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You Can Earn Money Online With
NO Technical Experience Required!!

Are You A Technophobe?

Does the very thought of trying to create a website or landing page send shivers up your spine?

Do you think traffic is something that happens on the interstate at rush-hour?

Don't YOU just wish someone would have everything done for YOU?

Now You Can have Your Very Own


Which Will Destroy All The Brick Walls Standing In Your Way

Of Making A Massive Online Income!
If YOU can Copy and Paste A Simple LINK............

You can Have Your Very Own Websites--Selling Your Very Own products--Paying CASH  directly into YOUR  PayPal Account---Instantly!!

Module One:  The Money Is In The List!

How many times have you heard the MONEY is in the list?

The truth be told, the biggest asset which EVERY SUCCESSFUL Internet Marketer has is not their products, nope, not their systems, e-books, membership sites or jv partnerships........It's Their LIST! You Must Make Building A Subscriber and Customer List the Absolute Top Priority From Day One!

All too often people start their online adventures by trying to sell products or services without building their list first. But, I am here to tell you the list is the most important part of your online business.

Build an email list and you will crank out profits for LIFE! In fact, an email list is the closest thing to being able to generate Cash On Demand...It is almost like having your own printing press cranking out those hundred dollar bills as fast as it can print! Without a list you might have the best product on the planet but you will not have a soul to sell them to!

We supply you with several Splash pages to choose from..You Can Actually Start Having Subscribers and be making Money Within Minutes Of Joining Our System!

[Click here to Check out Just One Of Our Splash Pages](javascript:na_open_window('win', 'http://www.12scsuccess.com/TwitterTrafficMastery.html', 0, 0, 1030, 2000, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1))

[Click Here To See How You Can Make Money](javascript:na_open_window('win', 'http://payspree.com/1530/btdt1128', 0, 0, 1030, 2000, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1))

Now You can actually be PAID to build your list!


Module Two:  Your Own Weekly Ezine!

Now you are building your list--what can you do with it? 

How in the heck do you write an e-zine and what do you put into it?

No need to Worry! We Have YOU Covered!

Every week you will be able to download an e-zine from our e-zine download area. The e-zine will include the text which you will be able to copy and paste into your auto-responder  and send out to your list.

You will also have some subscriber specials in every edition of your ezine. All you have to do is copy and paste YOUR Special  ID into the link we provide you into the ezine and get 100% of all sales paid directly into YOUR paypal account.

We set up all of the sales pages and the product download pages for you! All you have to do is insert your link and Spend The Money!

As an example, we could do an Ezine series on  Forum Marketing. As a Subscriber Special we could offer a video on forum Marketing. These videos usually sell for $47,  we  could offer a subscriber discount of 80% and they would be getting a great deal at $9.40 and you could make a lot of money depending on how large your list is. 10 sales is almost $100. When   your list gets bigger you could make a couple of thousand dollars easily just with the click of your mouse to hit the  "SEND" button!

Now you can see the POWER of building YOUR own list instead of building a list for someone else!

This is just one of the many reasons to join our system.

We have one system and one plan that works!

So Stop Learning and Start Earning!

  Of course, no income claims are made. We do not know how much effort you will put into your own business.


Module Three:  The Product Vault!

Now YOU have the opportunity to get.....


WordPress Themes--Niche Products--Audio Packages--
Video Tutorials--And Much, Much More!


You also receive the Rights associated with each product.

User Rights:  You only have the right to use this product for yourself. You can not sell or give away these products.

Give Away Rights:  You can give away these products but you can not sell them.

Resell Rights:  You have the right to resell these products to your customers but your customers can not resell them to their customers.

Master Resell Rights: You can sell these products to your customers who in turn then could resell the products to their customers.

Private Label Rights: Private Label Rights allow you to change the product as you see fit. You can change the content, graphics etc. and make it your own work.


Here are a few ideas on how to use these products.

Of course the user rights only allow you to learn from those products, but, we only load up the best products and you will discover a lot from these products.

The rest of the products can be used to:

Resell. The simplest way to make money from these products is to upload the sales page and then start selling them. You can make a good chunk of change just from this method.

Strip down some of the Private Label Rights into articles and then upload them to the various sites to drive traffic to your website. You can easily get hundreds of articles from these products. Just change about 30% to 50% and you will never be penalized for duplicate content!

You can also grab some of these products and offer them as incentives to people to join your mailing list.

Keep your email list active and eager to read your emails by offering them products for free. It's the perfect way to balance your newsletter with quality content, free products, and paid product offers.

Use them as bonuses to other affiliate offers and your own product offers. It makes your offer more valuable in the eyes of your prospects.

Grab one of the reports or private label products and break it down into chapters and post them to your blog at daily or weekly intervals. The search engines LOVE fresh content and that will keep the spiders coming back to your site. That means more FREE traffic to your website!

You can even group several of these products together and make a great multi-media product. For example, take a video, bundle it together with some complimenting eBooks, an audio recording, maybe some video player software, and viola! You have a multi-media video package which you can sell for more than the individual products.


You are Limited Only By Your Imagination


As a  Platinum Member you get a weekly eZine to send to your list which you are building.

BUT--You are not limited to sending only one email a week to your list. With these products you will be able to send "Special Alert" emails to let your subscribers know about new products which they can use to build their business at a "Special Subscriber Price!"

Of course, you can also send them emails to GIVE them some of these products. You will gain a lot of "Subscriber Loyalty" by using this technique!

So put on your thinking cap, look over all of the products which are available to you as a Platinum Member, and get to building your list and making MONEY!


Module Four:  Traffic!

Welcome to Traffic Strategies of the 21st Century.

Traffic is the Life Blood of any "for profit" activity on the Internet.

Whether it be Network Marketing, Affiliate marketing, selling e-books, videos, software, or any of a million different things, if you do not have traffic to your website then you have Nothing!

Now I am about to tell you something you probably don't want to hear. If you have tried opportunity after opportunity and continually come up short, then it is not the fault of the different opportunities.

The Fault Is With Your Marketing!

The truth is there are people making money in every one of those opportunities which you gave up on. Those people were doing something right and you were not.

But it's not your fault. You just didn't know any better--until now!

Starting Today you can change your future and instead of repeating your history over and over again, you can start learning how to market and start creating the income you have always desired.

Traffic Strategies for the 21st Century is going to change the way you do marketing forever!

Let's Face Facts.

The ONLY THING which stands between every marketer and Tremendous Online Success is..............



Traffic is the life blood of any online business. In fact, the legendary football coach Vince Lombardi was once quoted as saying,

"Winning isn't everything: it's the ONLY thing." 

As Vince once said about winning we can say about traffic,

"Traffic isn't everything; IT'S THE ONLY THING!"

Imagine, if you can develope the ability to consistently generate large volumes of Targeted Traffic to your website then everything else will automatically fall into place!

You can have the ugliest web site, a very mediocre product, and the worst compensation on the planet and still make a fortune if you have enough traffic! That, my friend, is the absolute truth! The converse is also true. If you have a magical Fat Burning product which would take off the pounds like water off a ducks back, allow you to get 60 miles to a gallon of gas, or even turn lead into gold, YOU would not make a nickle if no one knows about your website! 

Yep, Traffic is The Golden Goose on the Internet, but no one takes the time to figure how they are going to advertise their different opportunities BEFORE they get involved with them!

But Not Anymore!  Every week you will get access to a new and exciting traffic generating technique or site. Every week You will learn how to get hundreds or even thousands upon thousands of "Targeted Hits" to your website.

You will learn how to use free techniques, low cost techniques, and even how to use Pay per click and pay per view to drive targeted traffic to your website.

With our "Video Based Training" you will be walked through "step by step" as we explain in detail how to use every traffic technique we teach. Below is just a sample video so you can see how good they are!

[Click Here To See A Sample Video](javascript:na_open_window('win', 'http://www.inetincomes.com/movie/index.html', 0, 0, 1300, 1000, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1))[
Opens in a new Window So You Do Not Lose This page

We have videos where you will Learn How To Use.........
Social Marketing Twitter Marketing Traffic Exchanges Adwords Craigs List Ebay Video Marketing Forum Marketing Link Exchanges Google Groups Yahoo Answers Squidoo Marketing Hub Pages Marketing And A LOT MORE

But That's Not All

Reduce YOUR Workload With Our Software Suite!

Learn how to Automate Your Tasks with all of our software packages. These packages will save you hours of time while you use some of the Internet's best Traffic Producing Strategies.   Strategies that have been put to the test, and continue to produce results year after year.

Here is just a sampling of the Software Packages which will be available to you as a Platinum member:
10 Minute Article Creator Ad Submitter Article Submitter AutoSafeList Submitter Forum Finder Ezine Article Creator Mini Report Generator Hub Page Builder Pro Squidoo Page Builder Pro Video Web Wizard Article Ideas eWriterPro Ad Factory Pro And A Lot MORE!
 And We Are Still Not Done

Our Exclusive Video Training Area

Look over our shoulder as we teach you how to use:

Squidoo Post Card Marketing Twitter Craigs List Parasite Hosting Video Sales Ads Promo Videos Public Domain Article Marketing and LOTS MORE!
There is nothing quite like video where you can actually see how to do things over and over until you know you have it right!


Module Five:  Stacked Residual Incomes!

In this section YOU are going to learn how to at least QUADRUPLE your INCOME without any additional work on our part!

What is Stacked Residual Income?

In its simplest form, Stacked Residual Income, or SRI as I will be calling it, is simply a way to make a lot more money without any additional work on your part.

In its advanced form, SRI can make you wealthy!

How can Stacked Income let you earn more money without doing any more work?

Simple. SRI lets you do one thing and earn more than one income for your efforts. You simply stack one income on top of another.

As a result, every day you will be getting paid again and again without doing any more work, simply because you will be structuring your business to include Stacked Residual Incomes.

If that sounds strange, don't worry. I'm going to show you exactly how you can create a life-changing income by stacking one residual  income on top of another residual income, and then doing that same thing again and again.

But, Most Importantly

You will not have to find more customers to make this system work for you!

That is a BIGGIE! Think of it. Getting new customers is the most expensive part of any business. Why do you think companies do so much to keep their current customers? Many companies even lose money to get customers because they know once they get them their lifetime value to them is worth a lot more!

Enter The Internet

Now, we don't need a brick and mortar store with all of the expenses involved in starting a "Real World" business. With the Internet you can start a business for just a few bucks and have the opportunity to have a unlimited income!

Think about it. Bare Bones--all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

If you want to really have a Better Internet Business then you add an auto-responder and a website.

But, If You want to have a GREAT Internet Business then you add in some Residual Income Producing products!


Don't Do It Yourself----
It's Already Done For YOU!

Yep, you found the most complete membership site on the Internet!

Everyone on the Internet is trying to sell the idea of Residual Income. You Know--Do The Work Once and Get paid Every Month on it.

Residual Income is the stuff Great  Incomes are made of.


Stacked Residual Incomes
Are The Stuff

Of course, it takes a little initial work to get started, but the steps are all laid out for you. It doesn't take any more effort to build 4 recurring income sources than it does to build and market to your list.

The Difference between Stacked Residual Incomes and Multiple Streams of income is with our Stacked Concept you are not splitting your advertising or efforts between several different competing programs--you are just offering additional products which compliment each other.


Our Stacked Residual Incomes System. 
Can help make your dreams come true.
This is your Personal Invitation To Join Us.


Module Six:  
Tax Strategies For The 21st Century!

I am going to explain for you why you would be "Brain Dead" not to want your own Home Based Business.

Actually, anybody with a J.O.B. (just over broke) needs to have a home based business, not should have--BUT NEEDS TO HAVE a home based business.

There are actually two sets of tax laws in this country. One for employees; it allows deductions for normal employee items, such as individual retirement acounts 401(k)s, if it is set up by your employer, interest and property taxes on your home, and charatible contributions.

Then there are the laws for small and home based business people who conduct their business either full or part time.

In addition to the tax deductions employees can get, small business people can deduct (with the proper documentation) their house, their spouses and children (by hiring them), their business vacations, their cars, food with colleagues. They can also set up a pension plan which makes any government plan seem paltly by comparision and deduct most of your personal vacations if you combine them with the proper amount of business.

If you are already a proud Home business owner then you are going to learn about all of the additional tax deductions your foresight in starting your own home based business affords you.

So, what are these deductions going to be worth to most people? About $5,000 a year!

Just Think....


  You are overpaying your taxes by  $20.00 a day----day after day
  You are overpaying your taxes by  $100.00 a week-----week after week
  You are overpaying your taxes by  $400-500 a month---month after month
  You are overpaying your taxes by  $4,800-6,000 per year---Year after Year!!

So, Reclaim that MONEY By Starting Your Own Home Based Business! Imagine having an extra Hundred Bucks a week just because you were smart enough to start your own home based business.


Let's Recap


With your Platinum Inet-Incomes Membership you are going to recieve:

Traffic Lessons Every Week, plus

Hundreds of Dollars worth of Software packages, plus

Hundreds of Dollars Worth Of Products every Month and

A Weekly Ezine to sell those products to list


Tax Strategies which will put Hundreds of Dollars In Your Pocket Every Month!

What do you think all of this is worth?


$297 a Month?

$197 a Month?

$127 a Month?


We charge easily charge $97 a month for the Platinum membership to Inet-Incomes and It is worth every penny of it!


But, for a limited time we have decided  you can receive YOUR Platinum Membership for

Not $67 a month

or even $37 a month

But you can GET YOUR Platinum Membership for only

$27 a Month!

That is just a drop in the bucket for all of the value you receive!


60 Day NO-Risk Acceptance Form!

Yes! I'm ready to take my marketing skills to the next level! I'm serious about my business and will put into practice what you teach me knowing full well that I'll get the results I need!

Yes! I want to start making money FAST! I want to build a huge list, present great products to them using your follow up offer and weekly ezine, and I want to have 100% of the money deposited directly into my paypal account.

Yes! I also understand that I'm safe with your honest no-hassle money-back guarantee. For any reason I'm not completely satisfied with the quality of your membership site even after applying your methods, I can simply contact you within 60 days from signup for a quick and prompt refund.

Only that basis allow me to place my order..

[Click Here To Join Now](http://www.inetincomes.com/membersonly/index.php?page=join&level=7)

Instant Access 
Only $27 per month



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