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"The Insider Information that exploits a billion-dollar Google loophole... And A Fool-Proof System You Can Copy To Rake In The Cash..."

Whether you're a newbie, seasoned AdSense pro or ClickBank affiliate, you need to stop what you're doing and listen. Because I am about to expose a dirty little secret - one that will allow you to get in on the "money-making conspiracy of 2007" and copy a step-by-step blueprint that they are fighting to hide as we go to press.

This conspiracy explains why some "complete beginners" make more in Adsense checks than so-called veterans. It explains why affiliate marketers may never have to pay for PPC again. And, if you've tried to make "easy" money and failed... if you've lost your shirt with Adwords trying to get the targeted traffic you need...

... then you must read each and every word of this page, because...

"You've Been Lied-To...
And Ripped-Off...
For The Very Last Time..."

Finally... someone has uncovered the real-deal insider-secrets that once again... in 2007... turn a billion dollar industry into your personal ATM.

If you give me a few moments, I will show you where the money is - and how to legally steal it. But let me be honest...

At this point I might normally ask you to sit back, relax and take in every detail I'm about to reveal.  But you won't be able to sit back.  You're going to be on the edge of your seat for the whole ride. I guarantee. But before I continue, I should tell you that....

"The Black Mask Blueprint has nothing to do with..."

Affiliate marketing - you will learn how a silent few make a killing promoting the same affiliate products as anyone else - but the Black Mask method has nothing to do with affiliate marketing as you know it. Specifically, it has nothing to do with article marketing, pre-selling, review pages, direct linking, Google Cashing or any method you have been exposed to before....

BUT you will learn how to make far more in affiliate commissions than you ever did before. You won't have to write a single word of content, or ever pay for a single Adwords click again...

AdSense - the secret is practically the complete opposite of the watered down, overused AdSense techniques tought by 99% of the mainstream. So forget about link building, content creation and the pathetic AdSense checks that ensue from such "goody-goody" practices. The secret shortcuts this world of low returns and hard work, and the results will shock you.

But be aware: the secret has nothing to do with anything your favourite AdSense guru taught you - which is why the completely automated, unstoppable flood of instant high-yield traffic is going to stop you dead in your tracks.
"..But the Black Mask Blueprint has everything to do with..."

...gaming the search engines for thousands of FREE clicks in a completely automated way. Black Mask is about milking a loophole in the Google algorithm that was open in 2006... is still open in 2007... but it might not be in 2008...


From An Undisclosed Underground Location...

Dear victim...

Are you ticked off?

Boiling mad as you watch your AdSense checks turn from hundreds... to dollars... to pennies?

P*ssed off about paying far too much for Adwords clicks that in the end don't make you a single dollar in affiliate commissions?

Outraged about wasting your dwindling cash on the next big promise - in a long line of big promises?

I get it, I understand. Because I was once where you are right now.

In fact, it's taken me 18 months to write this letter... well over a year to "crack the code", to find a true Insider who can really teach the secrets of siphoning off thousands of free clicks from the search engines, with a workable zero-capital blueprint that anyone can copy and profit from....

And it doesn't matter whether you're starting from scratch,
a seasoned Adsense publisher, or a frustrated Adwords affiliate.

The loophole changes the way the "Google game" is played in 2007 - for everyone, beginner or veteran. Period.

And I know you will be shocked at how quickly the results flow once you take advantage of the loophole. I know this for a fact for one reason: because I speak from experience....  

Not too long ago, I tried every traditional trick and technique to make money with AdSense. I attempted to take my affiliate business away from Adwords to get the same clicks I pay Google for, but this time for free... and guess what? I tried, ... but I failed.

Enough was enough.  

I said... "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

That led me on a journey to "The Darkside."  My mission:  To rally against traditional wisdom and use the dark side to "trick" the search engines into sending me thousands of FREE clicks - and to convert those clicks into massive Adsense checks and affiliate commissions.

And to do it all in a completely automated, hands-off way...

Why was I trying to crack this "darkside" code?  I can't tell you that Adwords was ruining me. Far from it. I was already a pretty successful marketer. One you've surely heard of.  

I was already making well over a million dollars online.

I'll get more into that later. But for now all you need to know is that I was searching for "the key" because it was expected of me.

Have you ever wondered why some people make a fortune with AdSense while doing far less than the other guys who work three times as hard and make almost nothing? I did.  

Have you ever thought about the silent undercurrent of affiliates who shun Adwords, and never pay a single cent for traffic... because they get the exact same click, off the exact same keywords for FREE? I did.

And so did many of my customers.

You see... I was already known for "cracking the code" with Clickbank and frankly... my customers were asking... "When are you going to show us how to make money without going broke with PPC, and when will you show us a simple workable blueprint for AdSense?"

So, that's what I set out to do.  And I must let you in on a little secret.  I failed miserably.

It's true...

I tried all the tactics the gurus were selling and quickly realized the way I was being taught to do things wouldn't work long enough to make any serious money. I was one day away from announcing I was giving up trying to find "Google's Dirty Little Secret..."  

"Then on cold, winter night... a fateful meeting changed all that... and changed the direction of my business forever..."

That night I discovered a secret weapon.  The night I met a man named Alex, but who I will call... "The Insider."

Now "The Insider" isn't some jacked up, full of himself "guru."  He's not any marketer you've heard of before.  He's not famous in any way.

But he's still the most devastating weapon you could ever possess, when it comes to creating, high-yield completely automated income streams without any capital investment, to a point where the so-called "gurus" will either bow out, or start wetting their pants.

He's the man who spilled his guts about suctioning big AdSense earnings and affiliate commissions from free traffic - not pay-per-click ads. An unknown who made a full-time living while travelling the world because of a single loophole in the system that he discovered.  

A man who revealed secrets the "gurus" were either keeping from you, or were too clueless to even know about.  

And he was coming from a whole new perspective... from the inside out.

That meeting fueled my obsession with the "darkside" - the gateway to an influx of free clicks within days - and with sucking cash from Google like a carwash vac... 

Here... take just a little peek at what I'm talking about...

"Like Putting On A
Ski Mask To Rob
Google Blind!"

The Down And Dirty Truth Is Finally Revealed...
...The Secrets They Hid from us all... ...How Some "Black-Maskers" Earn More Than $10,000 A Day Using Just Some Of These Insider Tactics... ...The Underground Secret To Jumping The Biggest Hurdle An AdSense Entrepreneur Faces.... ...The Deep, Dark Insider's Secrets To Generating Massive Affiliate Checks Without Dropping a RED CENT on PPC... And so much more that will have those "Blackhat Gurus" wondering why you're making more money than they are!

Made over $10,000
with these tricks...

"I've personally made over $10,000 using just a handful of the strategies “The Insider” shares in his book.

Operation BlackMask is one of the very few eBooks that I've actually printed out and had professionally bound, and it is something I will refer to whenever I need a refresher course in what really works when it comes to generating massive traffic."

A.S. from Santa Monica, California

Whitehat? Blackhat? What The-?

If these terms mean nothing to you, then good. The Black Mask blueprint assumes only two things: complete ignorance and a desire to make lots of cash online. We assume no knowledge of AdSense, affiliate marketing or anything similar.

That said, let me give you a quick primer on what we're talking about here.  Whitehat and Blackhat are terms taken from the early days of computer hacking.

Put simply, a Whitehat hacker uses only "ethical" means to gain entry into a system.  

A Blackhat hacker uses any means at his disposal to do the same thing.  

There just aren't any restrictions.  Legal... or not... he'll try it.

For Blackhat hackers there aren't any rules!

Fast forward to today...

The terms are more often used in the world of SEO (getting free traffic from the search engines). No Pay-Per-Click, no Adwords... every visitor is completely free..

Now let me tell you, these so-called "whitehat" techniques can work...

But be prepared to spend thousands of hours creating targeted content, inbound links, reciprocal links and masterfully configuring your writing around specific keywords in order to get "natural positioning" on search engines like Google and Yahoo.  Then your ad runs right next to a "paid" ad, and you can get all those clicks for free (in theory).  

But like I said... it can take HUNDREDS OF HOURS to perfectly optimize your websites to make them "search engine friendly."

On the other hand, there is nothing "friendly" about Blackhat...

The entire premise here is to short-cut your way past all the "friendly" stuff.  We cut in line, slash the learning curve and get our free clicks in days, NOT months. And we do it by being more ruthless, devious and treacherous than everyone else.

Gone are the hours of content writing.  No more begging for links. No heavy duty logistics whatsoever. Because we don't have the time or the inclination.  Like I say, we take the "Black Hat", instant and free clicks shortcut. And guess what?

It's all "manipulated" within a free tool and a bit of automation.

Basically, you use a search engine's own fancy math against itself.  Blackhat fools the search engine into ranking your site higher.  We trick our way in, swipe our clicks, make our money, fire up the automated tools and move on to the next round of profiteering. If it sounds devious, that's because it is. And that's what makes the whole thing so profitable...

"And I must tell you...
Old-School Blackhat is very powerful...
If you happen to be marketing in 2005!"

You see... the days of simple "Blackhat trickery" fooling the search engines, is gone. Billion dollar companies like Google are simply not stupid. Talk to most Blackhatters and they'll tell you that today... it can cost just as much to work on a Blackhat campaign as a Whitehat one.  

And remember, we want our cash easily made and in large denominations.

After all.... 

Every hour you spend trying to implement the latest "trick" is an hour you're not making money.  

And in the end, isn't making money what this is all about?

...And That's Where Black Mask Comes in!

"Did you ever consider that the difference between generating piles of cash, and losing your last penny can be as simple as having just one money-sucking, Black Mask trick that "they" don't know you're using?"

But you're not going to have one trick.  You'll have every single underground tactic you'll use to siphon gold out of the Google vault... and a proven way to make it work... invisibly!

Imagine being so covert, you siphon off thousands of free clicks, while Google doesn't even realize you're doing it.

Picture yourself plying these lovely... nasty... dirty... techniques, all while flying under Yahoo's radar.

Can you see yourself counting all that money?  


I need you to know...

This brand-new, power-packed book goes way beyond the cutting edge, to the "bleeding edge" of Blackhat.  It breaks through all the noise out there and gives you the straight dope on how to use covert, free-click-trickery in a way no guru has ever taught. It shows you the techniques that a small number of affiliates and AdSense users are using in 2007 to profit with as little effort as possible.

Black Mask is like extreme Blackhat with the super-power of invisibility, complete automation... and a few more enemies.

"The Insider" shows you step-by-step how to create spectacular wealth while never paying a dime for traffic.   "The Insider" takes Blackhat and pumps it full of  invisible steroids.  So if Google "happens" to ask you to pee in the cup, they find nothing but crystal clear pee! "The Insider" not only hands you the key to the vault, but stands guard while you shovel as much ad cash as you can into a wheelbarrow. None of this- 300 pages of "theory" followed by a handful of tricks- rubbish.

"The Insider" lays it all out there in a short and to the point, easy to read form. Whether you're an AdSenser, affiliate or completely green newbie, you now have a clear path to riches in 2007.  

He gives you the power to not only "fool" the search engines into giving you truckloads of "freebie traffic", but do it in a way that won't get you caught!

And here's the best part...

You simply multiply your affiliate and AdSense earnings by cloning yourself with one of the Insider's automated tools.  

That's right... you steal your own business and replicate it over and over again!  

This means there are no limits to how much you can earn! You simply continue to clone yourself - in the same way the Insider did to the point where he pulled in $7,000 in a single month.  

Are you following me so far?

"If you dream of making a truckload of cash online, but don't have the balls to play a little dirty... then stop reading this page right now.  Because what's coming up next is probably going to make you cry with dismay"

You're about to arm yourself with more than a secret weapon...

"You're going to war with an entire hidden arsenal..."

Stealth weapons that penetrate the enemy's defenses like a bazooka blasting through a paper cup.

All packed into this easy to read manual.  

Revealed for the first time... and quite possibly the last A complete wealth-creating blueprint: broken down in complete detail, leaving no stone unturned - and for those who want to suck insane amounts of cash from the net but don't know where to start. Let us show you how to profit...  
The biggest challenge you will face when trying to make money online.  And... how to overcome it, without spending a nickel!   AdSensers: exploit the Insider's Super Secret Loophole on auto-pilot, and generate AdSense click-through-rates as high as 70%. Say goodbye to the days of $2 AdSense checks, abandon your old campaigns and ride the wave of FREE traffic, uber-Black-Hat style.    Discover how the Insider generates tens of thousands of low-competition, super-profitable keywords with an unknown, 100% automated tool. Watch in amazement as the Insider shows you how he quickly locates high-profit niches with almost no effort. Don't let the competition know about this one....HOT!!!  
The inside scoop on how affiliates can take advantage of the free traffic loophole, abandon their PPC campaigns and ride the free-click wave to the bank...   How to pick the perfect "Black Mask" keywords.  It'll feel like the Mafia accidentally dropped a bag of money on your doorstep.   How some BlackMaskers turn a $12 a month investment into $1,000, $5,000 or even $10,000 per month in their bank account! HOT!!!   Gain covert access to the Insider's automation tool-kit: the Insider doesn't like to do anything for himself, which is why he uses dozens of tools to automate everything from website creation, to keyword analysis... The Insider does everything faster, cheaper and with less effort than the 99% who drool over his checks.  
A step-by-step foolproof guide to finding your first "big money niche", siphoning off thousands of "freebie click", and profiting on auto pilot instantly HOT!!!


"And if you stay with me for just a few more minutes, I'm going to reveal the biggest Bonus Secret right here on this page.
I guarantee you won't want to miss it!"

So... Who Is The Insider?
I can't tell you much about him.  Some I've sworn not to reveal and much of the rest I just don't know.

I can tell you he's a quiet... secretive man... A man of distinction.

A hero to guys like us, but a nasty, James Bond style villain to the powers that be.

Can I tell to you that he does now... or has in the past worked for a famous search engine company in Mountain View, California?  

No... I can not.

Can I say in print... that he knows things about the inner workings of xxxxx because it was his job for 3 1/2 years?

No... I can not.

Can I state with total confidence that "The Insider's" cloak and dagger techniques are the best... and most effective that I've ever seen?

You bet I can.

Can I claim, with 100% honesty, that "The Insider's" deep, dark "free click" tactics have never been discovered by AdSense, any affiliate network or any other advertising revenue company...

And that he has never even once been so much as warned by them to stop?

I can.

I will.  

And I am.  

As a matter of fact... that point is so important, I must repeat it...

"The Insider's" Tactics Have Never Been Flagged By AdSense
Or Any Other Advertising Revenue Company!"


It's simple...

"Google can't tell you to stop if they don't even know
you're doing anything "nasty!"

Imagine that.  Slapping Google... and not getting slapped back.  

Do you have any idea what kind of power that is?

Now since I can't tell you much more about  my Insider... I'll tell you a little bit about me.

You probably already know who I am...

My name is Chris and while I'm only 24, over the last year, my partner and I built a pretty impressive online marketing business.  

You may know of "Affiliate Project X"... and "Day Job Killer..." where we took on, and conquered affiliate marketing... and sucked over a million bucks out of Clickbank.  

Instantly I became known among marketers as "the million dollar kid."  

After those 2 amazing successes, where we were responsible for helping average people like you, earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in what seemed like a blink of the eye... I wanted another challenge.  

And that challenge was put to me by our customers.  They wrote begging me to expose the truth about milking Google for thousands of FREE clicks - both affiliates and AdSense profiteers wanted the key to instant, auto-pilot traffic.

The problem: I knew almost NOTHING about it.

So I did what I always do. I dug deep to discover the best techniques I could find.  I bought countless books and studied all the gurus.  

And I have to admit, some of it seemed great... on paper.

But I couldn't just take the author's word for it.  I had to test each and every method.

The results were startling...

Nothing worked!

Okay, that's a little harsh to say.  Some of it worked... but so badly... and so minimally, that there was no way it lived up to the hype surrounding it.  And certainly not good enough for me to promise you could make a living from it, let alone break the bank.  

The Dead-Honest Truth Is...

It's 2007... Adwords is more expensive than ever, AdSense is "old-hat."  Using these techniques today gives you almost no chance of making the big money.  No chance of striking it rich.  No chance of ever living that life you dream of. When they say "AdSense is dead", that's the reality when it comes to anyone trying to eek out a living with these old-school techniques...

I knew I couldn't sell a product like that to you.  My name... and the Day Job Killer brand were far too important to me. I refuse to whore myself or my company for a dollar.

I just won't do it.

"Then just 15 hours before I was going to announce
that I was throwing in the towel... Before I was going to admit "they" had won... It happened..."

I was in London for a marketing seminar.  Sitting at The Cross Keys Pub on the West end. 11:10... a Saturday night.

I was about to pay my bar tab when someone passes me a note through the crowd.

Hoping it was from the lovely I'd been eyeing at the bar, I quickly unfolded it.

Once opened... I realized it had nothing to do with a lady.  It as far more exciting than that...

I was about to get lucky in a way I never imagined...  

The note read...

This was like a spy movie.  

If nothing else, I figured I'd get a good story out of it.  So I paid my tab and hit the door.

Once outside, I spotted someone lurking in the shadows.  Like a smoker waiting for someone to give him a spark.  

"This must be the guy," I thought.

I approached... cautiously at first...

Then he says, "Chris.  I'm Alex."

Turns out he had seen me at the seminar earlier that night and someone mentioned to him I was having no luck uncovering the secret to busting the AdSense safe wide open.

We spoke for hours.

That"meeting" revealed what "The Insider" called explosive truths.  But what I considered just more hype.

Remember,... I'd heard it all by then.  I bought every package... tried every breakthrough technique...  

I was over it. It was done.

I was feeling probably a lot like you are right now.  You listen to the hype from the self-promoting "gurus."  You read their persuasive sales letters and you begin to imagine how you too could hit the jackpot.

Then when you download their quickly thrown together pdf, you see the same old crap. Most of it you don't even bother trying, because you've tried it before.

You already know it won't work for you!

That's what I thought, how I felt, when I first met the Insider.

And yet... there was something compelling about this guy.  After all, he had my attention for nearly 4 hours.

He didn't have to twist my arm too much to get me to commit to lunch the next day.  He promised to bring his laptop so I could see his system in action.

Obviously, what he showed me was dynamite...

But how impressive, I would have never imagined.  

I'll finish that story in just a minute, but first I want to make sure we're both on the same page here.

Here's what you and I already know...

The "gurus" out there are not leveling with us.  They either lie about revealing "the truth" or they just don't know "the real truth."  

Or... as I suspect... they have back-pocket secrets they never reveal to us, no matter how much money we give them...

"The ultimate "how to quit your job" guide, extremely devious stuff..."

Take it from someone who has actually written a book on AdSense, you've made the entry-level to making a living online that much lower again. It's almost easy if you follow the step-by-step formulas

...excellent job finding this "Insider" - I don't know exactly how he got this information, but it's pretty much all new to me. In fact, I have never heard of anyone covering this much ground below $1,000...

Steven Jones, The AdSense Whizz Kid

Okay... getting back to the story...

"So... there we are at a small cafe off the hotel lobby...
'The Insider' pulls out his laptop..."

He begins to show me his "Black Mask" secrets in action...

Secrets that devastate the competition and automatically fill his pockets with cold hard cash, every single day.

"With my own eyes, I saw just some of these
deeply buried secrets revealed.  I was stunned... "

How to hide in plain sight, while directing FREE traffic to your site.  Targeted traffic itching to click on your ads!  "I saw __ visitors and __ clicks in just __ minutes!" Where he uses his ____ automated tool to create his first _____, giving him INSTANT FREE TRAFFIC anytime he wants it. The tool is not only free, but earns him the big bucks!  "He makes $___ per day with this one!" The simple-stupid way you can build an incredible volume of visitors in a very short time. And this is almost the complete OPPOSITE of the way the gurus teach. HOT!!!  "He opened the floodgates to ___ visitors in his first week!" The ingenious way to find and monetize what he calls... "low hanging fruit." Why work harder when you can work smarter and grab all the "easy" traffic you can handle?  "There's unlimited cash-sucking potential for affiliates"
The easy and FREE way to get the best possible keywords to annihiliate the paid competition.  It blew me away how he uses this dirty trick to make hundreds of dollars on 1 keyword! "Generating job-killing cash is easy if you pick the right words!" The secret "tools" the professional Blackhat gurus use to find the keywords ripe for the picking!  These are the same tools they never tell you about. Yet, getting rich is almost impossible without them. HOT!!! "Save time and rake in cash immediately!" The 3 "footprints" you're guaranteed to leave, if you do what the "gurus" tell you.  These traces are like breadcrumbs leading Google right to you. And of course he showed me how you'll be able to erase them permanently so we can move in silence   "Without this secret you have no shot at the big money!"  How he easily created landing pages with a sneaky little "device" that "forces" a keyword's use during a search.  I literally fell out of my chair when I saw this one! HOT!!!  "Instantly turns low paying ads into high paying ads!"

And that wasn't even all of it!

My head was spinning from this instant education I was receiving.  It turns out you and I have been doing it all wrong!

Yet, those in the know have been taking advantage of these tactics since the beginning of PPC.  They've been raping the system, and lining their own pockets while guys like you have been paying "experts" for last year's techniques and worthless half-truths.

"Something happened that day...  And the real truth about it just may knock you off your seat..."

"The Insider" had done more than just open my eyes to the truth.  He admitted that he knows at least one of the gurus knew this truth all along... he's been sitting on it since this whole "game" began...

But... guided by fear of losing their status and having a little competition for a change... or maybe it's pure greed.  Either way, they never let these secrets get out.

I concluded the main reason that very few of you hit the big money was obvious but almost criminal - You've all been misinformed.
You're all being groomed by Internet marketers and gurus, all pushing the same dream, and while the dream is perfect... the products are set up to ensure your failure. 

But this was nothing new to me...

I had seen it all before... the same thing was being done with Adwords and affiliate marketing.  That was before we busted that nut wide open, and changed the industry.

As a matter of fact, this whole thing was beginning to feel like deja vu.

Sure... it was a different market... different tactics... different gurus... But the same old greed and fear that forced outdated techniques on you, was back and it was thriving in this world of supposed "Blackhat riches."

It was that very meeting when I knew this was the guy the "Day Job Killer" team had to be in business with... The secret "Insider" to write the book on the darkest tactics ever used to dominate the game.  

And boy was I right.  What he wrote is destined to blow the lid off the entire game.

"...an extra $50k last year..."

"Insider, this book is so powerful I hope you don't release it to the public. What the hell are you thinking giving away these secrets?

Just one of these tricks has made me an extra 50k last year, and another allows me to easily exploit any niche I choose.
I am pretty heated you are even revealing this, but any way I had to drop you a line and let you know this was some AWESOME content you put together."

Jared Mason, Chicago, Illinois

Not The Same Old AdSense Rubbish... This Book Is Packed With Secrets Never Before Revealed In Such Detail... Many Of These Secrets Have Never Been Made Public Anywhere... Until Now!

So... be prepared for the flood gates to finally be open to you...

I'm not kidding...

It's Like There's A Tidal Wave Of Easy-Cash Headed Your Way... And All You Have To Do Is Stand In Front Of It!

Understand this:

Black Hat trickery can literally drive thousands of FREE visitors your way - traffic which you then leverage into AdSense clicks and affiliate commissions in a fully automated way. Black Maskers are already making millions each year...

Why should it all go to the big players?

Get your piece of this massive pie, with...


"No fluff... pure profit... "

Just every cash-in-your-pocket dirty trick, guaranteed to put you miles ahead of everyone else.
Don't waste your time with nonsense "theory" you don't need to know. Don't let this once in a lifetime opportunity pass you by. You may have less time than you think to get this explosive book! The insider exposes how to...
How to leech off "high profile" sites to get a quick flood of free traffic, and instantly leverage that flood into massive AdSense or affiliate checks (take your pick)
  How to quickly find...
...your very first "big money niche" using the Insider's covert tool-kit. Seek and locate your own personal niche, milk it for all its worth and keep it going on auto-pilot
  How to quickly churn out... ... mega-keyword-lists using untested niches as your building material. Untested niches are like the secret source that almost no one seems to be exploiting.  HOT!!!   Why you want to build up a lucractive portfolio...
How some pocket $1,000, $2,000, $3,000 or more each and every day with a portfolio of little "mini opportunities" that other's are ignorant of. Multiplication is the key and then the sky truly is the only limit you face.  HOT!!!   Ethically hijack your competitor's keywords...
How to give yourself an instant "unfair advantage" over the competition by using censored!  This trick alone is worth 10 times the price of the entire book!
  Why the Insider automates everything he does to "lock in" his profit...
How to generate the highest conversions with the least amount of traffic. Again... multiplication through automated software is your best friend.
  The opportunities you should always, always ignore...
Some niches are so difficult to profit from, we avoid them at any cost. Remember: the Insider hates work and targets the "low hanging fruit" to pull in his $7,000/month...
  The "bait" which guarantees a flood of free clicks each time... How to use the competition's "footprints" to make your own campaigns more profitable... and how to eliminate "footprints from your sites, ensuring you'll outlast them all! It's like having your cake and eating it too! HOT!!!   Why being "streetwise" is better than being a "goody-goody"
You might prefer to spend months building your sites on the advice of the gurus. The Insider shuns such fool-hardy and wasteful practices. He likes his profits the lazy way. Learn how he does it...

"And remember, the entire system runs on auto-pilot. The Insider has no offices, staff or headaches of any kind. Nothing..."

Well, nothing apart from the know-how to exploit a "Google loophole" to make masses of money on the Internet for doing very little. All the Insider did was tap into a back-door, decide how to monetize it, push a few buttons and quietly siphon off the returns - as much as $7,000 in a single month.

Now, this is far from normal. Some would say it's downright impossible given how little the Insider invested in terms of time. After all, there are quite a few things you would normally need to do to make $7,000 a month on the Internet. Let me just spell out exactly what the Insider managed to avoid to make his $7,000 the easy way:

...create a product or create ANY content whatsoever - the Insider leverages off two things: a loophole in Google's system, and other people's time and effort. He just sits in the middle and collects his cut...
...buy any advertising - no PPC, Adwords and no expensive "SEO work" and yet the Insider gets free clicks from the same search engines as the rest of us. The difference is, his methods "short cut" the system for free, instant results..
...ever create a website himself - he doesn't know or care about html, seo rankings, quality scores, or any technical crap...  
... need to know about AdSense or affiliate marketing - but you will learn how to make almost illegal amounts of money from both.  
... require masses of capital - there are no advertising costs (even though some spend thousands on the same traffic the Insider gets for free)
...need staff or an office - everything is painlessly done from the privacy of your home, with a bit of cunning and a few pieces of "automated software"

...I remember when I first discovered the techniques the Insider was using. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that... this is just about the perfect lazy business... one with which anyone with a mouse and an internet connection could make life-changing cash with.


You take a couple days to put this plan into action.

You do what "The Insider" tells you... and do it when he tells you to do it.  Then you take a day off. Doing whatever you want to do with your free time.

Then come back a day later to see your account stuffed full of cash. You're now drowning in money, after just 24 hours.  

Can you feel the excitement raging though your body?  It feels like a drug flowing through your blood..

Think about that feeling.  

If I decide to join you and exploit the loophole, what do I receive?

The Black Mask method is a simple self study program that teaches you exactly how to become a super-profitable Black-Masker from home.

I assume absolutely ZERO knowledge about AdSense, affiliate marketing or anything similar. But, even if you have been trying to crack the AdSense code - or make a full-time living as an affiliate - for years, it doesn't matter.

The Black Mask techniques are so dirty, nasty and outright illicit that you have never imagined such a system could exist. And you certainly won't have heard of anything this powerful before.

It starts from the basics, leads you step-by-step through the simple Black Mask blueprint and then brings it all together with a series of simple-to-follow, completely underground, methods.

I have spent a lot of time getting this right for you, a great deal of effort making sure that the techniques used by a small, crafty elite can be followed as easily as possible by those who need it the most.

And let me be absolutely clear on something - however much money you siphon off for yourself, it won't affect my personal earnings, or those of the Insider, one bit.

There's an almost unlimited pot of money, and we could only hope to make a small dent in the billions that are made each year. No matter how much cash you suck from the net with this step-by-step blueprint, no-one would even know the money had changed hands.

The entire process is completely anonymous. No-one will ever know how much you make, or how you do it.

It's your own "little secret", so to speak....

So... How Much Is This Going To Cost?

I can tell you it will be far less than it's worth... and even much less than you'd expect.  I'll give you the price, but first a question...

How much is it worth to you, to have financial freedom?  Waking up anytime you want... working when you feel like it... imagine what it could be like for you...

If someone came to you and handed you the lifestyle of your dreams how much would you pay for it?

$500? $2,000? In short, you would be smart to pay far, far more than that. You'd have to be insane not to see what a great deal that is.  I'd sign deals like that everyday if I had the opportunity.

But I won't charge you $2,000 or even $500 for your life-changing Black Mask Bible.

If you were given the tools you needed to conquer an entire industry, strip mining it of its resources, and putting all that money in your pocket... a seemingly endless stream of cash...

Would you pay $1,000 for that?  Sure! Who wouldn't?

But you won't pay $1,000... or even $500 for this wealth of information.

I have to confess, my partners wanted me to release "Operation: Black Mask" for $397. And I thought about it, long and hard...

...But I wanted us to make a statement here. I wanted to send a message.  They need to know we're not going to stand for it anymore...

Because, once this valuable information is out there, their worthless books just won't be needed any longer.  Never again will someone have to waste their money on crap. In my mind, getting this book into your hands quickly... that sends them a powerful message.  

It's like shooting a cannonball across their bow. And if you know me, you know that's exactly the kind of statement I like to make.

So I initially settled on $147.  I think that's a fair price... and certainly a mere fraction of a fraction of how much you'll be getting from it.  

And $147 will be the price we settle on after this initial release.

But because I want to get this book into the hands of the most deserving marketers very quickly... I'm going to put it out at a test price of $97.

Think about it this way... a $97 investment that can bring you in an unlimited stream of profits.

"I can't stress how important it is for you to take action RIGHT NOW. These tactics are so dirty... so nasty... so dangerous...
I'm 99% sure the powers-that-be are going to shut me down..."

There's a very good chance if you let this go long enough, you will come back only to find this page permanently banned. Then where would you be?  Stuck in the same endless cycle of buying crap, then sitting around twiddling your thumbs while making no money, and waiting for the next piece of crap to come along.

Don't let this happen to you.

"Okay... if you order now... and are among the very first to act,


That's right... I'm throwing in NOTHING.  

Why would I do this?  Why would I buck the trend and blatantly tell you you're only getting the 1 book?

It's because "Project Black Mask" is all you need.  

In this one manual, you'll find every dirty trick you'll use to reign over the net like an out of control tyrant. The ultimate kingpin who answers to no one and plays by his own rules.

Every bleeding edge... darkside tactic you could ever want, is revealed in this simple book.  

No fluff... no theory... Just "tools" that will make you money... hand over fist... guaranteed!

And while "The Insider" wrote it... Together we worked for months to rewrite it, ensuring the uninitiated... the non-techno-geeks like me could easily "get it."
That means you get nothing but easy to understand... priceless information, designed in a simple to follow step-by-step course!

And there's another reason I'm not adding any phony, puffed up crap bonuses to this to turn it into a "package."

It's a secret...  A very special bonus "secret."  One of the biggest secrets in marketing that most of the newbies and many of the more experienced (who should know better), fall for...

It's the sham of piling on worthless bonuses.  You see lesser products do it all the time. They charge you $300 for a book worth $10, then justify the expense by throwing in everything but the kitchen sink as a "module" or "pod" that is supposed to make you more money.  

PDFs that have nothing to do with the real book... out of date audios... re-branded junk files that are only free because that's exactly how much they're worth.

Here's my question...

If the main book is so "earth-shattering..." so "ground-breaking..." the best thing since the wheel was invented... Then why would that extra stuff even be needed?  

I'm not here to insult your intelligence.  I'm just here to help you make tons of cash online, whether you're a fresh newbie or a seasoned vet. If that's not good enough for you, then I have no problem with you clicking away right now.

But before you do, understand this...

"I'm walking a very narrow tightrope here. On one side there's a pit of hungry gators... and on the other there's a pool filled with
razor blades and lemon juice..."

My quandary is simple... I want this book to get into as many hands as possible... but at the same time, the tactics contained in it, can not be given to just anyone. 

So... I'm going to limit the distribution at this price.  After that number has been reached, this book will probably go away for ever.

Because of this, I ask you if you're not going to take action and actually USE the information... the strategies... the cash-sucking tactics from this book... And use them as directed and outlined, please don't place your order.  

No one benefits from this book just sitting on your hard drive gathering e-dust. These practices need to be implemented.

Are you still unsure?  Would you rather be safe than sorry?

Well... you have nothing to worry about. I take all the risk!  Because your investment is backed by my personal...

100% cast-iron, for-any-reason 8 week money-back guarantee...

This gives you a full 56 days to put these Black Mask Tactics in place, and begin siphoning off massive mounds of cash from the billion dollar giants.

Instantly download the Black Mask package, read the step-by-step blueprint, watch the concise multimedia training videos.

Do whatever it takes to convince yourself that it's possible to retire from the rat-race and make enough money for a super lifestyle.

If for any reason, you aren't satisified, let us know for a full, unconditional 8 week refund of you money..

If after those 8 weeks, you don't stuff 100 times the purchase price into your pockets, you get all your money back.


I'll go even one better...

I'm so confident in what is contained in this book, that you could use it for 7 weeks, 6 days and 23 hours...

... then decide you don't want it anymore.  Still I'll give you your money back...

NO questions asked...

You could use these blacker than black tactics the whole time... You could earn yourself tens of thousands of dollars...

And even then, you could tell me you want your money back and you'll get it... just for asking.

Some think I'm crazy for offering such a bold guarantee. And maybe they're right.  But one thing's for sure... you'd be crazy not to download the Black Mask blueprint.  

And do it right now...

So... the way I see it, you have 2 choices...

You can take advantage of the opportunity you're being given, and invest in your future by investing just a little bit in this book. You can change your life from what it is now... to whatever you want it to be. Or...

You could just keep doing what you're doing now.  Running around in an endless cycle of trying to make money and failing. Then hoping "the answer" finally arrives that can shoot your bottom line into the stars, and make you wildly profitable.

Seriously... put some thought into this. That answer you've been searching for... the solution to that problem...is right here, staring you in the face.

"This space reserved
for your success story!


Chris, I'm ready to have the power to tell the
hotshot gurus where to stuff it, and swipe from rich.

I'm ready to invest in my future... invest in...

PROJECT: Black Mask

I understand that this is a one time, limited offer and....

YES... I want to live the lifestyle that I've always dreamed of - the holidays, the freedom, the money. I WANT IT ALL.
YES... I am sick of all the B.S. and want to know exactly how the Insider's cleans up day-in, day-out using these brand new "Black Mask" tactics.
YES... I know the offer carries zero risk. And that this crazy low $97 price will be going up very soon.   YES... I realize this groundbreaking book, "Project: Black Mask" is available instantly as a download.   YES... I want to download it right now!

Get Instant Download Access To...
Operation: Black Mask

You can buy "Operation: Black Mask" for $147 or the special discounted price of $97 for those willing to help by sending me their success stories.
But You Have To Act NOW!

[Click Here To Gain Access!](http://1.cashmask.pay.clickbank.net/)

Instant download in PDF format. Even if it's 2 in the morning, it's as good a time as any to get rich!

Just click on the link above to get started

Do it now!

To Your Long Overdue Success,

And The Day Job Killer Team

P.S. Remember... these are not the same old techniques you may have read about before.  These are the real deal "Insider" secrets to sucking all that money out of AdSense and the other advertising bigshots, by using the blackest of black tactics.  These days Blackhat may as well be pink.  But with Black Mask all you end up with is green... lots and lots of green.

[Order Now Before I Raise The Price!](http://1.cashmask.pay.clickbank.net/)

P.P.S. Instead of wishful thinking... Why don't you arm yourself with these down and dirty secrets?  If you don't... your competition still will.  Don't you owe it to yourself... to your efforts to finally try something that really works?   I think you know the answer.  We both do.

[I'm Done Trying To Make Money Off Table Scraps.
I Want The Secrets!](http://1.cashmask.pay.clickbank.net/)

P.P.P.S. The future... your financial future comes backed by an unbeatable 8 week, 100% money back, pledge.  If you don't put thousands in your pocket in 56 days... Or... if you for any reason in that time period want your $97 back, you'll get it... just for asking. No questions... no quibbles... no problem.  I can offer this because I'm that confident you'll never need to ask.  But if for some reason you do... your money will be refunded with a smile.

[No more messing around.  I'm going to dive into the deep end
with Operation: Black Mask. The only proven, blacker-than-
Blackhat system for conquering the darkside of SEO.
And I'm doing it now!](http://1.cashmask.pay.clickbank.net/)

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