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Dear Local Business Owner,

When you advertise your products or services on the Internet, do you
know for certain that your advertisement is being viewed by _genuine,
targeted, cash-in-hand prospects_?

And WHOSE EYES ARE YOUR ADS being placed in front of? Do you know the
gender of the viewers? Do you even know how old the viewers are? What
are their interests?

Most importantly, is your ad being placed in front of the people who
ACTUALLY WANT TO PURCHASE your product or service?

Advertising on Facebook can give YOU the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to "hand
pick" the exact type of person that you should be advertising to.

There simply isn't another form of advertising, Online or Offline
that enables you to get "laser-focused" on your ideally targeted
customer base like Facebook does...

If you're familiar with Facebook, and lets face it, who isn't these
days? You will realize that there isn't another website on the planet
that knows as many intricate, personal details about their users...

And...if used correctly, Facebook ads are the single most effective
way to guide LASER TARGETED TRAFFIC to your website, Facebook business
page or offer.

If used incorrectly, they can easily waste a ton of time, money and
effort...if not used at all, you are leaving money on the table,

Let me break the above question up into several smaller questions:
* Do you know the demographics of the people who buy your product or
* Do you know what keywords (interests) relate to the product or
service that you offer? Do know how those keywords are different in
Facebook than Google? If not, can you conduct keyword research
effectively? Is keyword research worth your time?
* Do you know what advertising copy pulls in the buyers and puts off
the browsers?

If you answered "No" to one or more of these questions then you may
need to hire an experienced Facebook Ad professional to set up your
campaigns...or do you?

Facebook advertising can be tough and unforgiving. You will be
charged for every visitor that clicks on your link. So, you're going
to want to ensure that your ad doesn't just bring you random

My name is Tommy Bussey and I'm an Advertising and Public Relations
graduate who works as a full time SEO Strategist for a $200MM + PER
YEAR organization, and I run my own online marketing business. I spend
over 10 hours every-single-day using the internet for marketing, and
setting up advertising campaigns on Facebook is something I love to

My new personal venture is called Local Social Fusion. Local Social
Fusion enables you to look over my shoulder and watch me create ad
campaigns on Facebook.

I'm not one of these "rookie" online marketing guys that have read a
book on Facebook ads and wants to experiment with your money. I'm one
of the experienced guys. (Did you see the video above? That's just a
small sampling) Despite the fact that Facebook ads are still in their
relative infancy, I've already "got my hands dirty" SETTING UP SEVERAL

* I know how to build an ad that GETS ATTENTION FROM BUYERS rather
than browsers.
* My knowledge of targeting and demographics enables me to drill down
and find LASER-TARGETED PROSPECTS for your offer at the LOWEST
* I "obsessively" monitor the performance of Facebook ads everyday. I
constantly tweak campaigns to IMPROVE PERFORMANCE ON AN ON-GOING

You see it simply isn't worth "gambling" on setting your campaign up
yourself. Launching an effective campaign requires not only knowledge
but also a lot of time. So, you're best option is following my
step-by-step instructions, rather than wasting time and money starting
from scratch...

I have created 7 IN-DEPTH VIDEOS that let you _see my screen_ as I
set up Facebook advertising campaigns from start to finish...


This video course let's you "sneak-a-peek" onto my computer screen,
showing you EXACTLY how you can easily begin driving local,
laser-targeted CUSTOMERS to your website, offer or Facebook page...


As I mentioned before, I do search engine optimization for a company
that generates over $200 MILLION IN ANNUAL SALES...we're partnered
with companies like Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, Dish Network...ever heard
of 'em??

I don't say this to brag...but the point is that I know what I'm
doing when it comes to SEO, and...

When you join Local Social Fusion today, I'm going to give you one of
my $497 SEO & Website Analysis Reports...absolutely FREE...

In the video above I demonstrated how I have driven THOUSANDS of
LOCAL prospects (in a little over 1 month) to a local business'
Facebook page...

Imagine if you only turn 2% of those visitors into new customers...

I'll let you do the math...now, what would that do for your business?
For your life?


Listen, I could charge you $500 to access to this video training
course...heck, clients pay me more than that every month just to
_look_ at their ad campaigns...

...but, I wanted to make a more affordable, "do-it-yourself" offer so
local businesses everywhere could begin realizing the power that

And, of course, you have my full support! I will answer e-mail within
24-hours (most of the time), so don't worry about being "left out in
the cold"...

If you're interested in becoming the NEXT SUCCESS STORY hit the happy
orange button below and you'll receive INSTANT ACCESS (even if it's 3
AM) to the Local Social Fusion members' area...

I'll see you in the members' area!

To your success,

P.S. Questions? E-mail LocalSocialFusion@gmail.com and I will respond
in 24-hours or less. I even hooked this e-mail address up to my iPhone
so I can answer you when I'm on-the-go...(I challenge you to find
another online marketer doing this for his customers)...

P.P.S. Act quickly because the $37 price-point will not last for
long. This is a tiny fraction of what other Facebook advertising
"professionals" are charging...

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associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Facebook, nor have
they been reviewed tested or certified by Facebook.


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