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[As The Days of Noah Were](http://ministerfortson.com/DaysofNoah)

The Sons of God and the Coming Apocalypse

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Amazon.com’s Best Selling Author, Minister Dante Fortson is finally offering you the opportunity to share in his success. Now you can earn extra income for yourself, your ministry, or your fundraiser by promoting his latest book, As The Days of Noah Were. He has done all of the work, generated all of the buzz, and all you have to do is post a link on your Twitter, Facebook, Email, or personal website if you want your share of the pie. Why all the buzz about this book?


Why Is This Book So Popular Among

People of All Belief Systems?

The Bile says that the last days on earth will be like the days of Noah, but what does that really mean? Is Noah’s story some kind of blueprint for end time events? You may know the story of Noah’s ark, but do you know that Noah was still alive during the incident at Babel? Did Noah actually meet the Babylonian Gilgamesh shortly after the Great Flood? Did you know that Noah lived until Abraham was around 64 years old and could have met him face to face? Minister Dante Fortson thoroughly explores Noah’s life from birth to death, and presents us with over 300 pages of research that attempts to make the connection between the Bible, folklore, myths, and legends from all over the world.


Were Beings From The Heavens Abducting

People In Noah’s Day?

Fortson touches on many controversial topics that have been debated among theologians for centuries. Were the sons of God actually the sons of Seth or mischievous angels? The Bible says that the mixing of the sons of God and the daughters of men brought forth giants that became legendary. Were these literal giants or just a metaphor for something else? Does this story in Genesis 6 have anything in common with the myths and legends from all over the world?


Did Hybrid Humans Really Roam

The Earth And Torment Mankind?

According to the Bible and many myths and legends, there were giants on the earth during the time of Noah and also after that. These giants were the result of fallen angels producing hybrid offspring with human women. There are also those that believe that the genetic corruption extended into the animal kingdom. Where did stories of fauns, satyrs, minotaurs, and centaurs come from? Does our current pursuit of hybrid creation confirm some of the ancient myths?


Why Are Governments Around The World

Building Modern Day Arks Similar To Noah’s?

As you journey through the book you will learn exactly how big the ark was and why God told Noah to build it in the first place. We will discuss the possibility of genetic manipulation which may have led to the corruption of all flesh, including both humans and animals. Is this the first time in human history that our current level of technology has been reached?


Were The Sons of God Really Angels

Or Were They Something Else?

We will progress through the pages of history as we encounter the strange beings we call angels. Were they real? What are they? Were the gods of mythology really the fallen angels that rebelled against God? Are fallen angels still active in our world? Finally we will explore the connection between Genesis 6 and the modern day reports of alien abduction. What exactly were Daniel, Jesus, and Paul trying to warn us about in these last days?


Will The Sons of God Return?

This book is a must own for any serious student of Bible prophecy, UFOlogy buffs, and Mayan Prophecy followers. Minister Fortson demonstrates how the Bible is connected to all of the ancient myths, legends, and prophecies from around the world. As The Days of Noah Were will make you question everything you have ever learned about mythology, folklore, and the Bible.

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(Over 300+ Pages)


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