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How News Affinity Marketing Works

News Affinity Marketing for Affiliate Publishers

Share links to news stories on social media sites and place a FREE
Banner Ad above every story you share. Say goodbye to websites,
landing pages, product reviews, email lists, SEO and Google Adwords.

A buy button is provided at the bottom of this page. However, we
strongly recommend that you read this page in its entirety so that you
can make an informed decision as to whether or not this product is
right for you.

We call our approach News Affinity Marketing and heres how it works.

Step 1. Find a product to promote

There are many affiliate advertising networks available whose
merchants will pay you a commission for referring customers to their
website. Look for products that you can get excited about and then
visit the websites of the merchants who sell them. Most merchants have
an affiliate page on their website which provides details on their
commission payouts and on how you can join their affiliate program.

Step 2. Find news articles or videos that share an affinity with
your product

Some obvious sources are google news, yahoo news, msn and youtube.
You will find many more as you start focusing your promotional efforts
on specific products. You should never waste an opportunity to
monetize a link. If you come across an interesting article that is
worth sharing in its own right, simply pair it with a product that
will appeal to a broad general market.

Step 3. Use our Share Links form to pair a news article with the
product you are trying to promote

Step 4. Test your product / article combination by pressing the Test

A Test and Share button will appear on the Share Links form after
you press save. Pressing the Test button simulates what a user will
experience when they follow the Affinity URL that maps your product to
the article your sharing. In this example we are pairing the Avatar
collectors edition product, with an article about the movies director.

Step 5. Click on the advertising banner to test your product link

In our example we are deep linking directly to the amazon.com
product page where the video can be purchased.

Step 6. Use the share button on our Share Links page to post the
article on one or more social media sites

The article title will get posted along with a special Affinity
link. When a person follows your shared link they will see your
advertising banner appearing along side the article they came to view.

Step 7. Review your STATS

The My Stats Page provides feedback into your marketing activities.
Find out from where your link followers are arriving (Social Media
Sites), which shared links are being clicked (Article Views) and which
advertising banners are being clicked (Banner Clicks). Use this
information to fine tune your marketing strategy.

Subscription Fee
$7.95 per Month (USD)

For a modest subscription fee of just $7.95 per month you will be
able to promote products discreetly whenever and wherever you decide
to share links. News Affinity offers a 60 day no questions asked full
money back guarantee should you decide that this product is not for
you. As soon as you complete the sign up process your account will be
activated and you can begin promoting products.

Say no more!

* No more website to maintain. The social media sites are your
* No more landing pages to create. The shared article is your
landing page!
* No more product reviews to write. Simply pair your product with
someone elses review.
* No more email lists to build. Build relationships on social media
sites instead.
* No more SEO to worry about. Social media sites already have plenty
of traffic.
* No more link cloaking services. News Affinity already hides your
affiliate links.
* No more paid search slot machines to separate you from you money.
Sharing links is free!.

Warning! Making money by simply finding and sharing interesting
stories is highly addictive.

Please before making a purchase if you have any last minute
questions or concerns.


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