month, I had 132 subscribers – 5 times more than it had taken me to build previously in an entire year. It seemed like I was on to something.

I continued for another month. This time I ended the calender with over 200 subscribers. I slowed down my efforts to focus on college like everyone was telling me to do, but after 7 months I’d reached a significant milestone. 500 Subscribers. It wasn’t anything major, but it was definitely progress.

Was the marketing tactic I was using finally allowing me to rise to the ranks of stardom everyone else talks about but never manages to attain?

I assumed that if I kept doing what I was doing, after a little over a year I could have 1000 subscribers. But boy was I wrong. It didn’t take another 7 months to reach 1000 subscribers. It didn’t even take me 3 months. It took one. See, this marketing strategy that I was using was also helped by what I call the snowball effect.

When you do reach a milestone like this, provided that you do follow a strategy that works, your growth becomes exponential. Remember earlier how I made 17 subscribers after 1 year? Well after one year with this new blog, PluginID, I had 4000! Of course it’s not just the size of your audience that matters, but how engaged you are. My audience was so engaged that I was now making over $5000 from the website every single month (and growing).

I kept doing what I was doing and reached 7000 subscribers after just 18 months. I then sold the blog for a mid five figure fee. Not bad for an 18-year old who started the blog while working a full-time job, right?

Now I was sitting on a hefty sum of cash but no properties to work on. I decided that the internet was the place where I wanted to make an income and I continued to do so with affiliate marketing, but I missed blogging. I missed having an audience who would engage with me, give me feedback on my ideas and purchase my products to make their own lives better. Using the strategy I followed to make PluginID a success, I decided to rectify Viperchill.

To cut a long and successful story short, the blog grew to over 10,000 subscribers in just a year. I have no doubt that I can happily sell it for a 6-figure sum. Though of course, I wouldn’t do that as I’m having way too much fun.

Imagine after going through nothing but regurgitated blogging courses online, there was someone who would take you by the hand and tell you exactly what you needed to do to build a successful and profitable blog. Imagine you could take what you know best – the niche you’re operating in and the content you write – and use it to help you achieve such amazing results if not better.

You could wake up, decide what topics you’re going to write about this week (on subjects you love), share them with an audience of thousands of subscribers and get feedback on YOUR work. Not only that, but you can do it from the comfort of your own home, while enriching the lives of others in your pyjamas.

Oh, and in this dream situation did we say that you can also make a lot of money doing so?

You can stop dreaming, because that solution is exactly what we’ve created here at Cloud blogging. Our course came about after years of experimenting in the blogosphere, failing heavily with some sites but succeeding beyond anyone's expectations in our most recent ventures. And we didn’t just do this in one industry, we’ve done it in dozens!

This isn’t some course where the author got lucky and decided to share his secrets to make some quick cash. We’ve literally been there, done that and gotten a truck full of t-shirts.

Cloud Blogging is an interactive online course that takes you through the 5 key stages of building a successful blogging.

We’ll show you how to:

Structure a funnel which will dramatically convert more visitors into subscribers
Optimise your site so you’re flooded with free, search engine traffic
Build an audience of readers who share your content, and buy your products
Grow a large audience working just a couple of hours per week
Become of the biggest bloggers in your chosen industry

Sounds good? Great! Let’s look at exactly what you’ll find in the course…

In module one we’ll highlight the key elements that every blog design must include. While the design of your site isn’t as important as your content, some people do miss key elements which slow down their sites’ growth. We’ll help you pick a theme which is suitable for your niche, and the content you offer, then offer advice on tweaking it for maximum conversions.

After finishing this module you’ll have the perfect design in place, and you’ll be free to work on your content.

In module two you’ll learn everything you need to know about creating content that your audience loves. We’ll show you how to turn your ideas into copy that engages your audience and gets them to take action. Content is what separates your blog from any other, so we really go into detail on this topic due to its importance.

After finishing this module you’ll be writing viral headlines, backed by unstoppable ideas.

In module three we outline the most effective blog traffic strategies out there. These are strategies we personally employ and give us maximum results for the least amount of effort. Nobody wants to waste their time with tactics that simply don’t work, so we’ve gone into detail on what has actually worked for us – in multiple industries – and laid them out for you.

After finishing this module you’ll know exactly how to get people reading your blog, and how to effectively use your time.

In module four we’ll look at search engine optimisation. There is a lot of bad advice on this subject, but you won’t find any of that here. Instead, you’ll see exactly what methods bloggers can use to build links to their sites and how to rise up the search engine rankings in your niche. Tactics we’ve personally used to get on the first page of Google for competitive terms like “Viral Marketing” and “Personal development”.

After finishing this module your blog will be in the perfect position to start receiving a ton of free, highly targeted, search engine traffic.

In module five you'll learn how to financially benefit from the audience you've managed to build. Here's we'll outline the most popular forms of making money and how to implement them in an ethical manner, which doesn't make you come across like a scammy salesman.

After finishing this module you'll be well on your way to making a living online.

In module six, the final module, you’ll see case studies from some of the world’s biggest bloggers and personal interviews with them. We go into detail on how each blog achieved the success it did, verified by the actual owners themselves based on the journeys they went through.

After finishing this module you’ll be inspired about the potential that blogging brings and be motivated to take your own blog to the next level.

Though I’m obviously biased, Cloud Blogging is without a doubt the most in-depth and definitive guide to building a popular and profitable blog you’ll find online. We’ve literally poured our heart into this course and put our reputations on the line to bring you the best advice from ourselves and ten other A-list bloggers.

Now you’re probably thinking “How much will this cost?”. I’ve seen courses like this sell for $1,997 and while they do offer great information, I don’t think any advice on this topic is worth that much. I wouldn’t hesitate to say however, that Cloud Blogging could sell for a similar price.

If you know me personally though, you just know I wouldn’t charge that much for a course. Not because I don’t think it’s worth it, but because I want to get this value in the hands of as many people as possible. When creating this course, our initial plan was to sell the product for $97. Something we think is very cheap for the value we offer.

But, then we added bonuses, A-list interviews and really filled out each module. The additions could easily make this a $197 product.

Yet, being the crazy people that we are, we’re not going to charge you that much either. It’s not even going to cost you $77. In fact, you can buy Cloud Blogging today for the low price of just $67.

People have told us we’re crazy for this, but as I said, we want to get this value into as many people as possible. And, if I’m totally honest, my motto has always been to “over-deliver” and I have no doubt you’ll find that’s what we’ve done with Cloud Blogging.

I do have to warn you though, the price is not going to stay this low for very long.
Because we’re so confident that Cloud Blogging is going to greatly help you with your blogging efforts, we’re also going to put ourselves on the line. If for whatever reason you aren’t happy with Cloud Blogging, we’ll give you a 100% 60 day money-back guarantee.
Even if you use the course for 59 days and decide it didn’t meet your expectations (unlikely, but anything is possible) then you can get a full refund. No questions asked.

[](http://1.cloudblog.pay.clickbank.net) (Get Instant Access to Cloud Blogging today for $97 just $67)
We’ve received a few emails from people who are sceptical about the whole idea behind Cloud Blogging. To be fair, we can’t blame them, since there are so many claims in this industry and so many products, how can one really be so good. Especially at such a low price?

It didn’t take us long to find people who absolutely love our product, and can attest to the value that it is bringing them. More importantly, people are now making more money and getting more subscribers than ever before, thanks to Cloud Blogging.

Take Brad, for example. After flying to Cape Town for business, I was fortunate enough to spend a few days with him. After a few hours he revealed that he was actually running a blog in the dating niche and wanted to know if there was any advice I could give him. I shared some of the tactics we reveal here in Cloud Blogging, and his results were nothing short of phenomenal.

Take a look for yourself…

In the words of Brad himself…

“The advice I have received from Glen has been invaluable. Before his help, my blog’s RSS subscription levels were non-existent, dwelling in the low 100 range, adding about 5 new subscribers per week.

The night after we first talked, one small tweak helped me to DOUBLE total subscribers within 2 weeks, followed by a second tip that added over 500 new subscribers in a single day! Through his great feedback, I’ve been able to build a website with 10,000+ unique visitors, and 100,000 pageviews per month in only 7 months.

I can’t recommend him highly enough. Glen is a true blogging expert.”

In Oscar’s own words…

“I’ve known Glen since early last year when I had just started my blog. Thanks to his advice I was able to grow a popular personal development blog with more than 2000 subscribers in less than 9 months. What’s even more surprising is that English is not my first language and I had zero experience as a writer.

He is now helping me setting up my internet marketing business and I’m already seeing great results.”

All of the text above was written by both of us, but these answers need a personal touch. So, I’m (Glen) going to answer them. A couple of these are questions we’ve actually received, and others are self-included to questions we fathom people will want answers to.

How long do I have access to the course and updates?

Your once-off payment gives you lifetime access to all of the content we have in Cloud Blogging. So, as it continues to get better, you'll get that extra information for absolutely no extra cost.

Do you offer support?

Absolutely. If you send an email to support@viperchill.com you'll see us reply to you within 30 minutes. 99% of our support questions are answered within an hour. There's also a discussions section at the end of each module, so you can interact with other buyers of the Cloud Blogging course.

I’m not a great writer. Can this guide still help me?

Though I took my English GCSE’s a year before other people in England, my teacher actually told me that “writing just isn’t for you.” The truth is that when it comes to blogging, being a good writer is not a very crucial skill. On the inside of this course I can point you to a guy in Taiwan who barely speaks English – yet writes in English – and makes over $20,000 per month from his blog.

I really don’t think of myself as a good writer either. The message you are sharing with your words is far more important than the words which you use to share them. Being a skilled writer can give you a slight edge at times, but it’s not as important as you would think for bloggers.

Do I need to spend a lot of money to put your course into action?

If you already have a web host for your blog then you won’t need to spend another penny. Our tactics are planned to last you a lifetime, and aren’t some gimmick based on marketing software for sale.

If you don’t have a web host, then you’ll need to get one (max $5 per month) but that’s it.

I’m interested in obscure topics. Can I still build a successful blog?

Absolutely. The concern is not what the actual topic is, but whether other people care about that topic. You can make a lot of money just by building 1,000 targeted fans, so if you believe there are 1,000 people who care about that topic, then you have nothing to worry about.

I’ve tried and failed at blogging before, why do you think you can help me?

I would by default say because I have tried and failed myself, but that’s a lame answer. First of all, I don’t think my advice can help you, but I know it can. This will probably cost me a few sales, but there are no mind-blowing secrets to be found inside this course. The content is refreshing and new, but you still have to put the knowledge you gain into action.

That being said, I know the advice can help because I’ve personally worked with dozens of bloggers who are now running successful blogs. I’ve helped create a blog for the World’s Biggest Dating company, I’ve done case studies which increased visitor to subscriber ratios by 50% and I personally converse with the majority of A-list bloggers out there.

If I can’t help you, I’ll happily refund your purchase. It’s that simple.

SEO is tough, can you help me get more search traffic to my site?

I have to admit, SEO is something I’m pretty crazy about. I started learning about SEO when I was 16 – 5 years ago – and since then have had a lot of success with it. So much so in fact that my SEO efforts have enabled me to make tens of thousands of dollars.

Blogs, in my experience, are actually the easiest types of site to “SEO” out there. It’s easy to get links to them, and it’s very easy to change your on-site SEO. I’ve wrote a number of guides on getting more search engine traffic to your site and actually rank 2nd in Google for WordPress SEO.

I’ve never designed a blog before, is this a problem?

Not at all. With the simplicity levels that web software has reached these days, you can actually transform your blog just by knowing how to open a zip file. Even better is that the best themes out there are completely free to use.

The last design for my blog, ViperChill, was built entirely on a free theme I found online.

My blog is very successful now, is there anything you can add to help me be more successful?

First of all, congratulations are in order. It seems like there is so much bad advice out there these days that most people should really stop reading it. It’s good to see you managed to make it on your own.

While some information in the guide may not be new to you, we do focus on a number of fundamentals and traffic strategies you might not have been aware of previously. If your blog is already successful, and just one thing we mention helps you improve your conversion rates or traffic stats, that’s big for your bottom line.

And certainly more valuable than the price we’re charging for this course .

I’m really busy, does it take me long to put your method into action?

Thanks for making it this far down the page! The great thing about the strategies we employ is that they can really be done at anytime. The only commitment you will ever have with your blog is in writing content. That’s the only thing you need to be consistent with. Our strategies and tactics are to be used as an addition to that, whenever you have time to implement them.

You really can follow our tactics and grow your blog in your own time. To give yourself the best chance of success, at least 5-10 hours per week are recommended to have spare for your blogging efforts.

[](http://1.cloudblog.pay.clickbank.net) (Get Instant Access to Cloud Blogging today for $97 just $67)
P.S. Remember, there is absolutely no risk on your part when purchasing this product. There is a 60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee with your order. So, if you don't like Cloud Blogging for whatever reason, you'll get 100% of your money back.

P.P.S. Though this page will be online for years to come, the price is only going to increase as we add more to the course. If you're interested in Cloud Blogging, then now is the time to pick up your copy.

Copyright Cloudblogging HQ

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