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For days now you have been suffering by coughing and sniffling with a cold.  This morning when you awoke your head felt foreign.  You wonder if you just have a cold or do you have a sinus infection?  How would you know the difference? What exactly are sinuses? These are a lot of questions and you have come to the right place for answers.

Understanding sinus terms is helpful when pinpointing the cause of your sinus problems.  Paranasal sinuses refers to the air-filled spaces within the of your face. If the spaces near or behind the nose get infected or have inflammation this is called sinusitis.  Sinusitis is caused by many things including bacteria, fungi (molds), viruses and even allergies.  Chronic sinusitis is an aliment that 15% to 20% of the population suffers.

Most people think they have a cold or something else when sinus problems start, but often times the correct diagnoses is sinusitis.  This misdiagnosis may be triggered by the large number of symptoms associated with colds.  Such symptoms as post nasal drip, pressure around the nose, stuffiness, clear or colored mucus, runny nose, coughing, a sore or irritated throat, fever, headache, sore or irritated throat and even teeth pain are common for sinus sufferers.  To add fuel to the fire more symptoms like fullness in the ears, decreased sense of smell and hoarseness may compound sinus problems.  Some people experience different symptoms or variations of symptoms with their sinus infection.  This makes it even harder to determine the extent of a sinus infection (sinusitis).  Many people complain about pressure around the nose and behind their eyes.  Sinus problems occur mostly at night around bedtime. This is due to the mucus not being able to drain and this leaves sinus sufferers feeling clogged up. During the day gravity and being active help keep sinuses clear due to drainage.

The big difference between a cold and a sinus infection is treatment.  Sinusitis (sinus infection) should be treated with nasal sprays, antibiotics, decongestants and other prescription medications to thin the thick mucus. Other treatments like vaporizers at night, nasal irrigation, and aspirin are often helpful. When sinus infections are not treated within 2-3 weeks of the first symptoms appearing, they can become chronic.  The longer the sinus sufferer waits to treat sinusitis the more challenging it is to relieve the symptoms and the symptoms worsen.  It is also more likely that surgery may be necessary to correct a sinus infection that other medical treatments can easily cure.

All in all the best thing you can do if you have any type sinus issue is to understand your symptoms and your body.  People often say they do not want go to the doctor if it is, “just a cold.”  Clearly as you can see sometimes have cold symptoms does not mean you, “just have a cold.” There is only one way to be certain you are diagnosed properly.

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