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[ ](http://howtousegoogle.com/index.php) [ ](http://howtousegoogle.com/about.php) [ ](http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000ERVFRQ/qid=1143008035/sr=1-2/ref=sr_1_2/002-0644932-4920053?s=books&v=glance&n=551440) [ ](http://howtousegoogle.com/testimonials.php) [ ](mailto:info@howtousegoogle.com)
Become a Google Expert in Minutes!

How to Use Google is a fun and detailed manual about all the Google functionality you didn't know existed!

How To Use Google includes:
• 60 Powerful Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts
• Active HTML links that take you directly to the web • Magazine color format with high-quality screen shots. • Over 70 pages of powerful information
• Traditional services like News, Images, Groups, Local, Mail & Directory
• New services such as Video, Music, Phonebook, Earth and Maps
• Plus, tips like Advanced Operators, Link Love, Q&A and Zeitgeist

Why is this Important?
• Many people use Google 5, 20 or even 100 times a day
• Most users are slow and inefficient in using Google
• Getting beyond basic Google keyword searches is essential to success
  [](http://www.clickbank.net/sell.cgi?link=belaircap/1/howtousegoogle&seed=thankyou1143510197) Don't wait.  Get your own copy of
How To Use Google today! 




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