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Still trying to make mystery shopping pay?

"Stay-At-Home Mom Exposes The

Harsh Truths Behind Mystery Shopping... And

Reveals Secrets You Must Know To Get A-List

Jobs Most Shoppers Only Dream About!"

In The Past 5 Years, I Have Been Forced To Stay In 5-Star Hotels... Forced To Eat A 5-Pound Lobster At A Fine-Dining Restaurant... Forced To Order Wine & Desserts... Forced To Visit A Theme Park With My Family
... Fully Paid For While Most Mystery Shoppers Settle For Lousy, $5-An-Hour Jobs!

From the desk of Rayven Perkins

Stay-at-home mom & veteran mystery shopper

Dear Aspiring Mystery Shopper,


very day, thousands of Americans just like you sign up to be
"mystery shoppers" around the country.

     Most of them are sucked in by the promise of the perfect job --- getting paid to shop. Others hope to "make it rich" through mystery shopping.

     After hours of filling out long, complicated forms applying for various mystery shopping positions... they are then surprised that the jobs don't come knocking on their doors! When the lone assignment comes, they are shocked that the pay (usually a few measly bucks per hour) is hardly enough to make them rich... or let them quit their day jobs!

     What has gone wrong here?

     You see, most people trying to sell you "mystery shopping" opportunities have never done it themselves. They make money selling you a list of mystery shopping companies.

     These are the people who make empty promises and play up "mystery shopping" as that ultimate dream job.

     Before we proceed, let's make it clear what mystery shopping is NOT. If you are reading this page with the following intentions, then please stop reading immediately and go look for some other opportunity... because mystery shopping is definitely NOT for you!

     If you expect mystery shopping to be...

"Get rich quick" - Allowing you to make money "effortlessly" without "lifting a finger"...
Something that lets you "quit your day job", "fire your boss" or "replace your current income"...
Something that "pays you to shop" without doing anything in return

... then please stop reading and LOOK somewhere else!

Here's what mystery shopping is really about (and what no other website dares to tell you):

It's just like any other job, just that you have flexible working hours. You have the power to choose or reject assignments. But you will get a continuous stream of jobs only if you follow the right strategies and do a good job each time.
Sadly, MOST people who apply to be "mystery shoppers" don't treat it like a job and don't know about these strategies... that's why they hardly get repeat assignments!

Mystery shopping will NOT allow you to quit your day job or earn millions of dollars to buy that dream car / home. However, it can supplement your monthly income and give you a few extra hundred dollars each month to pay for your gas or mortgage.
Mystery shopping allows you to lead quite a comfortable life... without having to pay for it! My husband and I are able to dine at high-end restaurants 2 to 3 times a month (the bill comes to around $200 - $300 each time)... enjoy valet parking, expensive wine and all that red carpet treatment.
On top of that, we take our kids to Disney World and museums for FREE (while other families pay hundreds of dollars for admission), and stay in hotels at LEAST once a month. How's that for a free treat in hard times?

Let's put it this way... Mystery shopping does NOT make you a millionaire... but it can let you...

Lead The Lifestyle Of A Millionaire!

     And of course, since you're a "mystery shopper"... NO ONE knows you're dining or staying for free... so there are no embarrassment issues. You are treated like a full-blown, normal paying customer with all the bells and whistles.

So What's The Catch?

     If mystery shopping sounds so easy... Why don't more people do it? It's because...

Most People Never Get A Chance To Be On The
A- List Of Mystery Shoppers!

Mystery shopping is a bit like Hollywood. There are A-List mystery shoppers that all the companies and schedulers are dying to call. And then there are those B and C listers that get called only for backup!

Most people just never make it to the A list!

My name is Rayven Perkins and chances are you have never heard of me. For the past 11 years, I have been a full-time stay-at-home mom and a veteran mystery shopper. Just like many of you, I got drawn into mystery shopping by the promises of that dream job... getting paid to do what women like most!

I completed my first-ever mystery shopping assignment in October of 2000. Back then, I was asked to go to a small gas station 40 miles away for an "audit". That's the kind of mystery shopping assignment where you are asked to identify yourself as the shopper... and then submit a report of your observations.

So I drove to the town, completed my 30-page (yes 30 pages!) report, took the required photos and drove another 40 miles home to submit my report online.

All for a princely sum of...


     Now do you see what I mean when I say mystery shopping (done the way most people do it) just cannot make you rich?

     If you follow the usual advice of signing up with mystery shopping companies, taking jobs and then going for them one-by-one... the MOST you'll be paid is a few measly bucks an hour!

     Let's take a look at the Math:

     Suppose you are given an assignment to "mystery shop" a fast-food restaurant. Once you accept the job, you are required to review material online and take a short quiz to verify that you REALLY understand your job.

     You then drive 5 miles to the shop, complete your job and send in your receipt the next day...

Typical Fast-food Mystery Shop

Review material & take online quiz           30 minutes
Traveling time and job time                      45 minutes
Writing of report                                       45 minutes

TOTAL TIME SPENT                                 2 hours
                                                            (You may take longer if you're inexperienced!)

     Let's see... For 2 hours of your time, you have just made...

$5 An Hour Before Deducting
Gasoline Costs & Expenses!

     Which is not much better than your regular job... is it?

     Now imagine how many of such assignments you have to complete to earn a few hundred or a few thousand dollars per month...

It's Just NOT Worth It!

     This is why you cannot afford to "mystery shop" the way most people do. If you really want to separate yourself from the thousands of people applying for the same mystery shopping jobs... then you must apply certain strategies to make sure you really stand out.

     Let me explain...

     The very first strategy is to make sure you...

Get That First Job!

     It's sad but true. Most people don't even get called up for their first assignment. Or when they do, it's for some low-paying job (like the first one I did). These people are doing it the wrong way.

     People who make money selling you "how-to" books on mystery shopping often say you're "not trying hard enough"... or "not applying to enough companies"...

     But do you know that instead of paying money for a list of mystery shopping companies...

There's Only ONE List You Need
... And It Can Be Obtained For FREE Online? (Strategy #1)

     I hate to say this... but yes, there are people ripping others off and selling this same list online.

     Now that you have your hands on this list of mystery shopping companies, you want to apply to each one of them. But wait! Don't fill out the form any way you fancy... there is a way to fill out these forms such that the companies will call you.

     It's not a matter of HOW MANY forms you fill out... it's how you position yourself to the mystery shopping providers. Hey, if you want to land the "big jobs", then you need to know how to position yourself as a professional mystery shopper... instead of a work-at-home mom (or dad) wanting to supplement his or her income.

     If you follow my strategies and position yourself as a professional, competent mystery shopper who can do the job well instead of a wannabe who just wants to "make a quick buck"... you can look forward to getting your VERY FIRST call within a few days!

     Now here's where things get exciting. When you get your first job... You want to be sure...

You Do A Good Job!

     It's surprising how many people treat mystery shopping as a hobby. They think they're getting paid to shop for NOTHING! As a result, they do a shoddy job, fill out the reports wrongly and guess what...

They Are NEVER Called For Another
Repeat Assignment!

     Be sure you do not make this mistake. I know what you're thinking, "But Rayven, I'm not cut out to be a writer..." or "I can't write very well".

     Here's the good news - You don't have to be a good writer to be a sought-after mystery shopper. In fact, you don't even need to be a decent writer. I'm not one myself. You can see that I'm writing this article in a pretty relaxed way. But that's not what matters... you just need to be a good observer.

     What the companies want is someone who can accurately TELL THEM what is happening on the ground, and your job as a mystery shopper is to act as the "eyes and ears" of the company.

     Once you turn in that good first report (using the strategies I'll teach), your reputation is set. The next time the company looks for a competent mystery shopper who can get the job done... who do you think they'll call?

     Look... If you want to succeed in mystery shopping...

You Have To Do It Like A Pro!

     This means making the extra effort to do things right and to build a reputation. In this sense, mystery shopping is really NO DIFFERENT from applying for any other job.

     One of the best decisions I've made in my life is to take my mystery shopping career seriously. As a result, I've been very well and handsomely rewarded. At the peak of my mystery shopping career, I was making $2,000 to $3,000 a month on TOP of the various freebies I received.

     I was also in a position to choose the better-paying jobs... and reject those that did not suit me! Those I rejected then went to the B and C listers.

     All this comes with a big BUT... ONLY IF you learn to play the game of "mystery shopping" well...

Introducing "How To Be An A-List Mystery Shopper": Mystery
Shopping Secrets Not One In A Thousand Know About!


     About 5 years ago, "friends of friends" started calling me and asking for tips on how to become a mystery shopper. Word had spread that I was making a fairly comfortable income doing mystery shopping on a part-time basis with 2 kids in tow.

     So instead of repeating the same information over the phone every single time, I decided to put my thoughts down on paper once and for all.

     "How To Be An A-List Mystery Shopper" is not something I researched and came up with. This book is the result of 11 years of actual mystery shopping experience... learning what works & what doesn't... and using certain clever strategies to position myself as a reliable mystery shopper.

     As mentioned, people who haven't done any mystery shopping before often repeat the same old advice: Get a list of mystery shopping companies and sign up to as many as possible. Take as many jobs as possible.

     If you follow their instructions...

You'll End Up Making Minimum Wage!

     Instead, this is what you should learn to do:

Where to find a comprehensive, DETAILED, completely FREE list of mystery shopping companies online you can sign up to... and exactly HOW you should fill out the forms to get jobs.
The most important attribute mystery shopping companies look out for... so be sure to make this obvious in your application forms!
How to send a "writing sample" that gets you hired - Remember, it's not how many applications you fill out, it's HOW you fill them out. If you have not received a single job assignment until now, you may be doing this wrong.
How to use Google to find little-known mystery shopping assignments that may not be listed on the usual websites
Mystery shopping scams you should stay clear from - Here's how to tell whether something is a scam or not...
How to do a good job on EACH mystery shopping assignment - If you are going for your 1st assignment, be sure to know this. In many cases, if you reveal yourself as the mystery shopper... you'll violate the terms of the contract and get blacklisted! Here's how I take notes without getting caught and remember all the details...
How to deal with the editors that proofread your mystery shopping report - After you submit your mystery shopping report, it has to go through an editor who will read through and grade your writing. There are 2 things you need to know to get into the good books of the editor... to ensure repeat jobs.
How I used mystery shopping to PAY FOR my cross-country move from Montana to Florida - I'm going to teach you my exact strategies for securing 5 hotel stays and 3 restaurants along the way. (I ended up only paying for ONE hotel stay during the whole trip.) --- Even if you're not moving across the country, you can still use the same strategies to get jobs that will fund your lifestyle. Almost no one does this.
How I used mystery shopping after the first 2 weeks we arrived in Florida --- During the first 2 weeks while we were still looking for a place to stay, we got paid to "mystery shop" 2 service apartments (which means FREE lodging) and enjoyed a paid dinner every single night except 3!
How I secure FREE theme park tickets in Orlando, Florida - You can do this anywhere, not just in Florida. In fact, the other families in line for the roller coaster ride paid hundreds of dollars for family admission! You can NEVER get opportunities like this if you just wait for companies to call you. They approach mystery shoppers like me!
How to use the "shops combination" technique to cover the MOST number of shops in the shortest time possible... and see your earnings JUMP by a factor of 5 to 10! (Please don't do mystery shopping the hard way. Batch all your jobs at once using this tactic.)
How to take advantage of urgent or emergency situations (These come when a scheduler is desperately trying to find mystery shoppers for an URGENT assignment that needs to be completed. Again, these don't come by if you're just an average mystery shopper.)
How to take advantage of mystery shopping bonuses - Sometimes, you'll come across jobs that pay a "bonus"... because no one wants to travel out of the way. I often jump on jobs like this and NEGOTIATE a special bonus plus future assignments!
How to double or triple your mystery shopping EARNING POWER when you work together with your spouse --- If you don't have a spouse, you can still build up your own team with this method.
One little-known activity MOST mystery shoppers never do... which results in low-paying jobs, or no jobs at all! Instead, here's what I do that takes only a few minutes and puts me on the A-list of schedulers. You can do it too.
4 other jobs you can apply for along as a mystery shopper - I have been hired for job #3 for $320 a month... and that's for only ONE company! On top of that, I was able to decide my own working hours each week. You can easily do these along with your usual mystery shopping assignments...
How to get called up to mystery shop cruise lines, hotels, fine dining restaurants, theme parks, museums, car dealerships and banks! (Besides being a GOOD mystery shopper who turns in a high-quality report every single time... you also need to possess one other quality to qualify for these jobs...)
How to be a successful mystery shopper even if you live in a small town (I jump started my mystery shopping career in a state with a population of less than 1 million... overturning the myth that you need to be in a big city to get jobs!)
What to do if there are no jobs in your town or city (Knowing this trick can easily get you jobs that pay twice or thrice the usual rates!)
And more!
Once you master these techniques, you get...

Jobs Most Mystery Shoppers
Only Dream About!

     Let me be blunt. Most people think I'm lucky to receive all these well-paying, mystery shopping assignments. But luck has nothing to do with it. Had I stuck to doing things the old way... I would STILL be filling out forms and accepting mystery shopping jobs that pay $3 to $5 an hour!

Why Settle For $5 An Hour...
When You Can Get Paid To Share A 5 Pound Lobster!?!?

     When I look back at what mystery shopping has brought me, it just blows me away. After all, I'm just a stay-at-home mom trying to supplement my husband's income and bring up two kids.

     But when you look at what mystery shopping has allowed my family to do... such as being forced to share a 5-pound lobster at a HIGH-END restaurant... being forced to order fine wine at the table... being forced to order appetizers, entrees (all paid for by the restaurant, of course)... and being forced to use valet parking...

You Wonder Why More People
Are Not Doing This!

     The truth is that everyone who applies to be a mystery shopper can become highly sought-after... if they know the RIGHT strategies to keep those jobs coming.

     NOTE: Throughout this letter I've tried my utmost best to weed out all the freebie-seekers, and those who are looking to get "something for nothing". I have repeatedly made it clear to you that mystery shopping is NOT something where you get paid for doing nothing.

     It does take work. I may MAKE it sound easy, but as I write this I have a whole bookshelf at home filled with files I use to keep track of my mystery shopping jobs and expenses.

That's Why I Make $2,000 - $3,000
A Month In An Industry Where Most People
Make Less Than $200 A Month!

     It does take some effort, but those who do a good job are well rewarded. You get to wine and dine with the Joneses... without spending a SINGLE CENT of your own money!

     Think about this... How much of your own money do you spend shopping for clothes, taking the kids to the movies or eating out every single month? A typical family spends a few hundred dollars on entertainment like this.

     Now imagine all this being paid for. Not only that, you can "upgrade" yourself to better restaurants and shops than you can normally afford.

That's why I say "mystery shopping" has been such a blessing in my life...

But ONLY If You Do It Right!

     You can be like most people who never get onto the A-list of mystery shoppers even after spending YEARS as a mystery shopper... or you can read "How To Be An A-List Mystery Shopper" and immediately ELEVATE yourself to that level.

     Remember - You don't have to be particularly experienced or hold a college degree to land the best mystery shopping jobs. All you need is to SHOW the mystery shopping companies that you are the best person for the job.

     In fact, I have never filled out a mystery shopping job application in years and I still get calls from schedulers... because I have proven myself to be a reliable mystery shopper who gets the job done!

Use My Mystery Shopping
Secrets For Just $27!

     "How To Be An A-List Mystery Shopper" is available in electronic, PDF format (can be viewed on ANY computer, PC or MAC). This means you can[ download and read it right now](http://1.alistshop.pay.clickbank.net) for just $27. The faster you get your hands on my techniques, the faster you can jumpstart your mystery shopping career.



[Yes Rayven! I Want To Learn The Secrets To Becoming An A-List Mystery Shopper Right Now!](http://1.alistshop.pay.clickbank.net)

60-Day, No Questions Asked, "Pay-For-Itself" Guarantee

     To be honest, I'm a bit uncomfortable charging for this ebook... since I have never done anything like it before.

But those who tried my advice have since come back and thanked me for it. Many are now successful mystery shoppers in their own right. They did it without having to go through the 10+ years of trial & error like I did.

     That's why I'm totally convinced that this book pays for itself. Read my book and try as many strategies as you like for the next 60 days. If my advice does not allow you to increase your income from mystery shopping... or land those "dream" jobs to the point that you have to turn them down, you get all your money back. No questions asked.

     Here's the bottom line - If this $27 you spend today does not help you succeed as a mystery shopper, I don't want your money! All you need is ONE assignment and this book costs you nothing.

     The only thing I ask for is that you share your success stories (or 5 pound lobster) with me!

What People Are Saying...

I Quit Mystery Shopping...Until I Read this Book

I've been a mystery shopper, and gave it up because it took a lot of time and paid very little--but I didn't have this e-book back then. How to Be an A-List Mystery Shopper shows how to overcome both of those obstacles.

Rayven doesn't just tell you that it can be done--she gives you real examples, with real figures.

If you are new to mystery shopping, consider this e-book a how-to-get-started course, complete with some insider secrets that can lead you to success. If you already are a secret shopper, the e-book will show you what changes to make to turn your pastime into a profitable business.
-Coleen S.

Get Inside Information

What do I think about Rayven Perkins "How to Be an A-List Mystery Shopper" you ask?

Well I think it is a Great ebook for anyone who would love to learn how to Mystery Shop or to increase their income while Mystery Shopping.

Rayven gives tips and tricks with "inside" information that anyone can use.

With this ebook she gives you links to where you can improve or get started Mystery Shopping. I would recommend this ebook to everyone wanting to improve their income Mystery Shopping or to anyone that is wanting a great book to help them learn the ends and outs of Mystery Shopping. You can’t go wrong with this ebook.
-R. Hill

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly About Mystery Shopping for Money

Rayven's Mystery Shopper e-book is simply phenomenal!

As I expected, Rayven has Mystery Shopping down to a science.

Rayven's experience in this field shines through, and there is nothing left unsaid (the good, the bad, and the ugly). She has taken the guess work out of your mystery shopping experience and tells you exactly how to do this for income... and a decent income at that!

Ladies: If you are shoppers, love eating out, or travellers too - let Rayven show you how to be a mystery shopper. Her personal experience and stories are priceless! Who knew you could eat at expensive restaurants, visit theme parks or stay in hotels as a mystery shopper? I certainly didn't... very interesting!



[Yes Rayven! I Want To Learn The Secrets To Becoming An A-List Mystery Shopper Right Now!](http://1.alistshop.pay.clickbank.net)

To Your Mystery Shopping Success,

Rayven Perkins
Author, "How To Be An A-List Mystery Shopper"

P.S - If you are going to spend more than $27 this year on movies or eating out... shouldn't you at LEAST[ make the decision right now ](http://1.alistshop.pay.clickbank.net)to find out how you can do all that for FREE?

P.P.S - Most people never make more than $10 to $20 per mystery shopping assignment... if they manage to get called up in the first place!

My 10 strategies will allow you to[ multiply the income](http://1.alistshop.pay.clickbank.net) from each job... and get you the EXACT kind of jobs you want! (No other "mystery shopping" teacher or author I know teaches this...)

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