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Veteran trader Reveals How to Generate a 5 Figure income Trading

the Forex Market with a Revolutionary and Unique Strategy:

"Learn to profit consistently and systematically trading the Forex market with my 3 top PDFT (Price Driven Forex Trading) systems."

You will not find a better and more profitable income opportunity in today's marketplace. Forex Trading Machine traders are generating incredible wealth day after day from the comfort of their home. Give me 5 minutes of your time and I will prove to you that this is an offer you cannot miss! 

Dear Friend,

My name is Avi Frister, creator of the revolutionary  Price Driven Forex Trading (PDFT) method. I make my living as a full time professional Forex trader and educator. I have been trading several types of markets for over 11 years. Throughout my trading career I have tried and tested more then 150 trading indicators, methods, strategies and systems. Yes, you read correctly, 150! Trading is my passion and that is how I treat it.

Eleven years of trading experience have taught me countless important lessons about this business. However, one lesson stands out above everything else I have learned:

You MUST be Innovative, Different and Original in this business.

Read the above line as many times as you need to because that is your path to making a killing trading the forex market!

Using trading strategies that 99% of traders use will not make you successful, I GUARANTEE that.  It is using strategies that ONLY 1% of traders use that will make you more successful in the Forex trading business than you have ever dreamed of.

My objective as a trader is ALWAYS being in that top 1% group of traders and this is why I developed Price Driven Forex Trading. PDFT is the outcome of 11 years of trading, learning, testing, creating and designing and now a select group of traders can have access to this amazing Forex trading method.

Price Driven Forex Trading (PDFT) is a method of trading the forex market without using any type of indicators, support or resistance levels, moving averages, pivots, oscillators, fibonacci, trend lines or ANY other trading tool you can think of. PDFT only uses the price of the currency pair and a time element. Thats it!

As some of my customers best put it  after purchasing Forex Trading Machine:

My trading method, PDFT, can potentially be the most lucrative form of forex trading there is.

When creating Forex Trading Machine I put together my THREE best performing PDFT strategies. In this 180 page course I will teach you 1 PDFT swing trading strategy and 2 PDFT day trading strategies.

My goal is to equip YOU with the best PDFT trading systems so you can consistently  and systematically  nail profitable trades.


Forex Cash Cow Strategy

The Forex Cash Cow  strategy is truly amazing. I consider it by far my best PDFT swing trading strategy. This incredible system is 100% mechanical, this means it requires ABSOLUTELY NO discretion, interpretention, or judgment. You will simply learn to follow strict rules: if A = B then do C!

Since it is a PDFT strategy you will not use ANY type of indicators, the only thing you will need to know is the price of the currency pair you are trading.

It truly takes 1 minute per week to implement this strategy, making it perfect for people who do not have the necessary time to monitor the market. In fact, I constantly get emails from Forex Cash Cow  traders who say they are making more money trading this system than at their current day jobs!

Let's look at how easy it is to trade the Forex Cash Cow strategy:




Every day after the end of the trading day the trader checks to see if condition one of the system has been met. No interpretation or judgment, it is either yes or no, black or white! This step takes exactly 10 seconds. If condition one has not been met, nothing happens. If met it means there could be an entry signal the next trading day (the trader already knows to what direction, long or short) and step 2 comes into play.

As traders say, a chart is worth 1000 words! Let's look at several examples of Forex Cash Cow trades. Simply click on the below chart images, chart will open in new window.


One of the true strength of Forex Cash Cow (and of the other 2 systems I teach in my course) is the fact that it is 100% mechanical.  Traders who have been around for some time know the incredible benefits a mechanical system has over non-mechanical trading strategies. Let's look at some of the amazing benefits of the Forex Cash Cow strategy:

No interpretation or judgment required. Since this is a 100% mechanical trading strategy you will be trading completely stress free. This is key with ANY trading strategy. Human emotions is what ultimately breaks traders. With Forex Cash Cow you are guaranteed to not have this problem.

Easy to follow rules. As simple as if A = B do C! 

Works the same for everyone who follow the exact rules (unlike non-mechanical trading methods that work for the very few, and most of the time not even that)

Impressively easy to learn. Most Forex Cash Cow  traders can put this amazing strategy to work the next day after learning it.

Know today if tomorrow there will be a trade. Yes! You will know a day ahead if a trade is going to be triggered or not.

No monitoring the market. Many people want to trade the forex market but simply don't have the necessary time. Now, with Forex Cash Cow you can trade even if you have a day job! It simply takes 1 minute per week to implement it.

The forex market is known for it's large price swings that when properly traded result in amazing profits. Forex Cash Cow not only trades these price swings with great success BUT it identifies only the best of the best swings, the top percent.

No more buying "black box" systems or subscribing to signal providers. All the strategies rules are 100% disclosed and explained. You will have complete control over your trading.

A unique PDFT (Price Driven Forex Trading) strategy. No indicators, no vague chart patterns, no pivots, no support and resistance, no anything you have seen or read until now.

And much more!

Just look at what traders have to say about the Forex Cash Cow strategy after putting it to work:

"Avi, as I wrote to you in my previous email I have a day job and it is a bit hard for me to monitor the market. I always wanted to profit from the forex market just haven't found a trading system that will allow me to trade without having to leave my job. Your Forex Cash Cow trading strategy seemed to solve this problem so I decided to give a chance. As you probably know from my previous emails I am very new to trading forex. Your course does an excellent job teaching everything needed to become a forex trader.

I have been trading the Forex Cash Cow strategy for almost 2 months now and I am up over $4,000 on my demo account. Needless to say, I am excited! Next week I am starting to trade live.

Again, thank you for you commitment, effort and patience.    

Roberto B,  Chile

"Avi, im so happy & just want to say thank you for the last January 3rd 2007 Cash Cow trade. Also, yesterday Forex Cash Cow has ROCKED again, got me 100 pips! "

Mathew A, Indonesia

"...a great Cash Cow trade for first thing Monday morning 100 pips in one hour."

David F, Australia

"Avi, it is amazing how the market reacts to the Forex Cash Cow setup. Over and over again. I made more than 20 times the value of your course in only 2 trades. I have been searching for a long time a strategy that will be profitable and will allow me to not monitor the market. Trading mechanical systems like you teach is the way to go."

                                                                                                 Roger P, USA

"Made 77 pips with 4 to spare.  A slight adjustment but I paid for the course with that trade and made $673 to boot.  It really works!"

William H, USA



Forex Runner

Learn how to day trade the forex market and consistently nail $200, $300 or $400 trades over and over again. Forex Runner is simply one of the best day trading systems I have ever traded. And, being one of my unique PDFT strategies, you will not use any tools or indicators to trade it, the ONLY thing you will need is the price of the currency pair.

Forex Runner let's you trade 100% emotion-free since it is completely mechanical. It's rules are incredibly easy to understand, it will not take you more than one hour to learn how to trade it.

One of the amazing characteristics of Forex Runner  is that it let's you trade when ever you have time. Since the forex market is a 24 hour market, you have the luxury to decide exactly when it is best for you to put Forex Runner to work.

If you have been around for some time in the trading business you know how hard it is to find a consistently profitable day trading strategy. Forex Runner was built to be consistent. Small stop losses, large profit objectives and a large percentage of winning trades  makes Forex Runner one of the top performing forex trading systems.

Here are some of the many benefits  Forex Runner  traders have:

A revolutionary Price Driven Forex Trading (PDFT) strategy.

You will not use any type of indicators, identify any vague patterns, or use support or resistance levels etc. You will only use the price of the currency pair to identify, enter and profit from the trade.

You will learn how to exploit the daily range of the major currency pairs.

How to enter "hit and run" trades; i.e.  Identify fast, enter fast and profit fast!

Fully disclosed system: no need to buy, rent or subscribe to any service. You control your trading, you decide when to trade, you decide how much to trade.

So easy to learn that most of my traders (many who are completely new to  forex trading) put Forex Runner  to work only 1 day after learning it.

No stress, no emotions: Since Forex Runner  is 100% mechanical you will only follow strict rules to identify, enter and exit trades. No interpretation or judgment what so ever (if you trade already, you most likely know the value of 100% mechanical trading)!

Cheat most daytradres! While 90% of traders will identify trades only after the market started moving (and trust  me, most enter as the move is ending!), you will have already identified and entered  trades BEFORE the market started moving.

Be your own boss, chose when to trade. Since the forex market is active 24 hours a day, no matter what part of the world you live in you can put Forex Runner  to work for you!

Profit objective is  pre-set. This means you do not have to think and speculate where to place it. Once you enter the trade you will simply enter a "take profit" order and forget about it.

And much more...

Let's look at some Forex Runner  trade examples:







Chose the timeframe you want to trade in. Since the forex market is a 24 hour market you can chose a trading period that best suits you.

Chose the currency pair or pairs you want to trade.

Apply Forex Runner  rules to identify a trade. The rules are 100% objective. This means they do not require ANY judgment or interpretation on your part.

After you identified a trade, you simply enter a buy or a sell order (in trading terms, "short" or "long". Remember, in the forex market you can make money as the market goes up and as the market moves down!) . At the same time you enter a stop loss order and a profit objective order.

Wait for results!  

One of the great aspects of Forex Runner  is the fact that it is so easy to implement:

Ok, so you now know how easy it is to trade Forex Runner and it's incredible benefits. I want to share with you some of the unsolicited testimonials I constantly get from my clients. Since most of these testimonials come from customers who trade both Forex Runner and the Flip & Go strategy (the other day trading strategy you will learn in Forex Trading Machine) we will review them a bit later.



Forex Flip & Go

You already know that the forex market is a 24 hour market. But did you know that every currency pair has it's own special behavior (sort of "personality"!) throughout this 24 hour period? Well, professional traders sure know this and they exploit this characteristic of the forex market to pull in incredible profits day after day.

Now, with Forex Flip & Go (another of my PDFT day trading strategies),  you can take advantage of a certain EXPLOSIVE characteristic of the EUR/USD pair (the most liquid of all currency pairs) which produces HIGH PROBABILITY/LOW RISK trades  over and over again.

The EUR/USD's daily range is about 80-100 pips ($800-$1,000). As daytraders we want to catch a big portion of this daily move  and we want to do it with as little risk as possible. Here is where this beautiful strategy comes to our help! The strength of the  Forex Flip & Go strategy is that it catches a  large part of these $1,000 swings right at the beginning of the move.

Let's look at some examples so you can see exactly what I mean when I say that Forex Flip & Go catches large swings at the very beginning of the move and impressively limits risk: 

Many of the best performing professional traders agree that the key to  make serious money in daytrading is having small losses and large gains. That is exactly what Forex Flip & Go does, it identifies a large move at the beginning BUT if it is wrong it will get you out of the market with a minimal loss. I hope you had the chance to view the example charts I put above, they show exactly how Forex Flip & Go does an amazing job of exiting the market when it is wrong (with losses many times smaller than 10 pips!) and how it exploits large moves from beginning to end.

If you are serious about being a successful forex daytrader and learning one of the best methods to consistently capture profitable trades then Forex Flip & Go is for you!

Like with the other two PDFT strategies  we saw earlier (Forex Cash Cow and Forex Runner) I will teach you step by step how to identify and place a high probability Forex Flip & Go trade. And again, as with all my strategies ,  Forex Flip & Go is 100% mechanical! You will not use any type of judgment or discretion in your trading. You will only learn to follow simple rules: if A = B do C!

All the strategies you will learn in Forex Trading Machine have incredible benefits that simply make them unique, the best of the best. Forex Flip & Go is no different:

One of the only daytrading strategies that is capable of catching a large part of those 80-100 pip EUR/USD daily moves! 

Rules are 100% mechanical. You will not use any type of judgment or discretion, all your trades will be placed according to simple objective rules. This is a very important aspect of all my strategies and is one of the reasons why  Forex Trading Machine traders are so successful.

Large profit objectives and VERY small stop losses. This is key. As a daytrader you want to always limit your risk but at the same time you want to ride your winners and squeeze out the last available pip!  Forex Flip & Go allows you to do exactly that. In fact, in order to accomplish this objective I created a mechanism that I have not seen in any other forex daytrading strategy. You will be amazed how this small "trick" keeps you out of bad trades BEFORE you even know you are in a bad trade! 

Completely disclosed rules. Stop using those trading services or so called "black box" systems. Be in control of your trading.

So simple to learn that a 15 year old can trade Forex Flip & Go!

No indicators, no vague patterns, no pivots, nothing! Since this is a PDFT strategy you will only use the price of the currency to identify, enter and exit trades.

No sitting in front of the computer all day long. Most days you will not trade more than 3 hours. Some days much less.

Once 90% of traders realize the market started moving to a certain direction you will already be in the move and profiting from it.

Profit objective is  pre-set. This means you do not have to think and speculate where to place it. Once you enter the trade you will simply enter a "take profit" order and forget about it.

While most traders will struggle in choppy market days (and of course,  lose money in the process!) Forex Flip & Go will keep you out.

And much more...

I constantly get  emails from traders who successfuly trade the strategies I teach in Forex Trading Machine. Let's look at what people have to say about Forex Flip & Go and Forex Runner :

“Avi, just a quick note. Thank you for being so patient with me. You truly redefine the term “customer service”! As I told you I opened a demo account about 10 days ago and started trading the Forex Flip & Go strategy. I want to take things slowly since as you already know I am new to forex trading (so, one strategy at a time!).

As of the time of writing this email I am up 157 pips ($ 1,570) trading about 2 hours per day. The only thing that I keep on thinking about all the time is how easy it is to put to work this strategy.”

“Your Forex Runner is working very well, 4 winning trades on the roll (160pips) and on the way to complete a 5th one. Great. I'm still trading with my demo account.”

“Being an experienced forex trader it is hard to impress me, you impressed me! I mostly daytrade the EUR/USD and USD/CHF pairs. I believe in simplicity, the best strategies are the ones that are the most simple to trade. This is one of the reasons I decided to try your course. The daytrading strategies you teach are not only profitable but very easy to use."

“Avi, i just want to tell you, am looking now on Metatrader EUR/USD, WUAW... AWESOME the Forex Flip & Go really really WORKS.....! This day at time 00:40 to 01:40 EUR/USD completed the first rule from 1.3224 to 1.3209 & the results: 32Pips.

Thank you Avi for your courses. This is the very best technique I ever had. I have a lot of satisfaction from your service..."

“Forex runner is working pretty well . I have a profit of 314 pips net

for the period 23/1/07 to 23/2/07 Which I consider to be a very good result.

“Hi Avi, I really love your system (flip n go) and I am really making a  profit. No need to use indicator, you are right. I just wasting my money to buy the indicator based systems before and i should found you first.

I think your system is so cheap if we want to compare how much profit we will make. You should increase your price. I hope I will see u one day.

“This week was a great week for the EUR/USD market. Trading the Forex Runner strategy mostly during the US session I made $3,400…”

“Avi, thank you for you assistance over the last 3 weeks. I must say, you have a lot of patience! Your forex trading course not only teaches great trading strategies but it also does a great job teaching everything one needs to know about trading and the forex market. I never traded the forex market or any other market (as you probably now know from all the emails I sent you!). Your course is so clear and well explained that three days after reading it I decided to open a demo account and start trading the two daytrading strategies you teach.

As soon as I feel confident enough to take the next step I will open a live account. Again, thank you very much for your course and your patience.”

Gary  F, California, USA

Eddy S, Hong Kong

Alamgir E , Malaysia

Paul S, UK

Matthew A, Indonesia

Fabian D, Canada

Minh B, USA

Nicolas  S, Greece



NOTE: Trade examples open in a new window.

NOTE: Trade examples open in a new window.

PDFT (Price Driven Forex Trading)...

As you can now see, Forex Trading Machine is not just a trading course, it is a complete trading solution!

No matter what type of trader you are (beginner, veteran, daytrader, swing trader etc.), Forex Trading Machine is for you. You will be equipped with unique and revolutionary strategies to profitably trade your account. And remember, all these strategies are based on my proprietary PDFT (Price Driven Forex Trading) method, meaning you will be trading with strategies that 99.99% of traders do not even know exist! 

Here are some of the frequent asked questions people have about Forex Trading Machine :






I have never traded the forex market, is Forex Trading Machine for me?

ABSOLUTELY! Forex Trading Machine is a 180 page e-book designed for beginners as well as seasoned traders. Beginners will learn everything they need to know about the forex market, from A to Z.  Seasoned traders can jump directly to advanced chapters which teach step by step with detailed charts how to trade the 3 PDFT strategies: Forex Cash Cow, Forex Runner and Forex Flip & Go.

What is the difference between Forex Trading Machine and other forex trading  courses?

Simple. First, Forex Trading Machine teaches  100% mechanical forex trading systems that requires absolutely no discretion, judgment, or interpretation. It seems that many forex trading courses today concentrate in teaching simple technical trading techniques such as pivots, chart formation, patterns etc. These techniques require total discretion and judgment from the trader using them and this is why most people don’t succeed when trading them.

Second, Forex Trading Machine is not just a trading course, it is a complete trading SOLUTION. You will be equipped with 3 explosive forex trading strategies so you can attack the forex market from every angle. Each strategy is different and takes advantage of different opportunities.

Some of the digital trading courses I purchased are only 50-60 pages long, why is Forex Trading Machine a 180 page eBook?

Many people are completely new to the forex market  and so the 180 page e-book will provide them all the necessary tools  they need to be successful traders. From trader’s psychology, unique money management formulas, to calculating currency values and reading a currency chart Forex Trading Machine is a complete learning tool for even the most inexperienced trader.

Also, it is important to understand why these mechanical PDFT systems you will learn work as they do, the logic behind them. After reading Forex Trading Machine you will not only learn to trade these amazing strategies but you will know exactly why they work.

Will I learn to swing trade or daytrade?

You will learn BOTH, 1 swing trading system and 2 daytrading systems. The swing trading system, Forex Cash Cow, is designed to take advantage of a unique swing trading opportunity (lasting 1 to 2 days) that  occurs several times each month. The strength of this system is accuracy. To achieve high levels of accuracy it is necessary to take advantage of trading opportunities that do not occur every single day.

The daytrading systems, Forex Runner and Forex Flip & Go, are designed to take advantage of certain market opportunities that occur every day in several currency pairs. Each of these trading systems exploit completely different opportunities.

What types of indicators are used to trade the 3 systems you teach?

None! No moving averages, pivot points, oscillators, volume analysis, trend lines,  Fibonacci or Gann analysis, news, support or resistance, reversal bars, patterns such as: head and shoulders, double bottoms/tops, pennants, triangle formations, or price channels.

Forex Trading Machine is a truly revolutionary method of trading the forex market (using my proprietary PDFT method) never revealed before!

Is it hard to learn and implement the trading strategies you teach?

Most people that purchase Forex Trading Machine  start trading the 3 strategies taught in the course the next day after they read it.








As someone that has been around for a long time in this business I know that it is truly a traders dream to find a complete trading solution that is accurate, easy to use and at the same time  profitable. Designing trading systems that can fulfill these three elements is hard work. As a trader and system designer I can tell you that it takes countless hours (and years of experience) of testing, designing, and thinking to achieve this objective but this is what Iv'e done with Forex Trading Machine. I passionately believe in this product and I am convinced that it’s the best forex trading solution on the market today.

But don’t take my word for it! You have read throughout the website satisfied customers reviews and testimonials that are living the dream of trading forex profitably the Forex Trading Machine way. Some are seasoned traders, others only beginners but all have one thing in common: Forex Trading Machine works for them!


No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown. In fact, there are frequently sharp differences between hypothetical performance results and the actual results subsequently achieved by any particular trading program. Hypothetical trading does not involve financial risk, and no hypothetical trading record can completely account for the impact of financial risk in actual trading.

All information on this website or any e-book purchased from this website  is for educational purposes only and is not intended to provide financial advise. Any statements about profits or income, expressed or implied, does not represent a guarantee. Your actual trading may result in losses as no trading system is guaranteed. You accept full responsibilities for your actions, trades, profit or loss, and agree to hold Forex Trading Machine and any authorized distributors of this information harmless in any and all ways.

Forex Trading Machine, a Frister Group Product, 2006. All rights reserved. The use of this website constitutes acceptance of our user agreement.

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Be part of the small percentage of traders to have access to my revolutionary approach to forex trading: Price Driven Forex Trading (PDFT). I guarantee that with Forex Trading Machine you will be in the top 1% group of traders, the elite.

I am offering you the chance to not just purchase a trading course, but a complete forex trading solution. You will be equipped with an arsenal of top notch trading strategies that exploit the forex market from every angle.

If you are like me and have been in the trading industry for some time you know one important thing: rare, innovative and original trading methods are A) extremely hard to come across, and B) what every trader looks for but rarely finds!

Today, I am giving you the opportunity to access such a trading method: Price Driven Forex Trading.

So, the price. Let me ask you this:

Would you pay $300 for the best forex trading course available (sorry, not only the best forex trading course, BUT the best forex trading solution available in today’s market)?

Would Forex Trading Machine be worth $300 if you knew that you could make an average of $2,000 per week? I suppose the answer would be no only if you simply could not afford to.

Otherwise, the logical answer to this is YES.

Before I started marketing Forex Trading Machine I thought to sell each of the PDFT strategies (Forex Cash Cow, Forex Runner, and Forex Flip & Go) separately. It seemed logical. Each of these strategies are unique and profitable. Selling each one for $100 (all three for $300) would be a great offer. Not only a great offer, but considering that many forex trading courses cost that much AND MORE and don’t perform anywhere close to each of these three systems, it would be more than a great offer.

The problem of selling each of the three trading strategies you will find in Forex Trading Machine separately (and not as a complete package as it is now being sold) is simple:

I wouldn’t be providing a complete trading solution.

It is important to understand the difference between a stand alone trading strategy and an arsenal of strategies that makes a trader a super-trading machine. My objective from even before I started creating this course was to provide traders with everything they need in order to succeed in the forex market, a complete from A to Z trading solution.

Bottom line, I can’t sell these three strategies separately.

Charging $300 is certainly an option. However, many aspiring traders starting on mini accounts will probably not be able to afford it. This is a big market I would be losing (and that big market would be losing the opportunity to access Forex Trading Machine).

As a result of all this:

-You will not have to purchase all three systems separately for $100 each.

-You will not have to purchase the whole package for $300.

You can purchase Forex Trading Machine complete trading solution for a temporary low price of USD $97. This is a promotional price which I will soon change back to USD $117. I believe that it is a low price for the ultimate forex trading solution, it is a fair price that will allow even the small trader access to this wonderful world of profitable forex trading the Forex Trading Machine way!

[Click here to download your copy of ](order.html)[Forex Trading Machine](order.html)

- [Affiliates](affiliate.html)


Last but not least, I assume all the risk of your purchase. I offer a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked. You should not pay a cent if the product is not for you in ANY way. I believe I have created the best forex trading package available today (not only I believe that, so do my many happy customers). However, it is not important what I or others believe, it is important what you think. So:

My 100% Iron Clad Money-Back Guarantee

Buy Forex Trading Machine today, if during the next 56 days of your purchase you are not satisfied for ANY reason, I will refund your payment in full NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

*No representation is being made that these results can or will be obtained in the future, or that losses were not incurred subsequent to the date on which the testimonial was provided. There is a substantial risk of loss associated with trading futures, forex, stocks, and options. Only risk capital should be used.

*No representation is being made that these results can or will be obtained in the future, or that losses were not incurred subsequent to the date on which the testimonial was provided. There is a substantial risk of loss associated with trading futures, forex, stocks, and options. Only risk capital should be used.

*No representation is being made that these results can or will be obtained in the future, or that losses were not incurred subsequent to the date on which the testimonial was provided. There is a substantial risk of loss associated with trading futures, forex, stocks, and options. Only risk capital should be used.

Let's now dive more into these three PDFT strategies I teach in "Forex Trading Machine" and analyze their incredible benefits:

The next day the trader simply enters three types of orders with his or her broker: a limit order for initiating the trade, a stop loss order to limit risk and a profit objective. All these three numbers are exact pre-set numbers that you will learn how to calculate in less then 10 seconds. Again, no interpretation or judgment, just follow exact rules.

Wait for results!

"Dear Avi,

I have been trading the forex market for over 2 years now with my live account. I have tried many systems and I have created some of my own which have allowed me to quit my job and make a living out of forex trading. But let me tell you something:

I have been using your Forex Trading Machine systems for a while now and... it's unbelievable... I have never seen such a simple system(no indicators), yet it outperforms all the most advanced systems I have ever tried... I trade with 1.5 % risk per position on my live account and since I have been using your system I average 1.2% gain per day.  The amazing part is that it works in every market conditions, trending or ranging... I make money...

Let me tell you that your course is so far the best investment in my forex education. Most forex courses that I bought in the past were either useless or needed some improvement to work. Your system is the very first one that I can be use "out of the box" and that works consistently...

Thank you Avi for sharing your knowledge..."

Guillaume T , Portugal

"Hi Avi,

Really unique system !  I bought your Forex Trading machine with great scepticism as I lost lot of money buying bogus trading systems those are not possible to implement in real life trading.

But I must say your systems are really GREAT and very simple to use. I started with cash cow strategy and it is a great idea to trade Fx market with this strategy, Forex runner is also GREAT. Now I will try the third strategy from today.

Just sticking to the rules of those systems consistantly and using proper money management will make every one succeed, I firmly believe.

I will look for any new trading ideas from you in future. Keep up the good work."

                                                                                         Joydip B, India

"Thank you for a simple but workable system-I was about to walk away from trading with some huge losses over the last 4 years-from one indicator to the next- and then I found your system. Also enjoy your follow up emails- feel I have a trading mate!"

Jonathan T, Australia

"WOW!!!  Thanks a bunch!!!  Your strategies are great!!! Its a whole new way or angle at trading the FOREX.

I read and reread both the Cash Cow and Forex runner and saw the setup last Sunday  for both entries on the GBP/US and made a little

over 185 pips in about 2 hours on a live account!!!

Not bad, huh!!!!

I like the way where if you see the setup then execute and you dont

have to glue your eyes to the screen all the time."

                                                                                             Geoffrey A, USA

"For today's trade from 8-30 to 8-33 (3 minutes exactly) I nailed 127 pips in two pairs. Could be even 20-30 pips more, but I am rather

impatient than greedy :-}

Thank you for your great job. Looking forward for other strategies"

                                                                                              Olga M, Russia        

For a limited time you also get the following bonuses with Forex Trading Machine:

The "Trading Non-Farm Payroll  Profitably" 100% Mechancial System

The FX market is many times dominated by important economic reports release. These government issued reports can sometimes cause 150-200 pip (USD $1,500-USD $2,000) moves in certain currency pairs within a few hours. The biggest of all these reports is called Non Farm Payroll and is issued by the US government. The moves it creates in the market are IMPRESIVE!

Here are some of the key benefits of the "Trading Non-Farm Payroll (NFP) Profitably" System:

100% mechanical system. Like with all the other systems in "Forex Trading Machine", you will not use any type of discretion or judgment. Follow simple rules, if A=B than do C!

Impressive profit potential per Non-Farm Payroll trade.

Unique system: 95% of traders guess were the market will go previous to the NFP release. Not with the Non Farm Payroll system! The system takes advantage of a very special pattern that occurs after the report release.

No indicators! Like all the 3 other systems in "Forex Trading Machine", this system is price driven.

Profit objective and stop loss are pre-set. No guessing as to were the best place to put your stop loss and profit objective should be. You will know exactly were to place them before you enter the trade.

Extremely simple to learn like all other systems in the course.

No Stress, No emotions. Again, because the system is 100% mechanical it can be traded emotion-free. A very important element for successful trading.

New Videos!

The Forex Trading Machine course is a full 180 page trading solution. Everything is covered from A to Z. No matter what level of experience you have, the course is designed to teach even people who are completely new to the business.



I decided I wanted to give even more value to my clients. Hence, I created a series of 9 video lessons. Addittional to the Forex Trading Machine 180 page eBook complete trading solution, you now also get:

3 Forex Cash Cow Videos

3 Forex Runner Videos

3 Forex Flip & Go Videos

In each of these high quality video tutorials I will walk you through several trade examples. You will hear and see me applying the exact same rules you will learn in the 180 page Forex Trading Machine eBook.

A Total of 9 video tutorials!

Bonus # 2:

"Trading for Beginners" By Mark McRae

After great effort and persuasion I finally convinced Mark McRae to let me provide my clients with his excellent 103 page eBook "Trading for Begginers". Mark is currently selling this eBook at USD $49.95. This means you will not find it as a bonus with any other course out there. Today you will not have to pay USD $49.95 for this 103 page eBook since it comes as a bonus with the Forex Trading Machine course!

Here are just some of the things you will learn from reading this excellent eBook:

How to nail impressive trading profits

Three trading systems that have proven themselves through the test of time

The truth about trading every trader has to know

How to use probability to give you an edge

The secret of successful trading

and much more!

Bonus # 1:

Important: Mark has agreed to provide me with 100 copies of "Trading for Beginners" (UPDATE: now, only 12 left). This means soon I will have to pull down the offer. Take advantage of it while you can! After the offer is pulled down the only way to get your hands on this outstanding eBook is by purchasing it individually from Mark at USD $49.95.

Only 100  12  more copies available!


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