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Brain-based approach to engagement and self-managed classroom behaviour

Success Zone Classrooms:
A practical workbook for teachers

Success Zone Classrooms - a brain-based approach to engagement and self-managed classroom behaviour

Based on current neuroscience, lessons from best-practice coaching and expert classroom leadership

Over 80 A4 pages of classroom resources, coaching guides, practical professional information, articles and hints!

Student behaviour management need not be the problem and drama that it currently is!

Following the release of The Success Zone, a recently published book about the mind states and behaviours of success, Success Zone Classrooms is an electronic resource for teachers complete with lesson plans, student worksheets, coaching resources (for coaching students towards self-managed behaviour), articles and links to related resources.

It provides teachers and students with an understanding of the mind and brain during engagement (the Blue Zone) and disengagement (the Red Zone). Based on this understanding, teachers lead their students towards building a classroom behaviour management plan based on behaviours that lead to a Blue Zone Classroom.

Teachers also learn about the three simple, but essential behaviours that lead to engagement in others (students, peers and parents).

The manual then provides coaching resources to assist teachers to formally and informally coach students towards self-managed behaviour.

Imagine your classroom with a huge reduction in managing student behaviour!Imagine having more time to deliver your curriculum content!Teach your students about their brain, and the mind states of learning successUse student's knowledge of their mind and brain to create engagement in your classroomLearn the three simple teacher behaviours that trigger engagementUse classroom lesson plans and worksheet masters for studentsUse coaching techniques and conversations to assist students to manage their own behaviourImprove your behaviour management skills and techniquesCreate classroom environments that motivate both you and your students!

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Classroom behaviour management remains one of the great unsolved issues in education today. Teachers and parents often perceive a worsening in student behaviour, yet continue to apply the same old (failing) approaches of 'controlling' behaviour.

The current generation of students does require a different approach, one which both understands the biology of engagement, and the students themselves.

This practical manual brings the best of exemplary teaching practice, cutting-edge neruoscience and skills of coaching all towards enlisting students in their own strong emotional and social growth.

This shift allows more time for the teacher to engage and deliver the content and curriculum.

10 years of research, 7 years of work in schools...

Andrew, and Group 8 Education, have been delivering high quality coaching, leadership and engagement professional development since 2004, and have worked with over 120 schools in Australia, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

Group 8 Education began its research into education and engagement back in 2001. Over 40,000 students, teachers, leaders and parents have contributed to our research since then, and a very clear picture of the art and science of engagement has emerged.

See what some of our participants have to say:

Iramoo Primary School staff is well on the journey to establishing a blue zone environment thanks to The Success Zone and Andrew’s working relationship/coaching over the past few years. As we identify and understand our own emotions and those of others we are developing the skills to have effective conversations for successful outcomes. We are building a deeper awareness of triggers affecting the zones and skills to listen & communicate to focus on operating in the 'blue zone'.
Nella Cascone & Raquel Tweedley
Assistant Principals, Iramoo Primary School, Victoria, Australia

Applying the brain-based principles in The Success Zone has helped transform my teaching practice and my classroom. I understand more deeply what students need from me, and I am able to far better provide an engaging environment for them.
Renee Stone
Acting Assistant Principal, St James the Apostle Primary School, Hoppers Crossing North, Victoria, Australia

The school’s involvement with Group 8 Education and the High Performing Schools Programme (The Success Zone) has changed the culture and outlook of the school... (Through applying The Success Zone, we have seen) a positive change in areas of professional development for staff, such as personal confidence, management techniques, engagement with pupils, perceptions of “learning” and “education”, classroom practice and job satisfaction.
Christine Forsyth
Deputy Head Teacher, Woodham Community Technical College, UK

I've always been able to engage students, but could never really tell you how. Now that I understand the neuroscience behind engagement, I have been able to combine this understanding with the excellent resources in this workbook. I spend less time on managing behaviour and more on engaging students in the content.
Jack Patel
Diera International School, Dubai, UAE

Success Zone Classrooms

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