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ATTENTION: Cityville Addict Releases The FIRST Step By Step Guide That Will SHOW You How To Blast Your Way To Level 80! Max Out Your City Coins And Cash, Unlock ALL The Awesome Skyscraper Condos, Tower Eats, Tennis Courts, Swimming Pools, Decorations And Community Buildings In Less Than 2 Weeks From Now!


Dear Future Cityville Tycoon,

Firstly let me welcome you to the CV Masterplan and introduce myself – my name is Paulie Barker and for the last few months I have been VERY busy!

Now don’t worry I am not going to bore you with my life story!

I want to get straight to the point – so read on, this won’t take long and let me show you how I can REALLY show you how to build your Cityville city FAST!

So How Did CV Masterplan Come About?

Well as you know if you are here, Cityville can be tough!

It is not so much that the game IS difficult it is more that everything is to do with timing and strategies.

Also as it is an online game and you are playing with and against real people it makes it so much more difficult to beat the people that are really dedicated to having a "MEGA" city!

Now back to how the guide came about...

Basically I love Cityville! I am a REAL player and have reached level 60 and unlocked everything in the game to put it bluntly!

This did not happen overnight and I admit to learn the strategies that I am going to release here today I spent FAR too much time on Cityville!

Just so you can tell I am not full of hot air here is what I have achieved:


I have unlocked all the Skyscraper Condos just reached level 80 and have all FOUR landmarks - Pearl Tower, Big Ben, Empire State And The Chicago Tower!

As well as that I have Glass Condos, Atrium Lofts And Tower Eats, maxed out both my City Coins and Cash And Got EVERY Collection In The Game - Swimming Pools, Tennis Courts, Garden Sheds, Decorations And Community Buildings!

I still have 32,412,892 coins and over 300 Cash left!

I am going to show you how to do the same today within 2 weeks...

Here is a screen shot of me leveling so you can see I am not full of hot air!

Unfortunately Zynga do not allow us to post any screen shots directly from the game but this is from my Wall:


Today I am going to show you the EXACT strategy you can use step by step to do the same in less than 2 weeks!

Before I decided to release these secrets I was helping out about a few friends on Facebook everyday!

It started with a few people that needed help as new players building their experience points and money.

Helping people lay out their city properly to increase payout's!

How to keep track of your crops and not have to worry about them wilting again.

Things quickly got out of hand though and from 1 or 2 close friends I was receiving help requests from 20 – 30 people a day!

I did not have time to help everyone and of course it was taking time away from my OWN city!

Then one of my friends sent me a message that got me thinking!

Here is how it went:


I have an idea for a way that you can help Cityville players without it taking too much time from you.
You have seen all these Cityville guides crop up in the last few weeks right?

You should do a PROPER Cityville guide from an actual player and release your step by step plan!
I bet half these people don’t even play the game but YOU DO so it would be awesome!
Anyway, just an idea!



That was it!

It DID get me thinking and of course Pete was absolutely right!

I HAD seen all these Cityville guides crop up over the last few weeks and in fact I remember being a little confused by some of them!

For instance I have seen some guides that have screenshots showing over 400,000,000 coins left at level 60!

Now I am not saying they are lying – but as a REAL Cityville Player it does seem a bit hard to believe!

You can see my screenshot above of my account and I KNOW what I am doing!

Also I will show you other people that have built their cities using THIS guide that are REAL players!

Anyway I digress – it got me thinking...

There were so many guides out there that could just be a collection of forum posts, or free info from a Wiki basically nothing of substance that will help you build your City.

Well I was going to change all of that...

As a REAL player of the game I decided Pete was right and got to work putting together a guide that will show you how to build the ULTIMATE Cityville City.

However I wanted to do more than this...

I didn't want CV Masterplan to just be a collection of hints and tips – you can get them anywhere right?

You will need more than this if you want to build an awesome city!

So I have made CV Masterplan a complete step by step guide that you can pick up and run with at ANY level!

You just need to follow the step by step strategies and in 2 weeks (or less!) you will have a level 60 City with EVERYTHING unlocked in the game or pretty darn close to it!

Let me introduce:

Here are some of the things you will learn today:


How to get started as a new player and the things you MUST do to get a good head start! This strategy is GOLDEN and will save you having to rebuild your city later on!

Coining It In! – What 95% of Cityville players are MISSING when it comes to making coins FAST! Let me show you how it is done!

The Perfect City Layout Revealed! – This took some trial and error I can tell you! Now you have the perfect City layout without the struggle!

Keep Your Businesses Running! – It’s all about supply and demand! Let me show you how this is done!

Love Thy Neighbor! – Too right! Let me show you how to get hundreds of REAL neighbors fast – by real I mean by not spamming friends or getting on peoples nerves!

Cityville Cash! – Filling out surveys? Breaking your bank balance? Ok, let me show you a way that you can legally get more Cityville Cash without making yourself go mad!

Level 80 Here We Come! – You are going to kick yourself when I show you this secret to leveling FAST! You will love it though!

No Guesswork! – Simple step by step strategies that you can use to turn your failing city into a dominating metropolis in no time!

Build The Ultimate City In Under 2 Weeks! – That’s right! I am giving you the EXACT strategy to build your ultimate city and unlock everything in the game in less than 2 weeks!


All 100% Legal And Hack Free!


Cityville is a game, and games have rules right?

Well you can be sure that the CV Masterplan guide sticks within those rules and gives you a step by step plan to building your ultimate City and unlocking everything!

You don’t have to worry about hacks or cheats in the guide as there are none.

Just put in 30 mins to 3 hours a day, follow the strategy and build the Ultimate City!

NOTE: You do sometimes get messages saying that you are hacking from jealous onlookers! You can enjoy them though!

So How Do I KNOW That The CV Masterplan Works?

Fair question!

I also thought about this!

It is only fair that you get proof that the guide works – I mean it is all well and good showing MY Cityville account but what about yours?

What about if you are new to the game?

Well I decided to get some case studies to test out the techniques in the guide!

Here were the rules I set:

I am not allowed to help in ANY way, shape or form – all I did was send them the guide!

They had to have limited time – kids, work commitments etc... I wanted to see if the plan REALLY would work for anyone!

They had to commit to 30 mins a day – I think this is fair. I didn’t want someone putting in 5 mins and then saying “It doesn’t work!” OK so here is how they did:

CV Masterplan Case Study #1

Does The Guide Really Build You The Ultimate City?

Have A Look!

The first case study we did was a lady called Maribeth Nacionales and to verify this she has kindly let us use her Facebook profile page:


You will need to be logged into Facebook to be able to view her City etc... but as you can see this is NOT just a joke testimonial!

It is from someone that is using the guide and making FAST progress!

The City is called Marcusville and at the top of writing she has managed to get to level 60 using the techniques in the guide!

After you have had a good look at her City come back and let's get you started building an awesome City fast!







CV Masterplan Case Study #2

Here's Another City Making FAST progress:

The second case study we did was for Leah-Lyn Madlangsakay and you can see the profile here:


Again you will need to be logged in to view the City.

At the time of writing and the guide launch this City is at level 63 but is probably higher now!


Build Your City Like This One With The CV Masterplan!


So What Are The Benefits Of Using CV Masterplan?


Get The Most Expensive Buildings! - Ready To Get The Skyscraper Condos?

Get Your Level Up! - All The While Building Your City!

Help The Community! - Get Baseball Fields Hospitals And Dominate Your Neighbors!

Build Your Businesses! - Wait Till You Own The Tower Eats! Here Comes The Money!

Don't Forget Decorations! - Let Me Show You How To Get ALL Of Them!

+ Much More...


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