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Looking for an All-Inclusive Church Web Solution Without Destroying Your Budget?
Then You’ve Come to the Right Place!

Dear Church Leader,

If you’re like thousands of other churches in this country, you’re probably sick of spending all your time messing around with your website. You realize how badly your church needs a good website, but it’s just exhausting looking at all the companies out there, and moving to a new site every few years (and having to re-learn their system).

We have churches coming to us all the time with the same stresses…
Maybe you’ve never had a website before, and/or don’t even really know what all you need. Perhaps you feel like you have to practically become a professional web designer to learn all the terminology and figure out how to maintain your site. You also want something that’s so easy to use, requires hardly any training, and anyone at the church can edit the site. You’re not willing to sacrifice the overall quality of the site for something that’s easy to use…you want both! You feel like you’re going to have to spend a fortune to get what you want and need.
Well we’ve been in this business for a while now, and we realized that virtually all churches have very similar concerns and desires when it comes to their church websites.

After all, we believe that a great website can be your church’s most powerful outreach tool, and we want to see you succeed and reach out to your community.

But it also really pains us to see churches who have an excellent web presence, but were also gouged on the price, solely because they didn’t know what they needed and what they should expect to pay.

“We’re a smaller church and can’t afford what some of the bigger churches can for a website. Some of the other website companies are very expensive and we were not able to afford such a thing. But coming across this offer, it’s very affordable, and to be honest with you the quality of the website is the same as getting it done with someone who would charge so much more. We are very satisfied with the website, not only the design but with all the other things that are there to help us as a church. It’s really helped us grow as a church. If you decide to get a website done, I would really suggest going with these guys”
Pastor Jared Bellan
Pleasantville Assembly of God
Alum Bank, PA
So What We Did is Put Together an All-Inclusive Package Designed Specifically for Your Church
We’re going to take care of your church just like it was our own, and give you everything you need to have a great looking and highly effective church website.

We’re going to give you…

Your Choice of One of our Great Looking Website Designs
(Or a Custom Design if you Choose) Website Setup
Domain name and Unlimited Hosting
Unlimited Pages for Your Church Website
Simple Site Management, Editing, and Updating
Unlimited Email Addresses
Technical Support


Then we’re going to load your site with ALL the features…
Event Calendar – All your upcoming events in one convenient location where your members and prospective members can easily find it. Sermon Archives – You have the ability to upload audio, video, or text from the Sunday service. Give your members the ability to go back and listen to that great sermon again, or perhaps catch part of the sermon series they missed while they were out of town. Podcasting – Post all your sermons to your very own podcast so your subscribers can automatically receive your new sermons every week. Videos – Embed any video right on your page, quickly and easily. You can upload them to your unlimited hosting account included with your package, or you can embed from YouTube or any other video hosting service. Pictures and Slideshows – Add as many pictures as you want to your website, there’s no limit. We also provide a great way to add picture slideshows to your site. Directions to the church – Provide a map of your location so newcomers can easily find your church. Online tithing – A secure and convenient way for members to send money every week. Weekly newsletter – Put your newsletter online and reduce or eliminate printing costs. Staff bio – Pictures and information about your staff. News and Events – Let everyone know what’s going on. Search Engine Optimization – You can easily add your church’s keywords and meta tags to all your pages, right within the content management system. iPhone App – If you have an iPhone, you can download our app and manage and edit your website right on your phone! And More – If there’s something you’d like on your site that you don’t see listed, just ask! Chances are we can get that added for you at no cost.
Here’s Some of Our Current Church
Website Designs

Take a Hands-On Look at How Easy it is to Edit
Your Church Website…

As You Saw in the Video, Our Church Websites Are So Incredibly Easy to Use

Just think, this is something you could easily give to your secretary or a volunteer at your church to maintain. We also provide a set of training videos, that show you how to do all the basic and advanced features on the website. Then if you ever need help, our support team is here to help you out.
Get a World-Class Church Website, Without the High-End Price Tag!

“…I came across this site, and I was kind of skeptical at first. I didn’t want to waste money and buy too cheap, and then have to buy another site in a year or so. But I talked to them and decided to sign up. The site was beautiful, it was exactly what I wanted, it does everything I want it to do. It’s been very personal, and it’s been very effective, our website draws people, and it’s changed our church, it’s interactive with our congregation. I’m just loving it, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done as far as websites and communication with our church. I would highly recommend, if you have a lot of money to spend on a website, or a little bit of money to spend on a website…I would highly recommend using this service. Thank you, you’ve done a great service for us, you’ve been everything you said you’d be, and I appreciate it so much. God bless you.”
Pastor Greg Nethaway
New Heart Community Church
Tracy, CA

This is the last church website you’ll ever need to buy. Every two years you are eligible for a free design upgrade. So your site will always look up-to-date, but you won’t have to go through the hassle of moving everything.

Your Purchase is Risk-Free too! We don’t require a contract with any of our packages, everything is month-to-month and you are free to cancel at any time. We believe our work speaks for itself, and you’ll want to stay with us, even without a contract.

Discover More About Our Church Website Packages
…and we’ll also send you our Free Report on what
to look for in your next church website


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