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“I’m Sick to My Stomach of Real Estate
Investors Seeing Their Dreams Crushed
Because They Can’t Generate Leads…
So I’m Giving You the Keys!”

Confused … Alone … Desperately Want to Build Your Investment Business But Not Having Any Luck Generating the Leads You Need to Do So?

Well, You’re in Luck … the Answer You Need
is Revealed Below!

Location: Malibu, CA.
Date: Wednesday, March 2.
From: Mark Evans

As a successful real estate investor who mentors other investors all over the country the #1, biggest frustration I hear from my clients is “I can’t generate enough leads!”

Actually, most of the time what I hear is “I can’t generate ANY leads.”

Here’s what one of my clients, Tommy, said just last week in an email to me:

Well, it’s pleas like Tommy’s that really get to me. I’ve seen so manyinvestors crash and burn simply because they can’t generate leads.
I’ve seen investors do nothing and just expect that the leads will show up ... And I’ve seen investors use every marketing tool they can get their hands on, such as Biz cards, flyers, newspaper ads, bandit signs, Craigs List, magazines, radio, tv, networking online and offline, direct mail, billboards, etc. … these investors end up working themselves to death and they still don’t get the leads they need!

Would you be interested in learning more? If so, I urge you to keep reading as you are about to discover something very, very exciting!

I think the best way to drive home the true power of what I’m about to reveal to you is to tell you the very true story of two clients of mine.

I’ll change their names to protect their identities but you can rest assured the rest of the story is true.

So these two guys, one in a small town in North Carolina, let’s call him Steve, and one from a small town in Wisconsin, let’s call him Brad, both came to me for mentoring last year. Both were just starting out as real estate investors, both had no experience and very little money in the bank.

There were for all intents and purposes complete, start-at-the-bottom “newbies.”

So now let’s fast forward one year and Steve has stopped investing and gone back to his job at a tire factory in his small town while Brad is a thriving, successful investor who has earned over $1 million dollars.

So what made the difference? Was it personality, was it intelligence, was it work ethic? Why did one of these guys fail so miserably and one succeed so amazingly?

Well, the truth is the reason why one succeeded and one failed wasn’t any of the reasons listed above.

In fact, from my interactions with the two men, Steve was smarter, he had a more engaging personality and he worked really, really hard.

Brad on the other hand was aloof, he acted disinterested all the time, I really didn’t like him much at all, if I’m being totally honest (which I am).

But here’s the thing when it comes to succeeding as a real estate investor it’s not how hard you work that matters.

Steve was one of those guys who worked 10-12 hour days. He used all the different traditional marketing methods to try and generate leads and now he’s back working in a tire factory.

Brad on the other hand looked for the easy way out, he took advantage of my DogNinja System and now he’s living on “Easy Street” with a new house and a new car!

Get buyers!
Get deals!
Build a ninja army of lead-generating bird dogs!
Leverage a brand!
Leverage my team … we literally work for you!
Make easy assignment deals … collect checks for $3,000, $5,000, $10,000 or even more! I’ll even Train Your Bird dogs For you to find YOU the best deals for FREE You will get a check each month from a billion dollar company while we do all the work teaching your Bird Dogs on finding deals for you This is Unheard of…
When it comes to generating leads, doing nothing or killing yourself using numerous traditional methods, well as we say in Georgia, “those dogs just won’t hunt.”

In other words, they don’t work. You won’t get the leads you need or you’ll end up burned out and dog-tired from working too hard.

I mean part of the reason we got into investing was to have time (and money) to enjoy life right? Where’s the fun in working 12 hours a day?

No, what you need is your own ninja army of bird dogs out chasing down leads and sending them to you on autopilot.

Your business … and your earnings … will EXPLODE!

Picture this, if you had just 100 bird dogs gathering deals, buyers and pictures of properties and they only sent you one buyer and one seller each month …that’s 200 buyers, 200 sellers without you lifting a finger!

But wait, it gets better … with the DogNinja System while all that’s going on you can be making thousands of dollars a month residually!

It’s true, my DogNinja System is like having hundreds of virtual assistants working around the clock for free – and this system works for both commercial and residential real estate!

Let’s say, you put just two deals together from leads generated by this system and you make $5,000 on each deal without risking any of your own money.That means you don’t use any credit, you don’t pay to go see the property, you’re just sitting at home doing the deals.

You’d make $10,000 a month, $120,000 a year, without really working … plus don’t forget the money you’d also be making residually through the system. We are talking thousands of dollars a month without YOU doing any of the work.

Are you starting to see just how powerful this amazing system is?

I certainly hope so!

So many of my clients come to me asking if they should hire a virtual assistant to help them generate leads and handle administrative tasks.

But here‘s the thing – it costs around $300 a month to employ a virtual assistant and then you have to teach them, train them and manage them.

With the DogNinja System you’ll get 100 or more virtual bird dogs driving deals to you …and we’ll do all of the training of the bird dogs for you!

With the DogNinja System you’ll get 100 or more virtual bird dogs driving deals to you … and we’ll do all of the training of the bird dogs for you!

Still not convinced of the true power of the DogNinja System? Well, chew on this – you can make can make up to $310.50 per bird dog!

And you don’t have to do anything for this money!

We’ll manage the bird dogs for you … we’ll even give you the exact steps to get 100 bird dogs in your first 30 days for FREE!

Imagine having 100 bird dogs earning $310.50 per month – that’s $31,050 X 12 months equals $372,600 a year!

That’s the real power of NinjaDog – you’ll be able to make money, tons of money, while you grow your real estate business!

Why sign up for the DogNinja System?
Let me count the ways:

You get high quality leads delivered right to you without you having to lift a finger!

You get high quality leads delivered right to you without you having to lift a finger!

You don’t have to do any training …we teach the bird dogs how to get leads and submit them to YOU!

You receive an email notification each time a bird dog submits a lead to you!

You can pick and choose your markets … right now there are 382 markets, defined by the U.S. Census Bureau as Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), however with that said you can define a market even tighter and create your own custom market with the DogNinja System!

We manage your bird dogs for you from one location using a custom technology that also allows you to communicate, monitor and make money!

You get a deal dashboard … imagine you’ve got 17 deals in motion, that would normally be a management nightmare, however with our dashboard you can control all your deals from oneconvenient location!

You can communicate directly to your bird dogs through the DogNinja System (thinkFacebook) … this way you don’t have to give out your email address!

You are 100% in control of how much you make since you will be able to do deals and make residual money from your bird dogs!

You can build a bank of hot, untapped sellers that no one knows exists… we know that word of mouth marketing is by far the best marketing out there so imagine you had hundreds of bird dogs marketing for you … that’s what makes DogNinja so powerful … you are leveraging OPE (other people’s efforts) and utilizing a system that allows this to build effortlessly!

You become part of an online community with a support system in place to ask questions as you grow your business!

You can take advantage of a DogNinja system feature that allows you to take leads and potential deals to other investors as partners

You get all the contracts to protect you with a click of a button … that’s right to make this as easy as possible for you the DogNinja System will provide you with all the paperwork you need to do your deals!

You can automatically and very quickly build a strong buyers list!

You get a turnkey website that you can edit or keep as is … either way you’ll enjoy the bird dogs flowing in to you without working!

You can run your entire business from home … this system requires little time, allows you to build residual income with us doing all the selling … you don’t need to call anyone, you don’t need to answer emails, or anything like that … we do it all for you and then send you a check every 2 weeks!

You can build trust, rapport, confidence and profits with a custom software that’s only focus is to allow you to build a real estate business without doing all the heavy lifting!

Plus, don’t forget we pay you for having bird dogs … you heard me right, youactually get paid a monthly residual income with active bird dogs … that’s why this system is hands down the best lead generation system available!

Are you ready to start investing your time in more fun things – like sky diving, flying, traveling, etc.?

Are you ready to start enjoying making money?

If so, it’s time to put the DogNinja System to work for you.

This system is totally turnkey and it’s easy to get started. Truthfully, you can push 5 buttons and be set up and ready to go!



That’s right in just five minutes from now (or less), you could be sitting in California (or wherever you are) and putting deals together in another state (like Ohio).

This system makes doing virtual deals as easy as clicking a mouse.

And don’t forget, with the DogNinja System you are able to pick any and/or all markets.

Again, you are in control.

If you change your mind about a market, you can simply log in and push 3 buttons and change it! It’s that easy.

Why try to reinvent the wheel? Let’s face it bird dogs have existed for a long time and they will exist for a long time after you read this …but the question is will you ever use them to the capacity you are capable of?

The only way to realistically do that is to get the DogNinja System.

With this system, you’ll also be able to build friendships with your bird dogs.

I mean how cool would it be to give a bird dog, who at first was a complete stranger to you, a chance at making some very real money as a partner in a deal?

How great would it feel to be able to help others get going? You see,being a bird dog could be just a stepping stone for a person to become one of your money-making partners.

Wouldn’t that be a neat feeling to know that YOU helped a person pull themselves up and get going? This system is going to be responsible for helping a lot of people BEAT the recession and make an amazing income!

To be able to sit at a little café or on the beach in the middle of the afternoon, while everyone is at work, knowing that your DogNinja site is cranking out profits effortlessly … what could be better than that?

This is your chance to start enjoying a better life!

But you’ve got to take action now or your life will never change.

Why not start enjoying the life you desire?

Remember this: at the end of the day your family is not going to remember how hard you worked, they’re going to remember the time you spent with them … so why not start spending more time with them?

The first step is to get the DogNinja System today!

Look, let’s get the purple elephant out here.

We could easily charge $1,997 for this system but our goal isn’t just money. Sure money is nice and all, but we sincerely want to help investors like you too.

So we decided, “why not make this decision a ‘no brainer’ by offering it a price even struggling investors can afford?”

That’s why, right now you can get this amazing system for a one-time registration fee of just $97 and then $47 a month for as long as you are a member. You can cancel at anytime.

That’s an incredibly low price for all that this system offers. For example, let’s say you had 100 bird dogs and each one invested 2 hours a month getting leads for you – that’s 200 man hours you would be receiving!

If you paid for those man hours at $20 an hour that would be $4,000. That’s right for just $47 a month you could receive $4,000 or more worth of help!

Keep in mind those figures are just for 100 bird dogs, if you had 300, 500 or even 1,000 bird dogs in your funnel working 7 days a week for you the savings would be simply awe inspiring.

Plus, don’t forget our system pays you residual income every 2 weeks as you build your CyberBirdDog business. The more bird dogs you have, the more you can make PERIOD!


[ Click Here To Join Now](http://1.dogninja.pay.clickbank.net/?cbfid=1196)



Get a complete report on how to Extract 100 bird Dogs within 30 days without killing yourself.


Special Webinar where you will be able to ask your Real Estate Investing questions this webinar will be a Game changer if i were to do a session for an hour it would be $2,000 but you will get it for FREE. Ask any real estate question if you have deals going on great let me know and I'll answer all your questions. 


Get Instant access to my #1 best selling book 101 ways to get real estate deals this book is hot and will expedite your growth fast, see 101 ways to get deals rolling into you on top of Dog Ninja. 


Reverse Real Estate System : Discover the exact steps that will have you doing deals with zero risk and making money all the way to the bank, this strategy is completely opposite of what YOU think you should be doing, you will get the entire training with all the contracts you will need to do your Real Estate Deals this course sells for $897 and YOU get it for FREE.



I am so sure that you will lovethe DogNinja System that I am offering an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply notify me within
60 days and I will refund your registration fee and first month’s membership fee, in full, with absolutely no questions asked!

I don’t think I can be any fairer than that. Either get the leads you need to grow your business or get your purchase price back!


[ Click Here To Join Now](http://1.dogninja.pay.clickbank.net/?cbfid=1196)


Remember, you can be up and running within 5 minutes from now.

We’re talking from you saying “Yes” to being logged into your deal dashboard and ready to start building your bird dogs and start profiting!

Actually, we are also doing something unheard of, sign up now and we will give you step-by-step instructions on how to share this site with two people and make your investment back quickly!

So what ARE you waiting for? Give your investing business the jumpstart it needs to surpass your wildest earnings goals … click on the Join Now button below.


[ Click Here To Join Now](http://1.dogninja.pay.clickbank.net/?cbfid=1196)




- Mark Evans DM, DN

P.S - I have to be honest with you … if you are still reading this, straight up – don’t buy this. I know it sounds rude but if a simple $97 decision is holding you back from accomplishing your real estate goals, what are you going to do when a real estate deal comes your way? I mean, the key to success is saying “yes!” Plus, we have a full 60 days, no questions asked refund policy. But again, if you’re thinking ‘OK, I’ll buy with intentions to refund in 60 days’ keep your time and money and go hang out at Carl’s Jr. and get a burger and fries!We all know we get what we seek so go eat a burger and know that you at least made an OK decision

(Disclaimer: Five Guys is my favorite burger. You should try it.) OK, well at the end of the day we wish you well and we will always be here stacking up real estate deals and enjoying clients’ testimonials about how easy this is so go at it or if you are ready to go [CLICK HERE](http://1.dogninja.pay.clickbank.net/?cbfid=1196) and be set free! It’s a very cool place to be!


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