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Welcome to Crystal Component. we provide you [C# and delphi graphics component](html/components.html) and userful free components, easy to use, effective and powerful. They will save you valuable time.

TCAD can add vector drawing function into your applications. TCAD has been helping many software developers around the world,you can read [what they said with this TCAD delphi&C++ builder&C# component](html/testimonials.html).

TCAD (delphi c# .NET component)
If your projects requires or you wish to add CAD-Drawing funtionality into your application, programming these OLE concepts is a difficult and tedious task. Your project will take more time. Now, you can use TCAD to assist you in writting your applications.

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2010.10.13 "TCAD for VCL" released a new package, it supports Delphi XE, C++ Builder XE now. 2010.10.09 Please the screen for Firefighters based on TCAD ,[ click here to learn more.](html/testimonials.html) 2010.09.13 Anthony from UK [write testimonials to us. ](html/testimonials.html) 2010.08.11 FreeDesktop v3.1 released, [click here](./html/desktopapp.html) 2010.5.4 TCAD for VCL, version 2010.5 is released, more information [at here>>](./html/press.html) 12.10 TCAD 2010 is released, more information [at here>>](./html/press.html) 09.28 The manual of "TCAD for WEB" is released, download it with trial package. more information [at here>>](./html/tcadweb.html) 08.20 TCAD xp.i.5 is released, more information [at here>>](./html/press.html) 04.20 TCAD for web released. try it at[ this site]( 03.13 TCAD xp.i.4 is released, more information [at here>>](./html/press.html) 01.19 We have recompile TCAD for CodeGear 2009,[download >>>](html/download.html) 11.11 FreeDesktop v2.1 released! [>>>](./html/desktopapp.html) 09.17 TCAD for Delphi 2009 released! 08.18 TCAD xp.i.2 is released, more information [at here>>](./html/press.html) 07.24 TCAD xp.i.1 is released, more information [at here>>](./html/press.html) 07.07 We added the TCAD introduction file . [at here>>](./html/download.html) 06.24 we have get new telephone no. in USA [at here>>](./html/about.php) 06.18 we create more screenshot, review [at here>>](./html/screenshot.html) 05.30 Freedesktop has upgrade to V2.1 ,[at here>>](./html/desktopapp.html) 05.29 TCAD xp.I is released, more information [at here>>](./html/press.html) 05.25 Please send your wishlist for TCAD to us [>>>>>](./html/about.php)


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