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The Pickpocket effect of Capitalism
93% of the population on this entire earth are slaves or serfs!
You may be appalled by such a strong statement, I know. But don’t worry, so was I!
Although I am using the United States as a norm most of the world shows the same stats.
May I suggest something to the unbeliever at this moment in time?
Why don’t you research the stats yourself, and make up your own mind, ok?
If however, you do find the same facts, you KNOW that you want to read this book!
Yes, it is tough to accept the facts, but unless you do, you will never be able to change your future!
You owe it to yourself, and yes, where applicable, to your families!
Ok, so you did confirm the facts, but still you think, “I am definitely NOT part of these stats”. 
Only everyone else is!
Does it feel like you are getting nowhere soon financially?
Ok, let’s have a bit of fun, just to explain my point of view, alright!
Well then, let me ask you whether you are a in any way acquainted with the Jones’s?
If you did have the honour of meeting them, have you ever felt a bit less significant in their presence?
Who can blame you, they always seem to drive the most expensive vehicles, and you think, “if only”!
Did you know that they were the very ones that actually invented the phrase “location, location, location”?
They actually own that very same domicile that you so often dream about, and you think,” If only”!
Oh yes, and they do have all the latest toys, from four wheelers, boats, Ipad’s to the latest 3G cell phone, and you think, “If only”!
Can you believe it, they have all the things that you don’t have, but WANT!
Well, welcome to the real world my friend! Don’t alarm yourself too much.
Billions of people have walked down this road, and still are, as you are reading these very lines!
You see, not all of them read this book though, and yes by doing so before them,
surely you will gain this valuable knowledge before they do!
I strongly recommend that you purchase this book at this very moment!
This book will help you!
You see, you are nothing unlike so many billions of the people on this planet.
You are addicted to the very ways of this world, and it keeps you poor!
What about the government? You are asking what about it?
The info within this very book will also show you how the taxing of the citizens came about through history, and its events.
 Obviously by understanding these reason it will greatly assist the informed to make even more so informative decisions, when the time so dictates.
Can you see how the information in this book can benefit you!
The education system is discussed historically, and yet again, important information is revealed!
Probably the most important of all is the power and influence of the media on our very lives, and its various tentacles,
like the television, newspapers and the brainwashing techniques utilized against us all.
Oh, and the propaganda!
Yes, and I actually reveal the names of the people responsible! 
It provides you with background to various historic happenings in the past,
which in its own little way, adding together like building blocks, created,
this very circumstances within which you currently find yourself.
Let me now reveal a secret to you, and yes I want to congratulate you!
The reason you are interested in this very book, is because you WANT to change your life.
You are one of the few citizens on this very planet that will not allow ignorance to keep you poor!
You are one of the achievers of this world!
You are a WINNER!
Now, make the difference!
For only U$19.95, you can have this extraordinary information, never before summarized in one single book!
This book is in PDF format, and easily downloaded in Adobe Acrobat. No worries, if you don’t have it,
I have added an absolutely FREE link for you to download this program,
just to make sure you don’t miss out!
This e-book will download within seconds!
Now just as you thought I have no surprise bonuses available, I will actually surprise you!!
For a very limited time, I will include, not only one, BUT TWO extra e-books.
Ok, this means you will receive THREE (3) E-Books for only U$19.95!
Why? Simple, I believe in value for money!
These other two e-books will rapidly snowball your life into a successful adventure!
Your dreams CAN now come true!
Within seconds you can download these life changing e-books!
Now JUST DO IT! Start your new life! You deserve it!
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NS: I have made every effort to ensure that you have a 5 STAR experience while downloading these e-books.
However, should any unforeseen event attempt to remove any of these STARS, PLEASE DO NOT hesitate to contact my office,
at the contact details provided on the landing page for downloads.
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I sincerely wish you all the very best for the future.

Marthinus P.Rabie (IMTH)- Published Author



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