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Your Favorite Cookbook

"Find Out How To Aamaze
Your Friends, Your Loved Ones,
And Most Of All Yourself
By Becoming 'A Chef' Of Delicious And Amazing
Everyday Good (for your body, mind and spirit) Food Meals"

"Skyrocket Your Energy And Vitality,
Feel Strong, Feel Light, Feel Alive!
Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Great!" 

You probably know (everybody talk about it) that eating healthy is highly recommended and highly important, and that it can have tramendes benefits and great effects on you, on your body, mind and spirit. (It has been proven it does!)

Healthy food will make you feel better, will make your skin look great, will help your body feel vital. Good food will boost your health and your energy level, good healthy food will make you more alive and well.    

Read to find out more, it's worth it!

From The LOVING KITCHEN of Rachel and Hagit Dayan

February 17th 2011

Dear Wants To Live And Eat Great,  

You may think it's very hard to prepare and cook healthy meals, or that it's too much time consuming, or you may think that healthy food will probably taste 'yuck' (you may have even experienced it...), so why bother?

You know what, I completely understand you, I thought the same for years, I couldn't believe healthy food can be delicious, can be simple and easy to prepare, I couldn't believe one can enjoy healthy food.

But now, Now that my dear lovely mother has mastered the art of cooking fantastic and delicious everyday healthy meals, I know better... she made so many great dishes, that you can come to my parents lovely home and eat all kinds of healthy meals, believe it or not, she even makes healthy cakes and cookies (I do too, I have the recipes, you can have them too - you will enjoy them).  


"Thank you for contributing to my life with this great book!" 

"One of my favorite quotes is by Kahlil Gibran who said 'Work is Love made visible', 'Health and Happiness' to me is doing the same for cooking! I can feel the love tasting so great! The ability of these two creative women to bring such a huge idea like love to us through their great recipes is a gift from the Gods. Not like with using other cook books, I feel that I'm being given great tools to express myself through cooking, without living home... because the recipes are so simple, and yet so powerful, just like love!!!

Thank you for contributing to my life with this great book! "

Dalit Eliahu Borantin - Integrative Life Coach  [www.delightguide.com](http://www.delightguide.com/)


    "Find Out How You Will Easily And Quickly
 Access The World Of Tasty And Healthy Eating!"

I am here to show you can enjoy great healthy food too! I'm here to show you how you can benefit the world of eating healthy (you already know it has so many benefits), and how you can easily and quickly cook great healthy and tasty meals, so that you and everyone you care for, can enjoy it's delicious taste and it's many great benefits (and they will love you for it), Yummy...

Prepare For Pleasure And Enjoyment!

Imagine having breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks that are so delicious that you won't believe they are healthy.

"Here are the secrets for cooking amazing healthy everyday good (for your body, mind and spirit) food recipes."

This will provide you with all the nessecary ingredients and recipes for your health and happiness.


"Tasty And Healthy Cookbook"

"Your Complete Guide For Easy, Simple And Quick
Great Healthy And Delectable Recipes"

"For Every One, For Every Meal, 
 For Every Day And Holiday"

"Become A Chef Of Delicious And Nutritious Meals
You'll Be Amazed How Easy And Simple It Is"

 YES - you will love it.

This 'EXQUISITE GOOD FOOD COOKBOOK' gives you all the recipes you need to prepare a healthy meal, that is both delicious and nutritious for your body and soul to enjoy.

You don't have to worry about "getting it" - these recipes are very easy to prepare - you simply can't miss it, all you have to do is enjoy it.

"Your family and friends will love what you make and you'll enjoy it."

"I will recommend this book warmly to all my patients" 

"My attitude toward food and the recommendations I give to patients is: The simpler it is, the more delicious and healthier it is. So when I'm looking for a recipes book it should be easy to prepare, and contains healthy ingredients.
So here you have a recipes book like this, I have really liked the simple, easy to make and healthy recipes, the diversity and of course the photos.
I highly recommend this book for everyone who believes and wants to implement health and simplicity together.
I will recommend this book warmly to all my patients."

Michal Peles Shalev - "Living the Truth"
Qualified Naturopathic ND    [www.michal-ps.co.il](http://www.michal-ps.co.il/) 

Imagine The Many Benefits For You ...  

Now I'm going to tell you about the benefits (who doesn't want to get benfits - I sure do!)

Imagine your life enjoying them.

»You will get so many compliments from everybody on your great cooking, you will make delicious meals, you will become 'a Chef'.

»You will enjoy the many great meals - you will find many yummy - delightful recipes.

»You will love how simple and easy it is to make great healthy dishes, so that everbody will enjoy the food, and the many benefits of eating healthy. 

»You will stop feeling heavy, tired and lacking energy - you will eat food that gives you energy and not stiling your energy.

»You will boost your energy and vitality, so you can do almost everything, and you will accomplish more in your life.

»You will stop feeling guilty - you will eat food that is good for you, and not junk that is bad for you.

»You will become healthier and healthier physicaly and menthaly, and even spiritualy - You will treat yourslef and your body with love end respect.

»You will have a great healthy body - you will feel and you will be more beautiful.

»Everybody will notice the difference and will complement you on the way you look so much better.

»You will boost your self-esteem - you eat well, you feel better, you will look better - your self-esteem must increase.

»You will be happier - expreiencing these many great benefits.

»You know what - you will simply change your life - in a good way.

   "Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!"

"A Cookbook that makes your stomach and heart feel
The Cozy Comfort Of Home" 

"It has been a long time since I met with a cookbook that makes your stomach and heart feel the cozy comfort of home. The simple to prepare recipes, the accessible and nurturing products makes you want to get into the kitchen and pamper yourself and your loved ones to a good and nutritious meal. The wide range of recipes in the book gives solutions for a light snack, a nutritious meal and a pampering dessert.
Can only say Bon-appetite and to your health, and forth to the kitchen."

Keren Or   


"Feel like a "Chef" in a moment really" 

"The book Tasty and Healthy - a really good book both to every working woman, that works full time and to every housewife, and why is that?
Because if you decide to make cookies or casserole, you will find a recipe in the book you, and usually you will have the ingredients at home, and you won't have to run out and buy highly specialized ingredients, they are all available and that's a great thing.
The book is edited in a very nice and stimulating way; its' colorfulness calls us to want to taste the foods .
The book has a very good value for the healthy ingredients, the simple methods and the good taste delicious. Try it and see for yourself.... So this is it , hit the road and  begin to feel like a "chef" in a moment really .
Well done on this amazing book that gives everyone inspiration to try to cook and feel that cooking is not in the sky. It can be done; food can be very healthy and very tasty."

Juliette Motola

"Now You Can Enjoy A Delicious - Healthy
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner And Even Snacks"

Here are some of the many great recipes you'll find here:

Whole Grains, Pasta, Quiche, Soups that Warm the Heart, More Healthy Whole Dishes, Stews, Very Tasty Main Courses, Vegetable Fritters made of Great Ingredients, Salads, Pastries - Rolls, Cakes and Cookies, Fruit Deserts.

Quinoa burgers, Pasta salad, Vegetables stuffed with whole rice, Basil and Pine-Nut pasta, Dietary cheese quiche, Muffins, Zucchini and chicken quiche, Fish burgers in gravy, Leek fritters, Pumpkin chicken stew, Cheese rolls, Stuffed chicken with brown rice, Green salad with apples, Energy snacks, Broad Bean Salad,  Mushroom pastry, Cranberry and oats cookies,  Juicy Cake, Baked Quince, Fruit in the Oven, Corn and Cheese Scones, Salted pretzels, Spelt and whole wheat bread, and many more


"I'm Going To Make This Even Better"

Without a doubt, just Health and Happiness is enough to skyrocket your results. It's powerful, effective stuff. 
But I want to add a few things that will help you get results faster. So I'm going to include 2 FREE BONUSES. This isn't junk, or filler...you'll see immediately how helpful this stuff can be.


Bonus #1 

"Health and Happiness Tool Kit"
($54 Value)


"Your User Friendly Guide
For Optimum Health And Wellness" 

Are You Ready to Experience Total Wellness
Are Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired ?

Imagine you could have a multi-media resource, that is so easy and simple to use, with video, audio and over 500 pages of current holistic wellness information to support you on your journey to total wellness, How great???!!!!

You will enjoy and learn many great things:
Music for relaxation and meditation
Fitness and nutrition tools to help you track your wellness programs
Plan nutritious low calories meals
Motivate yourself to live in total wellness

"How to cook like a Chef and to stay in shape"  

Whether you are a new cook, or a seasoned kitchen veteran, there are some simple tricks that you can use to improve the quality of your meals Professional chefs everywhere use these techniques to wow their customers, and keep them coming back. Try some of these ideas, and see how your family and guests react to your amazing culinary delights. 

This tool kit is based on the holistic health model of total wellness, providing priceless information on physical health and fitness, emotional/mental wellness and stress management and spiritual wellness with the goal of keeping you healthy.


Bonus #2 

"101 Recipes From God's Garden"
($16 Value)


"Healthy Recipes To Live"

More Delicious Recipes including:
Fruits and Fruit Juices
Veggies and Veggie Juices,
Salads and Sauces,
Main Dishes,
Breads and Grains
Sweets and Treats


"You'll Get All Of These 'For Your Health' Bonuses  
When You Order Today"

That's another $70 worth of material that will help you boost your results, so you're not only getting 'Tasty and Healthy Cookbook', but you're also getting 2 high value bonuses.

That's a total value of $87 I'm sure you can easily see that.

Here's A Quick Summary Of The Wonderful Books And Tools You Will Be Getting  


The Complete Tasty And Healthy System
Component Value
Tasty And Healthy Cookbook


Health and Happiness Tool kit:

Total Wellness Interactive Guide

Cooking To Stay In Shape


101 Recipes from God's Garden - Cookbook


Your Tasty And Healthy Package 



I'm going to walk you through everything you need to know, everything you need to do. If you can read English and follow instructions, you've got all the skills you need!


Ask Yourself:

How Much Is A Healthy And Happy Life
Really Worth To Me?  

If you realy want to enjoy all the benefits of healthy living, and healthy eating and healthy sharing, I bet you'd say the peace of mind is priceless. I mean, what is the real value of achieving all this great things, to be light, to be healthy, to alive, to be energized, to be happy about it, to feeling the joy and satisfaction? I can't put a price tag on that, to be honest.

But hey, this is the real world. I'm not going to charge what that's really worth, but I won't charge nothing either. 

I could charge $87, But I won't! You won't pay that. 
You're only going to pay $37, $27, $17  $9 one time ...

YES - only $9, No - I'm not crazy,
YES - I know it's worth so much more, I want you to really enjoy it, and I want you to easily afford it, so you are going to pay only $9, or roughly 10% of what it's really worth.
And you'll get everything, including 'Tasty And Healthy Cookbook' and your complementary free bonuses.


Don't Miss This Special Offer

Only $9

The Price Can Go Up Anytime


"You'd Pay More For A Pair Of New Sneakers"

Are you tired of banging your head against the wall? Then stop! 'Tasty And Healthy Cookbook' lets you bypass the headache and eat and enjoy healthy eating and living - Easily and Simply.
Sometimes you have to decide to take action and make things happen. This is one of those times. I'm giving you all the tools you need, and I'm giving them to you at a price that you won't find anywhere else.


Even better, I'll take all the risk when I give you my personal 

60 Day "You Will Enjoy It Or
Your Money Back" Guarantee 

 Try It Risk Free  

I'm so confident that you will enjoy Tasty and Healthy, so I'm offering you a 60 days money back guarantee.

Download This tasty Cookbook, 
use it absolutely risk-free for a full 60 days.
Put it to work. Try it all. Track your results. If you're not completely happy, I don't want you to pay me anything. Simply let me know at any time during that 60 days, and I'll give you a prompt and cheerful refund... guaranteed. No questions asked.


I want Tasty And Healthy to be about helping you achieve health and enjoy it , not add to your burden. Is that a deal?


"You Have Nothing To Lose,
But You Have Your Life To Gain!"

Now it's a perfect time to buy your copy. Simply press the BUY NOW button and you will be transferred to our secure billing service ClickBank.com. After completing the payment process, you will be transferred immediately to a new page where you can download your copy of the eBook and your bonuses.


The Only catch is...

This Introductory price won't last .
I've priced this so low so that anyone can afford it. But it's also worth at least two times what I'm asking, because it will really help you and shorten your time for getting results and making and enjoying healthy food.

When I get the testimonials I need from people who have used this and who live their dream life, I'm going to raise the price.
I'm not sure when, and I'm not sure how much, but it's going to happen.
So if you want to get health and happiness on the cheap, here's your chance!


"Imagine How Your Life Will Change"

I know what it's like to feel you can't do it, it's to complicated,
I remember feeling like this too. 

Now I'm offering you the chance to zoom past all of that, and fast forward to eating and living healthy, and enjoying it with your family and friends, it really is simple, just try it - you will enjoy it.

'Tasty And Healthy Cookbook' is for people just like you. You don't have to feel helpless anymore. All you need is some simple instructions. Why not grab your copy and get started and enjoy it right now?


"Choose Health, Choose To Feel And Be Great!" 

The Choice Is Only Yours

Now there is only one thing left to do... 
Take advantage of our

Special Great Price offer

Buy now
For Only $37, $27, $17 $9   




"Yes, Hagit!"
"I Want To Make Great Healthy Meals
And Get Compliments For It
Give Me This Amazing Cookbook"

Press Here And BUY NOW 



"I want your simple tasty and delicious, easy to make great recipes cookbook"

I understand that I will receive INSTANT access to everything as soon as my payment goes through, so I can get started immediately, That means I'll get:
Tasty And Healthy Cookbook ($87 Value) 
I'll pay only $37, $27, $17  $9 one time, and there's zero risk for me , because you're standing behind it with your personal 60-days money back guarantee. I can try it out for a couple of months risk-free, and if I don't like it, I can get full refund. So I don't have any problem clicking the secure Buy Now button.



There's no need to be frustrated anymore. Grab 'Tasty and Healthy' today and finally start seeing the results you've dreamed about.

To your Health and Happiness,

Hagit T. Dayan

Hagit T. Dayan - Creator, writer, artist, entrepreneur, a happy and healthy person, Co-Author of the book "Health and Happiness - the simple and fun way" , Co-Authoe of the book "Tasty and Healthy Cookbook", Author of the book "Love, Life, Joy". If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them. Send me an e-mail [hagit@tastyandhealthycookbook.com](mailto:hagit@tastyandhealthycookbook.com)


P.S. It's simple, easy, it's so good! It is about giving you the guidelines you need on your way to a better healthy eating, enjoying every minute of it! Use these recipes and practice these guidelines and I promise you, you will see and feel the difference and your life will change for ever. You have your life to gain and nothing to lose. Get in NOW before I raise the price. Don't wait and regret missing your chance! Remember, there's no risk to try it if you're not happy for any reason, you can get a full refund within 60 days. 


P.P.S. Are you so frustrated that you feel like can never enjoy a good healthy meal? You don't have to feel like that anymore! 'Tasty and Healthy Cookbook' can put you on the road to success, and get you there faster then you ever dreamed .   You don't have to wait anymore; you can start today! Get ready experience your better and healthier breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Click here to get started NOW!

"Yes, Hagit!"
"I Know There Is No Better Time Than Now
I Want This Amazing ebook And Free Bonuses"

Press Here To Buy Now


 Get it Now And Transform Your Life
I Wish You Health And Happiness,

Hagit T. Dayan




Content copyright . Life, Love, Joy. All rights reserved.



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