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Congratulations -- you are at the final step -- and if you wish you had live, personal, one on one help from guys that have been there and done that... then you need to check this out right away to become one of only 100 that will get in...

Every marketer we know that makes a REAL living online has had a mentor... and our biggest successes will have mentors guiding them step by step and holding their hands to success too!


RE: Mentoring Like You've Never Seen

From: Arturo Arvizu & Franz Malcher


Dear Friend,

Allow me to give you an insider's peek at what my email inbox looks like on a daily basis (I'm betting your's looks somewhat similar to mine).

On any given day I am battered, beaten, bruised, and bullied by offers of the "Best thing since sliced bread", which if I don't buy now, I'll never EVER have a chance to buy again.

I'm not even remotely exaggerating when I say it's a daily deluge of pitch to my mailbox. In fact, you can get an idea of what I'm talking about below...

This seem at all familiar to you?

Are you also on the receiving end of so many pitches, offers, and opportunities that you don't know which way is up, which way to turn, and what the hell to do to succeed online?!?

It starts out innocently enough... you get on one marketer's list and then buy a product he promotes... a product which is supposed to help you make money online.

Then, you're on the person's list that you just bought from -- and he sells you on someone else's product -- and on and on and on... slowly but surely you end up on more lists than you can count and you're getting **crushed** with pitches.

And the more pitches you get, the more you buy, each product promising to be the one that helps you break out, break free, and FINALLY succeed!

Except the success is really only limited at best...

Because some of these products are not complete or they cover basics you already know... some of them are contradictory... some of them tell you to do one thing, and others tell you to do something else entirely...

Frustration set's in...

So much information...

So many emails...

So many ebooks...

So many gurus...

So many special opportunities...

So many strategies...

So many choices...

Where do you REALLY begin?

How do you finally make the income (and the life) you desire... that you deserve?

With products in the CPA networks, products in other networks, opt-in lists exceeding 500,000, high profit campaigns running daily, and weekly affiliate promotions, my partners and I have generated millions in sales online...

And we have amassed our own Internet riches very quickly... riches like this...

This is a LOT of cash (hundreds of thousands) and frankly there is more where this came from...

But this is NOT about us and what we make online.

It's about YOU and getting you to generate this kind of income online -- I just want you to know that you are in good hands and my partners and I DO know what it takes to generate some serious cash...

With that, I've recently developed a new and very exclusive mentoring program for online entrepreneurs that want to become CPA Super Affiliates, build a super profitable list, and finally realize staggering **success** on the Internet.

Let me give you a hint of what's in store for you, should you be one of the first 100 that secure a spot in my exciting new program...

Here's some screen shots of a recent client's stats.

Yep... my partners and I could blather on and on about our own stats and income -- but frankly who cares about that -- this is what we did for a client and the kind of thing we could do for you too...

Here's some screen shots of a recent client's stats.

Yep... my partners and I could blather on and on about our own stats and income -- but frankly who cares about that -- this is what we did for a client and the kind of thing we could do for you too...

With our program, our client Craig made $9550.87 in one month. And it didn't take months of prep to get there either -- this was mere weeks after we started together.

Out of the gate Craig grabbed 21,618 unique visitors and he's only just getting started:)

And he now has a list of over 7000 that he can profit from for months and years to come... Awesome!

Here's what another client says about our training...

And... Jay's not kidding when he says 6 figures this year... check this out below...

So, how can YOU do this? How can you be a part of this kind of success? Simple, be one of the 1st 100 to secure a spot in our brand new, cutting edge...

Here is what we will do together, if you're one of the first 100 to take action:

7 Webinar Sessions - My partners and I will be spending 7 weeks with you by webinar, revealing our own tactics for selecting only the most profitable CPA offers and we'll show you our insider strategies for driving floods of targeted traffic to those offers so that you can quickly begin generating your own online fortune.

Create Ongoing Traffic - My partners and I also show you everything you need to know and do to get your own product on the CPA's. For many advertisers a CPA listing means hundreds of thousands of unique web site visitors every year and more money than they can count.

Profit Like Wild - This is something you'll not find in any other coaching program, anywhere. You'll either profit from our coaching or we'll send you your money back in full. We can do this because we KNOW you'll make money, if you follow our instructions.

And so much more - In addition to everything above you'll get cutting edge, top flight CPA training on methods that nobody else is talking about!

Now, that's some of what we're going to do together -- but you may just be asking, "How are we gonna get there together?

Glad you asked -- because I have engineered this into a well oiled machine to take you from scratch to staggering online success at breakneck speed.

So, here is how WE will do that together:

Module #1: CPA Destroyer Jump Start

CPA Destroyer will be a fast paced, fun filled, rocket fueled ride to cash profits for you.

We'll be kicking off the program with a BANG!

This webinar covers some of the most integral components to CPA success... how to (quickly and easily) find those profitable offers... those diamonds in the rough that will give you a killer EPC and net profit!

And once you discover how to locate the offers, you'll need a site to send them to... a site that will help you make more money -- FASTER!

That's why we're also giving you professionally created landing pages, graphics, and autoresponder emails designed to explode your list and built from the ground up by John Hostler (copy guy that knows what it takes to convert).

That's right -- landing and presell pages that you can tweak and profit from immediately!

This is unheard of in any other mentoring program -- these landing pages and emails are designed and written by an expert at conversions... normally these alone would cost you a small fortune...

And of course, they're yours free for being one of the first 100 to take action today.

Module #2: CPA Spy Software, Blitzkrieg Tools, And The Hammer!

You thought Module #1 was good stuff? Well, then look the hell out because Module #2 takes this to an entirely different planet.

You see... in Module #2 we're going to hand you our $4000 software program, called CPASpy, and we're going to show you how to make money from it in ways that nobody else has ever even thought of.

Yes... with CPA Destroyer we're handing you the same tool that we use to turn simple affiliate campaigns into listbuilding sales generating machines...

CPASpy grabs buyer data (something affiliates have never been able to do before -- EVER) and plugs it into your Aweber account so you can promote offers to proven buyers -- and so you can sell that buyer data for amazing profits.

This app alone could equate to 5 figures in earnings for you and you will not find this kind of tool anywhere else online -- from snagging buyer data to using the hammer technique to maximize profit on every lead, this module is highly profitable and extremely potent stuff you won't wanna miss.


And while this alone could transform your business and your life, this is just the tip of the iceberg for you...

... because when you become one of 100 to secure our new CPA Destroyer program, you'll have 5 more modules of insider training and copy and paste profit techniques that will change your life...

Module #3: Content Network Brass Knuckles Competition Crushers

There's no place online so potentially profitable, yet so dangerous and scary to so many online marketers than the Google content network.

Within minutes of placing an ad on their Search network you could see a stampede of hot visitors to your sites for ultra low click prices.

So we wrangled the baddest Google ninja marketer online... a guy that uses a brass knuckles approach to getting the highest quality scores and lowest costs per click...

... just to teach you his insider tactics -- if you're one of 100 to secure your copy of CPA Destroyer!

Once you've completed this module you'll understand EXACTLY what you need to do to use the content network to drive hordes of targeted traffic to your CPA offers, while building a long term asset (opt-in list) and getting sales.

And as if that's not enough, you'll be able to do all of this while generating a mind blowing profit for your business!

Frankly you'll be leaving your competition in the dust once you put this module into action.


Module #4: Top Secret CPA Traffic Methods

Sometimes things need to be kept under lock and key...

Sometimes things need to be kept on the down low to protect your business and keep competition at bay.

Well, we too have a few secrets...

... a few traffic tactics that we don't talk about publicly for the same reason as mentioned above.

As such we're going to have to ask you to keep this module to yourself -- but you WILL be free to use these methods for generating fast targeted traffic to your CPA offers;)

And that's really what this module is all about... you'll discover several of our most coveted traffic secrets that you'll be able to quickly (and easily) implement to put fast targeted traffic on your sites and offers!


Module #5: Easy Email Traffic

Most marketers think that building targeted lists of hundreds of thousands (or even millions) takes years of effort, JV's and cross promos.

Most marketers are wrong.

We're bringing in email marketing expert Chris Small to show you step by step how you could be blasting your offers to highly responsive leads of hundreds of thousands (next week).

Chris was promoting CPA before anyone knew there was such a thing and you'll be blown away by how easy it is to do what he does.

Nobody anywhere else is talking about this, except here for you in the CPA Destroyer mentoring program!


Module #6: CPA Product Creation And Advertiser Profits

During the early portion of the CPA Destroyer program we'll have covered the A-Z of profiting from the networks as an affiliate.

But there are 2 sides to the coin and we want you to make money on BOTH sides!

And... while you can make vast amounts of money (I mean millions) with the networks as an advertiser...

This is NOT like ClickBank where you simply pay $47 and after a minor review by some underpaid employee, your new product is live for sale...

No... you need to know your metrics... you need to know whether you want to run CPS or CPL, how your offer should be structured, and you need to know how to set up your back end so that affiliates can build a HUGE list for you...

And begin to create a fortune for you too!

That's why in this module we're lifting the veil of secrecy and showing you EVERYTHING you need to know and do to create a profitable product that the CPA's will approve (and promote).

We'll show you live examples that you can replicate too -- we know firsthand just how much traffic and cash can begin flooding your way...

Literally with the flip of a switch!

Thanks to CPA Destroyer YOU can go out there and start running your own cash cranking products through the networks too!


Module #7: Outsourcing Success & Final Plan

It's no secret that the reason many online entrepreneurs and Internet gurus are so successful is because they know how to properly leverage their time by getting others to handle their dirty work for them.

Well, in module #7 you'll find out how to find the BEST vendors for the BEST prices possible to handle the day to day tasks for much os what is discussed in this entire course.

As a result, once you apply out outsourcing methods, you could easily be generating hundreds or thousands per day, while spending all most no time doing any work!

Plus, we want to be absolutely certain you'll continue implementing all the CPA Destroyer strategies, so we're going to conclude with a "Going Forward Plan" for you...

With this in hand you'll always know what you should be doing in the weeks ahead to ensure your newfound success continues indefinitely!


The bottom line here is that we're taking 100 people to new heights. We're sharing everything, holding nothing back, so that YOU can STOP with the learning and START with the earning -- now!

PLUS, this is ENTIRELY replicatable... so you'll be able to do this profitably over and over again, in ANY market -- once you know what WE know!

"I didn't even know some of the things you have taught me existed."

Guys, You Definitely Know Your stuff!

I have to admit... I didn't expect much of this at all before we started out.

Frankly... I just paid your fees to prove that you were full of it and because I could, since I make a full time living online already.

So obviously I thought I knew it all already... and there was nothing you could ever teach me...

Boy, was I dead WRONG.

This program absolutely freaking rocks. You've been amazing mentors and you have opened my eyes to a whole new world of money getting.

I have never experienced anything quite like this and I didn't even know some of the things you have taught me existed.

Please don't tell anybody else about this though! Especially not about the (BLOCKED) network and the (BLOCKED) network. You are too brilliant and have taken my business to levels I never expected at ALL!

I promise, I promise... I won't tell anybody. I will keep all your little secrets to myself. Unless you make me ;).

Thanks again! You've been such a great help to me. And I'm looking forward to working A LOT more with you in the (near) future.

Have a great day!

Jarod Hunter

"You are the best I have found out there (on the Internet) and I've been looking at a lot."

"Wow! Thanks, AGAIN, so much for the great info. You are the best I have found out there (on the Internet), and I've been looking at a lot.

I'm learning so much from you and want to make sure you know how much it's appreciated. Sometimes you're out there doing great stuff and don't really know the impact.


Lynn C

You know what they say about the shortest distance between 2 points? Well, my partner, and I will be be guiding you on that straight line to online success...

But, we're going to make this an unforgettable earning experience for you because we're also bringing in some of our friends -- marketers that even Fortune 100 companies turn to when they need help...

Secret Google Ninja

This guy... well, this guy is a player...

His brass knuckles, take no prisoners, destroy the competition style of marketing has earned him one heck of a reputation and has allowed him to dominate niche after niche.

He asked that we not reveal his name here because he is concerned about letting his customers know that he will be revealing information he generally reserves for them.

He also doesn't want his competitors joining just to find out what he does... because they would and his info is that valuable.

So, you will just have to wait to meet this secret mastermind, but it will be MORE than worth it... that we can assure you;)

Underground Email Baller Chris Small

"CPA" picked up some buzz in 2008 and by 2009 every IM'r under the sun had at least heard these 3 letters and wanted to know more.

Our underground email expert Chris Small has been pillaging CPA networks for tens of thousands of dollars per month since before most of us even knew that CPA existed.

Chris has email marketing down to an exact (and replicatable) science and we were able to snag Chris especially for you.

Chris has NEVER revealed this information publicly before and as far as we know he won't ever do it again -- but as a CPA Destroyer member you'll hear directly from Chris step by step on how you could be sending hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of leads to CPA offers as early as next week.

And while you get the benefit of learning from several brilliant marketers as you might at a live event or a seminar, you don't have to worry about being pitched at all (because it won't happen); and you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home.

You're truly in for the most exciting time of your life when you become one of the first 100 to join us in this unparalleled mentoring and home study program today!

You've got a lot of information about CPA Destroyer on this letter and just so you and I are on the same page about everything that's being offered, let's recap it all for you right here:

CPASpy (Value $4000): You're getting our cutting edge buyer lead tool which snags ALL buyers of the CPA offers you promote and adds them to your Aweber account, leaving you with a buyer list to promote to AND buyer data to sell for incredible profit.

Custom Built Landing Pages (Value $1000): We're also handing you custom built video landing pages and presell pages, auto responder emails and more -- created by Franz, our in-house multi-million dollar copy guy. These things are built to convert like crazy (and we mean CRAZY)! To have Franz build these for you personally you'd have to lay out at least $1k each, and these are yours free for being one of our elite insider members of CPA Destroyer!

Step By Step CPA Mentoring (Value $5000): In this 7 part course you'll discover the insider secrets for finding the hot markets and the products that convert to those markets -- plus you'll uncover multiple free and paid traffic techniques designed to dump truckloads of targeted traffic to the offers you're promoting for lightning fast profit.

I don't think there's much question as to the value of what we're offering here... I think the only question is are you ready to FINALLY succeed (and I mean TRULY succeed) online...

Roger Babson once wisely said, "The successful man is one who had the chance and took it." Well, here's your chance -- will you take it -- will you reach out and grab it while it's right here in front of you?

Maybe you're wondering what you'll need to invest in order to become part of our inner circle? No sugar coating here my friend...

To be one of the lucky 100 that participate you'll be asked to invest just $997. If you're shell shocked or dropping jaw right now, then this may not be for you (heck, the CPASpy software is worth more than that by itself).

Not only that, we have had people paying us over $5000 for this same program. Click play below to see firsthand how one of our students form that program Mel S. was doing with CPA Destroyer -- just a few short weeks into the program...

... given that Mel has not made much online prior to this program, these results are astounding. Now imagine how well you'll do with this program!

Think about it...

We're going to hand you our potent software that NOBODY else has, show you how to drive ridiculous amounts of traffic and generate a fortune with the networks, and help build your own list -- and more!

Bottom line, when you grab your seat in CPA Destroyer, you'll make money. In fact, you cannot lose.

So, is this within everyone's reach? No, it is not.

But if you're tired of crappy programs that deliver hours and hours and hours of retched mind numbing content, which simply wastes your time and does nothing else for you, then you may want to give this some serious consideration.

We stand behind everything we do 100%... and we know firsthand just how valuable this program is -- we KNOW we will make you money.

So, we're taking our guarantee to a place few other marketers would dare to even dream of... yes we're shouldering ALL the risk here...

We're so confident that CPA Destroyer will help take your life and business to daring new heights that we're willing to put our own time on the line.

That's right -- you have 60 days to give us a test drive -- while we're certain you'll never want to stop -- if for any reason you're not satisfied with how the program is working for you, simply send us an email and we'll refund your money in full.

You may have some questions about all this -- we understand -- so, we'll touch on the most common questions right here and right now -- we're open books for you...

Q) Why the CPA Networks over say, ClickBank for this program?

A) Clickbank only accounts for less than 1% of affiliate marketing online... and it is almost INSIGNIFICANT compared to the money changing hands at the CPA Networks. For example, one CPA offer, wu-yi source did $500 million dollars in sales. With this kind of action we don't think there is any other place to be but the CPA's!

Q) Why would you do this if you can just make all this money for yourselves?

A) We have a number of reasons for doing this, but primarily we're coming from a place of wanting to help. We receive many calls and emails from people frustrated about not being able to make money online, so we decided that since we can stack the deck for you, if you're ready to take action, then we're ready to help.

So, be prepared to start and get ready to make money!

Listen, this is going to make sense for some and not for others. If this program will suck up every last cent you have, frankly we don't want it.

But, if you're someone that recognizes a smart investment, then this is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Remember, this is not webinars and video tutorials jammed with hours and hours of mind numbing content.

This isn't about studying to hopefully on day accomplish these things. This is you doing -- accomplishing -- making money and building your list(s) right now. Plain and simple.

If you feel like you have been **stuck** in learning mode and you're ready for EARNING mode, then this IS the opportunity you've been waiting for.

Writer William Hale White once said, "When I look back now over my life and call to mind what I might have had simply for taking and did not take, my heart is like to break."

Don't let this slip by as one day you WILL look back and wish you had taken this chance when you had it. Please act now as this offer will surely be sold out quickly.

To Your Success,

Arturo & Franz

PS - No bones about it and no fancy copy to try and convince you. Frankly, we don't need to convince anyone. You either recognize the brilliance of this offer or you don't. And if you do, then let's not waste any time. Click the "Add to Cart" button to get started.

PPS - This course comes with an iron clad satisfaction guarantee for a reason -- because we know firsthand this information delivers. You have 60 days from date of receipt to try this out for yourself, go through the course in full, tap into our expertise personally, and profit like wild. If for ANY reason within that time you decide this is not for you, simply return the course to us for a refund in full...

PPPS - There's so many things about this program that set it apart from the rest... we're handing you our step by step formula for CPA success and we're bringing in industry heavyweights and experts to reveal their secrets -- yes, this offer is EVERYTHING you need to succeed. You just need to click the "Add to Cart" button to get started!

Yes, Guys! I want to dominate the CPA's and take my online business to a level I never before dreamed possible, so I am securing my copy right now for only $997 before you sell out!

I realize that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that could change my life forever -- and by taking action today I am securing my seat in your unique and powerful multi-media training program that nobody else can touch!

As if that's not enough, you're also handing me your incredibly powerful software programs that will allow me to IMMEDIATELY profit and build my own list(s) -- AMAZING!

And oh yeah, you're removing any risk for me with your unparalleled guarantee -- I have 60 days to work with you personally upon receipt of my course -- and if I don't profit as promised, I simply need return the package to you and you'll issue a prompt and courteous refund.

It is on this basis that I am clicking the secure button below, entering my credit card details, and securing my place in CPA Destroyer right this instant!

128 bit secure ordering technology

Want to order by phone or have questions? Fill in the information below and we'll call you:

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