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Mass Money Bloggers
From: Clintin Mack

RE: Mass Money Bloggers?

Dear Frustrated Affiliate Marketer,

Free money.

They're giving it away. You're entitled to it. Go ahead. GRAB IT
NOW--before someone else does.

In the next 7 minutes, you'll discover how to RAKE IN ALL THE FREE,
UNCLAIMED MONEY you want from every corner of
the Internet... all on autopilot.

I don't know how you arrived at this website, but you should know one
As you can see above I am generating thousands of dollars online
very easy.

Anyone can make money online the easy way, if the know the right steps
to take, and when to take them!


You need to know when to take the right steps when it comes to
Internet Marketing. Nobody wants to fail again, and
again in their Internet Business.

As you can see on January 13, 2011 I made over FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS

Four thousand dollars in my online business for just one day. Now, it
did take me some time to figure out this
powerful method, and change it around every week.

It's true, the Internet Market is always changing, just like the stock
market. When the Internet Market changes
certain methods stop working.

This is why...

Every week I change my method around, by a lot, or by a little. This
is how I am generating thousands.

These methods only work when you know how to use them!

Professional Internet Marketers use these methods to increase traffic,
and sales. Now, what about those that are not
professionals at using the above methods.

Well... You are pretty much up sh$t creek, without a boat.

It's true, more, and more people get nothing out of blogging, if they
do not know how to create great content. Social
Media only works when you have a large base of friends, followers, and

I was actually down the same road. Making nothing with the above
methods for years.

All of these methods are for Dinosaurs, not 2011 humans. So, if you
are a Dinosaur I am sorry, but your methods do not
work anymore, and your software is plain garbage.

Speaking of software...
Do you know why?

It is because, Internet Marketers that makes these products don't want
you to know their secrets.

They are able to keep you in the dark about making quick money online.
So they tell you that their software that is the
same as everyone's else that it will make you a quick buck.

That is a lie!!!

I remember I bought a software called "Auto Click Prof---" can not say
the whole name of it.


I bought this software, the maker did not say what the software was
about on the sales page. He just showed a lot high
earnings, and paycheck.

Well, when I started the software up, I was very disappointed. The
software was about posting "answers" on "Yahoo

A complete waste of my time, and money!!

I tried out the software, and did everything he said to do. I got all
of my Yahoo Answers Account banned within

Before, I asked for a refund, I then went to Youtube just to see if
anyone else was having this problem.

Well... I be damn!

People are commenting, making videos about the reason why you
shouldn't purchase this product.

I asked for my refund very quick, and a week later the maker of this
product, changed it around from Yahoo Answers to
something totally different.

But... My question is why on the sales page is he still saying that he
made thousands with this new software now, when
he just created it.

If you really want to make money online the best way is too...
Having someone coach you everyday, telling you what to do, and when
to do it. That is the best, way to make money
online today.

You have to understand, if you are new at this, or just never made
decent income online, then you need to be taught

Just like teachers teaches their students.

Once you get taught how to generate money online then you can go out
and make it on your own.

Making thousands a day!!!
With my techniques I am making enough to
purchase a car like this.

(It is not guaranteed that you will make, what I

Our system is that powerful..

You see when you learn from the best, then
you become the best.

How do you think gurus make so much money
Well, they had someone teach them all about Internet Marketing, and
the tips that they needed to know.


None of these teachings would work, unless the teachers teach the
students how to generate targeted traffic to their
Generating this amount of traffic can be hard in any kind of niche.

If you are new at Internet Marketing, and failed more than once, than
you know that you need traffic to your site/blog.

As you can see above... We had more search engine traffic than any

That is only possible, because our keywords was high targeted, with
low competition.

When running any online business you need to learn what, and how to
use keywords for your site/blog. These
keywords can be the reason you are not making any kind of money.

Certain niches, and blogs, needs different types of keywords. You
wouldn't add a keyword to your site that is well used by
other sites.

You have to understand, when you generate free targeted traffic you
will see an increase in sales/conversions.
The above picture shows my CPA Network that I am in.

If you do not know what CPA means it is Cost-Per-Action. Pretty much
you get paid when someone fills out a form or
send their email, stuff like that.

I posted 5 CPA ads on my one blog, and with the right traffic I
generated a total of $51,150.55 in little to no time.


All of this money, and it was free. All I had to do was use 30 minutes
of my time, to make over 50,000 dollars.

This is not to brag about what I have learned, this is to show you
that anyone can do it. All you need is to learn how to do

I was just like you before I found out how to beat out gurus in sales
every week. I was making nothing and losing
I was just like you...

Working for a boss, that only paid me little to nothing. Every
paycheck I got I spend over one hundred dollars on trying
to make easy money online.

Well, it didn't work. In fact, I lost more than I gained.

The bad part about it is, that when I was trying to start my own
business online. I was scammed more than 20 times.

Well I remember clearly. I was creating a new website, when someone
e-mailed me about Internet Marketing.

I thought is was just spam, so just for laughs I e-mail the spam
artist back, and told him/her "to go make some money
because I don't care what you have to say."

Within 2minutes they replied back, and said; "well I thought you
wanted to learn the true way to generate
thousands online."

At that point I knew, this was a real person, and not just a spammy
auto message.

We talked for a good hour, and then "HE" finally told me that he
teaches upcoming Internet Marketers how to make easy
money online.


It came with a price, of course.

This membership for teaches was one hundred dollars.

Of course I was scared to just pass out money like that, but I did. I
then was sent to a members area where I registered
and logged in.

This was crazy. There was videos, comments, teaches, help, and much

Everyday the members area was updated, and everyday I was learning
something new. Within a week, my online
business was making money.

Not a lot at first, but...

When I got use to what I was doing, I soon was able to generate five
hundred dollars everyday. Then it went up from that
all the way too one thousand a day.

He was charging a monthly fee to be apart of this membership. So when
I canceled, he asked me why?

I simply told him, "I need to move on, and find more methods, and a
system of my own."

He understood, and told me to spread his teachings to others, that
want to learn(it was like one of those martial arts
That is right. You will learn everything that I did, and doing
today to make money online.


* Blogs

* ClickBank

* Google Adsense

* Global Domains International

* Other Affiliate Programs

* Traffic

* Facebook

* Twitter

* Advertising



* Articles

* BackLinks

* And Much More...

You will learn all of this, and you will be updated everyday.


Mass Money Bloggers

Mass Money Bloggers, is a "Secret Society". It is a membership that
you will learn how to make money from blogging, but
by using different methods.

Mass Money Bloggers has a 24 hour support, so when you need some help,
we are always here.

This "Secret Society" is wonderful because we help members that are

We will promote, advertise your business, blog, ads, and affiliate
links all for free when you become a member. These
advertisings will go on our blogs/website, and forums.

This is another way you will generate fast cash, and we will show you
how to do it yourself. This is so that you can make
thousands, and make it in no time.
You will be living the life of beaches, boats, private jets, and

The best part about this system is that it is secret so everyone in
the Internet Marketing world doesn't know about it.
Only a few.

Trust me when I say this. "It will only be a one time fee"


Mass Money Bloggers has really changed our life for the
best. When we first got started with Internet Marketing,
we was using all of these countless methods, and
software that wasn't working like the makers said they
would. We failed many times, and used thousands of
dollars on trying to just make a buck. We saw a per
release for a "secret society" membership called "Mass
Money Bloggers."
Our first thought was that this is just another product
created by a guru, just to steal our money. We talked
about for a whole night, and when we woke up the next
morning, we put our heads together, and said "lets do it."


Well as soon as we paid the 57.99 and activated the account, we
were welcomed by Clintin
himself(and not one of those automated e-mails either). He asked us,
did we need to know
anything, and if we had a CPA Network, ClickBank Account, or any other
affiliate account? We
told him, yes. We have a ClickBank, and we need a CPA Network. Well,
this is the great part,
Clintin had me sign up for Peerfly, and within one day I was approved.
He then, e-mailed us
back, and told us to find offers that we will like to promote, after
we have done that send
them offers to him, or his staff. This was amazing, he said he was
going to advertise our CPA
Offers, ClickBank Products, and any other ads we may have, all for
free. He came through
with his promise. With this Membership we generated over five hundred
dollars a day, and it
is still coming in.
Where do I begin? I will start by saying that if you are looking
for a way to make money online, or if you need help making
money online, then Mass Money Bloggers is for you. When I
joined Mass Money Bloggers, I watched the videos, every
month each section had new videos that was amazing.
Within a month of help, videos, and Mass Money Bloggers Ad
center, I generated $34,911 dollars in the very first month.
This system works wonders, and it doesn't stop there. If you
need to advertise your business, product, or even offers,
Mass Money Bloggers will it do for you. Yes, their one blog
generates over 150,000 unique visitors a day. If you want to
learn how to make money online, try Mass Money Bloggers.
You will receive full support, and trust me, you will need all the
support you can get. When it
comes to other products, all you will get is gurus sending you e-mails
on how to make more
money online, just so you can upgrade, and they get more money. Well,
not with Mass Money
Bloggers, when you become a member you will not have to upgrade, or
pay anything else. You
will be receiving information for free after the 57.99 is paid. The
members area is well design
so that you will have to be a activated member to get access to the
content in the area.
Within no time you will be making money in any affiliate program,
or home business.

Mass Money Bloggers takes pride in our teachings, so we make sure
everything is correct before we teach anything.

You will be making money online in no time. Thousands is waiting for
you, you just need to learn how to get it, and I
can tell you that no software will do that for you.

Trust me...

No software will generate you thousands with a push of a button. You
even thinking of that is just STUPID!

As I said before, think of Affiliate Marketing, as the Stock Market.
The Stock Market is always changing around, and
sometimes it takes months for people to figure out either to sell, or


Internet Marketing is the same, but Mass Money Bloggers is 50
scenarios ahead of the Internet Market so we
already know what will, and is going to happen before it does.

This is how we generate thousands everyday, and the members of this
"Secret Society"
The Members Area is updated everyday with more information that is
helpful to any online business.

Mass Money Bloggers Members Area include the following as of right














We are number one when it comes to knowing how the Internet Market
really works, and we are going to show you
exactly how.

Are you skeptical about this membership?

You shouldn't be... It is only a one time fee, and you will get
unlimited support, and information. You will be able to go
on the vacation you always needed, in less than 2 weeks.

It's true, in less than 2 weeks you will be learn things that are so
secret, I might just get arrested by the "Internet
Police" that doesn't want you to know this stuff.

In no time at all you will see a huge improvement in your business.
Oh, and don't forget that we will promote your
business for you.

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Terms Of Service

Okay... I know you seen these types of money making products

You might have seen the software that says all you have to do is
activate the
software, and then push one button.


This sh$t doesn't work at all. So do not waste your time, and money.

In fact, these products software isn't even one click, you have to
program it, and
sometimes it's not even what the creator said it would be.

Trust me... I have been down this road, and all of the software seems
to be the
"One push of your mouse, and watch the cash flow in"

I am sorry, but that sounds dumb.

Well... They never tell you that after you activate the software and
push the button, what you have to do then.

Creators of these one push software machines are totally "BSing" you
around. Do not trust these products. The only
way you can make money online is by doing it yourself.

By, getting taught the ends, and outs of Internet Marketing.

Now don't get me wrong, some of these push buttons might work for some

If you remember what I said above, the Internet Market is always
changing. So, when the software doesn't work
anymore, what will you do then?

When the software stop generating you money...

Will you then wait for the creator to make another, and you then
purchase that?

Or... Well... You can stop getting used, and learn first hand how to
really make money online. You can learn the way
the Internet Market really works, and when it will change.

This can not be taught to you by any type of software.
Someone asked on Digital Point Forum, a question about one of those
"Push Button Softwares" look below.
As you can see from the above, creators of these products only
tell you what you want to hear.

And... Well, show you screen shots, and videos of massive amount of
money, and have you thinking you can do that as
well; by just pushing a button.

That is all a lie.

Just think of it like this, would you rather someone give you a fish
to eat for one day, or teach your ass how to fish, so
you can eat for a lifetime?

Trust me... Reading e-books do not work, watching videos do not work,
and software does not work. The only thing that
works is you being taught by someone who already knows the Internet

Take it how it is...
A lot of people that are failing in Internet Marketing, don't like
to hear the truth.

Well... That is the reason why they are failing..

If only they would listen to the person that is truly trying to help
them, maybe then they will see that it is more to this

I am 22 years old, and I can say that I have made more money online,
then most 45 year olds made their whole life.

Oh, by all means I am not trying to brag, or put you under the bus.
I'm just trying to make you see that if I can do it at
22, than anyone can.

In fact, I was just like most upcoming Internet Marketers, trying to
make money online.

I wanted anything that would make me some quick large amounts of cash.


I tried so much software, and read so many e-books, and made zero cent
in any of my online businesses. I didn't want to
hear the truth.

The truth being... You must learn, before you can actually understand.
Well, if you sort of like me, and you want to earn money online
then you need to learn how I am doing it.

I don't use these tools gurus always says to use.

I teach myself, from experience...

You can do that as well, but why waste the money when I can show you
what you need to be doing to stay making money online.

Just think... For a minute. How would it feel to receive a check in
mail for 15,000 dollars for one month?

JUST THINK HOW WOULD THAT FEEL? A lot of people wouldn't know what to
do with this kind of money for just one month.

Now think, if you start receiving checks like that every month. Sounds
amazing right? Well it is more than amazing,
when you don't have to get up and go to work.

The feeling is great, to always have money in your bank account, or in
your pockets.

Mass Money Bloggers can help you get to this point.
Getting started is very easy.

First you will place the order. Once you order, you will be sent to a
thank you page from ordering.

Well, at the thank you page you will see a link that connects you to
the members area.

There will be a video on the thank you page by "me" that tells you how
to activate your membership within a couple of
minutes. Also a list of instructions.
With a 60 day money back guarantee.

If you are not satisfied, please just ask for your money back, and we
be glade to refund you.

Anyone, can become a member...

But... Remember that this offer will not last long, and might be
pulled off
the Internet very soon.


Clintin Mack

Clintin Mack

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