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Monster Galaxy Authority Guide! - The #1 Monster Galaxy Guide!

WARNING! Your friends will want to know how you got so many high
level Moga!

Here's the proof: Find out how I became THE AUTHORITY in Monster
Galaxy, finding every Moga, capturing any Moga I desired and levelling
past players who had been playing three times as long while still
having huge numbers of Star Seeds, Blue Coffee and Whistles left to



Are you sick of not having high level Moga? Do you see other players
with large collections of Moga, bragging about how they just caught a
new rare monster?

You have probably been frustrated at not being able to complete a
difficult quest or running out of Star Seeds right when a rare Monster
appears in front of you!

I've been there, I understand that frustration, made even worse by
new players who seem to just dominate from the very first second they
play! I used to ask myself;

* Are these players spending real money on the game?
* How are they getting such high level Moga so quickly?!
* Why am I being outlevelled by players who started yesterday!

I kept asking myself these questions, eventually deciding to go on a
quest for the secrets of these players.

I spent a lot of time working out the secrets of their play, jotting
down note after note for hours on end! I messaged every top player I
could find, asking question after question to try and get closer to
their secrets, until eventually...


Reading all the replies from top players, I realised I was playing
incorrectly! A few of the replies had tips and tricks to follow and I
instantly saw results. Encouraged, I decided to dedicate a lot of time
to refining all the information I uncovered into a perfect strategy.


After many, MANY hours of detailed testing (I'm a bit of a
perfectionist), I had perfected my strategies and was dominating the

Perfecting my strategy was having a strange side-effect however; I
was getting constant Facebook friends requests and messages, asking
me for help, asking for my strategy.

I realised it was going to be impossible to keep up with helping
everyone that asked, but I still wanted to help as many people as I
could, I wanted to give back to the community that had helped me
master the game...

That is why I created the:


This is the first, original AND best guide for Monster Galaxy!

I have spent hour upon hour making sure every last detail within is
perfect so that you can dominate straight away!

In the guide (PDF formatted) I lay out all the tips, trick and
secrets that go into the perfect strategies I discovered that
transformed me from a frustrated, fumbling player into Moga Master!


If you're wondering whether this guide is for you, you're probably
either saying;

I'm too experienced to gain anything from this...
I'm just starting, this guide will be too advanced...

Fortunately, I have designed the guide with every stage of player in
mind. Whether you're a complete beginner who has never played before
OR someone who's played a while, you will find strategies that will
take your play to the next level!

I have gone to great lengths to ensure every word in this guide is
helpful. There is no filler and every strategy is 100% legal; no
cheats, hacks or unethical behaviour that will lose you friends and
get your account banned.


Here is a sample of what is included within the guide;

Learn some simple tricks that will instantly give you an advantage
over nearly all other players!
For new players, starting out RIGHT can make a huge difference in how
much effort it takes to dominate Monster Galaxy; this guide explains
everything in detail! * Learn the strategies that I used to power
level my way to SUPER high level Moga's in almost no time at all, with
minimal effort!
* I explain the straight-forward tips and tricks that will let you
gain hundreds of friends without upsetting anyone or spamming.
* A legend to the ENTIRE MAP, with area names and other information
* A list of EVERY MOGA in the game, along with locations and rarity
to help you catch whichever Moga you'd like with ease!
* Free lifetime updates to the guide, which will be updated as the
game is updated.
* A guide to gaining Star Coins without throwing money away or
having to fill out hours and hours of boring surveys.


However, I don't expect you to buy this guide without having seen
it's high quality, so here are three samples pages for you to inspect!

Even if you are not 100% convinced that this guide will accelerate
you towards being a Moga Master, don't worry. You can be testing the
guide in a few minutes, risk free!

I am so sure this guide will accelerate your Moga levelling I am
willing to give a 60 day money back guarantee!

If you download and use the guide and DON'T see the results you
expect, I will give you a 100% refund, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

If you decide you like the guide, but don't like how much you paid,
even if you stop playing Monster Galaxy...

REGARDLESS of the reason for you wanting a refund, just send me an
email and you will have your refund within 48 hours.

I'm ready to become a Moga Master and understand the "Monster Galaxy
Authority Guide" is the best way to achieve this!


* My purchase will be processed immediately and I will have access
to "Monster Galaxy Authority Guide" in a few moments.
* As Monster Galaxy changes and updates, this guide will update as
* I will receive every update to the guide as it is released, free of
* My guide purchase is risk-free, backed by a 60-Day Money-Back

If you have any questions regarding this guide, please contact me
and you will receive an answer within 24 hours.

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associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Gaia Online, nor
have they been reviewed, tested or certified by Gaia Online.


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