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"Discover The Easiest Way To Stop Your Website From Losing Another Sale And Increase Your Credibility At The Same Time!"

If You Can Receive A Text Message
Then Simple Web Chat Will Work For You!

Works With Most Major U.S. & Canadian Wireless Carriers


[Grab Your Cell Phone & Try Our Demo Right Now!](demo-simple-web-chat.php)

Why Smart Marketers Use Live Chat!

One of the Biggest Reasons People Leave Your Site Is Because They Can't Get Their Questions Answered In Real-Time.

Your customers want to buy your product NOW! If they have questions and you can't answer them right now, THEY'RE GONE! Period!

You know how it is, you spend all your time, money and effort buying traffic, advertising, and backlinking, just to have your customer leave in 3 seconds flat!

Ya it sucks, It sucks bad!!

Put Yourself In Your Customers Shoes

You visit your site and have just one question that your website doesn't answer. This question could finalize the sale.

Do you want to leave an email or fill out some stupid form and wait for someone to get back with you? You know you don't, you want help now!

Let's say that you do it, you'll still be wondering if they'll even respond to you. If they do respond, who knows how long it will take?

Your Customer Doesn't Want To Wait 12 Hours For An Answer!

It's Easier To Go To Another Website!

Live Chat Can Change All Of That!

It's as easy as adding a simple piece of code to your webpage.

Your customers will see the "Live Chat" icon, and even if they don't use it, it gives them piece of mind knowing that they can easily contact you.

If they do have a question, they simply click on the icon and ask you a question. You or your staff can simply answer their question in real-time, affording you the opportunity to close the sale.

In addition, when a client asks questions ahead of time, this greatly decreases refunds, returns and support requests.

Using Live Chat should be considered a integral part of your overall marketing plan.

Simple Web Chat Was Designed With You In Mind!

Let's face it, we're marketers too, and we needed a live chat solution that didn't require us to be tied to a desk. We also needed a system that was fast, efficient and easy to use.

We didn't want to be stuck with a monthly service charge. We wanted a system where anybody can work for us from their home or wherever they are at the time.

We didn't have a lot of support issues, but we found that we were losing sales over trivial questions.

With all this in mind, we set out to create a world class chat system that didn't cost a fortune to use.

Introducing Simple Web Chat...
Instantly Build Confidence & Credibility With Your Customers
Offer Customers Real Time Help When They Need It Improves Customer Experience - Makes Them Feel Safe Dealing With You Builds Customer Confidence & Loyalty Knowing They Can Contact You Increases Your Credibility By Being Upfront & Willing To Interact With Them Flexible So You Can Be Available When You Want To Be Live Chat That Goes Where You Go
If You Can Receive A Text Message, This Will Work For You No Apps To Download To Your Phone No Software To Install On Your Computer Assign Unlimited Operators To Multiple Departments Easy To Install - No Major Tech Skills Required
Installs On Your Website In Seconds With Simple Cut And Paste Code That We Provide No Expensive Software To Download, Install Or Learn Works On Any Java Enabled Browser Simple Web Chat Works Like Enterprise Systems Without The Cost Sophisticated Live Chat Solution Only $97/Year A One Time Charge - You Will Be Given An Option To Renew After Your Year Is Up Save Up To $300 A Year When Compared To Other Similar Services Offer Live Chat Without Breaking The Bank No Monthly Fees No Hidden Charges No Setup Fees

100% Money-Back Guarantee For 60 Days

After purchasing, you will be taken to a page to create your Simple Web Chat account. Once you create your account, you can add your own logo, get the script for your website, and set up your operators.

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