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From: The Desk Of Confessions Of A Green Living Addict

Dear Friend,

You are on this website for one reason and one reason only:

You want to know how to start living a greener lifestyle either because you want to do your part in caring for the planet or you want to save money..

Whatever your reason for wanting to take steps towards a greener lifestyle, give yourself a great big pat on the back - you've just taken the first step towards doing your part in helping our planet repair itself.

Believe it or not, one person can make a significant difference, and as you discover just how cost effective it really is to 'go green', you'll have even more incentive to focus on the bigger picture.

As someone who was stubborn with change, it took a lot for my family and I to even consider living a green lifestyle. We were used to throwing trash out in one big heap, and having to sacrifice time and convenience in order to become part of the 'green team', just seemed like more hassle than it was worth.

But there is one reason above all others that motivates even the most stubborn person to start turning their direction towards a greener life .. money.

We all want to save as much as possible, and if a greener life can help us do that, we'll jump on the bandwagon faster than you can say.. well, green.

And I'm about to show you how to save THOUSANDS of dollars in personal and household expenses without ever having to sacrifice any time or convenience AND without having to make a full transition all at once!

Simple Changes Will Yield Great Results!

"Adopt A Greener Lifestyle And Put More Money In Your Pocket Every Single Month!"

People have many different reasons for going green. For some of us, it is a matter of simply needing to cut down our energy costs and learning the techniques that others were learning to reduce our monthly bills as much as possible.

There are simple methods that don't require any difficult lifestyle changes that will directly help you reduce your monthly bills, while improving the world around you.

It's simple, it's fast and it's effective..

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The first major shock came with the monthly hydro bill. Up until now, I was used to paying $300-400 a month in heat and electricity costs for a family of 7. After the first month of making simple conscious changes to the way we were living, such as turning off the lights when we weren't using them had clearly paid off.

Our hydro bill was $47 lower than it ever had been before!

$47, you say? Not much money to some, but over a period of a year, that's a savings of over $600.00!

And remember, this was our FIRST month even attempting to "go green".

Six months later and our fuel costs had decreased by over 40%, our hydro bill had dwindled down to less than $200 a month AND our fuel costs and even our grocery bill had been shockingly lowered to that of a 2 person family!

And it gets even better..

These changes that you can make are not only simple, but require absolutely no time on your part. In fact, there are incredibly shocking techniques that can lower your monthly expenses that can be done within minutes!

Even if you aren't interested in saving the planet, you certainly want to save more money right?

This is exactly how to do it..

Introducing.. Greener Pastures!

The Complete Guide To Green Living

The Greener Pastures guide offers a comprehensive, step by step guide to living a greener lifestyle.

Do your part to save the planet and save money in the process! The techniques and strategies are simple and effective!

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There are literally dozens of ways that you can start living a greener lifestyle that will not only give you that warm feeling that you are truly doing something for the planet, but these techniques will save you thousands of dollars every year in household costs!

Here is just a sample of what is included within the "Greener Pastures" guide:

There are proven strategies to reducing EVERY personal expense in your life. I reveal the most powerful techniques that will change your outlook, forever.

How to save hundreds of dollars on household cleaners by using simple ingredients to create your own! Not only are these cheaper but they are far more effective alternatives than expensive cleaners!

How to instantly save up to $580.00 on heating costs! According to green living focus groups, the average household can save up to $1,000 in heating costs by adapting simply changes to their homes. I'll show you how ONE simple "trick" can instantly reduce your heating costs by up to 75%!

Why you need to live a greener lifestyle if you currently suffer from allergies, asthma and skin irritations or rashes and what the REAL culprit is!

Find out how one simple change in your day to day life can save up to $400 a month in grocery costs, regardless of your family size!

And Much, Much More!

Greener Pastures..

Available for a VERY Limited Time!

Now Only $37.00!


Face The Facts: You're An Energy Hog!

I was shocked to discover just how careless I had been with my energy consumption. I paid no attention to the vast amount of energy used in simple appliances (did you know that even when your DVD player, microwave, T. V or even computer isn't being used - just by having it plugged in, it's consuming electricity?).. no wonder our power bills are through the roof!

But once I began to make simple changes to my daily to day life, I witnessed absolutely shocking results very quickly.

There was NO greater evidence that going green is the best thing not only for our planet, but for budgeting, personal finances and being able to save up for the future than there is once you see just how much money you can save by 'going green'!

Now is the time to get started! Download the "Greener Pastures" guide and find out how you can make small changes that will yield MASSIVE results!

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As soon as your payment is authorised (this usually takes less than a minute), you will be given instructions on how to download your guide.

The Ultimate Guide To Going Green Permanently!


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