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What if there was a low cost way to create your own iPhone AND Droid apps AND let these apps make money for YOU in a matter of weeks?

And you don't have to do ANY programming at all!

I've done this, and you can do the exact same thing!

Remember the iFart app? Farting sounds earned that developer $54,657 in just thirty days! Now the new Angry Birds app is taking the Android and iPhone by storm, and is makng over $900,000 EVERY MONTH. Every download is money in the bank. Wouldn't it be nice if that was going into your pocket?

The strategy I have developed for monetizing your very own apps will guide you from square one right through your first solid paycheck and it requires NO PROGRAMMING. Don't delay! Tap into this exploding market today!

What's the trick?

The trick is there is no trick. It's no secret that outsourcing the programming of your app is how to get the app built, but there is SO much more that goes into having a successful app.  It's like saying that all you need to do to build a new house is hire a plumber.

The guide I am offering you includes everything you need to create, market and profit from the apps you bring to market.

The most important element here is to get in early – don't delay!

This market is huge and it's growing every day, but it won't grow forever. Target your niche today before someone else does, and make that residual PASSIVE income YOURS!

You can earn money even while you sleep when people in different time zones and different parts of the world download YOUR app!


[Click Here to order today!](http://www.unbeatableappdevelopment.com/linklokcb.php?order=http://1.goofydad.pay.clickbank.net)

Why am I helping you with this? The answer is simple: I am diversifying. The more sources of income I can build, the better off I will be. My apps are making me great money. Now my promotion of how I made that money will make me money too. It's that simple. Once you have made money with your apps, you can diversify by sharing your knowledge too.

And this is the knockout punch that I can't believe isn't emphasized enough.  In this guide, I show you EXACTLY how to do what will earn you the absolute most amount of money possible!

As I mentioned, I have done this and it works. Even if your app finds only a fraction of the success of Angry Birds, you will be making a large amount of money, fast. Try my system once and you will see that it works. Once you've found success with one targeted app, try another. The more apps you target and market, the more money you will make.

Have a sneak peek at just the second page of the Table of Contents of the e-book:


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Here is what you get
104 page comprehensive e-book Sample Non-Disclosure Agreement Entire e-book on MP3 BONUS #1: Break-even Analysis BONUS #2: Earnings Calculator BONUS #3: Special Report – The Key to Maximum Earnings


This offer is only available at this price for a limited time FOR THOSE WHO ACT EARLY! I will be raising the price to the regular $99 price VERY SOON so don't delay!

See what these reviewers had to say:

Now find out for yourself how all that I give you can change YOUR life!

[Click Here to order today!](http://www.unbeatableappdevelopment.com/linklokcb.php?order=http://1.goofydad.pay.clickbank.net)

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This is an offer you won't regret! I am so confident in the material and how YOU can earn extra money with apps that I will offer you a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee! Simply email me at [michael@UnbeatableAppDevelopment.com](mailto:michael@unbeatableappdevelopment.com) if you aren't satisfied

Customer service email – [michael@UnbeatableAppDevelopment.com](mailto:michael@unbeatableappdevelopment.com)

The e-book and special reports are in .pdf format – you will need a pdf reader such as Adobe Acrobat to view these files.  The breakeven and earnings calculator are in .xls format – you will need a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel or Open Office to view these files.  And, the audio version of the e-book is in MP3 format – you will need an audio player to hear these files.

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Income and earnings results are atypical.

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