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Learn PHP by Yourself
In 11 Hours

With PHP Yourself book by Aaron J. Norman you will learn how to improve your site with PHP!

Learn PHP the easy way

PHP Yourself takes you on a fun journey by the end of which you will be able to:

Personalize your web site
Create your own PHP-scripts
Generate HTML pages with PHP
Store and access data in MySQL databases
Create simple SQL queries
Read & modify almost any PHP-script
Create registration/authorization on your site
Create quizzes
Create CAPTCHA to protect your site against bots
Create a simple file sharing service
And much more...
The book is written in a plain English, you don't have to be a programmer to understand it.

12 video tutorials with more than 170 minutes of practical PHP knowledge will make your learning easy and enjoyable.

Aaron did a great job putting together all that PHP knowledge.
It's amazing how one book and a couple hours of video tutorials can teach you so much about something that you've never dealt with.

I was a dummy in PHP and all that programming stuff before I bought PHP Yourself package.

Now I can create really powerful dynamic web sites.

I personally recommend PHP Yourself package to everyone.

Kevin Novak

Why Do You Need to Learn PHP?

Save Hundreds of Dollars on
Programmer Services

It is not a secret that HTML is not enough to create a really powerful web site.

PHP on the other hand gives you the power to personalize your web pages, interact with your visitors and customers in variety of ways, create password-protected sections of your site and much much more.

Add to that the fact that you can find almost any script you need among thousands of free PHP scripts around the Internet.

You might say: "But I don't know anything about PHP or programming!".

PHP Yourself book will change that in a couple of hours.

It is your choice: pay $20-$150 to a professional programmer every time you need to add or change something on your web site or learn how to do it yourself and save time and money!

The benefits of PHP Yourself course are obvious:
Tasks You took PHP Yourself course You hired a programmer 1. Write a simple PHP script For Free, by yourself $30-$80 2. Read & understand almost any PHP-script For Free, by yourself $20-$40 3. Modify almost any PHP-script For Free, by yourself $30-$70 4. Create a PHP+MySQL application For Free, by yourself $80-$150
Order PHP Yourself now and save hundreds of dollars on professional programmer services.
I always pictured programming as something difficult.
Being a web-designer myself I often need to write something on PHP, and I always spent a lot of money on programmer services.

When I purchased PHP Yourself package I was surprised how easy it was for me to learn PHP.

Now I'm doing it all by myself, saving money and getting more experience at the same time.
Daria, web-designer

Learn From a Pro and Become One Yourself

My name is Aaron J. Norman and I'm the author of PHP Yourself book and a professional PHP programmer for more than 6 years. For that time I created a couple dozens of web sites from the ground up by myself.

I also helped hundreds of people by creating PHP scripts for their sites.

Maybe I even wrote something for you!

I love what I do because it gives me freedom. Look at the table below and see how being a PHP programmer benefits your life.

Benefits PHP programmer Regular job Choose your work Choose your own work schedule Work as much as you want Be your own boss Sleep till noon
Are you thinking about changing your regular job to a better one?  PHP programming gives you great opportunities and satisfaction.

If want to become a PHP programmer, but have no idea where to start, start with PHP Yourself book!

At the beginning of my career I would have saved months if I had such book in my disposal.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me - .

I have an office job that I hate, doing boring stuff 8 hours a day. I have been looking for better options for a while and recently came across PHP Yourself package.
I decided to give it a shot and try myself as a freelance developer. It's been only 2 weeks and I already have my first client. I'm still keeping my old job, but I'm sure that's not for long!

PHP Yourself gave me a quick start, but certainly there is so much more to learn.

I hope Aaron will write another book for advanced PHP programmers with more complicated PHP tricks.

Thank you for your book!

freelance PHP developer

What Is Inside The Package?

Component #1
PHP Yourself book

PHP Yourself has everything you need to get started with PHP.

Nine chapters of extremely useful information:
Easy-to-understand PHP theoretical information
160 examples on PHP, SQL and HTML
Descriptions for 91 PHP functions
Examples of working with MySQL databases
Basics of SQL language

The book is written in a plain English, you don't have to be a programmer to understand it.

This is an electronic book  that you can download in PDF format right after the payment is received.

It is really informative book. Every line gives you useful information. I'm surprised no one wrote book like this before.
Great deal for people who wants quick results.

Alexander Wutt,
web master

Component #2
75 Minutes of Demonstrational Videos

Once you are done reading PHP Yourself book there are some videos for you to watch.

There are 5 video tutorials that contain practical examples of using information from PHP Yourself book.

The length of the videos is more than 75 minutes!

All these video tutorials are available for download once the payment is received.

Component #3
65 Minutes of Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

This incredible package also includes  65 minutes of step-by-step video tutorials which will teach you how to create:
Registration on your web site
Authorization on your web site
CAPTCHA's and protect your site against bots
File sharing system (like rapidshare, hotfile etc.)
For each video there is a ready-to-use PHP script!

All these video tutorials are available for download once the payment is received.

Great idea to record videos with PHP-script creation process.
Really helped me to understand what goes where and more importantly why!

Looking forward to new video tutorials.

Richard M.,

Component #4
Wamp Server and PhpMyAdmin Video Tutorials

In addition to all that I present you two more video tutorials.

The first video will help you to install the Wamp Server, a free software for testing  PHP-scripts on your local machine, which includes:
PHP interpreter (the latest version)
Apache web-server (the latest version)
MySQL database server (the latest version)
PhpMyAdmin software (the latest version)

The second video will show you how to:
Manipulate MySQL databases, tables and data in it
Use SQL queries to manage the info in databases
Use PhpMyAdmin to simplify work with databases
Order PHP Yourself Course Now!

... I was surprised to see so much of valuable information being sold for such a small price.
I honestly expected it to be at least twice as expensive ...

Kevin Novak


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