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  [Contact Us ](mailto: admin@signwithamodelingagency.com)     [](http://www.signwithamodelingagency.com)   [](http://www.signwithamodelingagency.com/about.php)   [](http://www.signwithamodelingagency.com/ebook.php)   [](http://www.signwithamodelingagency.com/faq.php)   [](http://henryleejr.blogspot.com/)         Have you every dreamed of becoming a professional model? Does flying to different cities and shooting for various fashion and commercial campaigns sound like an idea lifestyle you would like to live? How about having your pictures taken by top photographers and doing it as your occupation? If you have ever wondered what it’s like to be a model, but have no idea how to make those dreams into a reality then you’ve come to the right place.
Hi, my name is Henry Lee. Over the past five years I have been traveling throughout the country and living my dream job. Just like you I was confused on how to break into the modeling industry. I only daydreamed of walking down runways, flying to different locations, and being represented by top modeling agencies. Then one day it clicked, I put the pieces of the puzzle together and created a sure way method of getting that beloved modeling contract and making a living on what I love to do. Today I will share with exactly how I did it. If this is something that interests you then read further. I will show you how.

A few years ago I was browsing online looking at websites of some top modeling agencies and wondered if I could ever be on their site. I was a college student and doing some freelance modeling on the side. The job was not constant and I did not think I could ever be a ‘Professional Model’. Then one day I received an unexpected voicemail from a top modeling agency asking me to meet with them. From that day on, I guess as they say it, the rest is history.

From my Journal: A Typical Shoot Day
December 21, 2010  3:45pm
Sebastian Inlet, Florida

I just finished shooting for the Ron Jon Surf Campaign in Florida. The location was on the beach. The weather was about a sunny 75 degrees. There were six other models for the shoot and everyone was really fun and friendly. The crew was awesome and don’t even get me started on how good the catering was! The theme was of course surfing and having fun on the beach. The shoot only lasted for a few hours and we all kind of just relaxed during the day. Tomorrow morning I have to catch my flight back to San Francisco for a casting in the afternoon...


Does that sound like a work day? For a model it is. And to have those days often, you need to have a sure way plan on staying on top of your game. Many models are given the opportunity, but a few stay with it because it’s not as easy as it looks! There are strategies on how to sign with the right agencies. Should I walk into an open call or submit online? Do I even need an agent to work as a model? What should I wear? Where do I get in touch with a good photographer in my city?

Whether you’re in your teens and starting out in this industry or you are in your twenties, thirties, or even forties and beyond, this book can answer all your questions about modeling and get you started working right away.
I will answer all these questions and much more in my e-book.

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