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Have You Found The SECRET WEAPON Hiding In Your Golf Bag?
It's Time You Stopped Beating Yourself Up,
Remembering Your Bad Shots & Losing To Yourself Before You're Even On The Course!!
It's Time To Get Mental, Step Into The Zone
& Start shooting The Scores You Deserve!!

From: Roger Manners
Re:  Your Mental Approach Let me ask you some questions...

When you are stood on the First Tee...

Do You Dread The First Shot?

Maybe You will Top The Ball because you always do?

Perhaps you have no idea where the ball is going to go.

Maybe you have no confidence in your own ability.

Perhaps you are worried what your friends are going to say after you DUFF YOUR SHOT  and you know it's going to happen because you haven't prepared mentally.

Are you fed up of following up a bad shot with yet another bad shot?

What ever result you currently achieve when you play golf  - I CAN MAKE YOU BETTER!

When you next play golf, would you like to be able to do any of the following?

Have bags of confidence when you hit the ball?

Get more enjoyment from the game?

Reduce you mental golf stress?

If you answered YES to any of the above...then you are in for a treat

Play Golf: Between The Ears

Now before I go into any details about Play Golf: Between The Ears

It's important that you know who I am and understand why you should listen to me.

Introducing Roger Manners

For most of my working life I have been a self-motivated entrepreneur who has achieved success across several sectors of industry. Over the past 14 years I have developed programmes in mind-management and attitudinal behaviour relevant to work, play and lifestyle.

I have devised several development programmes suitable for everyone who wants to be the best they can be; From students to corporate high-flyers, from amateur to top professional golfers.

Having worked with many successful business people, I approached Andrew (Chubby) Chandler and offered my services to his developing golfers.

Chubby gave me the opportunity to work with the likes of Stuart Cage, Mark Foster and Darren Clarke whose world ranking rose from 26 to 15 in the relatively short time we worked together.

I have worked with other European Tour, PGA Tour and Ryder Cup winners (8 in total), together with winners on development tours, amateur county champions, Team champions and club golfers.

My philosophy is simple - 'Practise Makes Perfect'.

That applies to work and leisure. Learn your business and develop good habits to create consistency. In golf, become as competent technically as you can.

A great attitude will not make up for lack of technical competence. However, technical competence and a poor attitude will not lead to lasting success.

The main essentials for success are - self-belief; calm body and mind; desire to win; eliminate fear; persistence, practise and patience; above all a commitment to be the best you can be.

Within the pages of Play Golf: Between The Ears, I will help you obtain all these attributes and more. I am told my main strengths are - simplicity; the ability to get people to 'do' and attention to detail.
So Let's Have A Look At What's Inside Play Golf: Between The Ears

Why Play Golf?

This is the essence of the game and I'll take you on a journey to learn how to get the most out of playing this great game with a smile on your face.


Rogers A-Z Of Golf

This is my straight forward guide to helping you learn, understand and remember the important aspects of getting your mind in the right place to enable you to play golf to the highest standard you can achieve.

Obstacles To Success:  Problems and Solutions

Identifying and overcoming some of the more common stumbling blocks for most golfers.  I'll soon have you braking the shackles and playing with freedom.

The Next Stage Of Your Golf Career

It's time to move forward.  I'll show you how you can become the golfer you have always wanted to be.  Free your mind and you'll free your game.

Making Progress

Don't get tied up with technical thoughts on the course, I'll show you how you can 'play' when you are on the course and how to get the most of out your practice sessions.

Thinking:  The Early Days

My motto is to keep things simple and practice as much as you can.  Practice makes perfect and you can practice in your mind anywhere and anytime.  You'll soon be more relaxed and get yourself into the ideal mental state to play golf.

And That's Not All

We at Weekend Golfers recenty had the pleasure to interview two world class players

And if you are one of the first 100 people to buy Play Golf: Between The Ears You will receive a complimentary copy of the video interviews

So act today and get your copy for no additional cost
Fast Mover FREE Bonus Item #1

Interview with Scott Drummond

Roger interviews PGA European Tour Player Scott Drummond, winner of the European Tour's flagship event The Volvo PGA Championship.

In this 45 minute interview Scott talks about his experiences before, leading up to and after winning the Volvo PGA Championship.

Scott talks about the relationship with his coach and what it took to become a successful Golf Professional.

Fast Mover FREE Bonus Item #2

Interview with Steve Surry

Roger interviews PGA European Tour Player Steve Surry, winner of Many European Satellite Tour events.

In this 45 minute interview Steve talks about his experiences playing on the satelite tours before moving onto the main PGA European Tour.

Steve also talks about the relationship with his coach and what it took for him to become a Golf Professional.
Remember the FREE Bonuses are only available to
the first 100 people Who take Action!!

So It's Now Up To You To Invest In Yourself and Your Game...

With Our Iron-Clad 60-Day Money Back Guarantee You Have Nothing To Lose and who knows where you can take your game to!!

Place Your Order Now


"Yes Roger!  I WANT To Download The Play Golf: Between The Ears Coaching Course So I Can Start To Shoot Lower Scores & Enjoy My Golf More Often!"
"Let me download the Play Golf: Between The Ears Coaching Course So That I Can Start Getting In The Zone & Taking Control Of My Mental Game!"

"I understand that my purchase is 100% Risk-Free  for 60 days, but I must act now because only  limited coaching courses will ever be sold & I don't want to miss out!"

Secure Your Position Now!

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No Monthly Fees
100% Risk Free!

Price will go up to $47 after 100 copies are sold...
So Act Soon To Secure Your Discount

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Instant Download After Purchase
All orders processed securely using industry-standard 128-bit SSL Encryption

--- Worldwide orders accepted 24/7 ---

Your products will be delivered in downloadable format for instant access immediately after your payment is approved.

 I have worked with Rich Lawless of Weekend Golfers and some of his pupils since 2006 and they've all achieved some success following our teachings. But like anything new, it takes time and dedication to achieve success.

This course is not a 'quick fix', it is a lasting solution to help you achieve success for the long-term.

Many pupils have extracted the full benefit of my programmes and achieved success in business, golf and consequently a balanced lifestyle.

In my opinion this is the cornerstone to achieving success and I look forward to taking you on a journey to help you fulfil your dreams.

Happy Golfing

Roger Manners
Performance Coach
Ryder Cup & PGA European Tour Players



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