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“Victimisation, Harassment

and Discrimination

in the workplace”


and what to do if you feel you are being discriminated

against or harassed at work.


Important ebook & training resource includes

Case Studies • Employer Responsibilities • Organisation Review

 Do you know what to do if someone in your organisation is being harassed or victimised?  Would you like a straightforward no nonsense guide to understanding victimisation, harassment and discrimination in the workplace?  Would you like some practical examples that you and your staff can relate to and discuss?   Would you like clear and concise material to use for briefing and training your staff?   Would you like an exercise to asses if your organization is at risk?   Have you or someone you know ever suffered discrimination and wanted to know what you should do?

                            HERE’S A SUMMARY OF THE CONTENTS ...                         


This ebook explains what is meant by victimisation and harassment in the workplace.


 It outlines clearly the difference between direct discrimination   

and indirect discrimination.


 Nine short Case Study examples are included

to illustrate the key points.


There is a special section on the responsibility of an

employer for employees.


 We’ve added in an organization review exercise to help

you to assess if your organisation is at risk.   


And we’ve included a 5 step guide on what to do if you

feel you (or one of your colleagues) is being

discriminated against or harassed at work.

Here are just some of the benefits of this important ebook
This information is used every day by staff in hundreds of organizations.  Gives practical advice for Managers and Staff to ensure that everyone is treated fairly. Part of Diversiton’s Award winning equality and diversity training materials. Professionally set out and produced.  Ideal for boosting employee knowledge, supporting their understanding and promoting equality.  Can be used as 'ready made' training support material for courses or briefing sessions with teams and individuals.  Great resource for HR and training personnel.  




Direct Discrimination

Indirect Discrimination

Responsibility of an employer for employees

Organisation review exercise

What to do if you feel you are being discriminated against or harassed at work - the 5 key steps


 ‘This is a really useful guide for our Managers – straightforward and concise with lots of great advice and guidance.’   

“This ebook resource provides a quick and reliable way to understand the key issues relating to Victimisation, Harassment and Discrimination in the workplace” 

'Highly recommended - got us looking at a whole range of issues'  

‘Every employee should read this.’


                     This is a professional and high quality resource from Diversiton                   

Diversiton is a non-profit making body, dedicated to

promoting diversity and equality in the workplace. 

 We work in partnership with a wide range of Public and Private sector organizations

on an ongoing basis and are well known for the highly acclaimed

and best selling Diversity Calendar. 

Thousands of organizations and individuals across the world use our resources,

training packages, ebooks and courses.  

We are grateful for the support of every single person.


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All of our ebooks are professionally produced in full colour. As well as packed with important information and top class content, our aim is to make them visually attractive. We want you to revisit the ebook time and time again.

Pricing policy

Our aim is to make all of our publications excellent value for money. We are a 'not for profit' organisation and all resources are used for the developent of further materials.


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‘Victimisation, Harassment and Discrimination

in the workplace’

[ORDER NOW - only $6.95](http://1.diversit01.pay.clickbank.net)




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