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Run Your Car On Water,Hydrogen Generator,Water For Fuel

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Run Your Car On Water, Hydrogen Generator, Water For FuelA Manual on how to build an attachment for gasoline or diesel engines to Run Your Car On Water. This is NOT a Hydrogen Booster!Learn how to build a Hydrogen Generator to use Water for Fuel!Personals Sites


You Must See This Video! Whether You Purchase the HydroStar Manual or Not.This is HOT and really needs to be brought to every one's attention.After viewing the video, get the quote and see the other video. Their both important!You may want to purchase first and then come back to this site (wam-a-bam.com) and view the videosClick Here to view videos.



&quot;Bonus&quot;You now get the UltraMist for free when you purchase the HydroStar.The UltraMist is a Vapor Injector for your engine that increases MPG by injecting a water mist through the air filter. You get free instructions on how to build the UltraMist when purchasing the HydroStar. It's easy and inexpensive to build and you will most likely fine the parts to build it around your home. Build this first so you can save on gas while your building the HydroStar. It's all included in the download after purchase.&#8226; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;You will need Adobe Reader to download the HydroStar Manual and the UltraMist. You can get the Adobe Reader for free. If you purchase the HydroStar, you will receive the link to download the Adobe Reader for free, after purchase, so that you can download the HydroStar and the UltraMist Manuals. This is of course assuming that you don't all ready have the Adobe Reader Software.&#8226; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;DisclaimerThe HydroStar manual is supplied strictly as an educational reference only,.Construction of the project &nbsp;is at the persons own risk, no liability or responsibility will be taken by this web site, its owner or employees for any damage or injury caused through the construction and or use of The HydroStar system.



Does the HydroStar System work on Fuel Injection Engines?In the past, fuel savers, which the HydroStar truly is, would not work when applied to fuel injection because fuel injection systems are actually designed to prevent efficient combustion!Increasing the combustion efficiency of an engine increases the exhaust oxygen percentage. Most fuel injection engines use an oxygen sensor to infer the air/fuel ratio of the engine, the increased oxygen content in the exhaust is 'read' by the computer to be a lean mixture in the engine. The computer then adds extra fuel to bring the pollution back to 'normal'.This problem led to the development of the Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer (EFIE, pronounced Ee-Fy). The EFIE allows you to apply an offset to the voltage coming from the oxygen sensor, so your vehicle's computer is completely unaware that the oxygen content of the exhaust has increased. Hence, the HydroStar will work on fuel injection engines.



You Too Can Sell The HydroStar and UltraMist Manuals! After your purchase of the HydroStar or UltraMist Manual, you will be given the information to become an affiliate to sell the above manuals.



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Click below for information on FAQ &amp; News Release.Frequently Ask Questions &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;News&#8226; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&quot;NOW YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THIS MANUAL!!&quot;Pre-published documents Verify Suppressed Invention Revealed!NOT A GIMMICK.Finally The Science Of HYDROGEN AUTOMOTIVE POWER Has Been Made Available To Consumers And Is Being Offered Exclusively By Power Products.U.C.S* &nbsp;Works on practically every make and model of vehicle.&lt;/P&#8226; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;SUVs and Trucks&#8226; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Sedans/Coupes&#8226; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Boats&#8226; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Gas BBQ Pits&#8226; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Any engine or appliance that needs gas vapor.INTRODUCING THE INCREDIBLEHydroStar

Cutting Edge Hy-tronics Make It Possible To Construct A Simplistic, Affordable And Powerful Hydrogen Fuel System For Your Vehicle.An Incredibly Affordable System That Provides FREE Energy!Now you can run any vehicle on FREE energy! The HydroStar can power your engine with the incredible energy of hydrogen, natures' perfect fuel. It's more powerful than gas, but it's trapped in every drop of water. And only the HydroStar can efficiently free hydrogen's potent energy!Hy-TronicsThe Hy-Tronics module is the closely guarded secret behind the success of the HydroStar. A major breakthrough in electronics technology lead to development of the Hy-Tronics circuitry. Closely controlled high-energy pulses of electrical power, of precise frequency and duration, are the trademarks of the Hy-Tronics module.Easy, Inexpensive ConversionBest of all, the HydroStar is a simple &quot;add-on&quot; conversion. You don't have to throw away or replace any part of your existing vehicle, whether it's a car, truck, motorcycle, airplane, boat or van. No exotic parts are used in the HydroStar, so it's inexpensive. You need the advanced HydroStar System! The instructions are step-by-step &nbsp;and clearly illustrated to make assembly and installation an easy process to follow. And, as with all Power Products the HydroStar system is fully guaranteed. You can't lose!New Idea?The HydroStar is unique, nothing else compares to it. It's compact, inexpensive, relatively easy to assemble, and totally reliable. But, the actual idea of using hydrogen is over a century old; it goes back to the very first engine. It was a great idea, but nobody could figure out how to turn the concept into reality.Hydrogen Engines in the news(Courtesy of BIG OIL)We keep hearing glorious things about our next generation of vehicles; they will use &nbsp;fuel cells. The energy output of fuel cells is hydrogen-wonderful, clean-burning, hydrogen. The BIG PROBLEM is, fuel cells still have to be fueled with petroleum products (gas, diesel, kerosene, oil, etc.). The BIG OIL BOYS keep doing it to us! But, there's an easy and exciting way out of this dilemma:Only the HydroStar runs on Water.Practical fuel cell vehicles are still several years down the road and they will be very expensive; at least until they are mass produced. But, mass production will only happen if the idea of using fuel cells catches on in the first place! But, there's an easy and exciting way out of this dilemma:The HydroStar Conversion-It's here NOW-The HydroStar is a conversion system. That means you don't have to add, replace, or modify any part of your existing vehicle. You can always switch back to inefficient gasoline power in the unlikely event that the HydroStar ever fails. But you'll soon have it working again. Once you've driven with the HydroStar you'll never be happy with anything else!Fabulous Performance!The first thing you'll notice with the HydroStar is a modest increase in power. Hydrogen yields greater energy than gas, so it stands to reason that you should expect more pep. But, the biggest payoff is in increased MPG's. The HydroStar is theoretically capable of delivering from 50 to 300 MPG. But, as with any gasoline powered vehicle, actual MPG's will depend on various factors such as terrain, driving habits, vehicle weight and shape, and ability to tweak the system. But, best of all, great performance happens as the results of using water-a virtually FREE and inexhaustible fuel source!Easy-to-find-PartsNot only is the HydroStar relatively simple, but its parts are easy to fine. For example1. Hydrogen Generator - It's case is made of 6&quot; PVC pipe. It's available at all building supply stores and costs next to nothing. And, being only about 10&quot; long, it's compact enough to fit under the hood of almost and vehicleLocation isn't critical; you can even mount it in the trunk.2. Water Reservoir - any old large can or jar will do the job, but a 5 to 10 gallon plastic gas can is perfect.3. &nbsp;Hy-Tronics - No high cost or exotic electronic parts are used in the HydroStar. You can find everything at a local Radio Shack, Circuits-R-Us, or DigiKey. Or buy from any one of dozens of mail order suppliers.Environmentally FriendlyThe original concept for the HydroStar was conceived by a small group of scientists, engineers, and inventors in Canada. They were determined to do something meaningful about their deteriorating environment, but couldn't obtain any real help or funding from government sources. So they decided they themselves would do something about it. The HydroStar is one result, but one very important result, of their personal funding and efforts.If you're also concerned about our environment, as we all should be, the HydroStar certainly shines there! Not only does it use an inexhaustible resource (water), but it actually helps clean pollution from the air we breathe. That's right, as you drive it pulls in atmospheric air (with all its pollutants) and burns it. Its only exhaust byproduct is water - clean water!About The HydroStar Plans &amp; Manual and the Owner.The HydroStar manual and plans is a product of Power Products. The owner is William S. Power and is located at 7017 No Litchfield #388, Glendale, AZ 85307. Bill has worked in industry for many years as a physicist, engineer, and scientist. He started out with the idea of manufacturing the HydroStar himself. &quot;At first, I thought that building it myself was the way to go. But I kept running up against all those horror stories you hear about Big Oil. You've probably heard of some of the extremes they allegedly go to in keeping gas-savers off the market. And the HydroStar is much more than just a gas-saver. It doesn't use any gas at all!&quot;, as reported by the &quot;What's New?&quot; column in Glendale, Arizona. As he goes on to say &quot;We're considering the idea of eventually producing a kit for the HydroStar, or at least a kit for its main components. We're projecting mid to late 2008 at the very earliest. I finally decided that for folks wanting a HydroStar system any time soon, a book and plans set was the perfect way to go. After all, it's design is relatively simple - it lends itself well to being built in a homeworkshop.The Plans and the Manual are first-class from start to finish. The text and artwork are superb. Every word of text is written by an automotive expert with many years of experience. Included &nbsp;is a patent drawing (along with text details) for a neat little hydrogen generating carburetor that has everything self-contained. Along with the drawings, the manual has a list of materials needed with a list of suppliers. The whole works simply bolted right onto the intake manifold. What an ingenious invention that was....and it was done way back in 1936.WarrantyThe HydroStar carries a 60 day warranty from date of purchase. If for any reason your unhappy with the manual and feel its not what you feel it should be, I will refund your money. No questions asked.Ordering.Whether you want to learn all you can about the HydroStar system, or want to build your own version, a copy of &quot;The HydroStar System&quot; book and plans is just what you need. This manual could easily sale for $300.00. Think about it. If you had a device that could let your car run on water, wouldn't you pay $300. Think how much gas you would save. The HydroStar is for all kinds of engines; Boats, Airplanes, Motor Bikes, Gas Appliances, BBQ Pits, Hot Water Heaters, etc. But I am not going to charge you $300.00. Most people do not have it and would think this is a gimmick anyway. So, to price the HydroStar to were people can afford it and to give the HydroStar some credit of not being a gimmick, I am pricing &nbsp;it much lower. By ordering today, you can download the HydroStar Manual for only $39.95. &nbsp;I know this seems so cheap of a price for a product that can do all this. But if I charged too high a price, then people could not afford it or just would not believe it. Fact is I truly dislike Big Oil Companies and Love my environment. So, I set the price that I felt could help every one and stay affordable. What have you got to lose? &nbsp;So, ORDER NOW!Click here to ORDER!! This is for download to your computer.To ORDER by US Mail already printedClick Here

To watch a video about this web site click on the following link:Just click &quot;Back&quot; after viewing.http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7402722650803033787&amp;amp;pr=goog-sl

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;This Is Not A Gimmick!How would you like to build your own alternative fuels system? Run your car on water by converting water to hydrogen fuel with the Hydrostar system. Forget the stories you&#8217;ve heard about fuel cells being years off and build your own alternative fuel sources. The idea of water fuel has been around for years, but now is the first time a hydrogen generator has been offered readily to theconsumer.We all know the hype about hydrogen technology. What they don&#8217;t tell you is that much of current technology is still based on using a derivative of oil as the hydrogen source. Learn to make your car one of the hydrogen powered cars. The future may bring genuine hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen cars, but for you the future could be now with alternative fuel cars. Transform your current vehicles into alternative fuel vehicles and join the hydrogen fuels revolution now. Buy now from wam-a-bam.com!

Enter To Win A &quot;Free DownLoad&quot; of The HydroStar &amp; UltraMist Manuals. One winner every month! You also get a Free Report On Products &amp; Techniques to Save On Gasoline.Click Here

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