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Your HCG Diet Motivation and Support
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It's  like  having  your  own  diet  coach.

All  the  Support  You  Need
For  use  during  the  40-day  HCG  Protocol    
or  the  Maintenance  phase
or  with  any  diet  you  choose.Stop Cravings Within Minutes


You  Receive:  a  40-track  Audio  download  &  a  FREE  word-for-word  e-book transcript
[order now and START WITHIN MINUTES](/order-now.html)
a $229 value,  introductory price now only $79.00

Regain Your Radiant Glow - From the Inside Out
Tune Up Your Metabolism - Make New Connections
Get Energy Flowing Through Your Body
Love Yourself and Your Body at Every Weight
Use Your Subconscious to Support Your Weight Loss
Make any diet, including the HCG Diet, Feel EasyFeel Beautiful from Top to BottomMelt Away Weight-Related Issues Without "Working" on ThemDevelop the Skills Needed to Maintain Your Weight LossOpen to the New Possibilities Your Weight Loss BringsStart Communicating with the Deepest Parts of YourselfLearn How to Become Your Own Diet Coach


These daily audios use cutting-edge [Positive Psychology](/faqs.html)
to ensure that your weight will never be an issue again.
Through relaxing & inspirational messages, meditations and visualizations, your diet will become easy.
Diet Coaches can't normally give you this kind of time and attention - it's like having a diet coach 40 days in a row!

Push play to hear a sample.

"This program is exactly what I need to keep me motivated.
The support offered is invaluable!"- M. Smith

"I definitely owe my 60 lb. weight loss with hcg to [Donna](/authorcontact.html), and I couldn't be more thrilled. She inspires, she motivates, and she holds a space for your vision long before you can see it yourself." - B.Layton

[Order  Now](/order-now.html)[ ](/order-now.html) and  Start  Moving  in  a  New  Direction  Today!

We believe in our product - If you are not completely satisfied, we offer a complete and unconditional
Money Back Guarantee within 60 days of purchase.
You are going to love the daily boost this program gives you.
This program can be used in conjunction with ANY diet - it supports all your efforts.



More than 2.5 Hours (approximate $200 value) of Diet Coaching and Inspiration in easy, one-per-day sessions that require only minutes a day of your time. [These are available as an immediate download](/order-now.html). Once you have made your purchase, you will be directed towards a download page with easy-to-follow instructions. The audio download is available for 24 hours only, one download per customer. The audios are mp3s, the most popular and easy to use format.
FREE! A 40-page, word-for-word pdf transcript that is like an e-book on it's own! Great for [self-coaching study and learning](/order-now.html) (approximate e-book value of $29) This pdf is packaged with the audio tracks, offered at no extra charge with every purchase of the audio package.
Visit our [FAQs page ](/faqs.html)for more information on how to transfer downloaded tracks onto your computer or mp3 player.

Our Revolutionary delivery method uses [short sessions](/faqs.html) over a long period (40 days) of time. This allows your subconscious system to absorb the messages slowly and completely.

Positive Psychology Training

The daily sessions are designed to be concise and highly effective -  and our [revolutionary techniques](/faqs.html) will engage your subconscious for fast results. Momentum towards your new self builds quickly. Diet coaches typically do fewer, longer sessions; this program is like having your own diet coach 40 days in a row! And the daily sessions can be repeated as often as you like.


Learn to be Your Own Diet Coach

With the audio tracks, you will receive a FREE complete word-for-word transcript of the audio tracks. Over the 40 days, you will have the invaluable opportunity to learn to be your own Diet Coach - to help keep your weight off forever. Listening and reading gives your subconscious system two ways to absorb the[ Positive Psychology](/faqs.html) messages.


Begin Today.
[Order Now](/order-now.html)[,](/order-now.html) and you can be learning how to be
your own Diet Coach within minutes!

Check out the [FAQs page](/faqs.html) for answers to any questions you may have.

Some of the topics covered....

Breathe and Relax to Get Energy MovingHow do you Talk to Yourself?The Law of MomentumTuning up Your MetabolismWeighing In On Feeling Good

.....and what you will learn

Opening to New PossibilitiesReprogramming the SubconsciousMaking Contact with FeelingsBe Your Own Authority on the subject of YouHow to Start Coaching Yourself



For information on hcg, there are many informational sources on the internet, and I advise you to do your own research and come to your own conclusions. On this site, the diet program is designed to support people who have already done their own investigation.
I do not make diet recommendations or provide advice either way.


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