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Don’t even think about trying any kind of fitness plan until you’ve read this…

“How To Triple Your Weight Loss Efforts With A New, Easy To Follow Women’s Fitness Plan That Shapes Your Belly, Butt & Thighs Faster Than Most Personal Trainers”

The new kick-ass 90 day womens fitness programme by the guru to Marie Claire, The People, The BBC, Women’s Fitness & Zest that will turn any out of shape body into a super-sexy fat burning machine, leaving friends and colleagues gobsmacked by the lightening fast results…

From Simon Lovell @ 12.52pm
Bristol, UK

I’d be totally dishonest with you if I said you can get the ultimate body by just eating properly. Sure, you can get good results, you will lose weight and you’ll more than likely boost your energy levels and get a whole bunch of other health benefits by eating properly…

But the dirty, honest truth is…

You will never, ever, get your dream body if you’re not exercising. Plus if you’ll give me just a few minutes of your time I want to explain to you why most women find it hard to find motivation to exercise and how you can finally overcome these mental battles that are holding you back from the body you want… But you know why most women don’t start any kind of exercise programme, or stick with one that they do start? Because they’ve never really experienced the results that an expert programme can deliver.


Top 5 Reasons Women Dislike Most Exercise. Is this you?
You try as hard as you can to get results, but you just ‘wing’ it in the gym which means you don’t push yourself and you leave and eat more because you think you’ve just earned the right to eat an extra 500 calories You think that lifting heavy weights will give you big muscles, so you avoid lifting them, which means you never, ever get the body you want. You’re stick to the same machines, exercise DVDs and never actually burn enough calories to outweigh what you’ve eaten, but you think you have… You find excises boring, you just end up doing the same thing day in day out and it just depresses you thinking about it. Maybe like many women you’ve created ‘negative associations’ to exercise meaning a few bad experiences in the gym leaves you thinking of exercise as a ‘painful experience’, not a ‘fun experience’.
How To Triple The Amount Of Calories You Burn

I’ve been using my proven system for years on my clients that helps them burn double the amount of calories. Other trainers would look on with shock each week as my client’s bodies changed in double the speed and it’s this special triangle method of simple cardio, weight training and interval training that will send your body into its ultimate fat burning mode. This coupled with eating properly and you’ll see staggering results and the Dream Body Workout plan will get you in the mindset to eat more healthy – that’s just the way it works.

These common problems can lead to long term weight problems and to make things worse…

many of the fitness plans that are given out to new members in gyms are thrown together by minimum paid employees who have no interest in getting you results many of these fitness workouts for women are boring, so you lose motivation fast often, these women’s fitness workouts never include the important triangle training method that give you results in the optimum time
Fortunately I’ve developed the dream workout plan which I’ve strangely named… The Dream Body Workout. It compliments The Lunch Box Diet, but you don’t have to be using my nutrition plan for this to work for you. Even if you’re using another healthy eating plan The Dream Body Workout will fit perfectly into your overall plan.

This Video Will Answer Most Of Your Questions About The Dream Body Workout…

First of all, the Dream Body Workout isn’t just a few pages with exercise descriptions so you have to go and figure this out for yourself. Oh no, in fact I’ve put together over 60 pages jam packed with information so you can fully understand why you’re doing what you’re doing, not just what to do. I’ve recorded this special video to take you through exactly what’s included in the Dream Body Workout for women…

Is This Plan Really For Me?

Whether you’re new to exercise or you’re looking for an exciting new system to spice up your current routine, the Dream Body Workout is your perfect partner. Not only will this plan inject new fun into your life, but you’ll also love the variety. The plan will reshape the way you look at exercising and give you new hope for the future and your awesome new body.


My New ‘Dream Body’ Or Your Money Back 60 Day Guarantee…

Now here comes the exciting part. If after test driving the Dream Body Workout you’re not completely blown away with the results, you can ask for a full refund for upto 60 days after your purchase, so there’s absolutely no risk to you whatsoever. Your payment is protected by clickbank who handle millions of transactions every year, so you have nothing to worry about. In fact if you do want a refund, it’s operated by an automatic ticket system. So, if your butt doesn’t tighten, your arms feel more toned, your belly become super smooth and you don’t see an explosion in your energy levels, you get all of your money back. That’s how confident I am that this will work for you…


Invest In Your New Fitness Programme That Will Save You Hundreds…

Here’s the great news. To hire me as your trainer would cost you £100 per hour and for me to develop a programme for you personally would be in the hundreds.

Instant Access

You will get instant access to the Dream Body Workout after your purchase. You will not be shipped any [products](http://www.lunchboxdiet.co.uk/index.php/tasty-recipes/) in the mail  which means you can get started with your programme straight away.

Try It For 14 Days For A Limited Time Normal Price £47

You can try the Dream Body Workout for 14 days risk free. You pay just £4.95 now and the remaining £12.05 after the 14 days are up. This is a limited time trial offer so if you’re interested in the Dream Body Workout, don’t miss this great chance to get your body in shape…


Questions? Please email [simon@simonlovell.co.uk](mailto:simon@simonlovell.co.uk) for a reply within 7 hours.

Wishing you all the best

Simon Lovell

PS. Imagine running your hands up and down your smooth, toned body, feeling more confident than you have ever felt in your life. It will happen when you take action and try out The Dream Body Workout. I can’t wait to see how you’ve changed in just a few weeks!

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